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Turn The Page
Turn The Page (1-sided etched 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: XL 1439T. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Turn The Page (4:25)
Review: Overmono's reimagining of The Streets' classic 'Turn The Page' is a technofied marvel, delivering a pulsating journey that pays homage to the original while carving out its own unique identity. Retaining Mike Skinner's distinctive vocals and UKG essence, Overmono infuses the track with a darker, more relentless energy. The bassline is pronounced, driving the groove forward with unwavering intensity, while tempo shifts add an ecstatic dimension to the experience. The result is a captivating blend of nostalgia and innovation, perfectly suited for dancefloors craving a modern twist on a beloved anthem.
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Cat: INSTINCT 29. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Checkpoint (5:30)
The Going Is Rough (5:38)
Beat 93 (5:33)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: If you're reading this then you will know that Instinct is one of the UK's powerhouse garage labels. Run by Burnski aka James Burnham it deals in serious tackle for rude boys and nasty girls. The drums hit hard, the reversed bassline burn goose old school cool and there gun finger salutes come thick and fast throughout this EP from Mance. 'Checkpoint' opens with the dusty drum shuffles and bulbous bass, then 'The Going Is Rough' is a little more soulful and sweet with its rolling basslines and silky pads. 'Beat 93' closes down with a seriously OG garage sound that takes you back to the mid-90s.
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Stand Up
Stand Up (12")
Cat: FRO 021. Rel: 08 Jul 24
MJ Cole & K-Lone - "Stand Up" (5:32)
MJ Cole - "Lay It All On The Line" (4:33)
K-Lone - "Bonez" (4:06)
Review: The Fabric Originals label continues to establish itself as a place that is just as reliable for fresh sounds as the club it is named after. This latest outing is a 21st such EP and comes from the one and only garage great that is MJ Cole paired with new school innovator K Lone. They make a perfect partnership, in truth, with opener 'Stand Up' pairing balmy pads and rich bass sounds with a hooky little vocal. It's brilliantly sensuous with tender keys finishing it in style. Cole then goes it alone on 'Lay It All On The Line' which has a more broken post-dubstep style beat and K-Lone's 'Bonez' is delightfully airy, cavernous bass brilliance.
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Portal 1
Portal 1 (light blue vinyl 12")
Cat: SR 187. Rel: 10 Jul 24
Hectic (7:04)
Pure Potential (9:14)
Review: The unstoppable production powerhouse that is Paul Woolford aka Special Request is back with another of his frankly ridiculous run of releases. Never one to just drop a single tune, this year he has several albums on the way off the back of his superb re-imagining of the KLF's cult 'What Time Is Love?' and this Portals Box Set Project is one of them. It is a multi-part collection that "uses today's modern technology to bring you the sound of tomorrow" and each limited edition 12" comes with its own custom artwork by Nic Hamilton. As you should expect, these are all utterly monstrous bangers and this first part has the high-pressure techno bounce of 'Hectic' and 'Pure Potential' to welcome you to the Portal.

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SPIL CUTS 001 (feat Zed Bias, Jeremy Sylvester mixes)
Cat: SPILCUTS 001. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Jack Swift - "Perfection" (5:13)
Jack Swift - "Perfection" (Zed Bias 25 Years Deep remix) (4:20)
Jack Swift - "That’s It Mate" (Jeremy Sylvester Vintage Rub) (5:11)
Scott Diaz - "SPIL The Beanz" (6:12)
Review: SPIL Records makes its debut in the world of vinyl with a new 12" featuring fresh sounds from label head Jack Swift and one from Scott Diaz while remixes are taken care of by a pair of UK legends in Zed Bias and Jeremy Sylvester. Swift's 'Perfection' opens up with some well swung and dusty garage-house beats and a nice warped bassline. It's then over to Bias for his 25 Years Deep Remix which brings some prickly 2-step vibes. On the B-side, Swift's 'That's It Mate' gets a Vintage Rerun from Jeremy Sylvester that is pure vibes and last of all, Diaz's 'SPIL The Beanz' is a fourth and final floor-filling garage house classic.
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Played by: Superbreak
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Shell Them Again (feat Zed Bias & Safire remix)
Cat: IFGGG 005. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Shell Them Again (3:06)
Shell Them Again (dub mix) (3:07)
Shell Them Again (Zed Bias & Safire remix) (3:22)
Shell Them Again (acappella) (2:50)
Review: Garage powerhouse Zed Bias is back with more old school garage brilliance with the new single 'Shell Them Again' featuring the vocals of Yung Saber and Brakeman. The original has plenty of retro signifiers from the low-end wobble to the withering synth effects, plus crisp hits and jostling drums. After the dub mix comes a remix from Zed himself alongside Safire which is much more dirty and raw. The beats are broken up so the track takes on a dubstep quality as the low-end oscillations bring the weight and drums hit with more force. Finally, the acappella closes out this fresh 12" on IFG.
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Zone (12" 再プレス)
Cat: PILOT 17. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Zone (5:47)
Good 2 Me (5:35)
The Beat (5:28)
Back Moving (6:00)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Kepler is a man on fire right now - well, he has been for some time in fact. As well as serving up a new collaborative outing with Burnski, he has also put together this solo EP for Pilot. 'Zone' is a twitchy tech cut with bleeping melodies over silvery and silky tech drums. 'Good 2 Me' has a naughty shuffle to it as the crisp drums bring the infectious groove and the smart vocals add human colour. 'The Beat' kicks off the B-side with a nice squelchy bassline and some rude-boy sonic signifiers while 'Back Moving' then has a lovely low-slung swaying funk to it.
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Tags: Tech House
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Beginner's Luck EP
Cat: JPRV 001. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Down Like That (5:31)
Waiting On (5:53)
Don't Give Up (5:35)
Work Me (6:29)
Review: Jackpot Recordings is a fresh sub-label brought to you by London-based production duo Club of Jacks. Their debut release showcases solo sessions from one half of the COJ crew, Max One aka MX1, and stays true to their signature UK garage-influenced house sound. The EP commences with 'Down Like That,' which has lively beats, resonant analogue sub-bass, and velvety chords with classic r&b samples while 'Waiting On' has swung beats and chord stabs with more captivating vocals. Don't Give Up' then brings a little sun to the grooves with funky undertones and 'Work Me' closes the EP with a more moody late-night vibe.
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Played by: Paul Starey
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REPWIND 003 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: REPWIND 003. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Perception & Andy G - "Let's Go" (SR Lunar dub) (5:11)
Conspiracy Dubz - "Musical Rush" (4:46)
PJ Statham - "All Dancers" (5:03)
Ease Up George - "Good Love" (4:58)
Groovy D - "Another Chance" (4:31)
Xamount - "Physical" (6:17)
Review: Reptile Mob is back with a third part of its superb on going compilation series and this one looks at different aspects of the garage house sound. Side a-begins with some fresh four-four grooves no least the opener from the legend that is Perception with Andy G and S.R.'s dubby 'Let's Go' remix. Conspiracy Dubz keeps it bumping with the old school feels of 'Musical Rush' and on the B-side it is more of a 2-step sound that emerges with jazzy melodies and female vocals. Groovy D's 'Another Chance' is the real standout for us with its classic vocal sample worked into a nice kinetic rhythm.
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Played by: Paul Starey
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Takin It Back EP
Cat: PPR 25. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Wanna Be With You (6:33)
Let’s Dance (5:59)
Donny (6:12)
Show Some Love (6:44)
Review: The Plastik People label is a great repository for deep house that is timeless but never tired. Katermurr is next up to prove that point with an EP that transcends the ages. It opens with a lovely throwback Chicago vocal over fresh modern drums. After 'Wanna Be With You' gets you going, 'Let's Dance' brings the party vibes with some busy lead melodies that will get hands in the air old school style. 'Donny' then keeps it deep with some languid grooves and a nice smoky soulful vocal drifting above. Last of all is the more bumping and dusty drums of 'Show Some Love' to close out a classic EP.
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Vaults 1 EP (feat Jeremy Sylvester, Marc Cotterell mixes)
Waiting For You (Jeremy Sylvester remix) (5:57)
Waiting For You ('23 Refix) (6:15)
All That Shaking (Marc Cotterell Plastik Factory mix) (6:57)
All That Shaking ('23 Refix) (6:28)
Review: Club Of Jacks digs deep here to serve up some classic tracks from the archive that have not been available on vinyl before. First up is UKG royalty Jeremy Sylvester with a remix of 'Waiting For You' that is pure party. The drums and bass bounce and plunge low with sustained chords and a honeyed vocal getting the vibes going. A deeper, dubbier and more laid back but still emotive 23 Remix follows then Plastik People boss Marc Cotterell serves up a soulful remix of 'All That Shaking' that is full of steamy sax and sunny day goodness. A Club of Jacks 23 Refix brings a deep vibe to close a superb EP.
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Played by: Paul Starey
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Day Dream/Perpetual Motion
Day Dream/Perpetual Motion (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: GSD 001. Rel: 15 May 23
Day Dream (4:54)
Perpetual Motion (5:23)
Review: Tuff Culture displaying a love of original UKG, back from the Sunday session days of the genre's infancy. 'Day Dream' has masterfully dry drums and hits and a classic vocal sample that packs in the soul. Smart filters and effects build tension before the big drop, gun fingers and pinging bass all explode to life. Irresistible. On the flip, 'Perpetual Motion' is another stripped-back, scuffed-up, low-key but high-impact garage shuffler with plenty of pent-up energy and a wicked Erykah Badu sample.
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Played by: Paul Starey
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Pressure EP
Cat: TIN 063. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Pressure (4:21)
Tiki (5:02)
I Wanna (5:17)
The Rush (5:34)
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Selector Selection Vol 1
Cat: DPRSS 1. Rel: 15 Aug 22
Heli-kopter (2step mix) (5:06)
Your Turn (2step mix) (4:52)
My Thing (2step mix) (4:21)
Review: Noodles/Groove Chronicles has releases going back to the 90's and is recognised as one of UK garage music most influential producers, his recent works collaborating with follow producer Dubchild. The duo also work under the alias Nu Agenda creating their own style of hybrid house, and have support from various stations such as Rinse FM, 1xtra, SWU, NTS, Mode, Worldwide Radio and Reprezent. On "Selector Selection Vol. 1" out on the DPR Recordings, Noodles Groove Chronicles and Dubchild have selected three tracks, "Helikopter", "Your Turn" and "My Thing" - all individual but weighty. The Volume series is all about what you may have missed or slightly overlooked. Tailor made so you'll never miss a good track, and selected for your listening pleasure.
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Can't Stop
Cat: VIVID 12. Rel: 12 Dec 22
Can't Stop (4:42)
Get Ready (5:17)
Wildcat (5:09)
Review: The Vivid label is yet another one from Burnski who also runs Constant Blanc and Instinct. He is s single handed garage hit making machine and he knows how to tap into the next gen, too. Here he calls upon Peaky Beats for a naughty and nasty three track affair that has retro feels but contemporary style. 'Can't Stop' opens up with a 2-step shuffle and steely hits, then 'Get Ready' gets more free and melodic with some boxing little melodic patterns and oscillating bass. Last of all is the most menacing and dark - 'Wildcat' flips into a dub wise swagger mid-way through that is going to blow up the clubs.
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Played by: Burnski
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Tree House Rhythms
Tree House Rhythms (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: EM 001. Rel: 22 May 23
Love Is What You Need (6:21)
I Got You (5:03)
Let It Go (5:44)
Riding On A Cloud (4:52)
Review: Endangered Musique kicks off with a high-quality reissue of an EP that deep house heads will either already know or soon grow to love. It was written by Jose Chinga in 1994 and is an alias of an artist better known as Brothers' Vibe aka Tony Rodriguez. The opening tune 'Love Is What You Need' is also the most well-known - it's US garage with low-slung drums and grainy pad work with a simple but effective vocal. 'I Got You' picks up the pace with shuffling drums and a grinding lead before the warm 90s house sounds come to the fore again on 'Let It Go' and 'Riding On A Cloud'. Lovely stuff.

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Mother (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BEC 5612487. Rel: 21 Mar 24
From Within (4:06)
Promises (feat Rochelle Jordan) (3:28)
Can't Let Go (3:57)
Side By Side (3:58)
Self To Blame (feat Kayla Blackmon) (4:00)
Cartier (2:49)
Heartbeat (3:31)
Saint Rex (4:14)
All U Like (4:28)
Every Lil' (feat DJ Plead & MJ Nebrada) (3:07)
Oceanic (3:26)
Grown On Me (3:54)
Review: Mother is Logic1000's debut album. An alias of Samantha Poulter, the Berlin-based DJ and producer explains it has been insured by her becoming a parent. "I felt so much love and inspiration entering into motherhood that I just needed to create something really powerful," says the producer who hails from Sydney and has collaborated on the lad single 'Grown On Me' with her husband and long-time creative partner Thom McAlister. It is an album that runs that gamut from broken beats to smoky soul, shuffling basement grooves to heady and hypotonic, dubbed-out rollers.
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Follow Me
Follow Me (12")
Cat: CS 043. Rel: 28 May 24
Follow Me (6:34)
Frequency (5:14)
Underwater (6:30)
Review: Burnski and Kelper are two of the hottest artists in the game right now - their output is relentless, and their quality is always high. It is now on the former's Constant Sound that they appear with three fresh new collaborative cuts aimed squarely at the floor. 'Follow Me' has nice hooky drum loops and subtle synth stabs under a seductive vocal. It's fun and functional in equal measure and on the flip things get more naughty with hints of a dirty speed garage bassline under 'Frequency'. The vibe flips again on closer 'Frequency' which has disco-tinged loops and more laidback groves that bring a little warmth and sunshine.
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Gemini (12")
Cat: INSTINCT 20. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Gemini (5:49)
Kilo Of Filo (5:19)
De Nata (4:40)
Review: Burnski's Instinct label serves up some fresh platters from a new name, Papa Nugs. These are of course naughty as you like garage tinged late night gems for cosy dance floors. Opener 'Gemini' is a high speed affair with exotic strings and neck-snapping hits. 'Kilo of Filo' is a super heavy wobbler with a fat as fuck bottom end oscillation. 'De Nata' closes out on more super crisp breakbeats that recall the genres hey day when artists like Ali B were knocking out killer mixes for Fabric. All killer no filler, as ever with this label.
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Straight 2 The Neck EP
Straight 2 The Neck EP (red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: TIN 059R. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Heat In The Dance (5:01)
Paradise (4x4 mix) (5:02)
Lighter Massive (5:21)
Straight 2 The Neck (4:53)
Review: Killjoy's Straight 2 The Neck EP delivers four vibrant UK Garage tracks guaranteed to ignite any party. Side-1 starts with 'Heat In The Dance,' a catchy mid-tempo breaks track featuring a swirling, atmospheric drop that captivates from the get-go. Following this, 'Paradise' (4x4 mix) brings a heavy garage bassline infused with elements of 90s house, creating a nostalgic yet fresh sound. Side-2 opens with 'Lighter Massive,' an energetic and busy house track designed to shake the dancefloor. The EP closes with the title track, 'Straight 2 The Neck,' which blends jungle influences with bouncy, MC sample-laden beats for a high-octane finish. Killjoy's Straight 2 The Neck EP is a fun and dynamic addition to the UK Garage genre, showing the diverse influences and infectious energy throughout.
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More Dub Essentials Part 2
Cat: DTR 018. Rel: 08 Mar 22
Man Needed (6:22)
Together (4:45)
Allnighter (6:49)
Bonus Drums & Bass (3:02)
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Neighbourhood (feat El B, Dawn Raid remixes)
Cat: IFGGG 002. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Neighbourhood (original '98 mix)
Neighbourhood (El B remix)
Neighbourhood (Dawn Raid remix)
Review: Long time underground UK stalwart Zed Bias dropped this - one of his many seminal cuts - back in 1999. Now, the dark garage classic 'Neighbourhood' gets reissued alongside some remixes. In its original form, it has an alluring vocal charm with unsettling chords over a grinding bassline and sharp percussion. The El B remix brings fleshier low ends and more swagger and shuffle while the vocals remain in place to blow up your spot. To close out the EP, Dawn Raid remixes with a high-energy jungle sound full of old-school signifiers. A proper EP for proper dance floors.

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Fabric Presents The Streets
Cat: FABRIC 220. Rel: 04 Jul 24
The Streets - "No Better Than Chance"
Cesco, Hamdi - "Swing King"
Hilts - "345" (feat IZCO)
LAU RA - "The Danger"
TQD - "Nice & Close"
Douvelle19, Catching Cairo - "U Could Be Mine"
Coki, Leotrix - "DIY" (feat Flowdan)
Manga Saint Hilare, MoreNight - "Exercise" (feat Kamakaze)
Tentendo, Mustbejohn - "Motive"
MPH - "Overrated"
Oppidan - "Mr Sandman"
Dusky - "Eros" (Interplanetary Criminal remix)
Fred Again, The Streets, Dermot Kennedy - "Mike (Desert Island Duvet)" (Skinners version)
Fantom Freq, Eric Mark - "Wicked Sound" (feat Dread MC)
Bruza - "Boiling Point" (feat Logan Olm)
The Streets - "Cannot Be A Lie"
Mike Skinner - "Sharp Knives Are Safer"
33 Below, DRIIA - "LOYAL"
The Streets - "Boxing In Slow Motion"
Mike Skinner - "Hands Down"
Icarus - "Change" (Bullet Tooth remix)
Mike Skinner - "Neine To 5"
Nineteen97 - "Outdablu"
Enigma Dubz, Snowy - "Lost It" (Medicine Place remix)
Hustle Athletics - "Lekker" (Posij remix)
Caspa - "Silly" (feat Dynamite)
Ance - "Distinct"
Biicla - "That's My Shit"
Emz - "Free" (feat Nasser & Valor)
Rohaan, Kelbin - "Run Away"
The Streets - "End Of The Queue"
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FOXBAM INC 002 (180 gram pink vinyl 12")
Cat: FBI 002. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Egebamyasi - "Goldtooth" (6:08)
Foxtrot vs Ma Bla - "Deep Down Inside" (5:46)
bRz vs Stije - "ISCO" (12:48)
Review: FOXBAM INC is back to build on the momentum of their first EP with a second one that packs a mighty punch. This one kicks off with EBY, who this year has been cooking up acid for 40 years and here offers the warped low ends and garage-techno power of 'Goldtooth'. Foxtrot vs Ma Bla then mashes up old school samples with earth-shattering bass on 'Deep Down Inside' and bRz vs Stije is a double-time hard techno stomper with warped synths and twisted bass that is inspired by and named after ISCO, a concept from Einstein's general theory of relativity that makes predictions about the dynamics of black holes.
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 in stock $14.27
SLABS 001 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SLABS 001. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Up Next (5:39)
Beat My Shit (7:05)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Admirably no-nonsense house duo Dungeon Meat kick off a new label here, Slabs, which aims to serve up only the chunkiest hulks of wax aimed squarely at the club. Borren takes charge of the first platter and is the latest fast-rising talent to emerge from the ever-fertile Dutch scene. He has come up on a diet of Bret and Slapfunk parties and that shows in the tunes he presents here. 'Up Next' is heavy but silky, with gliding grooves and splashy cymbals next to cut-up vocals that will amp up any party. 'Beat My Shit' is another no-frills hardcore house assault with drums that have just the right amount of swing under old school chords and busy melodies that never rest. A fine first release.

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A Grand Don't Come For Free (reissue)
A Grand Don't Come For Free (reissue) (limited red vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 505419 7732478. Rel: 02 May 24
It Was Supposed To Be So Easy
Could Well Be In
Not Addicted
Blinded By The Lights
Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
Get Out Of My House
Fit But You Know It
Such A Twat
What Is He Thinking?
Dry Your Eyes
Empty Cans
Review: A Grand Don't Come for Free is a poignant narrative crafted by Mike Skinner, transcending typical hip-hop tropes with its intimate exploration of everyday life and relationships. Skinner's awkward yet charming delivery, paired with a minimalist musical backdrop, draws listeners into a story of loss, love and self-discovery. From the mundane to the profound, Skinner captures the essence of human experience with bare honesty and endearing intimacy, evoking both laughter and tears - quite literally in the case of its biggest hit, 'Dry Your Eyes'. With its focus on the minutiae of life and the importance of connection, A Grand Don't Come for Free remains a timeless and compelling album that is worth revisiting often and now is offered on a new reissued for 2024.
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 in stock $31.76
U (white vinyl LP + poster)
Cat: MT 0096. Rel: 16 May 16
U (3:51)
To Have You Back (4:36)
Run (6:00)
Wait (5:07)
My Love (interlude) (2:07)
Waves (5:58)
Too Late (4:30)
Foolish (4:06)
Seperate Ways (3:08)
For Sarah (3:38)
 in stock $26.66
Model Man
Cat: MR 0099LP. Rel: 21 Jan 22
Emoclew (1:17)
Don't Cry (feat Hamzaa) (3:32)
Sweet Surrender (3:27)
ESC (Holding Back) (feat Rationale) (4:27)
Hurt (feat Arctic Lake) (3:06)
Trappist-1 (3:43)
Wait Till Tonight (5:28)
Take Me There (5:04)
Distant Memory (1:46)
Sidewinder (4:05)
Clarity (4:04)
Impromptu No1 (Apogee) (10:13)
 in stock $16.70
Brexit At Tiffany's
Cat: 4838 617. Rel: 03 Nov 22
3 Minutes To Midnight (3:53)
Brexit At Tiffany's (2:43)
Test Of Time (4:02)
Review: Who doesn't love The Streets? From cheeky chappy to a revered part of the British music establishment, Mike Skinner as The Streets was there at the start of the UKG scene and still invigorates it to this day. His first new music in a while is an understated ballad that features the by now trademark internal monologue, but here paired with what is a beautiful vocal from Jazz Morley and a skittish drum pattern. Mike Skinner has also self-directed his own music video to go with the title track and it is well worth seeing if you can.
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Pure Garage Collectible Classics Volume 2
Cat: PUREMMLP 2. Rel: 13 Dec 22
Zed Bias & KC - "Let Me Know" (Zed Bias remix) (6:10)
Industry Standard - "Taken All My Time" (DJ Deller mix) (5:40)
Strickly Dubz - "Realise" (5:12)
Underground Solutions - "I Need You Baby" (7:49)
Anthill Mob aka T Juice - "Blinded" (4:16)
DJ Double G - "Special Request" (feat Anita) (6:06)
Groove Committee - "Heart + Soul" (5:14)
Scott Garcia - "Waiting" (dub Monsters mix) (7:25)
Review: Pure Garage was always one of the cornerstones of the early UKG scene. It's good to know they are still going strong, and so is garage - particularly so right now. This is probably why the label had deiced to strike while the iron is hot and drop this second volume of collectible cuts from across the years. Mainstays like Zed Bias feature with his mix of sweet vocals and sleazy basslines, 2step is represented with the choppy cuts and pitched-up vox of Strickly Dubz's 'Realise' and pure floor-filling heat comes in the form of DJ Double G 's 'Special Request' amongst more.
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Played by: Paul Starey
 in stock $33.38
Defected Presents House Masters: Todd Edwards
Defected Presents House Masters: Todd Edwards (2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: HOMAS 33LP. Rel: 10 Sep 21
St Germain - "Alabama Blues" (Todd Edwards dub mix) (5:39)
Indo - "R U Sleeping" (Todd Edwards mix) (5:59)
Sound Of One - "As I Am" (Todd Edwards mix - version) (6:13)
Kim English - "Tomorrow" (Todd Edwards dub) (7:31)
Daft Punk - "Face To Face" (4:02)
Todd Edwards - "Shut The Door" (7:24)
Todd Edwards - "Push The Love" (7:46)
Todd Edwards - "The Dream" (6:49)
Review: Todd Edwards is affectionally known as Todd the God because of his skills. Those skills are two fold - he famous fomented this own style of garage with quick beats and cut up vocals used like an extra instrument in the mix. But he is also a badass DJ who can slam through house and garage with high energy and plenty of charger. As such, he is rightly celebrated here with an overdue entry into Defected's long running House Masters series. All his most famous joints make the cut, from the bumping remix of St Germain to the lively vocal soul of his dub of Kim English via originals like his jazzy, chord laced anthem 'Push The Love.'
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Murky (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: GD4YA 06. Rel: 06 Oct 20
Murky (4:46)
Murky (Wen remix) (4:54)
Ellipsis (6:13)
Ellipsis (Benny iLL remix) (8:10)
Review: South London label GD4YA has had a fairly incredible year so far, with no fewer than five EPs out to date. It is now cult soundsmith Throwing Snow - a veteran of plenty of post-IDM inventions on Houndstooth - who steps up to stretch his legs with some sure fire dance floor weaponry. 'Murky' is just that with its broad bass and skipping drums, then 'Ellipsis' leans on UK funky drum patterns to get you up on your toes. Two remixes closes out, with Wen going for a perfect bit of swing, and Benny iLL keeping it deep, mid tempo, and warm.
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Played by: Fradinho, Jerome Hill
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Midnight EP
Cat: COJV 008. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Midnight To Sunshine (6:12)
Let It Ride (6:42)
Remember This (6:23)
Smokers Dub (5:05)
Review: Midnight EP brings another four heavyweight cuts from the London based Club of Jacks production duo showcasing their varied sound. 'Midnight' opens up with deep, haunting chords and a lush reworked vocal laid over a smoky 2 step beat. 'Let It Ride' brings the 4x4 house vibe, mixing infectious synths, catchy lyrics and a rolling bass groove. On the flip, 'Remember This' digs into the garage house sound, infusing jazzy organ chords and solos with skippy drums and tasty vocal chops. To finish off, 'Smokers Dub'' takes us into a darker, speed garage inspired vibe, with weighty bass and dub reggae flavour.
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Cookie Dope EP
Cookie Dope EP (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: COOKIEDOPE 001. Rel: 07 Jun 23
Golden Touch (5:59)
Dem Tune Danger (4:36)
Rushmore (6:09)
Bellagio (5:24)
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Show Me EP
Show Me EP (green vinyl 12")
Cat: TIN 046. Rel: 29 Jun 23
Show Me (5:32)
Principle (5:20)
Point Blank (5:04)
Take Down (4:40)
Review: Few other labels have been as instrumental in the garage revival as Time Is Now. Everything they do has hit a perfect sweet spot - never too nostalgic and reverential to the DOGs, and always with something fresh and future facing to enjoy. Yosh once again strikes that perfect balance on this handy four tracker. There is booming sub bass to sink into on the deep 2-stepper 'Show Me' then 'Principle' ups the pace with more percussive clatter, jungle breaks and rude boy bass stabs. 'Point Blank' pulls back again to a dark and atmospheric late night riddim and 'Take Down' is a nawty little number with sick neon chords.
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You Should Dance (feat Bladerunner remix)
Cat: IFGGG 001. Rel: 25 Sep 23
You Should Dance
You Should Dance (Bladerunner remix)
Review: The legendary Zed Bias is stepping out with a new label I Feel Good Records and intends for it to spread good vibes only through a diverse roster of talent and sounds that span house, bass and beyond. He has more than a quarter of a century of experience in the game and of eyeing new talents and helping them to shine and has always had a collaborative approach to music that will continue to define this label's MO. Zed is minting the label with a new single alongside award-winning d&b MC Inja. 'You Should Dance' pairs his warming tones with infectious garage drums and smeared, soothing chords that radiant heat. It will, indeed, make you feel good. D&b mainstay Bladerunner serves up a remix that has been doing the rounds for a while now and never fails to make an impact.
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USB001 (gatefold 2xLP in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: 505419 7957161. Rel: 20 Jun 24
BerwynGesaffNeighbours (2:06)
Stayinit (4:37)
Leavemealone (3:46)
Baby Again (5:20)
Rumble (2:22)
Turn On The Lights Again (4:28)
Jungle (3:18)
Admit It (U Dont Want 2) (6:27)
Lights Out (4:48)
Leavemealone (Nia Archives remix) (2:59)
Jungle (Rico Nasty remix) (3:34)
Lights Out (HAAi remix) (6:11)
Review: If there is a more hyped artist in the world right now than Fred... again we aren't sure who it might be. The lad who grew up close to Brian Eno and has since worked with him in the studio is a global star who has also collaborated with Four Tet and Skrillex, played all over the world, won various awards and dropped several albums now presses up his acclaimed USB to gatefold double vinyl. It is a collection of his early singles that captures his lo-fi, lived-in, diaristic sounds across a range of experimental electronic styles.
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Done Me Wrong
Cat: NMBRS 16. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Done Me Wrong (5:32)
Bax (5:36)
Review: 'Done Me Wrong' is one of trailblazing Glasgow label Numbers' essential cash cows. The track is etched into the brains of most clubbers still out today, owing to that short but sweet, mid-2010s interregnum that somehow bridged the gap between UK funky, post-dubstep, future bass and Night Slugs adjacent 'wave'. As is the case with the Hyph Mngos and the Midnight Request Lines of the era, producer Mosca seems to have touched a collective nerve with this one, one that lent the 'Done Me Wrong' a self-starting energy that served to promote itself; or perhaps that's an illusion, as it was, of course, rinsed to death on Rinse FM, and included in many a post dubstep DJ set too. Whatever the case, 'Done Me Wrong' and its inverse 'Bax' reflect the playfulness of a transitory era in bass music, being two of those tunes that, despite all our genre namedrops, never quite fit into any neat box.
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Rock With Me EP
Cat: TIN 057. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Need 2 Know (3:16)
Make Sum Noise (5:14)
Rock With Me (5:12)
Phoneline (5:20)
Strictly OG Rocking (4:25)
Review: Time Is Now is one of the current garage generations best outlets and is now well over 50 EPs deep. The latest drop comes from ODF who kicks off with 'Need 2 Know' which is full of wispy melodies and old school bassline bounce. It's feel good and full of neon colour. 'Make Sum Noise' is indebted to speed bassline with its fast paced shuffle and naughty throwback bass. 'Rock With Me' brings another great mix of unrelenting low ends, retro cool and new school produciton techniques. On the flip, 'Phoneline' keeps it deep while 'Strictly OG Rocking' takes off on whirring jungle breakbeats.
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Supercontinent EP
Cat: K7 444EP. Rel: 22 May 24
Yena (5:52)
Yami (4:48)
Pulgueiro Baile (5:46)
Sistema Baile (6:18)
Review: Kassian serves up some heady and heavy club-ready thrills on this superb new 12" for !K7! It kicks off with hefty broken beats and earth shattering bass that is topped with chopped up vocal stabs. 'Yami' then rides on elastic rhythms with loopy bass and warped synths under gritty percussive textures. 'Pulgueiro Baile' is a jittering rhythm that rides up and down and comes alive with a turbo-charged bassline. 'Sistema Baile"' then shuts down with more rave ready energy and warped drum and bass combinations that are full flavour and muscular and impossible to ignore.
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Breaking The Loop EP
Cat: UFOS 004. Rel: 28 Mar 22
Xx (8:56)
Oasis (6:41)
Breaking The Loop (7:38)
Always Love (6:44)
Review: UFO Series starts 2022 with a high quality and intergalactic EP from a revelation artist called Moy On Wire. Emotional focused music that can remind us of many classic, warm and extra terrestrial sounds,crazy secuences even in fragments of the EP you can start making memories of the incredible space duo daft punk.
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REPWIND 001 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: REPWIND 001. Rel: 19 Jun 23
Highrise - "Dont Know It" (5:24)
Sky Joose - "On The Shores" (6:15)
Johnny U Tah - "Voices In My Head" (4:56)
The Thunderkats - "Melatron" (4:59)
Jay Ward - "Everything That I Need" (5:01)
Review: Reptile Mob is a newly launched, vinyl-only sub-label of the well-regarded GLBDOM imprint. It kicks off with a five-track various artists release that pays homage to the garage sound. 'Don't Know It' by Highrise opens up with a distantly 90s vibe, then Sky Joose shows his class on 'On The Shores' with its hard-edged bassline and full-throttle drums. Johnny U-Tah works some re-pitched and time-stretched vocals to perfection on 'Voices In My Head', with further gems from The Thunderkats whose 'Melatron' is a piano-laced bumper and last of all Jay Ward's 'Everything That I Need' brims with vocal lushness. A top draw start for sure.
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True Magic
Cat: ZENCD 305. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Start (3:55)
Saving Flowers (feat Rina Sawayama) (3:50)
Reason (feat Karma Kid) (1:23)
Lift Off! (feat Disclosure) (2:07)
Maybe It's U (feat Sam Gellaitry) (3:47)
Go! (2:10)
True Magic, Bonus Round (1:05)
One Of Those Nights (feat Empress Of) (3:11)
Move Faster (4:29)
System (3:50)
Softly (feat Lea Sen) (3:29)
Luv Stuck (feat Piri) (2:42)
Perfect (feat Leilah) (4:17)
Drive (feat Leilah) (4:11)
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Like This Like That EP
Like This Like That EP (red vinyl 12")
Cat: TIN 053. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Organs For Spring (4:20)
Save My Soul (4:16)
Holding On 4 U (4:21)
Like This Like That (4:24)
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Journey LP
Journey LP (clear vinyl 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: PIVALB 002. Rel: 23 Apr 24
Journey (6:10)
Trip (7:32)
Keep It Coming (6:26)
Mister DJ (6:19)
Come Together (7:11)
Repetition (6:58)
In The Power (6:08)
Futur (6:54)
Review: PIV label head DJ Prunk identified Ruze as rising stars in 2023. Since then, they've soared with Beatport chart-toppers like Hardwire and Chapters EPs and their latest offering showcases their signature sound on a fine debut album. The title track introduces smooth house beats, deep yet dynamic. 'Trip' layers precise drums with soulful spoken words over vivid pads. 'Keep It Comin'' amps up the tempo with funky house vibes, while 'Mister DJ' delivers seductive late-night allure. 'Come Together' packs punchy beats and lively sax and 'Repetition,' 'FUTUR,' and 'In The Power' maintain irresistible house grooves, while 'Everybody' ends with a laid-back lounge vibe.

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Played by: Paul Starey
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Soul Of Life (reissue)
Cat: ONLY 24. Rel: 18 Mar 24
Soul Of Life I (6:34)
Soul Of Life II (5:54)
Soul Of Life III (5:02)
Review: ACME is Jerome Isma-Ae and WJ Henze and they first wrote their 'Soul Of Life' EP in 1998, back when tech house was still new and exciting. It was one of the genre's biggest tunes at the time and has remained ever popular in the years since for the way it draws on sped garage and techno for its vibes. This faithful reissue offers up the tune in three related but distinctive parts so that you have whatever you need at whatever point in the night you may be. We like 'Part II' with its more balmy and heady cosmic chords.
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Played by: Paul Starey
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Kalahari Sunrise (remastered)
Cat: SR 002. Rel: 16 May 24
Kalahari Sunrise (4:57)
Kalahari Sunrise (Sunrise mix) (7:41)
So Beautiful (7:32)
So Beautiful (Anna-Log mix) (6:29)
Review: Squid Recordings is a dead new label that is only onto release number two with this one but a great one it is too. It takes the form of a remastered reissue of James 'Nylon' Thomas aka Nylosphere's 'Kalahari Sunrise' which first landed more than two decades ago. He has released on the likes of Rush Hour, Velocity and his own Nylon Recordings, and is now back with new music having first retouched this classic. It features a pair of quite different tunes, both well produced and punchy with twisted sonics and analogue driven sounds that still cut it today.
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Can't Dance EP
Can't Dance EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SH 013V. Rel: 05 Mar 24
Break The Beat (5:34)
Can't Dance (5:59)
Groove Republic (6:22)
Sometimez (feat Emanuele Barilli) (6:15)
Review: Italian house and techno powerhouse Vithz openly admits he can't dance, but isn't that the whole point of music production - to provide refuge for the less somatically, more cerebrally inclined? It would certainly seem so: Vithz seems perfectly happy behind the knobs and buttons, laying down four behind-the-curtain conspiracies to fill floors on behalf of label Suena Hermosa, perhaps so that he need not himself. Opener 'Break The Beat' is the choppy, vocal-stuttering, short-filling minimal house opener, shortly followed by the titular sampled mutterings of 'Can't Dance', across which oncoming tides of reversed chord stab lap against a muffed garage house propulsion. Then there's the B's wonk-out that is 'Groove Republic', sounding like the inside of a Tardis turned jazz bar, while the closing collab with Emanuele Barilli, 'Sometimez', moves the utmost deep and subbiest.
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Vanarama Bar EP
Vanarama Bar EP (12" limited to 80 copies)
Cat: AMT 037. Rel: 22 May 24
Vanarama Bar (5:07)
Willows (4:28)
Mercury String (4:56)
Remind Me In An Hour (2:49)
Review: UK's All My Thoughts label has built up a strong reputation the past half-decade. Fans of the label point to it alongside a few others as the perfect blend of house and techno music. Edmondson is equally as strong with a handful of releases that have also garnered high praise for. Vanarama houses four examples of deep house that bridge garage music and dance music to make them both futuristic, deep and fun. We really like the wide range of moods in this EP. All My Thoughts has another winner! Only 80 copies in total so be quick!
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Part Time Hover
Cat: FTD 001. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Tub Remote Viewing (feat Roger Versey) (4:14)
Leximaze (3:30)
The Truth (3:27)
Engrams (3:40)
Dorm Ratz (3:45)
Mirages (feat Roger Versey) (3:53)
Sundayz (3:32)
Synched Thoughts (3:31)
MP Cruiser (feat Roger Versey) (4:29)
Review: After a few excellent releases on Ballyhoo and Analog Concept, MSRG latest Part Time Hover, is now out for the new Netherlands label, Foreign Tech Division. Fans of classic Detroit electro and techno, as well as deep house affionados, will immediately gravitate to these tracks, with comparions to Drexciya, Carl Craig, Space Dimension Controller and Juan Atkins all valid. Fellow techno and electro producer, Roger Versey offers his guest vocals on three of the songs here, giving them a fun, retro sound, a la Egyptian Lover.
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