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Coming Soon: Disco/Nu-Disco

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Lazers EP
Lazers EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HP 001. Rel: 25 Feb 19
  1. Lazers
  2. Gamma Ray
  3. Swamp Love
This is the first release of Original tracks from 12tree's new label, Hot Piroski. Produced and recorded by 12Tree at his studio in Barcelona.

The label is a boisterous mix of Space Disco, Deep Funk edits and Balearic Beats.

Hot Piroski Hp001features :
'Lazers' - A warm melodic electronic opening layered with with analogue Delay morphs into a deep house bassline driven groover.
'Gamma Ray' - A Deep dark Disco workout for fans of Todd Terje and Disco Bloodbath..
'Swamp Love' - Cajun Voodoo vibes on a Ninja Tune tip
With support from
* Pete herbert,
* Chris Todd/Crazy P
* Ursula 1000
* Agoria
After mixing and releasing tracks with disco dons Pete Herbert, Payfone, Tim 'Love' Lee, Phil Mison, Richard Fearless, and Balearic legends Jose Padilla and Bubble Club, this is the first Original release on 12Tree's own imprint. Enjoy!

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coming soon $9.12
For You
For You (limited hand-numbered transparent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: FTM 201901. Rel: 19 Feb 19
  1. For You
  2. Trying Over
  3. It Will Never Be
  4. Good Times
  5. Stop Your Life
  6. Let's Fun
  7. You Make Me Do (It)
Review: It would be fair to say that great Italo-disco albums are few and far between. Ago's 1982 debut album, "For You", is undoubtedly one of the rare examples of an Italo-disco artist getting it right across an entire LP. As this timely reissue proves, the artist (and his production team) was more heavily influenced by U.S disco, boogie and early electrofunk than many of his synth-pop and new wave-loving peers, giving the set an authenticity and warm instrumental feel often lacking in similar Italian exercises. You may find the accented vocals a touch tongue-in-cheek, but the choruses are great, the instrumentation brilliant and the production spot on.
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coming soon $16.10
Pleasure Of Edits 4
Cat: POLR 004. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. Midnight Sun (AZ edit)
  2. Canguelo Perro (AZ edit)
  3. Shojo Showdown (AZ edit)
  4. South Of Sunset (AZ edit)
coming soon $9.93
Alfa EP
Alfa EP (12")
Cat: FUDISW 001. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. U (I Got It)
  2. Cocchetti
  3. Cornae
Review: There's a fair amount of mystery surrounding this release, which the accompanying press release claims was designed for "cruising through the Tuscany countryside, riding shotgun in a vintage Alfa [Romeo]". So what's on offer? A-side "U (I Got It)" is a bouncy, stop-start disco-house affair that sits somewhere between vintage "French Touch" house, original Italo-house and the pumping antics of DJ Sneak. "Cocchetti" offers a slightly more disco-centric riff on the same all-action formula, with the mystery producer making great use of some seriously soaring 1970s orchestration, while "Cornae" sounds like a cross between Tiger & Woods and the elastic, synthesizer-heavy nu-disco favoured by DJ Rocca and Sare Havlicek.
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coming soon $9.40
Les Mondes Engloutis (Psychemagik mixes)
Cat: MB 2028 XX. Rel: 06 May 19
  1. Les Mondes Engloutis (Psychemagik main mix)
  2. Les Mondes Engloutis (Psychemagik 5am mix)
Review: MB DISCO IS BACK After a break. we're ready with new releases. After heavy demand, we decided to press this little gem on vinyl. It features the stellar remixes from Psychemagik.

Named after an 80s French cartoon, this single is the product of Turkish producer Alico and his shady cohort, Cagri. The tune is a straight-up salad of vintage Eurodisco with lashings of Italo dressing. Evoking the likes of 'Droid' by Mito, Vangelis and anything by Hipnosis, this laconic sprawling synth-fest is saved from total retroville by a crisp modern electro-house bounce.

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coming soon $TBA
New Moon (reissue)
New Moon (reissue) (2xLP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: C56LP 004R. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. L&G Psychedelic
  2. New Moon
  3. Electro Blues
  4. Dos Estrellas
  5. Kissing Time
  6. Moving Up Slowly
  7. Travel
  8. Until She Comes
Played by: Manu•Archeo, Dj soFa
coming soon $22.54
Andromeda (reissue)
Andromeda (reissue) (12" 再プレス)
Cat: DS 001 M. Rel: 15 Feb 19
  1. Andromeda (Respectful extended) (4:50)
  2. Andromeda (original 7' mix) (4:08)
  3. Andromeda (Beppe Loda mix) (7:36)
coming soon $14.23
APERSONAL 29 (Trujillo, Cisco Cisco, KMA mixes)
  1. Don’t Cry (Trujillo edit)
  2. Shaft (Cisco Cisco rework)
  3. Storm (KMA edit)
Review: Be sure not to miss this limited vinyl-only release by Barcelona's disco crew Apersonal Music. Three old classics get revisited by the main artists of the label, Robbie Ellington's "Don't Cry" gets the disco treatment by specialist crate-digger Trujillo, the "Shaft" theme song is turned into a dance-floor killer by Portuguese duo Cisco Cisco, and on the flip side KMA takes "Storm" from Rare Silk to a new level by adding live played instruments and 303 acid loops.

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coming soon $TBA
Mondo Disco
Cat: BL 3000. Rel: 01 Apr 19
  1. Mondo Disco
  2. Bug Wax
Played by: The Allergies
coming soon $9.40
Late Night Laziza
  1. To The Rhythm
  2. Don't Turn Away
  3. One Kiss
coming soon $9.40
Disco Hamam Vol 5
Cat: DISCOHAMAM 05. Rel: 11 Mar 19
  1. Beard In Dust - "At The Dawn"
  2. Tales Of Voodoo - "Sharky"
  3. Esen Gunduz - "Deve Gucu"
Review: When it comes to exotic, off-kilter edits, you'll struggle to find a stronger series than Jonny Rock's Disco Hamam. This fifth volume is every bit as essential as its predecessors. Beards In Dust claims the A-side with "At The Dawn", a tidy revision of a druggy and "chuggy" version of a blue-eyed psychedelic funk-rock roller that comes complete with some serious sing-along sections. The heady world of Turkish music - a constant source of inspiration at the Disco Hamam HQ - comes to the fore on the B-side. Tales Of Voodoo's "Sharky" is a deliciously percussive, dancefloor-friendly fusion of Middle Eastern exoticism, funk-rock guitars and heavy disco percussion, while Esen Gunduz's "Deve Gucu" is an even sweatier, Italo Disco-era stomper that sounds like something you'd have heard in Istanbul clubs circa 1985.
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Played by: Lipelis
coming soon $13.15
Spick & Span
Cat: ZCCD 091.
coming soon $10.47
It's My House
Cat: MISSYOU 007. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. It's My House
  2. House Call
coming soon $13.95
Italian Spaghetti Disco 70s
Italian Spaghetti Disco 70s (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: NBST 015. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Le Streghe - "BBLSST"
  2. Bus Connection - "Skateboard"
  3. Sweet Company - "Life"
  4. N Cassini - "Passaporto Per La Follia"
coming soon $9.65
Salmon Spungcake
Cat: C56 071. Rel: 01 Apr 19
  1. Salmon Spungcake (Zip It Shrimpy mix By Conrad McDonnell)
  2. Salmon Spungcake (I Think I've Got Gout mix By Conrad McDonnell)
coming soon $12.08
Black Bones 5
Black Bones 5 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BLACKBONES 005. Rel: 18 Mar 19
  1. Pass The Corn
  2. Drunk In The Tropics
  3. Feel Sureal
  4. Kung Fu Popsicle
Played by: Dj soFa
coming soon $10.20
Dance On The Beat (reissue)
Dance On The Beat (reissue) (hand-numbered 12")
Cat: PM 121701 BLACK. Rel: 22 Feb 19
coming soon $TBA
DB7 002
DB7 002 (40 gram vinyl 7")
Cat: DB7 002.
  1. Kangham Funk
  2. Senopati Punk
Review: "Tom Bolas.

Berlin Scavatrice. Commerciante

Kangham Funk. Fifa Perfetto Koreano

Senopati Punk. Indo Punk Ubriaco

Di Piu. Di Pi. Di Piu !!


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coming soon $TBA
Artifact 11
Artifact 11 (limited 12")
Cat: ART 11. Rel: 06 May 19
  1. Domenica (Bottin edit)
  2. Cha Cha Cha (Bottin edit)
  3. Chico Train (Bottin edit)
  4. Vital Grace (Bottin edit)
coming soon $9.93
coming soon $13.42
Classics 4
Classics 4 (12")
Cat: KMPN 004. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. Agboju Logun
  2. Nosi Zole
  3. Pitie (with Gozar)
  4. Elephant Dance
coming soon $10.47
Keep It Deep Vol 1
Keep It Deep Vol 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: 1LIFE 1. Rel: 13 May 19
  1. Cesaria Evora - "Nho" (Kerri Chandler mix)
  2. Loverush - "Dancin" (DJ Spen & Karizma remix)
  3. Vincent Inc - "Walking On The Disco Street"
  4. Gerideau, Jose Burgos, Taka Boom - "Bring It Back To Love" (Joey Negro mix)
Review: All producers on this timeless EP known for their contribution to Deep House Music.
Kerri Chandler & Joey Negro has been injecting soul & funk into music since the early 90s, making them one of house music's originators. With a career span of more than 30 years, Spen & Karizma has become one of the most sought-after DJs in the US. Studio don Vincent Inc always bring unforgettable impressions & inspiration for mind, body & soul. 4 tracks came together to tell music stories about hypnotic deepest stuff, depression, happiness, loneliness, love, miracles and magical experiences. And now we're asking other's to join the sound conversation

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coming soon $TBA
Hit Or Miss
Cat: HR 7S125. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Hit Or Miss
  2. Friends
coming soon $22.82
DB7 001
DB7 001 (40 gram vinyl 7")
Cat: DB7 001.
  1. Blood, Campari & Sand
  2. Meta Weta
Review: "

Mondo Benvenuto. Leggendario.

Blood, Campari & Sand. Belle Beats.

Meta Weta. Profondo Cazzo

Grazie. Grazie. Grazie !!


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Played by: Dj soFa
coming soon $TBA
Night Drive
  1. Night Drive
  2. Movin & Dancing (feat Brian Ellis)
  3. Freak Out
  4. High Life
  5. Waiting All Night (feat Sair & Boy Dude)
  6. Wanna Do Ya
  7. Clap Boogie
coming soon $TBA
The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Volume 2
coming soon $TBA
Greatest Hits
Cat: SPLP 7127.
coming soon $12.88
The Spark
coming soon $30.06
Tropicat (7")
Cat: WTJR 01. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. Tropicat (part I)
  2. Tropicat (part II)
Played by: Dj soFa
coming soon $TBA
Aqua Marina
Aqua Marina (limited 12")
Cat: BST X053. Rel: 11 Mar 19
  1. Aqua Marina (club version)
  2. Aqua Marina (Sweet Dream version)
  3. Aqua Marine (Paradise version)
  4. Aqua Marine (original Studio version)
Review: Here's something to set the pulse racing: a fresh reissue of a dream house-era Italian cover of Carlos Santana's "Aqua Marine". Thrillingly, this edition dispenses with the pointless radio edit, replacing it with the previously unreleased "Original Studio Version". This is something of a stunner, all told, with the track's Santana-like solos and breezy, beachside synthesizer lines being accompanied by the soft focus of bongo rhythms. Of course, the more club-focused versions are ace, too, with the dream house style "Club Version" and "Sweet Dream Version" being joined by the undeniably epic "Paradise Version", which slowly builds to deep house heaven via a sublime ambient intro.
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Played by: Faze Action
coming soon $TBA
Period Works Vol 2
Cat: ZEDD 12271. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. Fly Away
  2. Crystal Eyes
  3. I'll Be There
  4. Some Day
coming soon $TBA
Together EP
Cat: RMS 008. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Just Can't Help Myself
  2. Midas Touch
  3. Together
  4. I Can Feel It
coming soon $11.28
DB7 004
DB7 004 (40 gram vinyl 7")
Cat: DB7 004. Rel: 04 Mar 19
  1. Percy
  2. Bolass'd
Review: dane//close. Mismos jefes linch mob. Desapareciendo peso pesado. I Don't Want. Punk ganguelo. Love Destroyer. Enamorado encarnado. Tiempo de Descansargracias hermano i!

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coming soon $TBA
What Cha Been Up To ?
What Cha Been Up To ? (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: PAL 001. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. What Cha Been Up To ?
  2. Get Down On The Dance Floor
coming soon $9.65
The Pasta EP
Cat: WS 027. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Spaghetti
  2. Fusilli
  3. Penne
  4. Spaghetti / Fusilli (DJ Fett Birger CapCapCapCapCapCap remix)
Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon $10.47
Take It
Take It (12")
Cat: SWEATSV 002. Rel: 01 Mar 19
  1. Take It
  2. San Francisco
coming soon $TBA
After Dark EP
After Dark EP (double 7")
Cat: AOS 005. Rel: 08 Apr 19
  1. Love Don't Come Easy (MikeandTess edit)
  2. Don Ray - "Got To Have Nothing" (Might Mouse dub)
  3. The Blackbyrds - "Rock Creek Park" (Lego edit)
  4. PYT (Bully Boy Refix)
Review: Another double dose of seven-inch action from the Art of Sedition crew, who once again offer up a quartet of floor-focused re-edits stretched across two dinky slabs of wax. The crew hits the ground running on the first disc, with MikeandTess' rolling, house style take on New Jersey Connection's 1981 cut "Love Don't Come Easy" offering guaranteed peak-time thrills and Mighty Mouse's punchy instrumental dub of Don Ray's "Got To Have Nothing" also hitting the spot. On the second disc, Lego Edit flexes his muscles with a locked in, house style take of Blackbyrds' bass-heavy classic "Rock Creek Park", before Bully Boy does his best Reflex impression on what sounds like a ground-up stems revision of Michael Jackson classic "PYT".
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coming soon $13.15
Going Back To My Roots
  1. Going Back To My Roots
  2. Going Back To My Roots (Danny Krivit Chant edit)
coming soon $13.42
BAH 049
BAH 049 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAH 049.
  1. Arcade
  2. Arabian Town
  3. Ce Soir
  4. The Blade
Review: Can you still tanz?

Ze Dresden don returnz mit final missonen.

Arcade go loop-de-loop.

Arabia Town rock'n'stroll.

Ce Soir pour industrial complexion.

The Blade de herzsaiten.

Danke Dunkeltier, Sneaker, Gino. Guter Freund.

Remember Peoplez. Bahnsteig not beige shite. Ein mal noch !!!

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coming soon $10.19
Mystique (12")
Cat: ACM 325181 1012.
  1. Mystique
  2. Mystique (Woolfy vs Projections HH remix)
  3. Lawnmower Woman
  4. Lawnmower Woman (Project Sandro Platanos remix)
coming soon $11.28
Em Vee Edits
Em Vee Edits (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RNT 045. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. You Move Me
  2. Spreading Energy
  3. Don’t Be Sabi Say
  4. I Wish I Knew The Words
coming soon $10.47
Spanish Hustle
Cat: GR 1248. Rel: 08 Mar 19
  1. Spanish Hustle (Special Disco version)
  2. Spanish Hustle (album version)
  3. Spanish Hustle (Joey Negro remix)
  4. Spanish Hustle (Joey Negro beats)
coming soon $TBA
25 Compost Records: Overture 3
25 Compost Records: Overture 3 (hand-numbered hand-stamped 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: COMP 5301W. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Fauna Flash - "Tel Aviv" (Recondite remix)
  2. Marbert Rocel - "Dance Slow" (Joakim Blood Moon remix)
  3. Shahrokh Dini - "Owl Flight" (Delano Smith remix)
  4. Truby Trio - "Galacia" (Zenker Brothers Esotheric remix)
coming soon $TBA
Socialo Blanco
Cat: RBINC 002LP. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. Orlandos
  2. Don Moneyiere Feat. Eric Owusu
  3. Time Million Feat. Vilja Larjosto
  4. Yog'tze
  5. Socialo Blanco
  6. Endless Expansion (part 1)
  7. Gold Matches
  8. Endless Expansion (part 2)
coming soon $18.79
Invisible Escape EP
Invisible Escape EP (12" 再プレス) (1 per customer)
Cat: PHI 07 RE. Rel: 21 Jan 19
  1. L'Uomo Invisibile (6:54)
  2. Camel Ride (3:58)
  3. Far Away (2:01)
  4. Journey Unknown (6:27)
  5. Daydreams (6:23)
Review: Lexx and company's Phantom Island imprint has yet to release a duff 12" since springing up back in 2014. Their latest limited edition EP marks the debut of Fuga Ronto, a project birthed by two of the label's four co-founders, Ron Shiller (he of Drumpoet Community fame) and DJ Foster (AKA Tobias Schweizer). Predictably, the five tracks on offer are woozy, Balearic affairs that draw influence from the more humid, horizontal and new age-influenced end of 1980s European synth-pop. Some may draw comparisons with Franco-Belgian outfit Antena (they of "Camino Del Sol" fame), while others will point to Dunkelziffer as a clear inspiration. Whatever the various influences, the Invisible Escape EP is stunningly beautiful and exquisitely produced.
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coming soon $16.38
Hawsasounds 1978
  1. Funk Coffee Ensemble - "Je Pense L" (feat Sasa Mendoza)
  2. Paul Martin - "Get Up" (Frigodelik Reedit)
  3. Nawari - "Dance On" (Albion Reedit)
  4. Nawari - "Stand Up" (Frigodelik Reedit)
coming soon $22.28
Run For My Honey
Run For My Honey (7" + poster limited to 250 copies)
Cat: PHI 12.
  1. Run For My Honey
  2. Run For My Honey (Lexx & Kejeblos remix)
coming soon $13.69
Felipe Gordon & Vagabundo Club Social Edits
  1. Shakala
  2. Los Bareteros
  3. El Cateter
coming soon $TBA
We Are Here To Party
Cat: ATH 076. Rel: 22 Feb 19
coming soon $TBA
HAND 04 (12")
Cat: HAND 004.
  1. 127 Blue Things
  2. 128 Time Out
  3. 120 No Regrets
  4. 0 Thank You Bob
coming soon $11.28
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Coming Soon: Disco/Nu-Disco