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Latest reviews

Little RockerBackatcha
Popsicles by Little Rocker, originally released in 1983 and now reissued in 2024, offers a delightful glimpse into the funk and disco sounds of its era. The A-side, 'Little Rocker' ,captivates with its spacey, sexy vibe, drawing listeners into its groove with infectious rhythms and irresistible melodies. The track exudes a sense of coolness and confidence, making it a standout piece for funk and disco enthusiasts. On the B-side, 'These Are The Good Times' continues the infectious energy with its upbeat tempo and funky instrumentation. It's a feelgood anthem that celebrates life and joy, inviting listeners to let loose and dance along to its infectious rhythm.
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MahalNinja Tune
Melbourne-based trio Glass Beams share their debut record Mahal, the highly anticipated album to follow 2021's incipient 'Mirage' EP. Fronted by founding member Rajan Silva, the Glass Beams project revolves around the central theme of fatherly childhood memories, bestowed unto Silva by way of a cultural inheritance reflective of both Melbourne and India. After Silva attended the legendary Royal Albert Hall concert by George Harrison in collaboration with Ravi Shankar, he was away; nothing was the same, as a cascade of South Asian psychedelia and desert funk spewed forth; added to which, Mahal is the most recent piece of invaluable flotsam.
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Abacus - Collectors Edition Vol 1
Collectors Edition Vol 1Sakskobing
Abacus (Austin Bascom) is a household name in the Chicago house and techno scene for over 30 years now. He has been on some of the best labels of all time like Prescription, Fragile, Balance and Guidance records. As you can imagine, Collectors Edition Vol 1 is full of classy house music to say the least. 'Chi-Town Stories' is a blend of super smooth and uplifting prime time floor business. We absolutely think you will adore this track. 'The Mourning Sun' is a stunning ambient house beauty that will have you dancing with your eyes-closed. 'Hygge' finishes things off on a sexy house vibe. There is really something for everyone on this. Abacus stands for quality for those who know.
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Decal - Trama Artifacts
Trama ArtifactsIntrinsic Rhythm
Decal is the enduring alias of Alan O'Boyle, an Irish electro lifer who has rolled with Weatherall's Rotters Golf Club label among other venerable bastions of the scene. It's been a long time since the project was put on ice, but a quick archival dig yielded some unreleased gems which now find a home on TR One's always-on-point Intrinsic Rhythm. Generationally, this is two different waves of Ireland's healthy electro scene working in tandem, charged by some absolutely deadly machine funk executed around the 1999-2004 era but sounding like all your future shock dystopian dreams made real.
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CELOSOPHY 004Celo Rec France
Celosophy 004 presents a stellar compilation of cutting-edge dance music, showcasing four tracks that push the boundaries of the minimal and tech house genres. On Side-1, Marcelo Cura & Ja Kub's 'Talk 2 U' transports listeners to the early 90s with its melodic breakbeat sound, flirting with elements of ambient house for a very cool experience. Following suit, Enzo Leep's 'People' injects a dose of fun with its beachy vibe and infectious breakbeat rhythm, creating an atmosphere that's both melodic and energetic. Flipping over to the B-side, Andrey Djackonda's 'Next' takes a balearic and ambient downtempo turn, offering a refreshing change of pace with its laid-back mood. Closing out the compilation is Marcelo Cura & Smit's 'Is It Possible,' a sleek and polished tech house track characterised by its smoothness, fast-paced beats, and epic groove. Together, these tracks elevate Celosophy 004 to new heights, delivering next-level dance music. This record is hot!
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Model 500 / Ectomorph / Amx / Dj Stingray 313 / Jakojako / Erik Jabari - 030313
12" + MP3
030313Tresor Germany
Tresor joins forces with Carhartt - a company that can trace its roots back to the Motor City - to celebrate techno's two premier cities, Detroit and Berlin. The formula is devilishly simple: brand new cuts from artists based in one of the two cities, with stone-cold legends being joined by rising stars. There are headline-grabbing contributions from Juan Atkins as Model 500 (the warped, alien, dub-flecked and Cybotron-esque electrofunk of 'I.D.L.E') and DJ Stingray 313 (the industrial electro clank of 'Dynamic Instability'), plus fine contributions from JakoJako (the early morning techno hypnotism of 'Metal Goat'), AMX (the wonderfully hazy, deep and dubbed-out electro shuffle of 'Your Body') and Erik Jabari (the mind-mangling modular madness of 'Screamore').
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Happy Moon (reissue)ZYX Germany
Mike Rogers's 'Happy Moon' is something of an Italo disco rarity from 1986, as any real heads will know. If you weren't aware, you will now be able to pretend that you knew about this gem all along by copping the reissue from ZYX which is a whole lot more affordable than an OG copy. What's more, yes, on the A-side there is the rare original version, but that's not all, because on side two are some new and exclusive remixes by Flemming Dalum that update the classic with a contemporary twist.
Cruz - Secuencias Del Tiempo Perdido
Secuencias Del Tiempo PerdidoPartisan
Anthea welcomes Spanish producer C.R.U.Z. onto the roster. C.ru.z.'s live jam arrangements lend well to the overarching mood of toxico-apocalyptic rave here; the 'Secuencias Del Tiempo Perdido' EP contorts to every logical end of acid twinge and direct-current frisson. The darker ends of things are heard on the likes of 'Pensamiento Geometrico' and 'Hospital Del Mar', while a subtler, albeit surreal Italo mood is heard peeking through on '80sLoveParade'.

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