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Shell Them Again (feat Zed Bias & Safire remix)
Cat: IFGGG 005. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Shell Them Again (3:06)
Shell Them Again (dub mix) (3:07)
Shell Them Again (Zed Bias & Safire remix) (3:22)
Shell Them Again (acappella) (2:50)
Review: Garage powerhouse Zed Bias is back with more old school garage brilliance with the new single 'Shell Them Again' featuring the vocals of Yung Saber and Brakeman. The original has plenty of retro signifiers from the low-end wobble to the withering synth effects, plus crisp hits and jostling drums. After the dub mix comes a remix from Zed himself alongside Safire which is much more dirty and raw. The beats are broken up so the track takes on a dubstep quality as the low-end oscillations bring the weight and drums hit with more force. Finally, the acappella closes out this fresh 12" on IFG.
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Nope (limited 7" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: ZAMZAM 95. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Nope (feat Ras Lys) (4:16)
Abbadia (4:12)
Review: ZamZam is hurtling towards its milestone 100th release but first it turns to enigmatic French producer Hiss Is Bliss. Both sides of this new 12" aim squarely at the dancefloor. 'Nope' opens up as a perfect dub techno exploration with driving 808 kicks and synth swirls that paint cosmic colours in the space above. Ras Lys' vocal adds a hint of dread while the B-side cut 'Abbadia' is stripped right back to the bare bones and still makes a mark. The pads are distorted as the shimmer above the rhythm and lock you into a mindful state. This one has been limited to just 800 copies so do not sleep.
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So Is The Sun
Cat: WSDM 027. Rel: 04 Jul 24
A X I S (3:51)
Brain Drain (5:07)
De Oost (4:33)
Innsbruck (5:37)
Review: Wisdom Tooth co-founder Facta has always brought plenty of colour to his blends of house, bass and club music. Both rhythmically inventive and dancefloor-ready, his work is also always full of playfulness and emotion. So is the Sun is another EP that follows in that fine tradition with opener 'A X I S' laying down bumping drums and warming sub-bass under crisp hits and whimsical neon pads. 'Innsbruck' is another sugary sweet blend of thudding, rubbery drums and naive melodies that truly captivate. Add in two more charming club cuts and you have a superb return from this ever-green talent.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Seny (12" in hand-sprayed hand-numbered sleeve limited to 200 copies)
Cat: KIMOCHI 55. Rel: 22 Jul 24
I'll Hausen You (IllfewYOU) (7:16)
Funk Your Dub Up (CrunkDUNKup) (8:04)
Hoppy One (HOPPYkimonoHAPPY) (7:09)
Fleetingly Jazzist (FeeltinglyFEELfloot) (8:08)
Review: Dreamlogic and SW are two standouts in the outlier world of leftfield house music, and they find a perfect home on the equally out-there label that is Kimochi. This is the first time they have been on the same bit of wax (though both have been here many times as solo artists) and hopefully, it won't be the last. There is plenty of unusual rhythm work here with wonky grooves that are enriched with a world of superbly futuristic sound designs. All of these hard to define cuts are serious curveballs that bring a great element of WTF to any set, so do not sleep and add them to your arsenal ASAP.

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X01 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: XYX 01. Rel: 29 Nov 21
Track 1 (5:48)
Track 2 (6:32)
Track 3 (5:25)
Review: Here's some fresh techno from Intercepts, a new project dropping three slabs of hi-def, immersive club material from three different un-named artists for adventurous souls. 'Track 1' moves at a slower tempo and deals in fractured rhythms, all the better to carry the huge swathes of atmospheric sound design. 'Track 2' rolls with a deceptive discoid funk which contrasts neatly with the looped up Berlin techno-friendly elements. 'Track 3' takes things even further out into experimental - but still rhythmical - territory, marking Intercepts out as a label with a strong sense of adventure and their own distinctive way of merging influences into something which may well tickle your ear drums.
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Played by: Jeigo
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In Colour (remastered)
In Colour (remastered) (LP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: YT 229LP2. Rel: 11 Dec 20
Gosh (4:51)
Sleep Sound (3:49)
SeeSaw (feat Romy Madley Croft) (4:32)
Obvs (3:49)
Just Saying (1:23)
Stranger In A Room (feat Oliver Sim) (3:01)
Hold Tight (4:00)
Loud Places (feat Romy Madley Croft) (4:45)
I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) (feat Young Thug & Popcaan) (3:29)
The Rest Is Noise (5:06)
Girl (4:00)
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Cat: TIMEDANCE 032. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Blame Is The Name Of The Game (5:08)
Below Sanpaku (5:11)
BeautySick (5:02)
Review: It is no mean feat to emerge with our own unquietly original sound but that's just what Lauren Bush aka RE:NI did with twisted, tightly interwoven but languid rhythms. Now Bush is back with a debut EP on Timedance that fuses techno, bass and something else into a potent quartet of high-class dancefloor rhythms. 'BURSTTRAP' rocks back and forth on its heels with chattery percussion, 'Blame Is The Name Of The Game' layers up skittish fragments of percussion and rhythm into a scattered groove that has great big hits up top and sounds like it exists in an empty old factory. 'Below Sanpaku' is even more decaying and depraved and 'BeautySick' shuts down with another dubbed-out and mesmerising fusion of sounds.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $14.81
Portrait With Firewood
Cat: RS 1810. Rel: 18 Feb 20
Unblocked (1:59)
Waters Rising (6:20)
Creature (part 1) (4:44)
Creature (part 2) (5:42)
Sex (8:31)
Blue Violet (8:43)
Sparrows (4:41)
Showreel (part 3) (9:34)
Blood In My Mouth (2:56)
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U (white vinyl LP + poster)
Cat: MT 0096. Rel: 16 May 16
U (3:51)
To Have You Back (4:36)
Run (6:00)
Wait (5:07)
My Love (interlude) (2:07)
Waves (5:58)
Too Late (4:30)
Foolish (4:06)
Seperate Ways (3:08)
For Sarah (3:38)
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Local Knowledge 002
Local Knowledge 002 (limited 10" + poster + insert + stickers)
Cat: LKX 002. Rel: 13 Jul 22
Chinchilla (4:39)
My Safeword Is Dolphin (4:11)
Aquatique (4:51)
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What I Breathe
Cat: LFTLP 01. Rel: 05 Aug 22
Hand In Hand Through Wonderland (5:29)
I Can Remember It So Vividly (4:26)
Love Reigns (4:58)
Understand (feat Brendan Yates) (3:46)
Patience (feat Nia Archives) (4:19)
Without The Sun (4:22)
Spirit Wave (5:18)
Breathing (4:52)
Intercity Relations (4:42)
Time Change (feat Novelist & D Double E) (3:07)
Distant Conversation (5:15)
Metaphysical (4:57)
Lost In Harajuku (4:35)
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Pass Through
Cat: VMRLP 003. Rel: 24 Feb 23
Wait (7:13)
Felt (6:11)
Ask (9:08)
Kiss (4:42)
Kissed (4:33)
Mist (4:59)
Cab (4:35)
Pay (6:22)
Dropped (3:24)
Room (3:28)
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First Light
First Light (grey marbled vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: VSN 079. Rel: 09 Jul 21
Love No More (3:55)
Angel Blade (4:37)
Void Song (with Former) (5:43)
Unravel (2:10)
First Light (5:43)
Glass Hearts (with Imanu) (5:41)
Hindsight (4:39)
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Round Ere
Round Ere (12")
Cat: PMAWS 016. Rel: 06 Jun 19
Round Ere (feat Rakay) (5:09)
Yinliao (4:12)
Graft (feat Rakay) (3:36)
Module (3:40)
 in stock $6.45
Fifth Wall EP
Fifth Wall EP (140 gram vinyl 12" + insert + sticker)
Cat: WSR CSN1. Rel: 03 Jul 23
88 (5:07)
Ante (4:20)
Otta (5:30)
Fifth Wall (6:08)
Review: Well Street serves up lush broken beats on this new 12" with an insert and sticker included alongside the serious grooves. They come from Cousin who kicks off with the lurching, bass infused rhythms of '88'. 'Ante' then pairs edgy synth work and aqueous droplets with busted synth loops to make for something truly fresh. 'Otta' is a lush suspensory tune that floats you on ambient pads with minimal elastic rhythms. 'Fifth Wall' sits down with more misty ambient and mysterious atmospheres that float through space.
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Adapting To A Different System Not Using Technology
Cat: BSUN 007. Rel: 10 Mar 23
All Night Heat (8:38)
Flateggs (5:18)
Toca (5:17)
Adapting To A Different System Not Using Technology (5:28)
 in stock $12.91
Gentle Confrontation
Cat: HDBCD 064. Rel: 06 Oct 23
Gentle Confrontation
Let U Go (feat Keiya)
Deja Vu (feat Ritchie)
Prelude Of Tired Of Me
Glitch The System (Glitch Bitch 2)
One Way Ticket To The Midwest (Emo) (feat Corey Mastrangelo)
Cards With The Grandparents
While They Were Singing (feat Marina Herlop)
Try For Me (feat Eden Samara)
Tired Of Me
Speechless (feat George Riley)
Disjointed (Feeling Like A Kid Again)
I'm Trying To Love Myself
Saying Goodbye (feat Contour)
Scepticism With Joy (feat Mouse On The Keys - bonus track)
Review: Loraine James continues to trust her instincts and serve us some of the most honest and original music within the leftfield electronic sphere right now. Having recently paid tribute to the work of Julius Eastman on Build Something Beautiful For Me, now she retunes to Hyperdub with the record she claims the teenage version of her would have made. The label text makes explicit reference to the likes of DNTEL and Telefon Tel Aviv as well as math rock, but James is also way out in her own zone metabolising such influences into unique expression. There are some wonderful guest spots from the likes of RiTchie, Marina Herlop and Eden Samara, while James herself centres her voice for some of the album's most poignant moments. Gentle Confrontation is another outstanding chapter in James' ever-intriguing story.
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BUV 003
BUV 003 (12")
Cat: BUV 003. Rel: 01 Jul 24
 in stock $16.70
Gen (hand-stamped 12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: SNKRX 014. Rel: 27 Jun 24
Musha (3:27)
Ko Doku (3:52)
Ikusa (3:23)
Noroshi (3:32)
Suna (3:07)
Review: Tokyo bass music stalwart T5UMUT5UMU 'beams in' to a certain sonic arena - manned by con-tempo-reign-eous rulers of bass pace, Sneaker Social Club - for a fresh Richter-scale exploder, 'Gen'. Riffing off of trap, grime and dubstep, but with added nods to gqom and Chinese trad also in tow, 'Gen' proffers a weighty but organic bass sound - sensorially down-to-Earth, yet no less geysering, no less ground-shaking nor liable to send one flying.
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When It Rains
Cat: PM 001. Rel: 14 May 24
RPG (feat James K) (6:06)
I Get Such Bad Headaches (2:58)
When It Rains (It Pours) (7:12)
Bad Blood (5:10)
Review: Berlin-based Significant Other presents a brand new platform Pain Management. In the future we can expect artistic missives on multiple media and formats but to launch he's gone old school with this powerful vinyl EP. Heavily textured throughout, across the collection we're taken from stumbling, slo-mo dubby witch house ('When It Rains') to mesmerising, Basic Channel style atmospheres laced with thick foggy charms ('When It Rains') We look forward to more significant dispatches in the future.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $15.61
Supercontinent EP
Cat: K7 444EP. Rel: 22 May 24
Yena (5:52)
Yami (4:48)
Pulgueiro Baile (5:46)
Sistema Baile (6:18)
Review: Kassian serves up some heady and heavy club-ready thrills on this superb new 12" for !K7! It kicks off with hefty broken beats and earth shattering bass that is topped with chopped up vocal stabs. 'Yami' then rides on elastic rhythms with loopy bass and warped synths under gritty percussive textures. 'Pulgueiro Baile' is a jittering rhythm that rides up and down and comes alive with a turbo-charged bassline. 'Sistema Baile"' then shuts down with more rave ready energy and warped drum and bass combinations that are full flavour and muscular and impossible to ignore.
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Infirmary (12")
Cat: FRO 010. Rel: 20 Jul 23
Kode 9 - "Infirmary" (5:30)
Burial - "Unknown Summer" (9:53)
Review: Heavyweight heroes Kode9 and Burial are no stranger to working together having done so to great success on FABRICLIVE 100 back in 2018. They don't actually collaborate on this one, though, instead serving up one side each of a new 12" for Fabric. As experimental artists with a penchant for drawn from the UK hardcore continuum you roughly know what to expect - fresh rhythms, emotive sounds designs, compelling rhythms. The 140g 12" comes in both limited edition and standard black vinyl versions, and both have bespoke 3D design with the fabric logo printed on reverse board heavyweight card.
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Infirmary (clear vinyl 12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: FRO 010B. Rel: 20 Jul 23
Kode 9 - "Infirmary" (5:31)
Burial - "Unknown Summer" (9:42)
Review: It almost seems redundant, writing something about the latest fabric Originals release. If you could think of a more enticing double-header for fans of bass, Leftfield techno, and UK-hued alternative electronic music then we want to hear it, with both producers here moving well beyond cult status and into the world of households names in homes well beyond their original audiences. And yet, remarkably, neither have strayed too far from where they initially set stalls. Hyperdub boss Kode 9 proves this first, with the sightly dizzying 'Infirmary'. Born from a combination of loose, open, galloping UKF and organic techno, with its foundations rooted in footwork, it's a bounding high-energy body mover that refuses to quit. Flip it and find Burial edging closer to 'dance music' than many might be used to, although it's a deep, moody interpretation packed with the spellbinding vocal flourishes of a mutant garage and suppressed, fidgety drums so subtle they're close to background noise.
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Jbal Rrsas
Cat: IF 1084LP. Rel: 12 Sep 23
The Key To The Exit (6:36)
Each Day (5:02)
Six As Oil (5:56)
Complain (4:41)
Violence For Free (6:12)
Naive (6:18)
Pre Island (8:16)
Played by: Field Day Festival
 in stock $26.12
Ten Year Tonnage
Ten Year Tonnage (limited 12")
Cat: SNKR 049. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Ten Year Tonnage (5:08)
Shapeshifter (4:03)
Muay Size (4:50)
People Of The World (5:37)
Review: Sneaker Social regulars Alan Johnson return to the label with more unclassifiable gems. All flexing that bewitching, beaty brew of percussion, smoking 808s, shattered beats and crafty sampling, each cut hits with a direct physical groove. From the System-level dubsteppy title track to the more organic haze and swoons of the finale 'People Of The World', the UK duo have once again weaved a fine line between so many genres without committing to any. Tonnes of love..
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Voice Crash
Voice Crash (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: TIMEDANCE 029. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Voice Crash (5:20)
151 (4:08)
Fussyhead (6:57)
Review: Bristol's Hodge is one of those producers with a signature style no matter the genre he makes. He's an adept studio craftsman who designs sounds in a way few others do and he shows that again here with this fresh 12" on the mighty Timedance. 'Voice Crash' opens up with clanking great hits over minimalist beat frameworks that are always on the move, and you will be too. '151' is a more manic and dense arrangement with malfunctioning loops, knackered synth mutations and whirring effects all making for something fairly mind-blowing. Last of all is 'Fussyhead', a percolating and potent rhythm underpinned with lashings of UK bass.
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Beautiful Rewind
Beautiful Rewind (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: TEXT 025L. Rel: 04 Oct 13
Parallel Jalebi
Our Navigation
Ba Teaches Yoga
Kool FM
Ever Never
Your Body Feels
Review: Given that Four Tet's recent 0181 LP was comprised of material from Kieran Hebden's archives, and last year's Pink was largely compiled of tracks from the previous 18 months of 12" releases, it seems fair to say that Beautiful Rewind is his first proper album since 2010's There Is Love In You, and as such, it arrives with some degree of expectation. The past few years have seen the producer engage increasingly with the dancefloor, and these rhythms are most definitely present across the LP, particularly in the jungle breaks of "Kool FM", pirate radio-influenced techno of "Buchla" and hesitant dubstep style rhythms of "Parallel Jalebi". For the most part however Beautiful Rewind is as varied as the likes of Rounds and There Is Love In You, with the minimalist kosmische of "Ba Teaches Yoga", analogue gurgles of "Crush" and dawn chorus sounds of closer "Your Body Feels" all as beautiful as his most enduring tracks.
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Post Morphem EP
Post Morphem EP (hand-stamped 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: ACR 3011. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Rude Operator - "Canopy" (5:18)
Rainforest - "Iron" (dub) (5:36)
Paradox Effects - "Lower Rust" (5:47)
Dreadmaul - "Blackfish" (5:19)
 in stock $13.19
Antiposition (LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: PEAK 19. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Hex (5:33)
Bizarre Servants (5:23)
Antiposition (5:52)
Sunken Skies (5:24)
Diminished Ark (5:30)
Sounding Bodies (7:33)
Review: Peak Oil welcomes UK duo Wrecked Lightship for 'Antiposition', a debut EP on the label from the pair of Laurie Osborne (once known as Appleblim) and Adam Winchester aka Dot Product. The pair refine their sound and bring a range of innovative rhythms here with elements of dub, d&b, tribal sounds and deft sound design across hard-to-define cuts. 'Hex' is a cosmic broken techno trip, 'Bizarre Servants' is a slower and heavier dub and 'Sunken Skies' is prickly and kinetic as it flirts with live sounding drum & bass tropes and 'Diminished Ark' as well as with wispy sine waves, refracted melodies and barely there rhythms.
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 in stock $25.30
Mental Groove Classics Vol 3
Cat: MPD 049. Rel: 24 May 24
Ben J'ammin M - "Evolvic" (8:15)
Uncle 22 - "Pain" (4:37)
Point Zero - "Coastal" (6:05)
Escape - "Escape" (The Optical mix) (4:44)
Ike - "Euphoria" (5:02)
Minimal Man - "Outside The Window (Track 1232)" (6:49)
Mad Musician - "Jazz Out" (5:29)
Savel - "Sunflower" (5:47)
Review: The third in Switzerland's best and truest retro dance throwback series; here the Mental Groove Classic series returns with a treasure trove of rare and hard to find tracks plucked from the personal collection of label founder Olivier Ducret, a pivotal figure in Switzerland's acid house and rave-era party scene. Only the best, brightest and most effulgent of house, techno, bleep and analog jams are heard on this series, bringing that heady, yet much sought-after, cross-section of dreaminess and rawness to our wanting ears. From the dreamy breathalizings and Himalayan hollerings of Uncle 22's 'Pain', to the deep ficus-bathed melodic blossomings of Point Zero's 'Coastal', it's clear that the ability to portray wateriness and fluidity in the otherwise (stereotypically) arid drum machine and sequencer form was something extant; a superpower shared collectively in the Swiss psyche of the time.
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Back 2 Back Special
Back 2 Back Special (hand-stamped 12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: SNKR 053. Rel: 03 Apr 24
Back 2 Back Special (6:03)
Out To The Private Number (5:41)
Slew (4:40)
Summon Like This (5:17)
Review: Sneaker Social Club is a proper tidy UK label that deals in proper underground sounds. After a while away, it is back with House Of Black Lanterns who dials into private radio culture on some dark 2-step bangers. 'Back 2 Back Special' comes with a fuzzy and dusty aesthetic as if playing through an old analogue radio and 'Out To The Private Number' is just as throwback with wet FX, dry bass and sharp hits. 'Slew has spins backs, bouncing drums and a hustling garage flex and 'Summon Like This' shuts down with more soulful vocal snippets dropped into a fractured and kinetic 2-step rhythm.
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 in stock $15.88
Sada's Dream
Cat: SUZIEP 2. Rel: 07 Jun 24
Be That As It May (4:40)
Viral Load (5:40)
Divide & Conquer (4:27)
Bubble Gum Pop (6:21)
Sada's Dream (4:19)
 in stock $16.70
Compro (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ITLP 04. Rel: 12 Apr 23
Cerroverb (5:27)
Session Add (6:17)
Rev8617 (3:46)
50 Euro To Break Boost (4:50)
Via Sub Mids (6:27)
Soundboy Ext (4:42)
Dial 274 (6:00)
VLI (5:43)
Flyby VFR (5:16)
Muk FM (5:32)
Kozmic Flush (5:15)
Calimance (Delay mix) (4:02)
Review: Skee Mask, who only recently was found out to be called Bryan Muller, comes through with his second LP to date, making a wonderful follow-up to 2016's Shred. Compro is, ironically, comprised of a much more explorative palette of sounds, with many corners of the album veering off into otherworldly ambient, often through a striking new-age sensibility. The most impressive element of this album is its flow and evolution across its 12 tracks, sounding a lot more like one single-minded thought rather than a collection of disparate dance-not-dance tunes. The quality of the recording is noticeable, too, with tracks like "Rev8617" or "Via Sub Mids" sounding professional, both in vision and style. Through an intricate collage of breaks, samples, polyphonies, and subtle electronic manipulations, Skee Mask has truly mastered his own art, and is giving a new direction to the wider 'UK rave' sound. BIG.
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 in stock $32.29
Pre Melancholy
Pre Melancholy (clear vinyl 12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: MUSAR 018. Rel: 19 Jul 23
Mono No Aware (6:14)
Agent Of Distraction (5:05)
Yonghegong Lama Temple Exit F (5:24)
Yonghegong Lama Temple Exit F (Priori remix) (5:45)
Review: Wherein Dutchman Vincent lays down a heartfelt study of the soul entitled 'Pre Melancholy'. His findings are as follows... Before the melancholy one can expect a wave of emotions and pressures, all of them ingredients for a tumultuous storm that flies in a whole flurry of directions. Technoid drum & bass causing anxiety with every rolling fill ('Mono No Aware'), timeless breaks triggering moments of unsolicited joy ('Agent Of Distraction') and spacious leftfield that's so disarming and abyssal that it comes in two forms ('Yonghegong Lama Temple Exit F'). Embrace the melancholy.
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Saka La Bolsita
Cat: IMP 001. Rel: 13 Sep 23
Saka La Bolsita
 in stock $15.07
In The Wake Of Wolves
Cat: CPU 01111101. Rel: 06 Jun 24
I Need You (2:35)
Further (3:13)
GasGas (2:00)
Minds Protection (2:48)
WORKOUT (2:32)
Half Spectrum (3:14)
New Friends (1:40)
Full Spectrum (2:28)
No Self Their Own (2:10)
Mia's Dream (Mea Culpa) (3:25)
Forget Me Not (6:14)
Peter Around Town (2:08)
Mila Stands In A Meadow For The First Time Eating Strawberries (2:49)
Review: Drew Lustman's longstanding FaltyDL moniker makes a welcome return with a debut full length record for the eminent Central Processing Unit label. In The Wake Of Wolves deconstructs Lustman's usual rough dance sound for a less predictable album-length breakdown, retaining his usual arid textures while playing up the more sound-designed and maximalist ends of his craft. In the pithy words of CPU: "This could pass for Four Tet or even Hannah Diamond at points, the steady build of pulsing synths and looped vocals recalling a more mysterious version of the PC Music sound." Whether you totally agree, you'd have to agree FaltyDL has at least taken on something of their contemporary future-pop/digisonic aesthetic and incorporated it into his own; this is most evident on the glassy pirouettes and gladiate complexities of 'Minds Protection', or the tenebrous post-punk descensions of 'New Friends', or many maximized IDM trap-doors and toolroom hard-clips of 'Workout'.
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 in stock $18.04
Take Me Apart
Cat: WARPCD 287. Rel: 06 Oct 17
Take Me Apart
Truth Or Dare
Blue Light
Turn To Dust
 in stock $8.44
Hellion (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ONEF 050. Rel: 29 Aug 23
Mirage (part 1)
Mirage (part 2)
The Grove
Elk's Point
Review: Prepare to be shocked to your core with this new and electrifying first EP from the freshly launched High Voltage Music label and moonlighting d&b veteran Alix Perez with Headland at the controls. It comes from a production outfit of the same name about whom we know very little. And so to the tunes we turn - 'Feel Love' kicks off with slick and punchy tech house drums overlaid with a yearning vocal to up the emotional intensity levels. It is sure to do a fine job of livening up the floor, while 'NRG' then picks up with raw percussive clatter over a whacked out tech beat. Two top level tools.
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Headlong Into Relief EP
Headlong Into Relief EP (12" + insert + sticker limited to 100 copies)
Cat: WSR LWBME1. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Dust Devil (5:37)
Etched Alive (6:03)
Tumble (5:22)
Deep Shear (5:05)
Review: London-based Lewi Boome brings his class to this new release on Well Street, strictly limited to just 100 copies so you better act fast! 'Dust Devil' opens with a deft touch - the pinging synth lines and airy drum loops suspending you in a tripped-out world of futurism. That cerebral style continues through the lithe and elegant, dubbed-out rhythms of 'Etched Alive' and the more unsettling moods of jungle-techno cut 'Tumble', complete with distant bird calls and humid pads. 'Deep Shear' rounds out with a little more low-end grit as the fourth and final cut on a superb EP.
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Various 3 EP
Various 3 EP (140 gram vinyl 12" + insert & sticker)
Cat: WSR VA3. Rel: 25 Apr 22
First Epoque - "Sequoia Affinis" (5:18)
Practitioner - "Charlie B" (5:18)
Robert Fleck - "Bromine" (7:01)
Planete - "Fammi Sapere" (6:53)
Review: Well Street Records present their second release of 2022 and third in the Various Artists series. Enjoy 4 broken beat gems from emerging talents First Epoque, Practitioner, Planete and label head Robert Fleck. Limited pressing!
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Nothing Is EP
Nothing Is EP (140 gram vinyl 12" + insert & sticker)
Cat: WSR KCD1. Rel: 07 Feb 22
Nothing Is
Falls Down
Review: Well Street continue to offer up some of the most inventive gear on techno's multi-faceted outer limits, this time welcoming South London's Kincaid to the table. There's certainly a vaguely defined style around the label now, and Kincaid fits right in with a dexterous line in rhythmic programming and hi-def sound design, but like all the other artists he's got plenty of individual personality as well. 'OOO' quivers and surges with a braindance demeanour, while 'Nothing Is' deals in a swampy, dislocated kind of soundsystem music. This is dense, brilliantly rendered club music for those who require the freshest of the fresh ideas.
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Lionsong (Juliana Huxtable remix)
Lionsong (Juliana Huxtable remix) (limited etched translucent vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: 1315TP 12. Rel: 20 Nov 15
Lionsong (Juliana Huxtable remix) (7:06)
Review: And so Bjork's majestic remix collection continues to trickle onto our shelves and into your eardrums. The legendary leftfield pop singer / producer gives up her "Lionsong" tune for remix action from none other than Juliana Huxtable; the newcomer has only got a couple of cameo appearances to their name, but she's coming through string with this one. In essence, it's a techno tune - driven by fire kick drums and minimal sonics - but her soulful twists of vocals render it to be much more than that in the end. It's a soothing, delicate techno massage with a powerful energy.
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Pink (half-speed mastered)
Pink (half-speed mastered) (limited 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TEXT 018. Rel: 01 Dec 15
Locked (8:16)
Lion (8:50)
Jupiters (5:46)
Ocoras (5:14)
128 Harps (4:45)
Pyramid (8:17)
Peace For Earth (11:07)
Pinnacles (8:12)
Review: Originally released digitally in 2013, Pink collated a series of 12" releases from Kieran Hebden issued over an 18 month period on his Text label. Hebden and record club and subscription service Vinyl Me, Please have teamed up to give Pink a double vinyl release for any Four Tet fans that weren't quick enough to nab those 12"s at the time. There is plenty of classic Four Tet to be had here too. "Jupiters" experiments with swung garage beats in an unmistakably UK Bass style, while "128 Harps" is a whipcrack MPC workout given his light melodic touch and "Peace On Earth" is a beatless 11 minutes of analogue kosmische. But it's the centrepiece of Hebden's Fabriclive mix, the brilliantly moody "Pyramid", and the loose limbed jazz-house of "Pinnacles" that really set this album apart from his other long-playing efforts, two examples of timeless dance music which demonstrate why after nearly 15 years in the game Hebden is only improving with age.
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Tan (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: WAP 388. Rel: 05 Feb 16
Town Crier (3:52)
Ally (4:07)
Tan (3:49)
Crumb (3:40)
Review: NYC songstress Lafawndah makes her big label debut on Warp with some killer jams produced by Night Slugs lynchpin Lvis 1990. "Town Crier" is bass driven urban dance with her sweet soaring vocals backed by stuttering and clattering industrial textures. "Ally" is a full frontal and funky bass assault with exotic middle eastern instrumentation infused throughout as she declares "I'll take you like in like a firefly". "Tan" is the most restrained and stripped effort on here, with massively reverberated drums carrying the track wonderfully while "Crumb" is the most chilled track: it's pop inflected and will take you on a journey with its immaculately programmed steel drums. Big things!
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Jeans (7" in individual hand-sewn recycled denim sleeve (we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: DTR 07. Rel: 08 Feb 16
Jeans (Baby vox Chop edit) (3:38)
Jeans (instrumental) (3:42)
Review: Made of 100% recycled denim, the 7-inch jacket was designed and sewn by Jeedo. Each copy comes on black vinyl in a protected polyvinyl sleeve, includes a digital download card, and is hand numbered and signed with a certificate of authenticity. Only 125 copies available worldwide
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Loud Places (remixes)
Cat: YT 141. Rel: 16 Oct 15
Loud Places (John Talabot Loud Synths reconstruction) (7:14)
Loud Places (Tessela remix) (5:33)
Loud Places (Barnt E mix) (7:03)
Loud Places (Herbert Louder dub) (5:18)
Review: The latest single from Jamie Smith's 2015 album In Colour, featuring The xx bandmate Romy Madley Croft, gets the remix treatment from a pretty stellar cast. Starting off, Hivern Discs boss John Talabot gets on board with his "Loud Synths Reconstruction" which definitely lives up to its name on this driving proggy take on the track. Ed Russell aka West Country bass techno auteur Tessela steps up and delivers a typically thumping and funked up rendition which is a real highlight on here. On the flip, Cologne's Barnt delivers yet another dark journey through the cosmic hole and the legendary Matthew Herbert offers us his take; sublime deep house and yet again; sampling everything but the kitchen sink!
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In Return
Cat: COUNTCD 052 . Rel: 12 Sep 14
Always This Late
Say My Name (feat Zyra)
All We Need (feat Shy Girls)
White Lies (feat Jenni Potts)
Echoes (feat PY)
It's Only (feat Zyra)
Memories That You Call (feat Monsoonsiren)
Sun Models (feat Madelyn Grant)
For Us (feat Briana Marela)
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Wonder Where We Land
Cat: YTLP 120. Rel: 24 Sep 14
Day 1
Wonder Where We Land (feat Sampha)
Higher (feat Raury)
Day 5
Look Away (feat Caroline Polachek)
Osea (feat Koreless)
Temporary View (feat Sampha)
New Dorp. New York (feat Ezra Koenig)
Everybody Knows
Problem (Solved) (feat Jessie Ware)
If It Happens (feat Sampha)
Gon Stay (feat Sampha)
The Light (feat Denai Moore)
Voices In My Head (feat A$AP Ferg & Warpaint)
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Oun C
Oun C (12")
Cat: PMAWS 003. Rel: 13 Aug 15
Oun C (6:10)
Call Me, Let's Do Lunch (5:41)
Review: First spotted online and in the boxes of some very lucky selectors last summer, then released digitally at the start of the year, Chunky's "Oun C" finally gets the vinyl justice it deserves. Rolling with deep space dynamics, there's a classic electro feel to the drums and a weirded out Crosstown flavour to the bubbling, mildly acidic bass. The result of this fusion is a foggy trap that allures the listeners and holds them captive in their own imagination. Flip for "Call Me, Let's Do Lunch". Here the beats are straight-up 4/4 and the nagging, heavily processed hook scream techno. Imagine a Drumcode release being played at -10 and you're on the right track. We're unsure what lunch Chunky has in mind; his name suggests an all-you-can-eat buffet but the sounds suggest something much leaner and chewy.
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Threads (2xLP)
Cat: CIV 059. Rel: 22 Oct 13
Folding Shadows
The Silence (feat Jinadu)
Healing Rain
Jus Sayin' (feat Gone The Hero)
Drift (interlude)
Reverse Logic
Corridor 2013
Patients (feat MC Jabu)
Deep Sea Pyramid
Wall of Light
Wicker & Pearl
Governer's Bay
The Road (feat Charlie Dark)
Review: Jim Coles' decision back in 2010 to implement a swerve in his sonic trajectory away from his hip-hop past as 2tall in favour of a more all-encompassing approach that touches on various strands of bass culture as Om Unit has paid off and then some. Subsequent releases on Exit, Autonomic, Civil Music, Metalheadz and his own Cosmic Bridge imprint have all shown Om Unit eminently capable of tempo shifting productions that appeal to fans of Bass music, Drum & Bass and footwork alike. The latter has been explored further while the Dream Continuum collaboration with Machinedrum on Planet Mu and his Philip D. Kick alias where the link between Chicago's juke heritage and UK Jungle was explored. All this and more is included on Threads, a debut Om Unit LP for Civil Music that deftly collates various strands (or threads) of his production career over the past fifteen years for a cohesive 15 track set that veers through of hip hop, dubstep, jungle and even house.
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