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Back Catalogue: Electro

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BNJ Spirit #1
  1. Ayma - "Ueskuedar" (7:37)
  2. Matrub - "Buyuk An" (4:30)
  3. Unouzbeck - "Tata Air Line" (7:41)
  4. Amar Du Desert - "Hoggar Flat Beat" (3:55)
 in stock $12.75
I'm Lost
I'm Lost (hand-numbered 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: GTD 009. Rel: 27 Aug 20
  1. My Darling (5:10)
  2. Hector (6:02)
  3. El Bigote De Ballacid (3:06)
  4. MNLTH Energy (4:46)
  5. I'm Lost (4:26)
  6. Always Together (2:58)
 in stock $11.40
Ego Tripping (reissue)
Cat: MRB 7165. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Ego Tripping (5:15)
  2. Funky Potion (5:31)
Review: Although they would go on to become one of New York's most iconic hip-hop crews, the Ultramagnetic MC's were fresh-faced newcomers when they first popped up on Next Plateau Records - an imprint better-known for its proto-house and post-boogie releases - in 1986 with debut single "Ego Trippin". As this first ever seven-inch edition proves, it remains a stone cold classic: a heavy, stripped-back "golden era" gem in which the group's multiple MC's aim to get the party started over an iconic beat and weighty electronic bassline. As with the original version, it comes backed by flipside "Funky Potion", a scratch-happy, similarly constructed number full to bursting with effervescent rhymes, crunchy beats and distinctive bass.
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 in stock $14.38
Post Humain EP (warehouse find)
Cat: SAT 028. Rel: 17 Sep 05
  1. POW
  2. Biological Entity
  3. Delinkant
  4. The Zeta Reticuli Incident
Review: 2005 Umwelt classic.
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 in stock $6.50
Universe (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MSQ 005. Rel: 08 Jul 19
  1. Umwelt - "Fallen Empire" (5:19)
  2. Moralez & The Horrorist - "Sleep When You Die" (instrumental) (4:43)
  3. Moralez & The Horrorist - "Sleep When You Die" (3:33)
  4. Alessandro Adriani - "Cosmic Transmissions" (5:56)
  5. Morah - "Track 5" (5:00)
Review: Russian label Mosaique has thus far carried some serious heat from artists like JASSS, Caron and Savage Grounds, and now they're shifting their nightmarish electro tendencies back to the various artists format of their Universe series. Umwelt leads the charge on this second installment with the eerie machine snarl of "Fallen Empire", followed up by two versions of the devilish "Sleep When You Die" by Moralez & The Horrorist. Alessandro Adriani is first up on the B side with the driving, noirish techno pulse of "Cosmic Transmissions," and then Morah rounds things off with the squelchy, spiky workout "Track 5".

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 in stock $9.22
Chain Store (Manfredas & Mondowski remixes)
Cat: SC&P 004. Rel: 08 Jan 18
  1. Chain Store
  2. Nowhere To Nowhere
  3. Popcorn
  4. Chain Store (Manfredas remix)
  5. Nowhere To Nowhere (Mondowski remix)
Review: After equally wonderful turns from Junto Club, Deeds and Curses!, emergent deviant disco denizens Snap Crackle & Pop invite a band called Uncanny Valley to offer up their unique brand of deathly wave music shot through with on-point beyond the grave vocals. "Chain Store" is a nightmarish march through wobbly synths while "Nowhere To Nowhere" plots a strident course with its bouncing beat and fulsome, undulating bass. "Popcorn" flips the script with its uptempo thrust, but the vintage synth-pop threads are still the dominant force in the music. Manfredas drops a remix of "Chain Store" that maintains the freakiness with a slow but heavy house lurch, and then Mondowski strips the meat from "Nowhere To Nowhere" and leaves a potent, skeletal club treatment behind.
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 in stock $8.14
Spatial Escape/Magical Invocations
Cat: WEME 313 21/WEME 056. Rel: 09 May 19
  1. Uncou - "Ljack" (Spatial Escape) (3:47)
  2. Uncou - "Local Communication" (4:31)
  3. Uncou - "Medijate" (6:35)
  4. Skyfarma - "Etude" (Magical Invocations) (4:46)
  5. Skyfarma - "Destroid" (5:37)
  6. Skyfarma - "Acidastones" (5:28)
Played by: M50
 in stock $10.85
Soy Piccolo
Cat: VEL 001. Rel: 14 Jul 20
  1. At Traction (3:31)
  2. Bang Tool (3:37)
  3. Calling You (4:37)
  4. Itchy & Scratchy (4:19)
  5. Take 2 (4:30)
  6. Kalimbo (5:20)
Review: Bean grinding business from Sydney newcomer Unpin on brand new label from the Velodrome collective. Six tracks deep, each cut as springy and tightly coiled as the last, the well-oiled funk of "At Traction" kicks us off before the acidic "Bang Tool" takes us into bumping ghetto territory, "Calling You" is the essence of rave over razor-sharp two-step and "Itchy & Scratchy" goes straight for your mind and mushes it up good and proper. Elsewhere "Take 2" is a wonderfully wonky slab of bluesy UKG and "Kalimbo" closes the show on a dreamy jungle tip. What a crucial debut.
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 in stock $11.40
Words R Inert
Words R Inert (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ORKLW 03. Rel: 24 May 18
  1. Dancing Faries (5:26)
  2. Wednesday Morning (6:06)
  3. Words R Inert (6:33)
Played by: Kozber
 in stock $9.76
Autline (12")
Cat: CPU 01000001. Rel: 27 Sep 18
  1. Autline (6:12)
  2. Pec (5:06)
  3. Knock (7:48)
  4. Massio (4:43)
 in stock $8.96
Reed (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: YL 001. Rel: 06 Dec 18
  1. Reed (6:19)
  2. Luck (6:24)
  3. Biola (5:30)
  4. N-S (5:16)
 in stock $10.85
Cat: CD 08942. Rel: 03 Sep 20
  1. Transhuman
  2. Hamburg - Dusseldorf
  3. Zukunftsmusik (Radiophonique mix)
  4. Specimen
  5. Clone
  6. To The Limit
  7. Zufallswelt
  8. Planet In Fever
  9. Shifted Reality
  10. Kreiselkompass
  11. Data Landscape
  12. Transhumanist
  13. Sexersizer
  14. Maschineraum
  15. Let Yourself Go (bonus track)
  16. Let Yourself Go (Beatsole remix - bonus track)
 in stock $13.85
Abandon In Place
Cat: NF 20. Rel: 01 May 18
  1. Void Of Nothingness (3:47)
  2. Abandon In Place (5:03)
  3. Celestial Matter (2:49)
  4. Rogue Black Holes (4:03)
  5. The Last Nightfall (4:22)
  6. Journey To The End Of Time (4:29)
  7. Tres-2 B Flowers (4:39)
  8. Galactic Wreck (2:19)
Review: Aside from being one of the hottest prospects in contemporary electro, French producer Unwelt is also running not one but three of the most consistent imprints around at the moment. His fourth studio LP comes through on the New Flesh subsidiary, breaking out into a deafening storm of industrial electronics from the get-go! The album, Abandon In Place, feels like it should be part of the larger 'dance' category but, in fact, it is very much grounded in experimentalism and abstraction, launching copious waves of hard-edged ambient, often guided by sparse percussion loops and rhythmic bass. The flipside contains the most energetic moments, and as the album progresses, so does Umwelt's thirst for movement pace. A masterfully composed cascade of sounds.
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 in stock $11.93
Cat: UPP 002CD. Rel: 03 May 18
  1. Perseverance (feat Harry Pane)
  2. The Brightest Light
  3. Slide (feat Yudimah)
  4. Focus
  5. Step By Step (feat Sora)
  6. Make A Change
  7. Atoms (feat Birsen)
  8. Believe
  9. Where Your Heart Goes (feat Syml)
  10. Better Days Ahead
  11. Healing (feat Mesita)
  12. Moment Of Truth
  13. Late Hours (feat Antony Left)
  14. Uprising
 in stock $23.34
Authorized Clinical Trials
Cat: 180 LP. Rel: 16 Jun 06
  1. Amino Acid Sequence
  2. Carbon Based
  3. Transcription
  4. T Cell
  5. Phospholipid Bilayer
  6. Axon
  7. Microwave Energies
  8. Polar Molecule
  9. Gel Eletrophoresis
  10. Stop Codon
  11. Mass
 in stock $20.89
Cat: MEA 0003. Rel: 13 Jul 18
  1. Buttfux (4:37)
  2. Pirmais Sniegs (7:01)
  3. Par Rozem (4:25)
  4. Emancipator (0:29)
  5. Christmoney (4:41)
  6. Draudziba Ir Mauciba (5:02)
 in stock $18.73
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Back Catalogue: Electro
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