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Originally a part of the giant Pioneer Corporation, Pioneer DJ is now one of the world’s leading DJ brands in its own right. The story began nearly three decades ago, with the release of the groundbreaking CDJ-500 in 1994. Now, club-focused products like the industry standard CDJ media players and DJM mixers sit alongside Rekordbox controllers, headphones and much more in the Pioneer DJ range.

The brand has been responsible for a number of tech innovations in the DJ space, not just thanks to the CDJ series but also with the development of mixer technology, software and now-familiar features such as beat effects, sync and performance pads. What's particularly impressive is the way that Pioneer DJ's products cater to everyone from complete beginners to touring professional DJs; anyone who learns to DJ on an entry-level Pioneer DDJ controller will quickly figure out how a CDJ or high-end XDJ controller works.

The Pioneer DJ range is more expansive than many people realise, stretching from vinyl turntables to PA speakers, mobile apps and Bluetooth headphones. There are also options which blur the lines between DJing, live performance and production, notably in the form of the TORAIZ range, which includes the impressive SP-16 sampler, AS-1 analogue synthesiser and SQUID sequencer, all of which are designed to play nicely with DJ gear as well as traditional studio production tools.

Meanwhile, the brand offers an extensive range of headphones for studio use, production and DJing as well as general listening, with the DJ-focused HDJ series and studio-friendly HRM range covering all bases. For monitoring purposes, the DM, VM and S-DJ series offer a range of options for DJing and production, from compact desktop speakers all the way up to full-sized studio options.
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