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Coming Soon: Hip Hop/R&B

ホーム  Coming Soon  

Hip Hop / R&B

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Check It Out People
Check It Out People (7" limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: SSR 218. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Beastie Boys Vs MFSB - "Check It Out People"
  2. MFSB - "People All Over The World" (dub)
Review: The latest edition in DJ Soopasoul's "Soopastole Edits" series looks like it may fly off the shelves, and with good reason. The lead cut is not an edit per se, but rather a crafty, clever and expertly produced mash-up that places selected rap flows from the acapella version of Beastie Boys classic "Ch-Check It Out" over a tightened up and fattened up rearrangement of MFSB's disco-era jam "People All Over The World". Sometimes these kinds of mash-ups can be messy, but this genuinely isn't, with the Beasties' vocals fitting the backing track like a glove. Over on side B Soopasoul shares his tweak of the MFSB track, which is entirely instrumental bar periodic use of the band's female backing vocals. In a word: ace!
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Played by: SOOPASOUL
coming soon $10.71
How Superstitious
How Superstitious (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SSR 217. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. How Superstitious
  2. How Superstitious (instrumental)
Review: DJ Soopasoul's last mash-up was an inspired affair that saw him perfectly fuse tracks by Philadelphia Soul legends MFSB and the Beastie Boys. Here he takes a similar approach, placing the rap vocals from Redman and Method Man's 1995 classic "How High" atop a suitably funky, lolloping beat crafted from Clavinet-heavy sections from Stevie Wonder's party-starting floor-heater "Superstitious". It works remarkably well on the A-side vocal mix, and those who'd not heard either track would be convinced that there was no mash-up antics going on. Over on side B you'll find an instrumental mix that showcases Soopasoul's editing skills; minus the Redman/Method Man vocals, is a fine re-edit of the Stevie Wonder jam.
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coming soon $10.45
I'm Back
I'm Back (7")
Cat: MM 120. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. I'm Back
  2. Girls, I Got Em Locked
coming soon $13.34
Nuthin' But A G Thing
Nuthin' But A G Thing (7" limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: IMP 004. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. DR DRE - "Nuthin' But A G Thing" (45 edit)
  2. The Lady Of Rage - "Afro Puffs" (45 edit)
Review: For those whose Californian hip-hop collection is missing a few gems, the West Coast Classics series should be a must-check. The latest edition in the series of the light-touch "45 Edits" by Ronnie Frazzle serves up two more essential cuts from the peerless Dr Dre and lesser-celebrated Death Row Records signee The Lady of Rage. Side A boasts the superb "Nuthin' But A G Thing" from Dre's iconic 1992 album "The Chronic", in which the main man and Snoop Dogg trade verses over a typically on-point G-funk style beat. The Lady of Rage's 1994 jam "Afro Puffs" is a darker, sleazier and tougher affair, with the Virginia-raised rapper's distinctive flow rising above punchy beats, creepy chords and a filthy analogue bassline.
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Played by: Marc Hype
coming soon $10.71
Party (7")
Cat: DIGM 001.
  1. Party (J Rocc remix edit)
  2. Party (DJ Muro Diguma edit)
coming soon $18.56
Because I Got it Like That
Cat: 7WAR 016P. Rel: 27 Jun 20
  1. Because I Got It Like That
  2. I'll House You
Review: Here's something for those looking to fill in the gaps in their classic hip-hop collection: a sizzling seven-inch boasting two of the Jungle Brothers hottest hits. On the A-side you'll find "Because I Got It Like That", a lolloping party hip-hop jam built around an assortment of complimentary samples, most notably a lift from Sly and the Family Stone's killer cut "You Can Make It If You Try". Over on the flip you'll find one of the most recognizable dance anthems of the late '80s, the early hip-house classic that is "I'll House You". Based on Todd Terry's similarly big "Can You Party", the tune is a warehouse-ready bounce-along that sounds as fresh now as it did way back in 1988.

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Played by: Voodoocuts
coming soon TBA
After Hours
After Hours (2xLP)
Cat: 881840. Rel: 26 Jun 20
coming soon $27.17
It's Yours
Cat: PT 104P. Rel: 27 Jun 20
  1. It's Yours
coming soon TBA
My Name Is
Cat: 876686 0. Rel: 27 Jun 20
  1. My Name Is
  2. Bad Guys Always Die (From Wild Wild West Soundtrack)
Played by: Marc Hype
coming soon TBA
Made You Look
Cat: MRB 7170. Rel: 18 Sep 20
coming soon $13.85
Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (25th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: 603497 848126. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
I Got A Man
Cat: MRB 7167. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. I Got A Man
coming soon $13.85
Strobelite Honey (reissue)
Cat: MRB 7169. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Strobelite Honey (Maybe We Did mix)
  2. Strobelite Honey
coming soon $13.85
Think (7")
Cat: MS 3412.
  1. Think
  2. Think (instrumental)
Review: It was way back in 1989 when Main Source made their debut with a double A-side single featuring "Think" and "Atom". Here the latter track is given a seven-inch reissue, with the group's original version being joined by a flipside instrumental. The joy of "Atom", aside from the band's high-octane, delay-laden vocals, is the vibrant, party-hearty nature of the backing track. Bass-heavy and blessed with crunchy, club-ready drum breaks, it features extensive samples (horns, guitars etc.) from Marvin Gaye and Tammi Tyrell's 1967 Motown classic "Little Ole Boy, Little Ole Girl". These give the track a soulful and funky feel that's guaranteed to put smiles on faces.
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Played by: I Love Hip Hop
coming soon $16.72
Jazz Is Dead
Cat: LJID 001. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. Hey Lover (feat Roy Ayers)
  2. Distant Mode (feat Gary Bartz)
  3. Nancy Wilson (feat Brian Jackson)
  4. Conexao (feat Joao Donato)
  5. Down Deep (feat Doug Carn)
  6. Apocalíptico (feat Azymuth)
  7. Nao Saia Da Praca (feat Marcos Valle)
  8. Jazz Is Dead (feat The Midnight Hour)
Review: Over the last 12 months, Adrian Younge and A Tribe Called Quest member Ali Shaheed Muhammad have been inviting some legendary musicians to swing by the former's Los Angeles studio to make fresh tracks with vintage equipment. The results are detailed on "Jazz Is Dead", a superb album that combines elements of dusty soundtrack jazz, soul, jazz-funk, Latin jazz and head-nodding live beats influenced by the duo's hip-hop roots. Highlights include the atmospheric, slow-motion warmth of Roy Ayers collaboration "Hey Lover", the floor-rocking fusion heaviness of epic Azymuth hook-up "Apocaliptico", the languid sweetness of 'Down Deep" (featuring Doug Carn) and the samba-soaked sunshine that is Marcos Valle composition "Nao Saia Da Praca".
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coming soon $30.06
The Large Professor
  1. The Large Professor
  2. The Large Professor (instrumental)
Played by: I Love Hip Hop
coming soon $16.72
Haynesy Hip Hop Edits 2
  1. I'll House You (Haynesy rework)
  2. Root Down (Haynesy rework)
coming soon $9.40
Internal Affairs (reissue)
Internal Affairs (reissue) (coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WM 0002. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. Intro
  2. Behind Closed Doors
  3. Queens
  4. Rape
  5. Simon Says
  6. Official
  7. Hell
  8. No Mercy
  9. Right Here
  10. The Next Shit
  11. The Ass
  12. The Light
  13. God Send
  14. The Truth
  15. Simon Says (remix)
coming soon $27.45
Music To Be Murdered By
Cat: 873517 2. Rel: 26 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
All My Heroes Are Dead
Cat: NSD 184DLP. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. All My Heroes Are Dead (The introduction)
  2. Legendary Loser
  3. Golden Oldies (feat Atmosphere & Eamon)
  4. Wondering (How To Believe) (feat David Myles)
  5. Dragon Fire (feat Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, Kool G Rap & Xx3eme)
  6. All Systems Go
  7. Cancelled Skit
  8. Angelic Boy
  9. Gotta Be Dope (feat A-F-R-O & DJ Jazzy Jeff)
  10. First Born (feat Novel)
  11. EKNY (Ed Koch New York) (feat Inspectah Deck & Timbo King)
  12. Hate Speech
  13. Living Through A Screen (Everything Is A Lie) (feat The KickDrums)
  14. Contra-Dictionary
  15. The Slayers Club (feat M.O.P., Vinnie Paz, Chris Rivers, Onyx, Chino XL,  Brand Nubian & Ice-T)
  16. Life Of The Party
  17. The Big Snatch
  18. John John Skit
  19. Who Do We Trust? (feat Immortal Technique)
  20. Malice Of Mammon (feat Chuck D Of Public Enemy)
  21. Sean RiP (interlude - feat Shaun P)
  22. The After Life (feat Sarah Smith & Kelly Waters)
coming soon $31.35
Hip Hop Band
Hip Hop Band (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: HR 7S171. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. Hip Hop Band
  2. Hip Hop Band (instrumental)
coming soon $24.31
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb (gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 194397 35721. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
Check The Rhime (reissue)
Check The Rhime (reissue) (limited 7" 再プレス) (1 per customer)
Cat: SSR 45001. Rel: 30 Jun 20
  1. Check The Rhime (3:35)
  2. Lyrics To Go (3:53)
Review: In 2019 sometime Star Creature producer Noam Ofir AKA Love's High adopted a new artistic alias, Soul Supreme, offering up a double header of boogie-fuelled hip-hop beats on Tugboat Edits' "Tugboat Editions" offshoot. This follow-up sees him successfully move further towards the jazzier end of the instrumental hip-hop spectrum. We're particularly enjoying A-side "Check The Rhime", a superb chunk of jazz-funk/instrumental hip-hop fusion rich in warm horn motifs, Roy Ayers style vibraphone riffs, deep Rhodes chords and bubbly electronic lead lines. That said, flip side "Lyrics To Go", where Offir utilises a well-known starry electric piano riff amongst his sonic arsenal, is also rather impressive and every bit as soul-soothing as its predecessor.
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Played by: Voodoocuts, Marc Hype
coming soon $10.98
EDITS 001 (7")
Cat: EDITSV 001. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. Love Be Faithful
  2. How We Rump Shake
coming soon $11.24
Jazz Is Dead
  1. Hey Lover (feat Roy Ayers)
  2. Distant Mode (feat Gary Bartz)
  3. Nancy Wilson (feat Brian Jackson)
  4. Conexao (feat Joao Donato)
  5. Down Deep (feat Doug Carn)
  6. Apocalíptico (feat Azymuth)
  7. Nao Saia Da Praca (feat Marcos Valle)
  8. Jazz Is Dead (feat The Midnight Hour)
coming soon $13.85
Slingbaum One
Slingbaum One (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: 860003 212301. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. Behoove (feat Erykah Badu, D'Angelo)
  2. Strangers (feat FKA Twigs, Oumou Sangare, Nick Hakim, Questlove)
  3. Morphine (feat Damon Albarn, Bilal, Syd, Ahmad Jamal, Ron Carter)
coming soon $48.09
It Was All A Dream
It Was All A Dream (limited 180 gram clear vinyl 9xLP box set)
Cat: RSD 2036. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
Free Nationals
Free Nationals (gold vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ERE 543. Rel: 12 Jun 20
coming soon $23.26
80 Blocks From Tiffany's II
  1. Intro
  2. Ladies & Gentlemen (feat Talib Kweli)
  3. Starlight Glitz
  4. Clean Getaway (feat Uncle Murda)
  5. No Uniform (feat MOP)
  6. Meagan Good (feat Mac Miller)
  7. Let’s Toast
  8. Don’t You Just Love It (feat Ab-Soul)
  9. You Never See A City (The Bronx)
  10. Love Traps (feat Tyler Woods)
  11. 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s
  12. Glitter & Gold
  13. Dream Journey
  14. Pot A Butta
  15. Outro
coming soon $31.35
RTJ4 (Deluxe)
RTJ4 (Deluxe) (gatefold neon magenta & gold vinyl 4xLP)
Cat: 405053 8621167. Rel: 18 Sep 20
coming soon $37.63
Spirit De Rio
Cat: DD 018JIM. Rel: 10 Jul 20
  1. Jim Dunloop - "Spirit De Rio"
  2. Jim Dunloop & GRZLY Adams - "Different Sweetnuts"
Played by: Voodoocuts
coming soon $10.20
Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese (2xLP)
Cat: PARA 322LP.
coming soon $20.12
Hollywood's Bleeding
Hollywood's Bleeding (pink vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 864313. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Hollywood's Bleeding
  2. Saint Tropez
  3. Enemies (feat Dababy)
  4. Allergic
  5. A Thousand Bad Times
  6. Circles
  7. Die For Me (feat Future, Halsey)
  8. On The Road (feat Lil Baby, Meek Mill)
  9. Take What You Want (feat Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott)
  10. I'm Gonna Be
  11. Staring At The Sun (feat SZA)
  12. Sunflower (feat Swae Lee)
  13. Internet
  14. Goodbyes (Young Thug)
  15. Myself
  16. I Know
  17. Wow
coming soon $29.53
Heat Rock Vol 5
Heat Rock Vol 5 (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: HR 005. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. King Most - "Rhythm Rug" (My Favorite edit Ever)
  2. Altered Tapes - "Ego Drip" (Outta This Horn remix)
Review: If hot-to-trot and heavyweight funk re-fixes are your thing, you should already be familiar with the work of Chicago-based Heat Rock Records. Their latest limited seven-inch delivers two must-check workouts. On the A you'll find the "Rhythm Rug" edit by San Francisco scalpel fiends King Most, a cut-and-paste concoction that peppers a sunny, hip-hop tempo good-time soul-funk groove with excerpts from the acapella version of rap classic "Can I Kick It?" Over on the flip, label regulars and Windy City heroes Altered Tapes provide something even wilder: a hot-stepping fusion of Afro-jazz horns, dancehall style drums and what sound like occasional Q-Tip vocal snippets.
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Played by: Originals
coming soon $13.34
I Want You
Cat: SBTP 002. Rel: 10 Jul 20
  1. I Want You (Jim Sharp edit)
  2. Trippin' Out (Jim Sharp edit)
coming soon $11.24
Hot Pink
Hot Pink (LP)
Cat: 194397 17051. Rel: 19 Jun 20
coming soon $24.31
RTJ4 (gatefold neon magenta vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 405053 8617320. Rel: 18 Sep 20
coming soon $25.36
I Wanna Thank Me
I Wanna Thank Me (gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ERE 531. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon $26.66
Looking At The Front Door (reissue)
Looking At The Front Door (reissue) (7" 再プレス) (1 per customer)
Cat: AL 2572. Rel: 15 Jun 20
  1. Looking At The Front Door (vocal) (4:14)
  2. Looking At The Front Door (instrumental) (4:11)
Review: To our ears, there are few greater golden era dancefloor hip-hop workouts than Main Source's "Looking At The Front Door", a stone-cold classic that remains a much-played anthem decades after it was originally released. Here the 1990 jam gets the reissue treatment. It's available in both vocal and instrumental versions, with both sides doing a great job in showcasing the duo's killer beat - a fine mixture of crunchy drums, woozy electric piano chords, scratched-in samples and toasty bass. Naturally it's the vocal version that we'd reach for more often than not - the trio's flows are particularly good on 'Looking At The Front Door' - but the instrumental is nevertheless a useful tool to have at your disposal.
Read more
coming soon $17.25
2020 Donuts # 3
2020 Donuts # 3 (yellow vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: 2020 7003. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. Boca 45 - "It's All There Featuring Swaby"
  2. Boca 45 & The Bryan Munich All Stars - "Hot Wheels The Chase"
Played by: Voodoocuts
coming soon $13.34
Maarifti Feek
Cat: WWSLP 36. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Khaleek Bil Beit
  2. Ouverture 83
  3. Version I
  4. Rah Nibka Sawa
  5. Maarifti Feek
  6. Reprise (83)
  7. Li Beirut
  8. Antoura
  9. Ma Kdirt Nseet
  10. Oudak Rannan
  11. Version II
Played by: Secretsundaze
coming soon $23.52
Han Tome
Han Tome (7")
Cat: HR 7S170. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Han Tome (Viagem remix)
  2. Han Tome (Flutemental mix)
Review: The original 12 "was released in 1998. Side-A is a beautiful and deep beat track sampled from Luiz Eca's masterpiece of Latin piano" Consolacao ". Side-B includes "Flutemental", which has become a hot track overseas due to being included in a compilation selected by DJ CAM, and a track sampled by The Afro Blues Quintet "Spartacus" and Eddie Pazant of Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers.
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coming soon $23.00
None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive
Cat: 889984. Rel: 10 Jul 20
coming soon $20.90
Jazz Is Dead 2
coming soon $26.66
Waterfalls (12" picture disc)
Cat: 194397 24381. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
Bulls On Parade
Cat: LVR 01041. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
Bubba (2xLP)
Cat: 194397 24481. Rel: 12 Jun 20
coming soon $27.45
Raw Fruit Vol 5-6
Cat: LGSF 005. Rel: 03 Jul 20
  1. De La Soul
  2. Cardigan Sweater
  3. Beanie Siegel
  4. Hump Day
  5. Dip
  6. Love Was
  7. Snow (Spacebase RMX)
  8. Coldwave
  9. Greentea Wit The Green Tree
  10. Free From That
  11. Right Time Vs Wrong Time
  12. Doberman In The Cadillac
  13. Whom
  14. The Lo Scarf
  15. One For KNX (My Naga)
  16. Highland Park Hipsters
  17. Dirty Cutlass
  18. There Are
  19. Boss
  20. Black
  21. JD's Revenge
  22. Glasshouse
  23. Sentimental Horror
  24. Tell Me
  25. Rev's Conk
  26. Nah Im Straight
coming soon $25.08
Say My Name (20th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: 194397 23381. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
Moon Trip Radio
  1. Rune
  2. List
  3. NSX
  4. Cupidwing
  5. Glowing Bones
  6. Fire Blue
  7. Twilit
  8. Lyre
  9. In A Mirror
  10. Soliloquy
  11. Moon Trip Radio
coming soon $24.31
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Coming Soon: Hip Hop/R&B