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ホーム  Eight Weeks  Roots / Lovers Rock
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New releases last eight weeks: Roots/Lovers Rock

Roots/Lovers Rock vinyl released in the last four weeks
Prodigal Son
Cat: CT 13. Rel: 16 Nov 21
  1. Prodigal Son (3:20)
  2. King Tubby Dublate (3:05)
 in stock $11.07
Cat: SOLID 01. Rel: 23 Nov 21
  1. Danniella Dee - "Ethiopia" (3:44)
  2. Jan Solid - "Ethiopia" (dub) (3:47)
 in stock $8.03
People (Who Kill People)
People (Who Kill People) (hand-stamped hand-numbered 7" limited to 213 copies)
Cat: HPR 527. Rel: 11 Nov 21
  1. People (Who Killed People) (3:15)
  2. I Wouldn't Mind (3:12)
 in stock $13.01
Jah Garden
Cat: ISS 077. Rel: 22 Oct 21
  1. Jah Garden - "Jah Garden" (4:23)
  2. Dubolution - "Dub Garden" (4:23)
  3. Indica Dubs - "Garden Dubplate Mix" (feat Indica dubs) (3:44)
  4. Indica Dubs - "Raw Dub Mix" (feat Indica dubs) (3:45)
Review: Over the last four years, Idren Natural's Dubolution-produced 'Jah Garden' - a steppers-powered roots/digi-dub fusion cut featuring a superb lead vocal - has been a dubplate special in Inidica Dubs' DJ sets. It's fitting then that they've finally decided to release it on their own label, with the killer original mix being joined by a trio of tasty dubs. Dubolution's own dub-style version is faithfully weighty and skeletal, while wisely emphasizing his own jazzy guitar licks, while Indica Dubs' flipside revisions are equally as potent. The 'Garden Dubplate Mix' is a punchy, full-throttle dancefloor dub workout, while the 'Raw Dub Mix' sounds like one of Mad Professor's wilder, heavier offerings.
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 in stock $10.53
Cat: GRA 001. Rel: 16 Nov 21
  1. Millions (4:00)
  2. Million (dub) (3:52)
 in stock $9.15
7.05 (limited 7")
Cat: DTWS 008. Rel: 26 Oct 21
  1. Jonny De Ambassador - "7.05" (4:23)
  2. Krabah - "7.05" (dub) (4:23)
 in stock $11.91
Jah Is Real
Jah Is Real (7" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: IRE 03. Rel: 16 Nov 21
  1. Jah Is Real (3:14)
  2. A Real Version (3:16)
 in stock $8.03
Don't Blame The Children
  1. School Boys - "Don't Blame The Children" (2:30)
  2. Austin Faithful - "Uncle Joe" (2:32)
! low stock $11.63
The Elements (warehouse find)
  1. The Elements (4:01)
  2. The Elements (version) (3:55)
 in stock $8.03
Keep On Pushing (20th Anniversary Edition)
Keep On Pushing (20th Anniversary Edition) (red vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PVR 006LP. Rel: 26 Nov 21
  1. Dance Dance (4:13)
  2. Keep On Pushing (Workshop re-dub) (4:44)
  3. Sit There (3:10)
  4. Black Sunrise (4:37)
  5. You Wait (5:52)
  6. In Your Eyes (Fabulous dub) (3:51)
  7. What We Need (4:48)
  8. Little Atoms (4:46)
  9. Hey Son (3:27)
  10. Coming Back Home (5:47)
 in stock $27.69
For The Love Of You Volume 2
Cat: AOTNCD 047. Rel: 25 Nov 21
  1. Lorna Fletcher - "Just The Two Of Us"
  2. Sonia - "Easier To Love"
  3. Dave Barker - "I'm Curious"
  4. Valerie Harrison - "Fools Paradise"
  5. Chosen Few - "Dont Keep Me Waiting"
  6. Sylvia Tella - "You Might Need Somebody"
  7. Fallon Jennings - "All Night Long"
  8. Pete Campbell - "Holding Back The Years"
  9. Toyin Adekale - "Smile"
  10. Derrick Cross - "Never Too Much"
  11. Carl Johnson - "I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much"
  12. Trevor Walters - "Blood's Thicker Than Water"
Review: Back in May 2021, Edinburgh's Athens Of The North served up the first volume of this immediately classic series. That one sold out in quick fashion - like, to be honest, most of the stuff this label puts out - and bow comes a second volume which is just as hot. Once again the focus is on pulling together the lovers rock covers the label has put out previously. It kicks off with a super take on the stone cold classic that is 'Just The Two Of Us' while Sylvia Tella's 'You Might Need Somebody' is another standout with its Balearic guitars and slow and sensuous grooves.
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 in stock $11.07