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Monday 22 July 2024
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Hayes Turner On The Run
Cat: RD 005. Rel: 22 Jul 24
Hayes Turner On The Run
A Bookie Named Janice
Review: Skeme Richards delivers a throwback to the golden age of funk with 'Hayes Turner On The Run'. Side-1 features the titular track, an epic 70s-themed piece with a powerful beat, a vibrant horn section and a funky bass and guitar riff, key moments punctuated by an electrifying sax solo, making it feel like the ultimate theme song of the era. Side-2's 'A Bookie Named Janice' offers a groovy blend of funk and soul, highlighted by scintillating guitar work reminiscent of the late 60s. With a hippie psychedelic West Coast slant and big drum fills, this track encapsulates the essence of that transformative period, capturing the spirit and sound of classic funk.
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Played by: Voodoocuts
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