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New releases last eight weeks: Funky/Club House

Funky/Club House vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Baby (7")
Cat: DDCB 12079. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Baby (feat Happy) (4:37)
Hide (3:03)
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68 Mixes Vol 1
Hayedeh - "Gol Vajeh" (5:11)
Shahyar GhanbarI - "Forbidden" (6:26)
Shahram Shabparesh - "To Mitooni" (6:45)
Hassan Shamaeizadeh - "Telesm" (6:31)
Review: Passed Out On A Persian Rug might be the best names a label we have heard in a while, as well as being the perfect way to any big weekend. Once this one is lined up on the decks though the party will be far from over - Hayedeh's 'Gol Vajeh' brings exotic vocalisations over deep house beats that get you in the zone. Shahyar GhanbarI's 'Forbidden' is another steamy and enthralling house cut with depth and soulful synth craft. There is playfulness in the chords and funky bass of Shahram Shabparesh's 'To Mitooni' and Hassan Shamaeizadeh's 'Telesm' closes with crisp, breezy tech.
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Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara remixes)
Cat: ASHRR 04. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara remix) (8:09)
Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara dub) (6:23)
Different Kind Of Life (ASHRR Soundsystem version) (6:34)
Review: The LA-based ASHRR outfit is back with more of their superbly warm and soul-infused sounds here with 'Different Kind of Life'. Their own ASHRR Soundsystem version of the original is a gloriously upbeat and funky bit of space disco with lavish synth lines and chugging drums that lock you in. Berlin electronic mainstay Massimiliano Pagliara, who has landed on the likes of Ostgut Ton, Cocktail d'Amore and more, then brings his own two remixes. The first has some nice indie vocals and dazzling chord work, while the second is a deep dub that pairs things back. All three of these are swaggering and uplifting disco cuts with a difference.
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My Love Is Magic: Edits
Cat: NG 142. Rel: 29 May 24
My Love Is Magic (Bushwacka! edit) (6:18)
My Love Is Magic (club mix) (7:16)
My Love Is Magic (Mark Broom dub Retouch) (6:57)
My Love Is Magic (Mark Broom A12 mix) (5:18)
Review: Nu Groove's ongoing edits series turns its attention to one of the legendary NYC's most iconic early release, Bas Noir's 1988 garage-house classic 'My Love Is Magic' - a piano-powered vocal number fronted by two female singers from New Jersey and produced by the Burrell Brothers. Their original club mix is featured (A2), alongside a trio of fresh re-edits. Bushwacka kicks things off with a deeper, more sonically detailed and marginally punchier rework that makes much of the Burrell brothers' percussion and piano stabs, before Mark Broom takes over on side two. His 'dub retouch' fittingly sounds like a piano solo-sporting NYC house dub of the late 1980s - no bad thing in our book - while his more revolutionary 'A12 mix' re-casts the track as a harder, heavier peak-time loop jam.
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My House
Cat: BEY 003. Rel: 18 Jul 24
My House (4:27)
Single Ladies (intro edit) (4:03)
Review: 'My House' was a parting gift from Queen Bey herself following her record-setting 'Renaissance' album cycle, the first in a trilogy she continued with 2024s 'Cowboy Carter'. Landing multiple awards and ten top spots on various 'Best of 2022' lists, the track is a big, brassy, chant-led track featuring the same hallmarks that peppered her 'Homecoming' history-making Coachella performance. Serving as promotion and as the credits sequence, for her theatrical concert film 'Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce'. The track is anthemic and uplifting, a combination of braggadocious flexing and preaching the power of love and healing - it's an infectious hit. On the B-side of this release is an extended intro edit of Beyonce's legendary chart-topping hit 'Single Ladies', celebrating its 16th birthday this year.
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Ain't Shocka
Cat: CS 009. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Ain't Shocka (4:19)
Shocka King (4:02)
Review: Nicholas Bicycle aka Nick Bike hops on some fine rhythms once more here for the Chosen Spokes label. As always he deals only in pure gold and this time he reworks a classic 80s gem into two different versions. Already well road-tested by the likes of DJ Marky in Brazil to great results, this 7" is pure bait for summer sessions. 'Ain't Shocka' is the first version with chattery claps and plenty of the original vocals and melodies left in place over funk drums. 'Shocka King' gives it a much brighter make over with melodies shipped in from another 80s disco gem by Evelyn "Champagne" King to make it even more irresistible.
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I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)
Cat: QTZJM 003. Rel: 18 Jun 24
I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (John Morales M+M main mix) (8:06)
I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (John Morales M+M mix edit) (4:16)
I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (John Morales M+M Classic club) (7:59)
I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (John Morales M+M instrumental mix) (7:50)
Review: Inner Life's 'I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)' released in 1979 is a quintessential disco anthem that captures the exuberance and allure of the era. Jocelyn Brown's powerful vocals deliver a story of fleeting romance, seamlessly intertwining with lush orchestrations and a driving rhythm section that still get people up and dancing all these decades on. The track's infectious groove, memorable hooks, and lavish production epitomise the magic of late-70s dancefloors which is it why it is such a staple in both nostalgic disco sets and modern dance compilations. This reissue offers up four different versions by the great remix king John Morales.
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I Specialize In Love (Ben Liebrand remixes)
I Specialize In Love (Ben Liebrand remixes) (translucent blue vinyl 12")
Cat: MS 530. Rel: 17 Jun 24
I Specialize In Love (Ben Liebrand Classic rework) (6:59)
I Specialize In Love (Ben Liebrand DJ's Delight) (5:37)
Review: Sharon Brown's iconic disco anthem 'I Specialize in Love' has been given a fresh lease on life by legendary remixer Ben Liebrand. The Classic Rework Version is an energetic and groovy reinterpretation that infuses the original with a funky disco flair. On Side 2, Liebrand's DJ Mix takes a more extended approach to the remix. While it retains the original's energy, it adds new elements and transitions to create a cohesive and captivating dancefloor experience. By skillfully blending the old and the new, Liebrand has breathed new life into this timeless classic, ensuring that it continues to resonate with dance music enthusiasts for years to come.
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Shot At Glory
Shot At Glory (1-sided yellow vinyl 12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: GLR 001. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Shot At Glory (3:15)
Tags: Euro House
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La Mezcla (reissue)
Cat: GR 12122. Rel: 01 Jul 24
La Mezcla (12:13)
La Mezcla (Paul Kalkbrenner remix) (9:58)
La Mezcla (Charles Webster club mix) (7:39)
Review: It's (almost) summertime which means all bets are off, sets get more playful, DJs slacken their own usual rules and reach into a wider world of vocal, uplifting sounds to please sun burnt dancers. Enter this reissue of Michel Cleis's stone-cold Ibiza classic 'La Mezcla.' It's got a chunky groove, fluttering flutes that bring Latin flair and carnival vibes aplenty. This 12" also comes with two remixes - Paul Kalkbrenner flips it into a deeper, more loose and languid groove with tribal funk and the Charles Webster club mix is pure warm and soulful goodness.
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Pantera (12")
Cat: PA 015. Rel: 17 Jul 24
Pantera (3:38)
Pantera (Miscela Strumentale) (3:36)
Pantera (Miscela Sam Ruffillo) (5:51)
Pantera (Rivisitazione Adriatica) (5:43)
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Stars In Your Eyes
Cat: MCOT 003. Rel: 11 Jul 24
My Cutie (5:03)
Stars In Your Eyes (6:39)
Dimsum & Retromigration - "Everyday In Your Mind" (5:57)
Review: Since launching late last year, Italian imprint My Cup of Tea has treated us to a killer collaborative EP by Vithz and Emanuele Barilli, and a solid solo outing from Piero. On release number three, they've turned to Love Ensemble member Dimitri Ambrosetti AKA Dimsum, who recently delivered a great 12" on House Puff alongside ICTV. There's a great collaborative cut on this EP, too, with rising star Retromigration lending a hand on epic B-side 'Everyday in Your Mind', where spacey P-funk solos, rubbery bass guitar and bouncy synth stabs wrap around a chunky, loose-limbed house beat. Side A is all about Ambrosetti's solo workouts, with the attractive, musically detailed, bass-heavy and r&b-sampling 'Cutie' being followed by the jazzy, sunny and chunky deep house brilliance of 'Stars In Your Eyes'.
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Out Of Order EP
Cat: GM 56. Rel: 15 Jul 24
Out Of Order (2:51)
LGMH (1:26)
No Memory (5:44)
Werkin' Gurl (7:39)
Review: DJ Mes brings the funk on this new outing on Guesthouse. It draws on samples from some of soulful house's most notable big tunes starting with 'Out of Order' which rolls on deep drums with nice smooth pads and summery vocals adding the charm. 'LGMH' rides on deeper, bigger bass and is a nice loopy and hypnotic jam with classic house vibes and a superb falsetto hooking you in. 'No Memory' is another fat-bottomed and feel-good house groove that rolls deep 'Werkin' Gurl' flips the script with more attitude in the vocals and header drums for some peak time fun but with no less emotion.
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Tags: US Garage
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The Lost DATs Part One: Unreleased House Music 1997
Cat: HTRE 004. Rel: 29 May 24
Here We Go (5:50)
Over (6:14)
In This House (main Vox mix) (5:35)
Methany (7:47)
Review: The Lost DATS Part One: Unreleased House Music 1997 by DJ Romain unveils a treasure trove of unreleased house tracks from the height of his creativity in 1997. The record kicks off with 'Here We Go Again,' a high-energy, New York-style house anthem characterised by its tribal rhythms and relentless drive. 'Over' shifts gears into a deeper, bouncier house groove with an infectious bassline that's tailor-made for the dancefloor. On the second side starts with 'In This House (Main Vox Mix),' a vibrant diva house track featuring Mark Echols, highlighted by its upbeat, piano-driven melody. Closing the collection is 'Methany Deep,' the heaviest track of the bunch; it's a masterclass in minimalism, creating a compelling rhythm-focused slow burner. Each track demonstrates DJ Romain's versatile approach to house music, making this a great discovery for aficionados of the genre.
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Lots Of Love
Cat: CWPT 008. Rel: 10 Jun 24
My Love (feat Tiss Vampiric) (5:22)
My Love (Prins Thomas Discomiks) (7:51)
She (4:36)
Just Visiting (5:09)
I <3 You (5:37)
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Toca's Miracle
Toca's Miracle (translucent blue vinyl 12")
Cat: DOTB 19. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Toca's Miracle (extended mix) (5:40)
Toca's Miracle (2008 Inpetto extended mix) (8:20)
Review: A reissue of a trance remix of an original: 'Toca's Miracle' was first recorded in 2000 by German vocal trance group Fragma, in response to the original pop song by British pop act Coco Star, whose 'I Need A Miracle' had taken the world by storm only four years earlier. Fragma's version warranted a vocal retake from Coco, whose follow-up recording lent extra beltings and glottal stops to a full-bodied, offbeat trance propeller. Its deft, echoic synth plucks paved the way for the minimalistic neo-trance that would follow in the 2010s and 20s; this is heard on full display on this new reissue, backed up by a Deadmau5-style progressive house version from producer Inpetto.
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Memories EP
Cat: IV 110. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Memories (feat Charlotte Riby) (6:35)
Blue Flash (5:33)
Review: Frankly & Sandrino step up to the mighty Innervisions label here with a pair of tense new tech house cuts that are designed for dramatic moneys in the club. 'Memories' is a sweeping cut with scintillating synth designs and twitchy modulations, cold tech beats and a warming vocal that rises up in theatrical and emotionally wrought fashion. It's got summer anthem written all over it. Flip it over and you will find 'Blueflash' which is denied by its sleek synth aprs layered up over police sirens and driving electronic beats for maximum effect at festivals and major clubs everywhere.
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Harlem Bound: The Reflex Revisions
Harlem Bound: The Reflex Revisions (180 gram vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: DISCOREC 005. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Harlem Bound (The Reflex Revision) (8:10)
Dancin' The Mambo (The Reflex Revision) (8:09)
Review: Dancin' The Mambo (The Reflex Revision) grooves with infectious disco energy, seamlessly blending Chic-esque rhythms with early piano house vibes. The Reflex's revision injects new life into this 1980 gem, maintaining its French flair while adding modern twists. With its pulsating basslines and irresistible beats, this track is a testament to the timeless allure of disco music. Perfect for igniting dancefloors, its vibrant energy captures the essence of a bygone era while feeling fresh and exciting for contemporary audiences. Prepare to be transported to a world where disco reigns supreme and every beat compels you to move.
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Sove Yo (Save Them)
Cat: SRM 234. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Sove Yo (Save Them) (Vokal mix)
Sove Yo (Save Them) (Duke & Jephte Cosmic mix)
Sove Yo (Save Them) (Duke & Jephte Electronic version)
Sove Yo (Save Them) (Duke & Jephte Rhythms)
Review: Sacred Rhythm is up there with some of the scene's most tasteful and spiritual deep house labels and if anyone doubts that then all they need to do is dial into this new one from Jephte Guillaume featuring Duke Guillaume. 'Sove Yo (Save Them)' (Vokal mix) opens up and is an immersive blend of jazzy sax notes and soulful pads, percussive, organic house and deep basslines. The Duke & Jephte Cosmic mix sets off to the stars with a more widescreen feel and the Duke & Jephte Electronic version picks things up with more shimmering pads and lively perc. The most bare-bones version is the Duke & Jephte Rhythms mix to close down with.
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Vol 3
Vol 3 (12")
Cat: GWEDITS 03. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Mighty Cloud (7:32)
Turnaround (7:57)
Review: GW Edits returns with Volume 3, offering two electrifying tracks that breathe new life into disco classics. 'Mighty Cloud' kicks off with a disco rhythm and a heavy stomping house beat, enhanced by a captivating flute melody that adds a touch of funk and soul. Next up is 'Turnaround,' a remix of the iconic disco anthem 'Turn the Beat Around.' Greg Wilson's expert touch transforms this timeless track into a modern dancefloor gem, ensuring its place as a staple for both old-school disco lovers and contemporary club-goers. Teaming up with Che Wilson, GW Edits delivers another stellar release that promises to keep the dancefloor pumping all night long.
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I Just Can't Get Enough 2024
Cat: JCGE 01. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Herd & Fitz/Hannah Wants/Abigail Bailey - "I Just Can't Get Enough 2024" (6:39)
Herd & Fitz/Jakkob/Abigail Bailey - "I Just Can't Get Enough 2024" (5:26)
Herd & Fitz/Abigail Bailey - "I Just Can't Get Enough 2024" (5:16)
Herd & Fitz/Abigail Bailey - "I Just Can't Get Enough 2024" (H&F Sunrise mix) (6:00)
Review: Back in 2006, Jason Herd and Jon Fitz scored a colossal club hit with 'Just Can't Get Enough', a funky and chunky house number featuring impassioned lead vocals by Abigail Bailey and a prominent sample from Kariya's late-80s dancefloor classic 'Let Me Love You For Tonight'. 18 years on, the track has been given a makeover. Hannah Wants steps up first, retaining the vocals and Kariya synth samples while combining it with a beefy, tooled-up house groove, before Jakob reaches for mid-90s organ bass, a grandiose breakdown and even bigger builds. Flip for two reworks by Herd and Fitz - a rushing, peak-time friendly, radio-ready big room house re-wire, and a bouncier, piano-sporting 'Sunrise' revision.
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Tu Es Foutu (reissue)
Tu Es Foutu (reissue) (red vinyl 12")
Cat: DOTB 18. Rel: 29 May 24
Tu Es Foutu (extended) (6:02)
Tu Es Foutu (edit) (3:40)
Tu Es Foutu (Harlem Hustlers club mix) (7:35)
Tu Es Foutu (Fisa Fx) (2:22)
Review: Here comes Dance On The Beat reviving a cheeky bit of Euro house from 2001 courtesy of Italian singer In-Grid. 'Tu Es Foutu' is a catchy little toe-tapper with some accordion flex and one of those boxy house beats that scream continental beach party. In-Grid's vocal rests over the top of the track with a sentimental melancholy, adding a shroud of depth to this loud and proud peak timer. The 'Harlem Hustlers Club Mix' of the track takes things deeper, chopping up the vocals and dubbing things out for a little more dancefloor heat, while 'Fisa FX' gives you the accordion in a sort of acappella form if you want to sample it or simply weave it over another track.
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SPIL CUTS 001 (feat Zed Bias, Jeremy Sylvester mixes)
Cat: SPILCUTS 001. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Jack Swift - "Perfection" (5:13)
Jack Swift - "Perfection" (Zed Bias 25 Years Deep remix) (4:20)
Jack Swift - "That’s It Mate" (Jeremy Sylvester Vintage Rub) (5:11)
Scott Diaz - "SPIL The Beanz" (6:12)
Review: SPIL Records makes its debut in the world of vinyl with a new 12" featuring fresh sounds from label head Jack Swift and one from Scott Diaz while remixes are taken care of by a pair of UK legends in Zed Bias and Jeremy Sylvester. Swift's 'Perfection' opens up with some well swung and dusty garage-house beats and a nice warped bassline. It's then over to Bias for his 25 Years Deep Remix which brings some prickly 2-step vibes. On the B-side, Swift's 'That's It Mate' gets a Vintage Rerun from Jeremy Sylvester that is pure vibes and last of all, Diaz's 'SPIL The Beanz' is a fourth and final floor-filling garage house classic.
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Played by: Superbreak
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Saturday Night (remixes)
Cat: VR 221. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Saturday Night (Louie Vega remix) (8:35)
Saturday Night (Louie Vega instrumental) (9:06)
Saturday Night (Louie Vega OG remix) (5:43)
Saturday Night (Louie Vega Guitar dub) (9:44)
Review: Jose James is one of the most velvet voices in contemporary jazz singing. He also has history of working with one of deep house's finest having done an album with the great Moodymann. Louie Vega, meanwhile, is one of the most decorated house artists of all time, so seems like a perfect man to remix James. He offers up four versions of the American's 'Saturday Night' with the first being a percussive, loose-limbed and soulful sound. An OG Mix and instrumental also make the cut as does a Louie Vega remix Guitar dub to bring some extra depth to the EP.
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Always Be True
Cat: JM 10013. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Always Be True (4:23)
House Party (5:49)
One (6:02)
Sugar & Spice (6:51)
Review: J & M Music Co US welcomes LeBaron James for another standout four-tracker that brings raw house and smooth disco together on one EP. Up first is 'Always Be True' is a deceptively simple sound that brings straight-up dancefloor beats with hooky pads. 'House Party' then has more heavy kicks and wild percussive patterns to liven up any party and 'One' then brings a more cool and laid-back disco groove that has a slick modern twist. Last but not least is 'Sugar And Spice' which brings a touch of sophisticated and chic instrumental vibes. It's a fourth different sound on a versatile EP.
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The Promised Land/It's All Right
Promised Land (club mix) (5:06)
It's All Right (House mix) (5:54)
Review: Joe Smooth's 'Promised Land' is one of house music's most vital foundational tracks if you ask us. It has everything that made the genre great from the start - the deep, pulsing drums, the melodic bassline, the lush synth strings, and most importantly meaningful vocals with a social conscience. We shall nerve tire of hearing it so we are happy it gets rereleased here as part of a new 12" on DJ International that pairs it with an equally emotionally enthralling and impact early house cut, namely 'It's All Right (House mix)' which also has epic synth strings, a heart aching falsetto and chord vamps you hope never end. Pure house bliss.
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Takin It Back EP
Cat: PPR 25. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Wanna Be With You (6:33)
Let’s Dance (5:59)
Donny (6:12)
Show Some Love (6:44)
Review: The Plastik People label is a great repository for deep house that is timeless but never tired. Katermurr is next up to prove that point with an EP that transcends the ages. It opens with a lovely throwback Chicago vocal over fresh modern drums. After 'Wanna Be With You' gets you going, 'Let's Dance' brings the party vibes with some busy lead melodies that will get hands in the air old school style. 'Donny' then keeps it deep with some languid grooves and a nice smoky soulful vocal drifting above. Last of all is the more bumping and dusty drums of 'Show Some Love' to close out a classic EP.
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Snap Talk
Snap Talk (12")
Cat: REKIDS 246. Rel: 08 Jul 24
Snap Talk (feat Kameelah Waheed) (5:32)
Gate 33 (4:59)
Review: Matt Edwards's label Rekids continues to do a brilliant job of curating innovative and interesting techno sounds that work in the club but never lack character. This time it looks to Hilit Kolet who kicks off with 'Snap Talk' (feat Kameelah Waheed) - it's a buoyant and bass-heavy bit of bouncing techno with chattery claps and Afro rhythms. On the flip side, 'Gate 33' is another bold club sound with great vocals worked into the busy broken beats as a peppering of percussion up top adds further layers of rhythm. Both of these will make a real mark in any set.
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Played by: Hilit Kolet
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Centurio EP
Centurio EP (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: WTF 002. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Centurio (5:40)
I Don't Know (6:21)
Trig Out (4:51)
Longo (6:13)
Review: Lauer will need no introduction to anyone reading this. He is a long-standing pillar of the underground and a real house master. Here he brings some throwback 90s vibes and rave Ibiza energy to opener 'Centurio' with its acid-tinged synth and hands-in-the-air chords. 'I Don't Know' pairs things back a little with slapping drums and acid-tinged stabs and 'Trig Out' gets back to peak time and sun-kissed main room house fun complete with a curious whistle. 'Longo' closes out this bright, ageless EP with another mad mix of wonky pianos and sizzling house beats.
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Played by: Evan Michael
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De Mixes Vol 8
Cat: LFM 008. Rel: 02 Jul 24
If You Want Me To (6:10)
Butterflies (4:40)
Rome Elettronico (4:40)
Let's Dance (3:47)
Review: Under the Loveface alias, veteran producers Lee Whitney and Simon Greatbatch have thus far delivered a septet of 'De-Mixes' EPs featuring effortlessly good dubs, re-animations and re-edits of killer cuts from the 1980s (think boogie, synth-pop, freestyle, electro and proto-house). Their eighth EP is another superb collection, with the duo first delivering a fine Prince rework (the lightly dubbed and synth-heavy 'If You Want Me To'), before putting their stamp on a lesser-celebrated, synth-heavy Paul McCartney cut from the mid 1980s ('Butterflies'). Over on the flip, 'Rome Elettronico' adds warm Italian house sounds to an Italo-disco style groove and 'Let's Dance' gives what sounds like an Italo-disco record the Balearic house treatment.
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Burning Down The Sluthouse
Cat: NER 26632. Rel: 29 May 24
Sluthouse (5:52)
Freakfest (5:23)
Business First (5:06)
Review: LOVEFOXY hails from Berlin but brings big-hearted house music to the legendary Nervous Records. This new EP, Burning Down The Sluthouse, kicks off with full-throttle house and old-school basslines that come with raucous vocals. 'Freakfest' it's no slouch either with more club-ready drums and fat basslines that come in strong with plenty of warm punch. Last but not least is 'Business First' which his another emotionally intense and physically infectious tracks with fat chords smeared about the mix over elastic bass and thudding kicks that are all tough but never short of heart.
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Love To The World (reissue)
Cat: SP 12515. Rel: 21 Jun 24
Love To The World (LP version) (4:51)
Love To The World (Joey Negro Mizell Magic mix) (8:36)
Review: 'Love To The World', a sumptuously opulent and heavily orchestrated disco-soul number, transformed the fortunes of L.T.D - and their freshly appointed lead vocalist, Jeffrey Osborne - on its initial release in 1976. Here the full-length version of the track gets the reissue treatment for the first time in a while, with the band's gorgeous original mix (produced by none other than Larry and Fonce Mizzell) being backed by a fresh rub by house master turned disco king Dave Lee. The Z Records founder makes the most of the band's original vocals and instrumentation (admittedly with the addition of splashes of reverb and delay) on a seemingly re-constructed 'Mizzell Magic Mix' that brilliantly stretches out the cut by stripping back the orchestration and other musical elements at key points. It's a genuinely brilliant rework.
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Magic Combo Series 001
Magic Combo Series 001 (limited translucent green vinyl 12")
Cat: MAGI 01. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Jamayo (FTG London mix) (5:25)
Liberi (Sauro Martinelli Special edit) (7:15)
La Fuga (FTG & UAK live edit) (7:36)
African Reggae (FTG & Sourires edit) (5:29)
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Eyes Are The Soul
Eyes Are The Soul (12" (soundfiles not available))
Cat: PR 4489. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Eyes Are The Soul (Soul remix)
Eyes Are The Soul (Jazzy Soul remix)
Eyes Are The Soul (LP version)
Eyes Are The Soul (Soul remix instrumental)
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Solo Tu
Solo Tu (12")
Cat: SOUND 1. Rel: 09 Jul 24
Solo Tu (JT Donaldson 90s rework) (7:17)
Solo Tu (6:17)
Solo Tu (Hotmood House Vibe mix) (5:45)
Review: Natural Rhythm make their Sounds of Style Records debut with 'Solo Tu,' featuring the sultry spoken word of Lyssa. This deep house gem seamlessly blends Latin House, Jazzy House, and US Garage influences, showcasing why the group has been a favorite among top DJs like Mark Farina and DJ Sneak.The title track 'Solo Tu' is an uptempo funky banger, embodying the classic early 90s house vibe with a smooth, deep house foundation. JT Donaldson's '90s Rework' on the A-side masterfully channels vintage vibes through his SP1200, delivering a timeless, classy US house music experience. Hotmood's 'House Vibe Mix' injects an upbeat energy perfect for any setting, from poolside fun to sweaty warehouse parties. His version is a testament to house music's versatility, ensuring it gets the job done no matter the occasion. Natural Rhythm's "Solo Tu" is a vibrant, multifaceted release that promises to make your ears smile and your feet move, making the label's first release a memorable one in the deep house scene.
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Played by: Paul Starey
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Reborn EP
Reborn EP (12")
Cat: TOYT 164. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Guapita (7:29)
I Like It, I Wanna It (extended version) (5:21)
Keep On (6:12)
Loop Story (5:50)
Review: Since making his name late last decade with a string of re-edit releases, Italian DJ/producer Paul Older (real name Paolo Vecchiato) has been edging towards original production. This EP on the mighty Toy Tonics imprint is his most ambitious and - we think - impressive set of 'originals' to date. For proof, check excitable opener 'Guapita', where relentless synth-horn refrains dance atop a loopy disco-house beat, the horn-heavy, Blaxpolitation funk-sampling sweatiness of 'Keep On', and the house-meets-sleazy disco sensuality of 'I Like It, I Want It (Extended Mix)'. Arguably best of all, though, is the hybrid nu-disco/proto-house/disco-house headiness of closing cut 'Loop Story'.
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The Owl & Posse EP
Cat: OWL 011. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Pete Le Freq - "The Way Down" (5:55)
The Owl - "JBs Funk" (4:39)
Fingerman & Chewy Rubs - "Revolution NY" (5:26)
Monsieur Van Pratt - "Guaranteed" (5:14)
Review: The Owl & Posse EP brings together several artists on one fresh 12" that explores many Leftfield disco sounds and adjacent grooves. Pete Le Freq opens things up with the vocal-infused disco-funk of 'The Way Down' complete with splashy cymbals and elastic bass. The Owl's 'JBs Funk' is a horn-led jam that draws its samples from James Brown and Fingerman & Chewy Rubs's 'Revolution NY' has some big synth strings and unifying vocal calls over a nice organic rhythm. Monsieur Van Pratt's 'Guaranteed' is a pure good time groove with joy in its bones and soul in the lung-busting diva vocals.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Pink Diamond Edits Vol 1
Pink Diamond Edits Vol 1 (hand-stamped 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: DE 001DIAMOND. Rel: 08 Jul 24
LCD Soundsystem - "Tonite" (Heaven Glitch Garden mix) (7:48)
Genesis - "I Can't Dance" (Molotov Bootleg) (4:25)
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Get Paid
Get Paid (12")
Cat: BYNZV 001. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Get Paid (Acid dub edit) (5:44)
Get Paid (instrumental) (5:45)
Get Paid (Gome Disco Inferno remix) (5:36)
Get Paid (DJ Baghdad Hype club edit) (4:34)
Review: DJ Bagdhad debuts on Boyanza Records with some straight up dancefloor fire. The excellent 'Get Paid' has jacked up 808 beats run through with raw percussion and a sleazy ghetto edge. Some rapid-fire vocals add further attitude to this sure fire weapon. After the Acid Dub comes Gome's interpretation which brings a more elegant touch and plenty of deep house drums with slowed down vocals and fresh bass. Last of all is Hype Club edit from DJ Bagdhad that layers in some epic piano stabs.
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Cat: RHSTOREJAMS 027. Rel: 19 Jun 24
Flashlight (7:15)
Mojo (5:38)
Review: Amsterdam legends Rush Hour look to the other side of the earth for some irresistible summer sounds here. Precious Bloom is an Indonesian group that offer up a delightful two tracker with the opening track 'Flashlight' inspired by Euro disco coupled with a hint of the city pop sounds of their homeland. It's awash with great arps and quick, funky disco drumming and sparing vocals. The 'Mojo' jam on the B-side "explores a rhyme of witchery" over fat-bottomed drums, tropical percussion and wavy bass undertones, all topped off with bright and breezy xylophone style melodies. Scorching to say the least.
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Honey Boy
Honey Boy (12")
Cat: SWEATSV 049. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Honey Boy (extended mix) (7:10)
Honey Boy (3:49)
Honey Boy (instrumental mix) (3:50)
Review: Honey Boy is a superb new single by the one and only Purple Disco Machine alongside the super star bass player and Chic band member Nile Rogers as well as Shenseea and Benjamin Ingrosso. With all these talents on one tune you know it is going to be a big one full of rich bass and killer hooks and so it proves, with funky beats, lithe bass playing and dazzling disco pads that are all topped with an irresistibly sunny vocal.
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Tags: Pop Disco
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Coracao (reissue)
Coracao (reissue) (translucent orange vinyl 12")
Cat: VENMX 523ORANGE. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Coracao (club mix) (6:52)
Coracao (dub mix) (6:34)
Coracao (Awxell remix) (7:05)
Review: First released in 2004 at the height of the Ibiza craze, 'Coracao' was *the* standout hit of Jerry Ropero & Denis The Menace's career, after which many other releases followed but few more stuck in the way this one did. Riffing off a patented two-tone folk-samba rhythm - notably also used in Paul Johnson's enduring hit 'Get Get Down' - 'Coracao' was the steamy, cocktail-doused anointing in carnivalesque house that nobody knew they needed. Owing to its infectiousness, the record was immediately picked up by trance titan Axwell for a remix; yet here on this reissue also comes an unheard instrumental dub mix too, which is equally as excellent in its highlighting of the track's production.
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Where Is The Clubbing?
Cat: MATE 014. Rel: 28 May 24
Where Is The Clubbing? (6:46)
Where Is The Clubbing? (Franck Roger remix) (5:48)
Smooth Jazz (7:01)
Don´t Fool Me (7:03)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Spanish label Mate welcomes a couple of heavyweights in Rafa Santos and Franck Roger for a new deep house EP that shows the kids how it's done. It is Santos who serves up the originals starting with 'Where Is The Clubbing?' which has depth but also drive - rich pads swirl about over the supple kicks and clipped vocals bring the soulful little hooks. French maestro Franck Roger remixes with a little more swing and a stripped-back, late-night feel that is sprinkled with cosmic dust. On the flip, 'Smooth Jazz' is just that over cuddly beats as star-gazing piano tinkles and sombre sax notes bring real class. 'Don't Fool Me' shuts down with plenty of Chez Damier-style weight in the kicks and steaminess in the female vocals.
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Mid Level Boss: Bonus Round EP
Mid Level Boss: Bonus Round EP (hand-stamped vinyl 12")
Cat: SHDW 02. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Find A Friend (5:57)
Holding One Shoe (6:03)
Train Of Fools (7:30)
More Music In The Night (4:44)
Review: Shadow Pressings returns to their own self-titled label with more joyous disco, house, acid and funk fusions on their Mid Level Boss: Bonus Round EP. 'Find A Friend' is a lively opener with funky basslines and big claps, scurrying disco grooves and call and response vocals that brim with character. 'Holding One Shoe' flips the script to bring some slow motion acid house undulations while 'Train Of Fools' is a deep cut with raw percussion and sensuous vocals adding soul. Superb chords bring late night charm to the prickly beats of closer 'More Music In The Night'.
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! low stock $18.04
Bubbles (12")
Cat: BP 009. Rel: 15 Jul 24
Bubbles (Soap mix) (5:08)
Bubbles (acappella) (1:21)
Bubbles (Boys Be Kko remix) (6:32)
Bubbles (Olive T's Extra Soap remix) (5:02)
Review: Max In The World's NYC label Bliss Point is a lesson in pure dancefloor positivity, and that rings true on this reissue of a forgotten 90s deep dig from Soft Keys. Originally released in 1993 and now rarer than hen's teeth, this utterly delightful oddity from Italy features the titular 'Bubbles' and some endearing vocals, all shrouded in the warmest of keys for a deep house delight. As well as the original 'Soap Mix' there's an acappella available, plus some contemporary mixes from Boys Be Kko and Olive T which inject a little modern-day sparkle into the track while keeping the quirky delights that make the original such a coveted gem.
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Disco Biscuits 4
Disco Biscuits 4 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: LUV 047. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Lee Stevens - "Run Away" (5:23)
Das Komplex - "Ennio" (12:35)
Space Echo - "Woo Disco" (5:06)
Siggatunez - "Love N' Affection" (6:42)
Review: Since launching in the spring of 2022, Luv Shack's ongoing Disco Biscuits series has become a must-check for those who like 80s-influenced nu-disco, mind-mangling house and mid-tempo electronic floor-fillers. The series' latest multi-artist missive continues in this vein, charging between loopy, thickset disco-house (Space Echo's 'Woo Disco'), faintly foreboding, acid-flecked nu-disco sparkle (Das Komplex's 'Ennio', which shares some aesthetic elements with the KLF's original 1988 mix of 'What Time Is Love'), gorgeously summery and up-tempo Balearic house/disco-house fusion (Siggatunez's 'Luv N Affection') and superb dub disco-meets-Italo-disco excellence (Lee Stevens' EP-opening 'Run Away').
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Scruniversal Latina
Cat: SCRU 005. Rel: 08 Jul 24
Unknown Artist - "This Kind Of Latin Rhythm" (6:28)
Thierry Tomas - "Samba" (Courtesy Of Jump Recordings) (7:23)
Funkyjaws - "Tanga" (short version) (5:02)
Scruscru - "Juicy Brass" (5:00)
Frank Virgilio - "Portrait Of You" (5:09)
Review: Scruinversal is back for another vinyl outing and this one takes the form of a reissue of some of the label head's favourite tunes. An unknown artist is behind the sunny shuffle and big horns of 'This Kind Of Latin Rhythm' while Thierry Tomas's 'Samba' is a shuffling house cut laden with glorious piano work. Funkyjaws then offers up his take on tango, Scruscru layers up the rhythms and percussion on 'Juicy Brass' and Frank Virgilio's 'Portrait Of You' shuts down with a deeper late-night feel. These are some superbly effective Latina house jams to drop on the hottest of days and balmiest of nights.
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Back To Basic
Cat: UP 001. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Back To Basic (8:49)
Back To Basic (Wade Teo remix) (5:00)
Back To Basic (Soul Clap Groove remix) (6:39)
Back To Basic (Soul Clap Garage remix) (6:21)
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Toolroom Sampler Vol 12
Cat: TOOL 1235. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Wh0, Mark Knight & James Hurr - "Turn Me Deeper" (feat Kathy Brown) (5:23)
Shadow Child - "Rising High" (7:31)
Low Steppa & Tony Romera - "Dance To The Music" (5:21)
Maur - "Disco Tool" (6:33)
Review: The latest V/A sampler record by Toolroom Records comes in the shadow of unfortunate news in regards to singer Kathy Brown, who, last we heard, was battling stage four cancer. Brown is the original featuring singer of Praxis' 'Turn Me Out'; her vocal contribution to the track has since gone sampled by many a deep and jackin' house producer, owing to its standout "work me with temptation" lyric, whose simple injunction and passionate delivery would seem to bottle the essence of an era (of overwork, of temptation, of desire). Now Toolroom continue to dedicate their latest releases to Brown in her honour; this time, her 'Turn Me Out' vocal is reworked into 'Turn Me Deeper', featuring a star cast of organ-synth peddling, deep house foundation-shattering producers (Wh0, Mark Knight, James Hurr), backed up by contributions by the likes of Shadow Child, Low Steppa and Maur as addenda.
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Free (7")
Cat: FFL 2024001. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Free (Disco Tribute mix) (4:24)
Free (Disco dub) (4:26)
Review: It's been two years since the 2022 release of Young Pulse & Natalie Nova's multi-mix single 'Free', across the digital version of which we were graced with five exclusive mixes. With the 'original' itself and in turn being a cover of the Ultra Nate song from 1997, Pulse and Nova's version is a jubilant, disco-strung version, abandoning Nate's garage house proclivity for an upped sense of swing. This new vinyl edition also brings a fresh mix to the table, totting up the versions to six; first, there's the OG aforementioned 'Disco Tribute mix', as well as a 'Disco Dub' version, the new and never-heard-before highlight.
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