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Bestselling Jazz vinyl
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Wamono Groove: Shakuhachi & Koto Jazz Funk '76
  1. Kifu Mitsuhashi - "Nanbu Ushioi-Uta" (4:52)
  2. Toshiko Yonekawa - "Isohama Bon-Uta" (3:14)
  3. Kifu Mitsuhashi - "Hohai-Bushi" (3:38)
  4. Toshiko Yonekawa - "Otemoyan" (3:05)
  5. Kifu Mitsuhashi - "Aizu Bandaisan" (2:56)
  6. Toshiko Yonekawa - "Saitaro-Bushi" (3:39)
  7. Kifu Mitsuhashi - "Soma Nagareyama" (4:23)
  8. Toshiko Yonekawa - "Yagi-Bushi" (2:49)
  9. Kifu Mitsuhashi - "Asadoya Yunta" (3:47)
  10. Toshiko Yonekawa - "Konpira Fune Fune" (3:21)
Review: Unlike previous instalments in the 180g label's Wamono series, this isn't a compilation in the strictest sense of the term, but rather a retrospective. It showcases a range of killer jazz-funk and rare groove tunes recorded at Nippon Columbia studios in the mid 1970s by arranger Kiyoshi Yamaya, koto legend Toshiko Yonekawa and shakahuchi master Kifu Mitsuhashi. Highlights come thick and fast throughout, from the mellow, slow-burn lusciousness of 'Nanbu Ushioi-Uta' and the up-beat, guitar solo-laden brilliance of 'Hohai-Bushi', to the all-time Japanese jazz-funk classic that is 'Saitaro-Bushi' and the solo-laden brilliance of 'Asadoya Yunti', whose dazzling Fender Rhodes solos are reminiscent of the early '70s work of the late, great Billy Preston.
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 in stock $27.87
Mama Soul
Cat: BGPS 066. Rel: 27 Jan 22
  1. Harold Alexander - "Mama Soul" (3:03)
  2. Pretty Purdie - "Heavy Soul Slinger" (4:16)
Review: Bernard "Pretty" Purdie and his Playboys were an iconic funk group of the late 70s who had big hits with the likes of Gil Scott Heron on his seminal 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' single. A year later on the same label, Flying Dutchman, they served up the 'Heavy Soul Slinger' single which gets reissued here. It's driven by big drum breaks and funky hits, with plenty of lush chords and rolling basslines all taking you on a high class and sophisticated trip. On the a-side is Harold Alexander 's 'Mama Soul' from the same era, but with a much more experimental sound rooted in wordless ad libs and frantic flutes.
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Played by: DJ ROCCA
 in stock $10.60
Black Acid Soul
Cat: 405053 8711486. Rel: 28 Jan 22
  1. Blackbird (4:03)
  2. It's Not That Easy (2:59)
  3. Fix It (4:44)
  4. Ruler Of My Heart (3:47)
  5. Nobody's Sweetheart (3:41)
  6. Collage (3:10)
  7. Five Feet Tall (3:18)
  8. Lost & Looking (4:22)
  9. It'll Never Happen Again (3:37)
  10. Beware The Stranger (4:14)
  11. Black Acid Soul (3:51)
Review: Lady Blackbird is the first singer to grace Foundation Music, and you'd best be paying attention to this vital new voice in the realm of soul jazz. Hailing from LA and blessed with a smoky voice to rival some of the greats, one listen to 'Blackbird' is all you need to be utterly captivated. The sultry playing from Deron Johnson, Jonathan Flaugher, Jimmy Paxson and Troy Andrews perfectly matches Blackbird's arresting voice, gliding between stormy explosions and the softest of touches to match the mood. Black Acid Soul is perhaps the perfect description for the music, shot through with a streak of 60s psych but taking it to some dark corners - a true expression rendered in sumptuous, noirish hues.
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 in stock $22.03
Song 2
Song 2 (7")
Cat: FSR 7093. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Song 2 (3:03)
  2. The Power (3:49)
Review: Israeli funk powerhouse The Apples have a fiercely unique approach to the timely tradition of heavy grooving live musicianship, and they lay it down in no uncertain terms on their long awaited return to Freestyle Records. On the A side they're having a whole lotta fun covering Blur's 'Song 2' in a raucous style, bringing an almost rave-ready energy to the track and pouring barrel loads of their own personality over the version. 'The Power' nods plenty to the roots of funk as well as its descendents - just check the turntablism cutting its way through the sweet sax and slick guitar chops.
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 in stock $12.26
The Positive & The Negative
  1. Surprise Chef - "The Positive & The Negative" (4:47)
  2. Minoru Muraoka - "The Positive & The Negative" (Mr Bongo 7" edit) (5:05)
Review: Minoru Muraoka is a master of the traditional Japanese bamboo flute known as a shakuhachi. His flair on the instrument combined with his knowledge of breakbeat jazz and Japanese folkloric music results in stunning sounds such as 'The Positive and the Negative' from his 1970 album Bamboo. It has been championed by the likes of DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist so has true cult status. Snap up this reissue to enjoy its original charm, as well as a new reinterpretation of the track by Melbourne's Surprise Chef. The flip the whimsy of the a-side into a more mystic and beat driven jam packed with tropical charm.
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Crescent (reissue)
Crescent (reissue) (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 380758 2. Rel: 28 Jan 22
  1. Crescent (8:49)
  2. Wise One (8:56)
  3. Bessie's Blues (3:37)
  4. Lonnie's Lament (11:48)
  5. The Drum Thing (7:25)
Review: Verve's audiophile-focused Acoustic Sounds series - championing jazz classics big and small, with a core view to showing them off at their crispest - continues with a well-selected reissue of John Coltrane's 'Crescent'. Verve are focusing on Coltrane's live albums in particular; 'Crescent' almost certainly tops 'Live At The Village Vanguard', again featuring the unparalleled performative chops of Trane's fellow jazz peers McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones - his Classic Quartet. Across only 5 tracks, the fab four achieve every possible blue-noted peak and trough, from extended trumpet, piano ('Bessie's Blues') and drum ('The Drum Thing') solos.
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 in stock $40.13
Zambo (remastered)
Zambo (remastered) (limited 7")
Cat: MSR 031. Rel: 27 Jan 22
  1. Zambo (2:46)
  2. Zambo (King Most Redirection) (3:13)
Review: Matasuna takes us on our global travels once more, this time to Latin America and Venezuela for this dance floor heater from La Retreta Mayor. It is an original from 1976 that now lands on its own 7" for the first time and is backed by a fresh remix from King Most. Elements of Latin, funk and jazz all inform the fiery a-side which also has some rich horns and red hot drums, bass and pianos adding to the intensity. The flip side version still has an organic vibe like the original but with a new intro and outro that have their own flavour.
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Played by: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $10.88
Destination Out! (reissue)
Destination Out! (reissue) (limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 387615 7. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Love & Hate (8:18)
  2. Esoteric (9:07)
  3. Kahlil The Prophet (10:27)
  4. Riff Raff (7:19)
 in stock $22.29
Wavy (limited 7")
Cat: FNR 187. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Wavy (3:12)
  2. Interlude (1:50)
 in stock $14.22
At The Room 427 (reissue)
At The Room 427 (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: BBE 588ALP. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Acoustic Chicken (20:07)
  2. Theme Of Seikatsu Kojyo Iinkai (7:48)
  3. Little Drummer (11:41)
  4. Lover Man (9:46)
  5. Theme Of Seikatsu Kojyo Iinkai (2:00)
Review: Venerable Japanese sax man Koichi Matsukaze has a scattered discography that reaches back to the 70s, but one of the true highlights of his accomplished career is the first he recorded with the Koichi Matsukaze Trio and Ryojiro Furusawa in 1976. BBE have been tapping into Matsukaze's archives for some time, and the incredibly rare and sought after At The Room 427 is in good hands with the jazz, funk and soul specialists. From the 20 minute epic 'Acoustic Chicken' to the short but oh-so-sweet vignette 'Theme Of Seikatsu Kojyo Iinkai', this is gold dust for dedicated jazz diggers.
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Where Is Brooklyn?
Where Is Brooklyn? (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 387617 1. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Awake Nu (6:55)
  2. Taste Maker (6:49)
  3. The Thing (5:48)
  4. There Is The Bomb (4:46)
  5. Unite (17:49)
 in stock $22.29
Live From Studio S2 Warsaw
Live From Studio S2 Warsaw (limited clear vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: GONDEP 048LE. Rel: 27 Jan 22
  1. Hawaii Oslo (5:42)
  2. Glass (6:47)
  3. Leaving (6:27)
  4. Buka (5:22)
Review: Polish pianist Hania Rani has been on prolific form since signing to Gondwana in 2019 for the Esja album which broke her to a wider audience. Rooted in classical approaches to piano but with a modern outlook which touches on electronic processes and pop vocals, she starts 2022 with an arresting new live recording captured in the iconic Studio S2 in Warsaw. Embellishing her traditional piano approach with a Roland Stage Piano and a Prophet 08 synth, the four-track EP shows Rani in full flight, playing at her arresting best.
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 in stock $16.45
Dreams For Sax (reissue)
Cat: HBR 005. Rel: 27 Jan 22
  1. Dawning (4:00)
  2. Flowers (3:39)
  3. Dance Power (6:24)
  4. Night With Champagne (3:50)
  5. First Class (4:41)
  6. Walking On Air (4:15)
  7. Lunch & Dinner (4:16)
  8. Sunset (4:21)
Review: Not all dusty obscurities are worth revisiting, but library music ensemble Gruppo Sound's 1987 set Dreams For Sax most definitely is. Rooted in mid-80s jazz-funk, 'pages from Ceefax' easy listening, glossy electrofunk and early '80s disco, it's a genuinely joyous collection of jaunty instrumental workouts that should delight Balearic crate diggers, sample-hunting beat-makers and synth-loving disco heads. Given the title, you'll be unsurprised to find that saxophone features prominently, but it never dominates; in fact, the range of virtuoso piano solos and the loved-up nature of the Gruppo Sound's approach makes much more of a lasting impression.
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 in stock $26.48
Rose In The Dark
Rose In The Dark (LP + booklet)
Cat: FL 00004. Rel: 20 Jul 20
  1. One Love (1:21)
  2. Why Don't You (3:45)
  3. Young Love (4:24)
  4. Rewind (2:26)
  5. Rose In The Dark (3:45)
  6. When I'm In Your Arms (5:45)
  7. Sideways (3:14)
  8. Butterfly (3:19)
  9. Sure Of Myself (3:34)
  10. I Love You (3:00)
  11. Her Light (4:05)
Review: When she started her career just over a decade ago, Cleopatra Nikolic AKA Cleo Sol was considered a singer-for-hire within the international deep house community. Now, with the assistance of beat-maker Inflo, she's decided to strike out on her own via a quietly impressive solo debut that re-casts her as a genuinely fresh and exciting soul talent. Beginning with the layered acapella vocals and deep, jazzy grooves of stunning opener "One Love", the album sees her brilliantly deliver heartfelt and thoughtful lyrics over hazy backing tracks that brilliantly join the dots between jazz, neo-soul and R&B. While she's undoubtedly the star of the show, Inflo's stripped-back, partially acoustic and largely soft-focus production is also worthy of high praise.
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 in stock $37.64
Listen To The Drums
Cat: ROC 044. Rel: 13 Jan 22
  1. Listen To The Drums (2:07)
  2. You Look Like A Flower (2:22)
 in stock $10.02
Space 1.8
Space 1.8 (CD) (1 per customer)
Cat: WARPCD 324. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Space 1
  2. Space 2
  3. Space 3
  4. Space 4
  5. Space 5
  6. Space 6
  7. Space 7
  8. Space 8
Review: Caribbean-Belgian composer, producer, and musician Nala Sinephro us now based in London and for her debut album she gets incredibly personal. The long player marks a first release on the mighty Warp label and it is more than worthy of that accolade across a series of stunning ambient and jazz pieces. They are all interconnected and speak of an artist in deep thought and a state of inward reflection. The moods are devastatingly impactful whether melancholic or more hopeful with wistful sax sounds and gentle drums adding up to captivating worlds of sound.
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Played by: Stephane Attias
! low stock $13.10
Circle (7" 再プレス)
Cat: SC 707. Rel: 25 Jan 22
  1. Circle (2:08)
  2. Circle (Gerardo Frisina re-edit) (3:24)
Review: Perez Prado's 'Circle' is a well-known world music and funk classic that was released initially in this format back in 2013. It is a bustling, high tempo groove that enthuses any crowd with its restless rhythms and now gets a rightful reissue on black wax as well as coloured vinyl. Born in Cuba in 1926, Prado was a percussionist, bassist, singer, arranger and orchestra leader who moved to Europe in the 50s and became known as the 'King of Samba.' These two jams were made with a full mambo orchestra and find him at the peak of his powers.
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 in stock $7.53
Live At The Village Vanguard (Acoustic Sounds Series)
Live At The Village Vanguard (Acoustic Sounds Series) (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 380757 5. Rel: 14 Jan 22
  1. Spiritual (13:32)
  2. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (6:56)
  3. Chasin' The Trane (16:14)
Review: As part of Verve's Acoustic Sounds Series - which champions historic, fan and critical jazz favourites - we're delighted to get a look-in at one of John Coltrane's lesser known live albums. 'Live At The Village Vanguard' was recorded live at New York's iconic jazz club all the way back in November 1961, and was the visionary Trane's first official live album, him being in his early 30s at the time. Joined by Eric Dolphy on clarinet, McCoy Tuner on piano, Elvin Jones on drums and Jimmy Garrison & Reggie Workman alternating on bass, this album makes us truly feel transported back to an earlier, steamier version of 60s NY - jumpy bass and drums of 'Spiritual' and 'Chasin' The Trane' convey a mood of jazz frisk and respite from the city's trilbied bustle. This is a new 180-gram LP version, mastered from the original tapes.
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 in stock $36.78
The 7th Hand
The 7th Hand (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 383275 0. Rel: 28 Jan 22
  1. Emanation (4:55)
  2. Don't Break (6:02)
  3. Fugitive Ritual, Selah (5:43)
  4. Shadow (4:41)
  5. Witness (3:41)
  6. Lighthouse (7:49)
  7. Lift (20:52)
! low stock $28.98
Magic Theme
Cat: FINGER 035. Rel: 10 Jan 22
  1. Magic Theme (6:54)
  2. It's Bright (5:14)
Review: Basic Fingers welcomes The Magic Twins to sprinkle some of their fairy dust over some old time disco music, and they don't hold up on chopping up with aplomb. The source material gets mystified on 'Magic Theme' as recognisable hooks and stabs meld with nimble keys and swirling organ pads until something wholly new emerges from the alchemy. 'It's Bright' has a jazz funk lilt which will bring you sunshine even in the depths of December, and once again the Twins do such a slick job with their edit you can't be sure where the joins are.
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 in stock $14.22
Summer Madness Part 1 & 2 (reissue)
Cat: FUR 7377. Rel: 29 Dec 21
  1. Summer Madness (part 1) (2:59)
  2. Summer Madness (part 2) (2:37)
Review: Ubiquity is back with another of its two part 7"s, this time from contemporary soul group The Soul Surfers. Experts at covering the greats, they recently turned their hand to a classic from The JB's, while this time out it is Kool & The Gang's classic "Summer Madness" that gets a deep-cut and sexy make over. Part 1 is a sensuous slow burner with downtempo drums and heavenly guitar playing, while part 2 has harder drum grooves and dreamy , psyched-out guitars. It's another ageless rework that you need in your life.
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 in stock $12.82
Experience & Judgment (reissue)
Experience & Judgment (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: ATLANTICSD 1654. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Celestial Blues (3:28)
  2. Experience (3:03)
  3. Judgment (3:03)
  4. I Know This Love Can't Be Wrong (3:27)
  5. Hibiscus (5:47)
  6. You Should've Seen The Way (2:34)
  7. Tune Up (4:18)
  8. Rosemary Blue (3:34)
  9. Being Uptight (3:05)
  10. A Place Where Love Is (4:49)
  11. Trust Us To Find The Way (2:46)
  12. The Power Of My Mind (3:00)
Review: Vocalist and jazz and soul pianist Andy Bey worked with a range of celebrated talents such as Horace Silver and Gary Bartz but his debut solo album in 1974 takes some beating. It is an otherworldly offering of cosmic jazz and soul that is truly unique. The tone of Bey's voice always conveys a certain sense of pain, while the instrumentals around them range from deep and pensive to funky and playful. It is an album that takes a long time to parse and understand if you ever really do, and it has a superb cover, too. Do not sleep on this reissue.
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 in stock $30.95
The Virtue Of Temperance
The Virtue Of Temperance (limited LP + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: EPR 065LP. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Infinite Element (4:58)
  2. L'ombra Blu (6:02)
  3. Morsels (1:32)
  4. Keep Up (5:59)
  5. The Blue At The Horizon (5:48)
  6. Divided Sun (4:08)
  7. Quiet Light (3:41)
  8. Whirlpool Sequence (2:53)
  9. We Are But Water (3:25)
  10. Belonging To The Inbetween (8:58)
 in stock $22.29
Something Else (reissue)
Something Else (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 746555. Rel: 12 Feb 21
  1. Autumn Leaves (10:58)
  2. Love For Sale (7:06)
  3. Somethin' Else (8:14)
  4. One For Daddy-O (8:26)
  5. Dancing In The Dark (4:06)
Review: Cannonball Adderley Somethin' Else gets the Tone Poet audiophile treatment now on this latest reissue from Blue Note. With the help of standout additional artists Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Hank Jones and Sam Jones, this is a record with a deep musical heritage and plenty of fine moments. The include the stunning performance of 'Autumn Leaves' and a fine title track along with the more romantic, slow shuffling and late night cuddliness of 'Dancing In The Dark.' Mastered by Kevin Gray from original master tapes and pressed to 180g vinyl, this is a must buy for jazz fans.

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 in stock $23.70
J Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969-1983 Vol 2
J Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969-1983 Vol 2 (gatefold 3xLP + insert with obi-strip 再プレス)
Cat: BBE 470CLP. Rel: 27 Jan 22
  1. Makoto Terashita Meets Harold Land - "Dragon Dance" (12:35)
  2. Kohsuke Mine Quinte - "Daguri" (6:21)
  3. Mabumi Yamaguchi Quartet - "Distant Thunder" (10:34)
  4. Hideto Sasaki & Toshiyuki Sekine QuarteT + 1 - "Stop Over" (9:21)
  5. Miyasaka + 5 - "Animals Garden" (10:26)
  6. George Kawaguchi Big Four - "Vietnam" (4:31)
  7. Hiroshi Matsumoto & Hideo Ishikawa Quartet - "Serenade To A Dimly Lit Street" (5:07)
  8. Electro Keyboard Orchestra - "Mother Of The Future" (4:04)
  9. Teru Sakamoto Trio - "Teru-Teru Bozu (Black Keys)" (6:25)
  10. Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd - "Fallout" (with Masahiko Sato) (9:39)
  11. Makoto Terashita - "Dai Hosaku (Great Harvest)" (11:21)
  12. Takashi Miyasaka Quintet - "Straight Road" (8:28)
  13. Nobuo Hara & His Sharps & Flats Orchestra - "Little Giant" (6:00)
  14. Akira Miyazawa - "Brown Trout" (11:51)
Review: BBE's second trawl through late 20th century deep Japanese jazz is every bit as eye opening and essential as its predecessor, which caused many hearts to flutter when it was released 18 months ago. From start to finish, we're treated to a righteous range of largely little-known tunes, from the spiraling, sun-kissed spirituality of Makoto Terashita Meets Harold Land's epic "Dragon Dance", and the funk-fuelled dancefloor jazz brilliance of Mabumi Yamaguchi Quartet's "Distant Thunder", to the smooth, snaking seductiveness of George Kawaguchi Big Four's "Vietnam" and the synthesizer jazz-funk insanity of Electro Keyboard Orchestra's "Mother Of The Future". A superb selection of genuinely off-kilter and life affirming Japanese gems that should be an essential purchase for both serious and casual jazz fans.
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! low stock $43.47
Start Walkin': 1965-1976 (remastered)
Start Walkin': 1965-1976 (remastered) (limited gatefold clear marbled vinyl 2xLP + 24-page booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: LITA 19516. Rel: 20 Dec 21
  1. Bang Bang (2:41)
  2. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (2:44)
  3. Sugar Town (2:24)
  4. So Long Babe (3:04)
  5. How Does That Grab You Darlin'? (2:31)
  6. Friday's Child (2:28)
  7. You Only Live Twice (2:59)
  8. Summer Wine (3:41)
  9. Some Velvet Morning (3:39)
  10. Lightning's Girl (2:55)
  11. Sand (3:46)
  12. Lady Bird (3:01)
  13. Jackson (2:48)
  14. Happy (2:36)
  15. How Are Things In California? (2:26)
  16. Hook & Ladder (3:04)
  17. Hello LA Bye Bye Birmingham (3:07)
  18. Paris Summer (3:00)
  19. Arkansas Coal (Suite) (5:37)
  20. Down From Dover (3:36)
  21. Kind Of A Woman (2:57)
  22. Machine Gun Kelly (3:17)
  23. (L'ete Indien) Indian Summer (3:20)
Review: Light In The Attic have taken it upon themselves to put together the ultimate collection of Nancy Sinatra songs. This definitive compilation takes in solo recordings, rarities and duets with Lee Hazlewood and has been specially remastered from the original analog tapes. The music comes with an extensive essay by Amanda Petrusich and never before seen photos from Nancy's own archive. It opens with 1966's huge hit 'These Boots Are Made for Walkin'' and includes the likes of the title track for James Bond's 'You Only Live Twice' as well as 'Sand,' 'Jackson' and 'Summer Wine.'
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 in stock $42.36
Black Acid Soul
Cat: 405053 8709407. Rel: 28 Jan 22
  1. Blackbird
  2. It's Not That Easy
  3. Fix It
  4. Ruler Of My Heart
  5. Nobody's Sweetheart
  6. Collage
  7. Five Feet Tall
  8. Lost & Looking
  9. It'll Never Happen Again
  10. Beware The Stranger
  11. Black Acid Soul
Review:  Lady Blackbird is the first singer to grace Foundation Music, and you'd best be paying attention to this vital new voice in the realm of soul jazz. Hailing from LA and blessed with a smoky voice to rival some of the greats, one listen to 'Blackbird' is all you need to be utterly captivated. The sultry playing from Deron Johnson, Jonathan Flaugher, Jimmy Paxson and Troy Andrews perfectly matches Blackbird's arresting voice, gliding between stormy explosions and the softest of touches to match the mood. Black Acid Soul is perhaps the perfect description for the music, shot through with a streak of 60s psych but taking it to some dark corners - a true expression rendered in sumptuous, noirish hues.
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 in stock $11.99
Pieces Of A Man
Pieces Of A Man (gatefold LP)
Cat: HIQLP 007. Rel: 25 Feb 14
  1. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  2. Save The Children
  3. Lady Day & John Coltrane
  4. Home Is Where The Hatred Is
  5. When You Are Who You Are
  6. I Think I'll Call It Morning
  7. Pieces Of A Man
  8. A Sign Of The Ages
  9. Or Down You Fall
  10. The Needle's Eye
  11. The Prisoner
 in stock $23.40
Break The Wall
Break The Wall (gatefold 3xLP + booklet)
Cat: BBE 646ALP. Rel: 28 Jan 22
  1. Interlude (Somewhere In South London) (0:45)
  2. Change (4:17)
  3. Crazy Life (6:52)
  4. Gold (5:33)
  5. Good People (4:58)
  6. Make Me Happy (5:05)
  7. Shine (5:52)
  8. Brand New Day (3:59)
  9. The Love It Takes (4:57)
  10. Mother Funkin' Robots (4:42)
  11. You (4:39)
  12. Birthdays (4:51)
  13. Happy Song (5:46)
  14. Make The Call (6:02)
! low stock $34.56
Untitled (Rise)
Untitled (Rise) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: FL 00006LP. Rel: 12 Nov 20
  1. Strong (6:20)
  2. Fearless (4:10)
  3. Rise (1:04)
  4. I Just Want To Dance (4:24)
  5. Street Fighter (3:10)
  6. Son Shine (3:14)
  7. Rise Intently (0:48)
  8. The Beginning & The End (3:41)
  9. Free (5:07)
  10. You Know It Ain't (3:35)
  11. Uncomfortable (3:22)
  12. No Black Violins In London (1:33)
  13. Scary Times (3:35)
  14. The Black & Gold (3:12)
  15. Little Boy (3:58)
Review: Very little is known about the collective of musicians behind the SAULT project, but their music in many ways speaks for itself. Earlier in the year they delivered Untitled (Black Is), a heartfelt, angry and righteous set of soul, funk, drill and spoken word tracks that provided a brilliant commentary on what it means to be black in 2020. It's a contender for album of the year, for sure, and the good news is that this speedy follow-up is every bit as essential. It's undoubtedly more celebratory than its predecessor, but every bit as musically detailed, combining cutting-edge electronics and all manner of infectious rhythms with enlightening vocals and all manner of live jazz, soul, punk-funk and jazz-funk instrumentation (as well as some seriously evocative orchestration).
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 in stock $29.83
Street Lady
Cat: 140. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Lansana's Priestress
  2. Miss Kane
  3. Sister Love
  4. Street Lady
  5. Witch Hunt
  6. Woman Of The World
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Proceed With Caution (reissue)
Proceed With Caution (reissue) (LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: PLP 7781. Rel: 27 Jan 22
  1. Proceed With Caution (11:22)
  2. Tradewinds (5:46)
  3. Efflugence (8:06)
  4. Aunt Lovey (7:20)
  5. Renaissance (11:19)
  6. Night Cry (5:43)
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Humpty Dumpty
Cat: P 76277. Rel: 29 Dec 21
  1. Humpty Dumpty (2:33)
  2. You Got Me Hummin' (4:40)
Review: Placebo are a legendary Belgian jazz funk band led by Marc Moulin, 1971 to 1976.AP-VINE have released some of their titles as reissue CD's & LPs before but this time we present their finest tracks from their 3 stadio albums as limited pressing 7 inch singles with new remastering!

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Yellow Spaceship
Yellow Spaceship (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: ZZZV 21004. Rel: 28 Jan 22
  1. Yellow Spaceship (4:19)
  2. Melancolia (feat Buika) (6:15)
  3. Elevation In Minor (4:37)
  4. Gamla Stan (5:23)
  5. La Ville (feat Alice Carreri) (3:43)
  6. Song For Sol (4:55)
  7. A Walk To Remember (4:19)
  8. Breathe (feat Mark Linn) (4:12)
  9. La Maison Verte (4:20)
  10. Finus (4:38)
! low stock $24.53
Infinity (reissue)
Infinity (reissue) (LP 再プレス)
Cat: JAZZR 006. Rel: 15 Dec 21
  1. Nubian Queen (8:52)
  2. Infinity (4:48)
  3. Lovely Afternoon (7:13)
  4. The Known Unknown (8:44)
  5. The Angry Young Man (8:02)
Review: Vibraphonist Khan Jamal has made many fine albums over the years, though few are quite as revered within the jazz scene as Infinity, a self-released set from 1984 that has been near impossible to find for years. While Jamal's fluid and attractive vibraphone playing is given an airing throughout the album, it never dominates the sound space, with the storied members of his backing sextet - including scene legends Byard Lancaster (alto sax, flute) and drummer Sunny Murray - all being given a chance to shine. Musically, it sits somewhere between spiritual jazz, jazz-funk and Latin jazz, with hectic dancefloor numbers (see the superb 'The Angry Young Man') being joined by a wealth of deeper, more laidback compositions.
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Jazz Is Dead 2
Jazz Is Dead 2 (LP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: JID 002LP. Rel: 30 Jul 20
  1. Synchronize Vibration (3:34)
  2. Hey Lover (2:26)
  3. Soulful & Unique (2:57)
  4. Shadows Of The East (3:38)
  5. Sunflowers (3:02)
  6. Gravity (3:25)
  7. Solace (3:51)
  8. African Sounds (3:12)
Review: Adrian Younge and A Tribe Called Quest man Ali Shaheed Muhammad's recently released "Jazz Is Dead" album had the feel of a landmark set: a collection of inspired, all-star workouts that combined live, hip-hop style beats with the effervescent musicality of soundtrack jazz, soul, jazz-funk and Latin jazz. This speedy sequel flips the script, stripping back the guest list to a single guest collaborator: jazz-funk and fusion legend Roy Ayers. From start to finish, the set bristles with sweet female group vocals, mazy Vibraphone solos, ultra-warm electric piano, hybrid hip-hop/jazz-funk beats, and Ayers' effortless musical positivity. While nowhere near as eclectic as its predecessor, "Jazz Is 2" is arguably an even more coherent and enjoyable album - and that's saying something.
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Played by: Andrea passenger
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Kind Of Blue
Kind Of Blue (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: VNL 12201LP. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. So What
  2. Freddie Freeloader
  3. Blue In Green
  4. All Blues
  5. Flamenco Sketches
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Soul Of Samba
Cat: MRBLP 238. Rel: 28 Jan 22
  1. Aquarela (3:37)
  2. Tristeza (3:50)
  3. Desafinado (3:39)
  4. Agua (3:14)
  5. Orpheu Negro (3:21)
  6. The Girl From Ipanema (2:59)
  7. One Note Samba (2:52)
  8. Saudade Do Rio (3:14)
  9. Rio (3:48)
  10. Little Boat (3:07)
  11. Voce E Eu (3:46)
  12. Din! Din! Din! (3:30)
Review: Nico Gomez is a Belgian orchestra leader with Dutch roots.He is a firm favourite amongst lovers of Latin sounds and so, by extension, by the good folk at Mr Bongo Records. He mixes up bossa, jazz and easy listening into his own unique sounds and his 1972 gem 'Soul Of Samba' is one of his most well regarded works. It is full of lovely musical surprises and several euro-bossa-jazz favourites. Check out the shuffling rhythms of 'Aquarela' or the lazy Latin funk of 'Agua' for two real highlights.
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First Flight To Tokyo: The Lost 1961 Recordings
First Flight To Tokyo: The Lost 1961 Recordings (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + booklet + postcards)
Cat: 359528 6. Rel: 10 Dec 21
  1. Now's The Time (22:40)
  2. Moanin' (9:06)
  3. Blues March (4:50)
  4. The Theme (11:49)
  5. Dat Dere (12:04)
  6. 'Round About Midnight (13:45)
  7. Now's The Time (version 2) (8:44)
  8. A Night In Tunisia (8:51)
  9. The Theme (version 2) (11:36)
Review: First Flight to Tokyo: The Lost 1961 Recordings is sure to be a real thrill for fans of Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers. It is a never before rebased or heard recording of a show they played at Hibiya Public Hall in Tokyo on January 14, 1961. The group was one of the first to tour the country and enthralled caudices everywhere they played. At the time, the band was made up of Lee Morgan on trumpet, Wayne Shorter on tenor sax, Bobby Timmons on piano and Jymie Merritt on bass and for this set they performed plenty of classics such as Charlie Parker's 'Now's the Time' and Thelonious Monk's 'Round About Midnight.'
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Introducing (reissue)
Introducing (reissue) (limited heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 382936 0. Rel: 10 Dec 21
  1. Mystique (4:45)
  2. You (5:29)
  3. Trance Dance (6:10)
  4. Eclipse (5:54)
  5. Number Four (10:50)
  6. Diahnn (8:39)
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The Jazz Experiments Of Charles Mingus
Cat: 405053 8681680. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. What Is This Thing Called Love (8:13)
  2. Minor Intrusion (10:21)
  3. Stormy Weather (3:21)
  4. Four Hands (8:59)
  5. Thrice Upon A Theme (6:46)
  6. The Spur Of The Moment (8:46)
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Groovin' (limited 7")
Cat: GSC 4531. Rel: 08 Nov 21
  1. Groovin' (remastered edit) (3:34)
  2. Little Green Apples (remastered Jazz mix edit) (2:57)
Review:  Black Cash & Theo AKA Thelonious Beats are Jedi love beatmakers and edit kings. The bulk of their work comes on the Galaxy Sound Co label out of the US of A and just a few weeks after their last outing they return with two more golden grooves. This one is a real heater to keep you warm during the winter months and ensure your New Year's Eve goes off in style. 'Groovin' stays low and rides a lo-fi boom-bap with soulful guitars and heat damaged organ chords. 'Little Green Apples' (remastered Jazz mix edit) is super sentimental and rich in sound.
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Forfolks (LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: IARC 52LP. Rel: 10 Dec 21
  1. Off Om (1:22)
  2. Four Folks (5:35)
  3. My Ideal (3:08)
  4. Suffolk (7:38)
  5. Flour Of Fur (4:07)
  6. Ugly Beauty (3:25)
  7. Excess Success (10:51)
  8. La Jetee (4:10)
Review: Jeff Parker - best known as the longtime guitarist for the Chicago-based quintet Tortoise, and for being part of The New Breed - is one of the many jazz innovators in the International Anthem ranks, and as a result the Chicago based label has become one of the most innovative and essential out there in recent times. His own last album was in part responsible for that and now comes a follow up full player that is made up exclusively of his own solo guitar works. The composer and multi-instrumentalist draws on his love of Coltrane here as well as experimenting lots and pursuing ideas that took him outside of his comfort zone.
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Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus (Tone Poet Series) (reissue)
Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus (Tone Poet Series) (reissue) (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 358621 0. Rel: 05 Nov 21
  1. II BS (4:48)
  2. I X Love (7:37)
  3. Celia (6:12)
  4. Mood Indigo (4:37)
  5. Better Get Hit In Yo' Soul (6:28)
  6. Theme For Lester Young (5:52)
  7. Hora Decubitus (4:44)
Review: Blue Note's Tone Poet series continues to revisit some of the label's most seminal releases and give them a new spit and polish before cutting them to virgin wax. This time out it is the Charles Mingus classic Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus from 1964. The American composer and bassist collaborated with arranger and orchestrator Bob Hammer to score this one, which is all about music for a large ensemble of brass and saxophones. The eight tracks range from empty and pensive to stirring and optimistic. Though none of the tunes were new for this session, the way they are played brings plenty of freshness to each.
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The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady (Tone Poet Series)
The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady (Tone Poet Series) (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 358621 5. Rel: 26 Nov 21
  1. Solo Dancer (Stop! & Listen, Sinner Jim Whitney!) (6:34)
  2. Duet Solo Dancers (Heart's Beat & Shades In Physical Embraces) (6:42)
  3. Group Dancers (Freewoman & Oh This Freedom's Slave Cries) (Soul Fusion) (7:20)
  4. Trio & Group Dancers (Stop! Look! & Sing Songs Of Revolutions!) (6:37)
  5. Single Solos & Group Dance (Saint & Sinner Join In Merriment On Battle Front) (3:13)
  6. Group & Solo Dance (Of Love, Pain, & Passioned Revolt, Then Farewell, My Beloved, 'til It's Freedom) (8:43)
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Ice Cold
  1. Ice Cold (Fraternity remix) (3:19)
  2. East Bay, West Coast (Fraternity remix) (3:10)
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Africa (reissue)
Africa (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MOVLP 2947CLEAR. Rel: 17 Nov 21
  1. You've Got To Have Freedom
  2. Naima
  3. Origin
  4. Speak Low
  5. After The Morning
  6. Africa
  7. Heart To Heart
  8. Duo
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Love Bug (reissue)
Love Bug (reissue) (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 382930 0. Rel: 10 Dec 21
  1. Hot Rod (6:20)
  2. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (5:26)
  3. I Say A Little Prayer (8:04)
  4. Love Bug (8:03)
  5. Stormy (5:45)
  6. Black Out (8:06)
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Rhythm Of Life
Rhythm Of Life (limited 7")
Cat: DYNAM 7102. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Rhythm Of Life (3:59)
  2. Good Thing (3:04)
Review: James Mason's 'Rhythm of Life' - one of the long overlooked but now celebrated musician's most popular cuts - has never appeared on a seven-inch single before, in part because its' six-minute length made it more suitable for 12" singles and LPs (it first appeared as the title track of Mason's 1977 debut album). Dynamite Cuts have decided to address this by preparing their own (fully licensed) seven-inch edit, which successfully chops down the high-octane, spiritually inspired jazz-funk gem without losing any of its energy or soul. This time round it comes backed by another classic cut from the Rhythm of Life LP, the more laidback, spacey synth solo-sporting jazz-funk warmth of 'Good Thing'.
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CUBA: Music & Revolution Culture Clash In Havana Experiments In Latin Music 1975-85 Vol 2
  1. Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo - "Y Que Bien" (4:23)
  2. Orquesta Los Van Van - "Por Que Lo Haces" (4:09)
  3. Los Latinos - "Quemando" (2:46)
  4. Farah Maria - "Amame Y No Pienses Mas" (4:15)
  5. FA 5 - "Muevete Con Las Fuerzas Del Corazon" (5:54)
  6. Tambores De Enrique Bonne - "Como Arrullos De Palma" (2:49)
  7. Ricardo Eddy Martinez - "Expresso Ritmico" (4:01)
  8. Los Papines - "Solo De Tumba Y Bongo" (5:30)
  9. Grupo Sintesis - "Aqui Estamos" (2:32)
  10. Los Van Van - "Llegada" (2:03)
  11. Grupo Raices Nuevas - "Baila Mi Guaguanco" (5:02)
  12. Luis Carbonell - "La Rumba" (3:54)
  13. Orquesta Riverside - "En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes" (3:02)
  14. Juan Formel & Los Van Van - "Llegue, Llegue" (5:52)
  15. Grupo Los Yoyi - "Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar" (3:05)
  16. Los Papines - "Para Que Niegas?" (4:23)
  17. Grupo De Experimentacion Sonora Del ICAIC - "Cuba Va!" (3:04)
  18. Raul Gomez - "Luces En La Pista" (8:50)
  19. Los Brito - "El 4-5-6" (2:48)
  20. Leo Brouwer - "Tema De El Rancheador De La Naturaleza" (1:36)
  21. Ricardo Eddy Martinez - "La 132" (4:18)
  22. Los Reyes 73 - "Finalizo Un Amor" (3:37)
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