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Latest reviews

Fire Island was a project from UK house vets Terry Farley and Pete Heller, which went out with a bang in 1998 by collaborating with the mighty Loletta Holloway on the absolutely massive 'Shout To The Top'. Now Hifi Sean is getting to grips with the track and giving it a very tasteful re-rub which brings a little bit of Salsoul-speckled joy and passion to the original mix while keeping Holloway's vocal right where it should be out front and soaring. Sean's 'House Mix' is a dubbier, heavyweight affair that should go down well with the tech house crowd, but there's also a super sweet 'reprise' of the main mix which would be the perfect 'moment' in the midst of a set.
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Every so often, a compilation comes along and delivers a snapshot of a city's underground music scene at a given moment in time. That's what compilers Rick Wilhite and Delano Smith have achieved with Parabellum Detroit, an expansive and predictably high-quality collection of cuts from some of the Motor City's finest producers. They naturally provide a couple of collaborative cuts of their own - the spacey, late-night techno hypnotism of '11 Minutes of Funk' and the intergalactic deep house drift of 'Neo Solaris', while there are also top-notch contributions from Javontte (the warm, soul-flecked deep house of 'Late Night Love'), Marcellus Pittman (beatdown chugger 'Everybody Party'), Gerald Mitchell AKA Soul Saver (the incredible 'Kaori'), the Moodymann Kenny Dixon Jr ( 'I'm Goin' Back') and Omar-S (a tidy Godson remix of 'VAT 69').
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The Wrath of God was the 10 album by American rap superstar Busta Rhymes and it came out digitally in October of 2020. Now making its way to wax, the record is a sequel to 1998's E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front, and has been received warmly by fans and critics alike. Guess such as Chris Rock, Pete Rock and Rakim, Ol' Dirty Bastard from beyond the grave and Rich Ross as well as Anderson .Paak all add weight but none detract from the main man himself as his spits in fine flow over raw and rugged beats.
Legendary Southern California punk band The Offspring celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Platinum-selling sixth album Conspiracy of One by reissuing it on vinyl. Delivered on a heavyweight slab with a fancy gatefold cover, the reissued version features the bonus track 'Huck It', which was the title track of The Offspring's 2000 VHS/DVD Huck It, and anthemic song that has often been heard behind various skateboard stunts. Produced by Brendan O'Brien who also work with greats like Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen, the record packed din plenty of singles such as 'Want You Bad,' 'Million Miles Away,' and the biggest of them all, 'Original Prankster.'
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American star Ariana Grande's sixth album arrived in October 2020 and saw her work with a variety of producers. Longtime writers Victoria Monet and Tayla Parx were joined by the likes of Tommy Brown, Anthony M. Jones and London on da Track and all worked towards furthering her trap infused R&B and pop sound. Lyrically the record is a personal one that touches on themes of endearment, continual devotion and sexual intimacy. Grande does plenty of things with her voice, from shades of mumble rap to more grand and orchestral pop manoeuvres. Positions might not break new ground, but what it does, it does very well.
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Nimbus West have managed to get permission to present Billie Harris' I Want Some Water album on wax for the first time ever here. It was recorded back in 1980 and featured the talented likes of Horace Tapscott, David Bryant, Everett Brown Jr. and Daoud Woods. This version has been cut from the original master tapes but comes with brand new artwork and liner notes that give great context from Mark Weber. 'I Want Some Water' is the one that often gets most attention for its mellifluous flow and expansive, 10-minute wandering.
Monolake - Gobi: The Vinyl Edit 2021
Monolake's 'Gobi' is a cult classic that has never actually be available on vinyl before. It was first put out on CD only in 1999 but now Astral Industries present it on wax, licensed from Imbalance Computer Music.It features just two long pieces that are "set to the backdrop of the Gobi desert in eastern Asia." The music captures that milieu with synths skittering over the moonlit dunes, murmuring tectonic plates down low and vivid textures and masterful minimalism all taking your mind on a real trip.
The Mechanical Man is a young and fresh talent from Naples. He is clearly inspired by the great house end techno of Chicago and Detroit but also brings his own style to the label across these four cuts. Stripped down beats are the order of the day but what he does over, under and between them is key to what makes this EP such a standout. 'The Streets Of Revelation' is a funky, but raw workout that you might hear from Kyle Hall, then 'I Keep Thinking' brings a super soulful vocal hook to more loose, louche beats with a loungey feel. 'What Your Eyes Don't See' s more heartfelt, rough edged deep house perfection and 'Take Her In Your Arms' closes with a more downbeat sense of inward melodic reflection.
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