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DUPLOCXX PT2A (white vinyl 12")
Cat: DUPLOCXX PT2A. Rel: 18 Jan 24
11th Hour & Hebbe - "Access Denied" (4:38)
Mikrodot - "Sun God" (3:45)
Merricat Black - "Tricky Bizzness" (4:26)
Losco & ONHELL - "Carnal" (2:58)
Substrada - "Stonk Face" (4:37)
Wraz - "Wriggle" (4:12)
Review: Duploc continue to fly the flag for true-skool dubstep with their digital output and a renewed run of vinyl pressings. Duploc Blaxck Tapes 2.0 originally dropped back in 2022 and the tracks from the likes of Hamdi, Hypho and ENiGMA Dubz were instantly getting picked up by such respected selectors as Youngsta, Sicaria Sound and Riz La Teef. It's not hard to see why, given the label's declared focus on "the heavier dubstep sound" with incendiary results. If you want to test some subs with the gnarliest 140 gear around, this record is all you need.
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Savinsky (12")
Cat: HOTPLATES 010. Rel: 24 May 24
Savinsky (4:40)
Packin 50 Calis (4:40)
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Transmitted EP
Transmitted EP (12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: LDHXL 003. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Desaccord (4:05)
Gramz (3:19)
Cortizoid (3:11)
Transmitted (3:33)
Review: Deep dubstep explorations are very much back in fashion of late. LDH is a new label that is tapping into that world and now welcomes Argo for a quartet of emotive new cuts that also do plenty of damage when played nice and loud on the right sound system. 'Desaccord' is a tender one with a pained harmonic lead and jittery beats, 'Gramz' has grime vocals over the crisp, glitchy, tech-y drum work and 'Cortizoid' invites you to sink deep into a wobbly synth and stuttering kicks. 'Transmitted' is a more suspensory sound with ambient cosmic pads that are warm and cuddly.
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A Way Back
Cat: AQU 004. Rel: 28 Jul 22
Oh Lord (feat Maxwell Owin) (3:39)
What It Is (2:13)
All Ways (3:10)
The Truth (3:22)
A Way Back (3:07)
Review: Even before you hear the first beat, there is something incredibly exit about seeing the names Male - a pioneering beat master and pivotal figure in the early emergence of the dubstep sound - with Joe Armon-Jones, talented musician and master keys man. A Way Back comes on Aquarii, Armon-Jones's own label with him on keys and synths, Mala on drums and bass and Maxwell Owin featuring on 'Oh Lord'. It brings back memories of the golden dubstep years with cavernous bass and heavy weight drums all finished to perfection with Armon-Jones top lines.
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Multiplex (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: IT 061. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Multiplex (5:45)
Broke (5:54)
Is It Warm (5:20)
83 Steps (5:22)
Review: Ilian Tape have been sympathetic to the sound of UK bass for some time now, but this new drop from Atrice leans even further into the pervading energy of dubstep as a source of club pressure. The Swiss duo first appeared on Ilian Tape with Q back in 2021, and they're sounding stronger than ever on this latest missive. If 'Multiplex' brings a cybernetic sheen to headsy 140, then 'Is It Warm' does similar work with techy d&b as the pair dice up breakbeats with precision and drape exquisite, shimmering pads over the ruffness. There's also space for crafty techno propulsion on 'Broke' and high-tempo trippiness on '83 Steps', making this a versatile, consistently brilliant release from a rising force in the scene.
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Shaved EP
Shaved EP (12")
Cat: WAP 291. Rel: 04 Feb 10
Tummy Sticks
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Closer (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CWI 001. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Closer (3:47)
Antarctic City (4:40)
Closer (Jam City remix) (6:46)
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Solace (12")
Cat: WYCH 006. Rel: 15 Dec 22
Solace (3:58)
On My Mind (4:01)
Review: Bengal Sound is a rising star in the Bristol bass scene and now he makes another mighty fine statement with this two tracker on Wych, the increasingly essential label run by K-LONE. This one comes after his various standout tunes from self-released cassettes fusing dusty old Bollywood samples to red hot club bangers. 'Solace' is the opener and is heavy on the rubbing and cavernous bass with icy leads and on the flip is 'On My Mind' which is just as atmospheric.
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GALL 014
GALL 014 (limited 12")
Cat: GALL 014. Rel: 08 May 24
U Up (5:43)
U Dancin (5:36)
U Perfect (5:20)
U Burnin (6:54)
Review: The Bitter End label and eponymous production outfit is back with a new and limited 12" of brilliantly dazzling electro, disco and some other unnameable sounds. It's fresh in its fusion of the new with the old and opens with 'U Up', an electro-tinged cut that glides through the cosmos with characterful synth sounds and plenty of colour. 'U Dancin' then brings wispy pads and smeared vocals to a twitchy technoid groove and 'U Perfect' brings out some spangled metal sounds and dubbed out low ends before 'U Burnin' closes with lurching beats and hefty bass under raw percussion. It's experimental body music that cannot fail to get you going.
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Tags: EBM | Minimal
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The Labyrinth
The Labyrinth (limited 7" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: ZAMZAM 92. Rel: 17 Jul 23
The Labyrinth (4:09)
Minotaur Dub (4:11)
Review: Blind Prophet & Ishan Sound come together for their first pan-atlantic collaboration here in what is a fine return to the ZamZam label. The pair first met in Portland in 2019 and so it's good to finally have some sounds to get stuck into from their meeting of minds. 'The Labyrinth' kicks off with hefty and stepping drum rhythms that are overlaid by bright synth lines and mystic flutes. The interloping melodies and a menacing bassline finish it in style. On the flip, things get much more dark with 'Minotaur Dub' which is a shadowy world of refracting drums and oodles of reverb and echo. There is a predatory sense to the rhythm that never lets up as fizzing bass pries every deep into the dead of night.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
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Alarm Room
Cat: WPR 070. Rel: 19 Dec 23
Alarm Room (3:33)
Basement (3:42)
Diego (3:36)
Kitchen (4:02)
Review: Siberian subs! New duo Wasta and Sector.13 make their debut on one of the UK's juiciest imprints White Peach. Four cuts deep, each one wonked and tricked out with stacks of swagger, the EP flexes with fire all the way from the mystic pipes and woozy blues of the opening track 'Alarm Room' to the aggy string-wrapped finale piece 'Kitchen'. Between we're treated to the smoky struts of 'Basement' and the jagged funk of 'Diego'. Each cut slaps with style. Don't press snooze on this alarm!
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In My Head
Cat: TEC 104. Rel: 23 Oct 18
Back In The Box (4:13)
Herbie (3:18)
In My Head (3:12)
Perfunktion (5:35)
Review: It was only a matter of time before Boofy landed on Pinch's Tectonic. Both Bristol. Both magnetised to the fringes. Both responsible for untold low end hurters like these... "Back In The Box" is a heavy pressure cut with pneumatic kicks and ominous stretched brass textures while "Herbie" is a highly strung piece that's stripped back to just drums, subs and an eerie faltering lead and builds and twists when you least expect it. Flip for the churchy chords and rattled percussion of "In My Head" before "Perfunktion" closes with jazzier chords and a stone cold steppy kick arrangement. Classic Boofs.
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Into Chaos EP
Cat: DDD 127. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Antagonist (2:50)
Alienated (3:16)
War Machine (2:36)
Into Chaos (2:57)
Primal (3:18)
I Am (3:37)
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PBR 009
PBR 009 (12")
Cat: PBR 009. Rel: 27 Feb 24
Life In Stereo (6:12)
Rat City (6:07)
Chapel Town (5:32)
Dub The Acid (5:27)
Review: Peaky Beats is a great name for a label that serves up such irresistible house and garage jams as it has so far over its first eight EPs. This ninth outing is no less desirable, coming from the in house production team in collaboration with Breakfake. 'Life In Stereo' hits a perfect note between kinetic drums and soulful, jazzy chords deigned to melt the heart. 'Rat City' is more filthy - a warped bassline screws about beneath more sleazy broken beats. 'Chapel Town' brings low end dubstep wobble to the party and 'Dub The Acid' is another filthy dirty skanker with echoing hits and mutant bass.
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Hollow (12")
Cat: RVG 045. Rel: 24 Oct 22
Hollow (6:39)
Already Broken (3:46)
Any Closer (6:21)
Hollow (Fybe One remix) (5:58)
Already Broken (Benny Ill remix) (4:01)
Any Closer (Youngsta & Nomine remix) (4:02)
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Hollow (CD single)
Cat: RVG 045CD. Rel: 24 Oct 22
Already Broken
Any Closer
Hollow (Fybe One remix)
Already Broken (Benny Ill remix)
Any Closer (Youngsta & Nomine remix)
$7.28 SAVE 45%
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Hollow (cassette single)
Cat: RVG 045CS. Rel: 24 Oct 22
Hollow (7:01)
Already Broken (3:59)
Any Closer (6:38)
Hollow (Fybe One remix) (6:12)
Already Broken (Benny Ill remix) (4:12)
Any Closer (Youngsta & Nomine remix) (4:14)
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Ski Mask Activities EP
Ski Mask Activities EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MEDI 126. Rel: 09 May 24
Ski Mask Activities (5:05)
Treat Me Like Royalty (5:09)
Foreign Signals (5:07)
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Solace (orange vinyl 12")
Cat: FA 08. Rel: 14 Mar 24
Abstract (5:37)
Never After (with Redeyes) (4:45)
Olive Riddim (5:21)
Sticky Rice (4:29)
Tribe (5:38)
Neon Postcards (5:52)
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Cat: IMRV 037. Rel: 18 Sep 23
Deliverance (4:39)
The Time Is Now (feat DPRNDRP) (4:14)
Review: The deep dubstep revival continues to roll on and turn out ever more crucial sounds from the underground and back streets. Bukkha's latest for Innamind Recordings is a perfect case in point - it's primed and ready to blow out the basins of any system it is played on. Opener 'Deliverance' has some serious weight to it while the low-end wobbles keep things rolling under crispy, long tailed hits and hissing synth mystery. On the flip is 'The Time Is Now" (feat DPRNDRP)', a more crunchy and broken beat overlaid with squealing synth motifs and bad man vocalisations.
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Lost Woods
Cat: BURST 003. Rel: 24 May 24
Burst - "Lost Woods" (3:31)
Burst - "Spies Love Gold" (5:24)
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Bad & Badder
Cat: SIG 028. Rel: 12 Feb 21
Bad (6:34)
Badder (6:33)
Review: Although Rhythm & Sound and Basic Channel man Mark Ernestus has worked with or remixed many different artists over the years, we didn't expect him to join forces with D&B scene stalwarts Calbre and DRS. Yet that's exactly what's on offer here, as the Hardwax founder delivers two typically deep, dubbed-out techno outings crafted from portions of the pair's collaborative cut 'Badman', which is due to feature on Calbre's forthcoming sixteenth studio album, Feeling Normal. Both 'Bad' and 'Badder' are typical of Ernestus' ultra-deep and hypnotic style, with snippets of the duo's original instruments, beats and vocals echoing in and out of a warming, all-encompassing, sub-heavy groove. In a word, it's superb.
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COD3 QR 015
Cat: COD 3QR015. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Calibre - "Sump Dub" (6:33)
Seroplexx - "Alerte Rouge" (6:14)
Costello - "Timeline" (7:11)
Marcelus - "Forward" (4:35)
Subground 3000 - "Sound Migration" (Lee Trax Garage remix) (6:38)
Jim Rivers - "Cosmos" (8:31)
Melatron & Ancient Artefact - "I Get My Kicks" (6:53)
Review: The latest compilation album from COD3 QR is, as always, focused on eclecticism, open-mindedness, divergence and non-conformity, featuring the usual wide range of electronic music, all handpicked by Laurent Garnier and Scan X. The vinyl edition of this very latest edition of the compilation series - which was embarked upon in not long after the longstanding but mysterious label was revealed to be the fruits of the labours of this legendary duo, who had until then ran it incognito - comes as a condensed version of the digital, on which a terse seven tracks from the likes of Calibre, Seroplexx, Costello, Marcelus, Subground 3000, Lee Trax, Jim Rivers, Melatron and Ancient Artifact all appear. Though the label has set a high expectation with their admonition against "all expectations and all prejudices", they actually do extremely well to fulfil that aim. Most contributions here - from the steppy, sloppy 'Sump Dub to the just-plain-monstrous 'I Get My Kicks' - tend towards on the uncategorisable and unpigeonholeable, at least in terms of overtly boxed-in genre norms.
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Played by: Wes Baggaley
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Altitude (12")
Cat: MEDI 129. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Dem God (5:10)
Nemesis (5:19)
Altitude (3:51)
Chorale (4:12)
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Shake Like Me
Cat: BRUK 3. Rel: 02 Dec 21
Dread Percent (3:33)
Fish Tek (4:21)
Mess Mutual (4:24)
Shake Like Me (4:42)
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Kreamy (limited 12")
Cat: LOCUSV 004. Rel: 22 Feb 23
Causa - "Kreamy" (4:38)
Causa - "Kreamy" (Pharma remix) (3:53)
Pharma - "Shift" (3:43)
Pharma - "Shift" (Causa remix) (4:12)
Review: Causa and Pharma link-up for one of Locus Sounds' rare vinyl outings and the vibes are set as high as ever. Two originals from both, each one remixing each other's tunes, Causa kicks off with 'Kreamy', an industrial weight growler that's given a dubby touch by Pharma on the rub. Meanwhile on the flip, Pharma heads in an easterly direction with the intense pressure and swagger of 'Shift' before Causa charges the groove up with a bulbous, funk-oozing bassline. Kream if you wanna go faster.
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Strains (12")
Cat: FAV 022. Rel: 16 Mar 23
Piercing Cold (3:06)
How Does It Work (feat Reso) (3:27)
Gelato Cake (3:50)
Strains (3:53)
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Coast 2 Coast EP
Cat: CCS 001. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Coast 2 Coast (4:02)
Scorpion Death Lock (5:06)
Make Up Your Mind (5:54)
Cabs Here (feat Sumgii) (5:02)
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Water Willy EP
Cat: DNO 013. Rel: 07 Aug 23
Super Strong (6:12)
Heavy Feet (5:46)
Spinning Head (7:06)
Water Willy (5:18)
Review: Clearlight is a Belgian producer of deep and experimental dubstep, with the 'experimental' label shining especially brightly on this latest EP for DNO. Through rich construction of atmosphere and intricate percussion, Clearlight evokes early Deep Heads on the likes of 'Super Strong' and 'Heavy Feet', harking back to the original dubsteppers' emphasis on style and immersion. The B-sider 'Spinning Head' is a special highlight, minimal on the low-end while remaining no less impactful in its use of a 16th note, midrange wobble.
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Cat: STRT 002. Rel: 17 Oct 22
Honeymoon (2:05)
Wonk (2:47)
Review: This is how it all began! Coco Bryce and Saturate take us back to 2011 with this deliciously wacky 80bpm halftime couplet. 'Honeymoon' takes us on a wonky MIDI mission with stacks of drama and feeling while 'Wonk' is pure off-the-wall bleep art. Never before released on vinyl, both cuts carry a certain sense of late 2000s nostalgia while remaining so unique they still bump hard today. Feel the love!
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Shift (12")
Cat: MEDI 082. Rel: 17 Dec 14
Shift (feat JME)
Shift (instrumental)
Review: On his first release for Deep Medi Musik this year, Commodo taps up JME for a mean lyrical flow over the top of a typically monstrous production, making a perfect dubstep / grime crossover track in the process. JME has a blast pointing back to classic reference points from Kano and Wiley and many more in his conscious MC turn, while Commodo's beat prowls in the background with that exotic charm that has always marked out his style from the rest of the pack. There's a hooky chorus and plenty of grand stabs, and for those who just want the tune the instrumental is bundled in as well. The fact that the beat stands up on its own without any trouble says a lot about Commodo's studio prowess, which is no doubt why he continues to be a mainstay on Mala's label.
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Played by: AxH
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Dyrge EP
Dyrge EP (double 10")
Cat: ACRE 074. Rel: 25 May 18
Bitch & Moan (3:39)
Leeroy (3:40)
Dyrge (4:22)
Yuliya (3:42)
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Mind Control
Cat: MEDI 119. Rel: 18 Nov 21
Mind Control (5:09)
Emergence (4:52)
Stronghold (4:16)
Armada Bleeps (4:41)
Review: Deep Medi Musik continues on its mission to find the darkest, deepest and heaviest dubstep out there with a new bowel-rumbling release from Compa. It opens with the lurching drums and insistent stabs of 'Mind Control', a spacious wobbler with impossibly weighty bass. 'Emergence' then gets a little busier with zippy leads pinging about the mix and frosty static adding texture to the low end wub. 'Stronghold' is another bleak futuristic vision where all humanlike has been replaced by AI and 'Armada Bleeps' brings glassy texture, edgy chords and glitching breaks.
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Radar (12")
Cat: NONPLUS 015. Rel: 12 Sep 11
Vacuum States
Review: Having announced his new Jon Convex endeavour with two slices of formidable futurism for Martyn's 3024 imprint, Damon Kirkham returns to the familiarity of Non Plus with a double clutch of equally essential productions. Fans of cult TV might recognise the snatch of Badalamenti strings that announce "Radar" in such ominous fashion, though it's they way this element is weaved amidst ever groaning insect like bass and murderous strains of dystopian acid that truly impresses. And of course the brittle click clack of drums that always threatens to smash to pieces. In contrast, "Vacuum States" offers a more optimistic slant on the sci fi electro poise, gradually letting loose a succession of kaleidoscopic synth flutters over the stripped down kick thrust and glooping bass.
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That Deep EP
That Deep EP (translucent yellow vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SOTD 001. Rel: 21 Nov 23
31er (4:39)
That Deep (4:10)
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Lazer Quest EP
Cat: NUP 086. Rel: 03 Nov 22
Lazer Quest (4:39)
Nobody Cares Ft. Jakey Banton (3:43)
Acid Wash (5:04)
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Lurking In The City EP
Cat: ROW 017. Rel: 04 Mar 24
Exit Sign (6:32)
Division (5:02)
Lurking In The City (4:45)
Region (5:24)
Review: .
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 in stock $14.27
Ready & Ripe
Ready & Ripe (limited translucent gold marbled vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: MS 069. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Ready & Ripe (feat Roachee) (5:42)
Infinity (feat Elena Shirin) (3:32)
Drain (feat Sabolious) (4:09)
Ready & Ripe (instrumental) (4:13)
Infinity (instrumental) (2:37)
Review: DJ Squarewave and DubApe team up for a phat but stylistically sprawling dubstep EP, 'Ready & Ripe', oscillating between both the heavier and serener ends of the spectrum. A decidedly arid, sub-Saharan palette abounds, whether that be on the opening hype machine that is 'Ready & Ripe' - propelled forward by the energizing emceeing exposition of Roachee - or the bubbling sub-riddim headnod that is 'Drain'. The closing instrumental version of the title track, too, is a notable heater in its own right.
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Noodle Box EP
Cat: NMN 012. Rel: 22 May 20
K120 (4:10)
Noodle Box (4:11)
Huli (4:12)
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Tribulation Dub
Tribulation Dub (1-sided 12")
Cat: DREADZ 002. Rel: 14 Oct 19
Tribulation Dub (4:39)
Review: The mysterious Dreadz white label returns for a follow up to their self-titled 001 in 2017. Once again one-sided, no info or credits, just a good old-fashioned system shaker with a sub line that melts through the scoops like ice cream on a hot day. Deep, spacious and, quite possibly, a head nod to Ras Nyto's release from 2008, this is proper contemporary 140 / dub business and it's not likely to hang around.
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Cool & Relax
Cat: DSSP 013. Rel: 16 Mar 23
Cool & Relax (feat Nazamba) (4:27)
Nature's Dub (4:51)
Review: Thankfully there has now been enough time passed since the original dubstep movement that people are turning back to the genre to reinvent and reinvigorate it without prejudice. There is plenty of like about dubstep 2.0 not least this EP from Dubamine on Dub Stu, which leans heavily on the original dub sounds of the 70s with its natty vocals and rolling drums all brought up to date with crisp contemporary production. 'Cool & Relax' (feat Nazamba) is a sublime tune to sink into while 'Nature's Dub' is as organic as the title suggests, with bottomless bass and endless depths.
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Cat: SEMPLATE 001. Rel: 31 May 23
Roots Of Dub (5:08)
We Lock Down The Block (5:08)
Chords Trip (5:07)
Review: Riddim Tuffa's Echoboy follows up releases on Moonshine and Solway Dub with this exceptional triplet of soundsystem jams on Soul Ex Machina. Cosmic, meditative but kicking like a sub-loaded mule, there's a gentle progression throughout the EP. 'Roots Of Dub' immerses us like a Smith & Mighty blueprint, 'We Lock Down The Block' is a little more dancefloor focused but still heavily restrained and pared back (similar to Tipper at his deepest and most star-gazey) while finally 'Chords Trip' closes on a much more traditional digi dub tip. Beautiful.

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Jahovah (12")
Cat: MS 063. Rel: 06 May 22
Jahovah Remix (feat Danny Red & The Herb) (5:22)
I'N'I Dub (4:42)
Dub Teachings (4:26)
 in stock $13.46
Particular Angle
Particular Angle (limited 10")
Cat: NDH 005. Rel: 13 Jun 23
Particular Angle (5:01)
Blurring Off Into Its Opposite (6:11)
Review: Element is a Kyoto-based producer who explores the experimental side of dub music. On his latest release, 'Particular Angle', he delivers two tracks that showcase his diverse influences and skills. On the title track, he blends new roots, grime and dub techno into a mesmerising soundscape that is both heavy and hypnotic. On the B-side cut 'Blurring Off Into Its Opposite' he creates an atmospheric ambient journey that draws inspiration from Gil Melle's soundtrack for The Andromeda Strain. All-in-all it is a stunning example of his original and captivating style.
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 in stock $15.07
Predator Trax
Predator Trax (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: TEMPOZONE 05. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Underpass Rouge (5:50)
Predator Trax (7:12)
Paranorm (5:29)
C50 (7:16)
Zap Me To The Moon (4:53)
 in stock $15.88
Hungry Ghost
Cat: IMRV 033. Rel: 27 May 22
Monophasic (5:10)
Hungry Ghost (4:43)
Quake (4:36)
Unmoor (3:38)
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Fair Warning
Fair Warning (hand-stamped 10")
Cat: FAVX 012. Rel: 22 Feb 23
Fair Warning (3:36)
Onda Block (3:30)
 in stock $14.54
Expty EP
Expty EP (12")
Cat: CAF 011. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Dubby (3:02)
Wtsub (2:56)
Shantibaba (3:30)
Secos (2:52)
Crwdy (2:58)
Wooby (2:46)
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 in stock $13.48
Shoals (12")
Cat: FC 07. Rel: 01 May 24
Dark Age (4:13)
Bad Neighbor (4:41)
Dusty Acer (4:01)
Illumination (3:45)
Shoals (4:58)
Review: Throw the gauntlet: Fast Castle makes a welcome return here with Gent1e $oul's new Shoals"=-EP which is a superbly deep dive into some new and previously uncharted bass worlds. All five cuts are versatile and vital offerings starting with the in your face aggression of opener 'Dark Age' with its hefty low-end wobbles. 'Bad Neighbor' has some stepper energy with big waves of sub-bass washing over you and 'Dusty Acer' then pays tribute to the artist's "dear but aging AoE2 gaming machine". Deep dubstep fans will find plenty of love on 'Illumination' with plenty of mystic ambiance to get lost in and 'Shoals' draws things to a close with half-stepping 160bpm power.
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 in stock $15.07
Block Printing
Block Printing (limited hand-stamped 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: FC 06. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Gent1e Soul - "Heated Shot" (3:59)
Gent1e Soul - "Siege Ram" (4:45)
Gent1e Soul - "Woads" (4:08)
Gent1e Soul - "Fortified Walls" (7:48)
Rolex3k & Gent1e Soul - "Turtle Ship" (4:56)
Review: Little is known about Gent1e Soul besides the fact they have been on Fast Castle before (with the exemplary 'Silk Armour' EP), they make remarkably addictive, super-gloopy, trippy, funky beat based music and that they're probably quite nice and considerate, considering their alias and all. Generous, too. Each of these five cuts tickles a different corner of the breakbeat/dubstep/club hinterland as they guide us from the old school Benga-like pushes and swagger of 'Siege Ram' to the WNCL-flavoured percussive hypnosis of 'Woads' via the pounding technoid rolls of 'Fortified Walls' and beyond.

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 in stock $13.99
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