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A Reference To E2-E4 By Manuel GottschingTest Pressing Recordings
'E2-E4' is of course a legendary bit of music written by a legendary composer. Here, Alex Kassian serves up his own extension version of it and takes us on a 12-minute electronic trip that will be perfect for the more adventurous DJs and dancers out there - not least in Ibiza this summer. Next to the escapist original is a flipside remix from the one and Mad Professor. He heads out on his own with plenty of mind-melting effects, dubby undercurrents and mesmeric leads that encourage minds to wander. A real pearler for the hotter months and beyond.
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Island BoogieLeng
Over the years, Andrew Meecham's albums as the Emperor Machine have variously explored his love of the Radiophonic Workshop, synth-heavy dub disco, mutant boogie and electronic punk-funk. On 'Island Boogie', a set inspired by the annual Rotation Garden Party micro-festival and its' infamous custom-built soundsystem, he offers up colourful, synth-heavy takes on nu-disco and Balearic boogie with a sun-soaked jauntiness and plenty of analogue electronics. The results are rarely less than stunning, from the atmospheric, acid-flecked excellence of 'La Cassette' and a riotous cover of La Fox's 'S-s-s-single Bed', to the Chicken Lips-esque 'Devoilez-Vous' (a dubbed-out treat with added hand percussion), bubbly electrofunk number 'Wanna Pop With You' and the heady, slow-motion electronic psychedelia of 'Cha Murreh Etem'.
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Kim Weston / Four Tops / Carolyn Crawford / The Vandellas - From Detroit With Love III
From Detroit With Love IIISoul4real
Soul4Real Records presents the third installment in their From Detroit With Love series, transforming the usual 45 RPM format into a robust four-track mini compilation. This release features Kim Weston's emotive 'After The Rain,' the Four Tops' heartfelt 'Just A Little Love (Before My Life Is Gone),' Carolyn Crawford's reflective 'Think Of The Times,' and The Vandellas' tender 'You Taught Me How To Care.' Each track measured the heart of Detroit's soulful legacy, offering a rich array of emotion and melody. Perfect for soul enthusiasts, this compilation delivers a concentrated dose of Motown magic, showing the timeless appeal of these iconic artists.
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Skeme Richards - Hayes Turner On The Run
Hayes Turner On The RunRedropped
Skeme Richards delivers a throwback to the golden age of funk with 'Hayes Turner On The Run'. Side-1 features the titular track, an epic 70s-themed piece with a powerful beat, a vibrant horn section and a funky bass and guitar riff, key moments punctuated by an electrifying sax solo, making it feel like the ultimate theme song of the era. Side-2's 'A Bookie Named Janice' offers a groovy blend of funk and soul, highlighted by scintillating guitar work reminiscent of the late 60s. With a hippie psychedelic West Coast slant and big drum fills, this track encapsulates the essence of that transformative period, capturing the spirit and sound of classic funk.
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White Label 08DJ Bacon
DJ Bacon's latest white label release celebrates classic hip-hop with a fresh twist. On Side-1, the remix of Public Enemy's 'Give It Up' cleverly blends the group's vocals with Soopastole's edit of Kool and The Gang's track of the same name. The result is a dynamic, high-energy remix that pays homage to both classic hip-hop and funk. Side-2 features DJ Bacon's 'B Boy Remake' of Geto Boys' 'Life In The Fast Lane,' a remix that infuses the original with an infectious funk groove and breaks. This release is praised by Chuck D and backed by strong support from the hip-hop community, including Flatline and Hip Hop Gods Radio. The limited-edition vinyl comes with a Mark563-designed sticker, adding a collectible touch.
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Love BitesNelstar
Nelly Furtado has been making a notable comeback, and her latest single, 'Love Bites,' is an example of her enduring talent. Co-written with Tove Lo and SG Lewis, who also produced the track, this new release is a sultry dance anthem. Furtado explains that her return to music was inspired by the DJ community remixing her songs, reigniting her passion for creating danceable, escapist tunes. 'Love Bites' channels the vibrant energy of dance floors and live DJ sets, offering listeners an irresistible escape. The collaboration adds a contemporary edge, making this single a standout. Now available on 7" vinyl, 'Love Bites' is eager to embrace the joy and freedom of dance music once again while getting much play on the dancefloors.
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Throwing Snow (Ross Tones) returns for yet another sublime full-length of expansive dance landscapery, Isthmus. Titularly riffing off the name for a conjoining spit of land connecting two larger landmasses, we're instantly met with transitional and developmental moods, ones which still do not fail to hold back from indulging all manner of looming sonic gargantuans; synethic, spectrum-straddling wringings-out. The album also marks a refreshingly, increasingly experimental direction for the artist; once you get past the expository Shepard tones and all-seeing sense-frying twinges of 'Ribboning', you're then met with a suite of full-blown dance-truncators and crossrythmic blissouts, with 'The Madness Of The Bull' recalling a cyborg Nyabinghi drum circle and 'Apricity' moving more post-punk come noisy hellscape. Of course, the album errs further in the direction of Throwing Snow's patented style of post-dubstep sample-dance towards its latter half, with 'Ephemeral' cadencing on a Bonobo-esque chimer and 'Hear The Tongue Fork' seguing from apocalyptic gast to heart-in-mouth amazement.
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