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Latest reviews

Cardiff's Che Ahmed produces under many aliases such as Chesus, Earl Jeffers and Metabeats, but had only one release as Earls BOOOM!!!l It was widely sought after, leading to another much needed repress here - now the third since its original release back in 2016. 'Thank You' is a thumpin' disco house monster that's looped to perfection, and its vocal is just epic throughout. The dusty, late night heads-down stomp of 'Badadu' follows, while over on the flip he remixes some golden oldies you'll for sure know from the first beat, in the form of 'D-D-D' and 'The Paper'.
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Smoove - Multitrack Reworks Vol 2
Limited edition, hand-stamped white label 12"s from Smoove, reworking as though each of its remixed originals were axiomatic expressions of sonic perfection. 'Dance', for example, has a well known 80s classic reworked to stomping, heavyweight perfection - stretching its vocals to breathy ecstasy. Meanwhile EWF's 'Can't Hide Love' and 'Playing Your Game, Baby' by a certain Mr White, unite over a similar subject matter; there's no point in hiding your love. All aboard the underground love train.
Spoilsports - You Gotta Shout (reissue)
Short-lived all-female group Spoilsports were active from 1980 and operated in a world where jazz-rock, modern soul and post-punk all cross-pollinated with each other. One of their only early DIY releases now gets reissued by Freestyle Records and finds the members - who were all active in London's feminist and improvised music scenes - lay down a couple of political yet playful numbers. With Carole Nelson on keys, Angele Veltmeijer on saxophone, Sheelagh Way on drums, Lesley Shone on bass, Isabel on congas and Laka Koq providing vocals Spoilsports cooked up a real storm here.
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Stro Elliot - Stro's Old Beat Farm
Anyone who has watched The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon will already know that Stro Elliot is percussionist with the legendary in house band, The Roots. He has been for years, as well as working as an MC and producer with The Procussions. Before those projects he made a killer hip-hop record steeped in black music history and plenty of samples from the masters of old. 'Stro's Old Beat Farm' now makes it to wax with all the dusty boom-bap sounds and soul drenched sounds making as much of a mark now as they ever did. This is timeless stuff from someone who knows their art.
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Second time around for '90s jungle and drum & bass revivalist Coco Bryce's 2020 Lobster Theremin debut, the 21st century junglist classic that is Deep Into The Jungle. The prolific producer hits the ground running with the weighty but rolling 'Flight Six Six Six', where sustained chords and bubbly electronics catch the ear, before opting for a rave-inspired deep breakbeat hardcore sound on 'Vegan Library'. Over on the flip, 'Deep Into The Jungle' is a barnstorming, 21st century jungle anthem full of tightly-edited breaks, dub-wise breaks and manipulated vocal samples, while 'Only When I'm Dreaming' is a deeper, more sparse-sounding affair that pushes picturesque melodies to the fore.
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Highly technical new EP from Italy's mega-minimal masters Micro Orbit, who see this 12" added to their Voyager Series, intended as a mission to explore strange worlds - with various producer-explorers in tow, of course. Vendas's 'Surplus' has a happy excess of weight to it, wbike Ali Demir's 'Vuslat' is less on the hard-hitting, but more nimble, side, as distant vocoders weave in and out of motherboard blips and analord drums.
Exium / Dynamic Forces - Divine Retribution
This is the kind of techno that likes to perforate and puncture your eardrums, allowing its inter-kick crud to grip your temples and slosh around maddeningly. It's an impressive feat from Nheoma to be able to secure this sound so consistently; this all-Italian collab from Exium and the duo Dynamic Forces is nonetheless melodic, recalling the playful industriality of old-school Bandulu or Birmingham stuff. Brutal and electrifying.

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