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This Week: Disco/Nu-Disco

Walrus Edits (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ADV 8. Rel: 12 Nov 18
  1. Passion (The Boiler Room edit) (5:57)
  2. Rivers (4:48)
  3. Off The Man (5:10)
Review: Kevin Gorman's unstoppable edit craft continues! "Walrus Edits", as you may well have expected (or heard on his Boiler Room set) kicks off with a glittering twist on Barry White's "Passion". A lighter touched classic, here Gorman pays full respect with just a tweak in production to maintain the original's finesse. "Rivers" builds on AV's body of original work with creeping evocative piano licks while "Off The Man" continues the walrus theme with a dubbed out, highly strung take on "Somebody's Gonna Off The Man". Lovely.
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 in stock $11.50
Cat: BST X046. Rel: 12 Nov 18
  1. A Tour In Italy (Pellegrino mix - Mediterranean version) (7:06)
  2. A Tour In Italy (Tony Carrasco mix) (7:04)
  3. A Tour In Italy (Tony Carrasco mix - dub version) (6:14)
Review: Not to be mistaken for the charity pop behemoth, this Band Aid were a band from Bologna that released a handful of albums and singles in the early 80s. Best Italy have dug out this loose and limber slice of sunny funk and given it a spruce up with a little help from Early Sounds crew member Pellegrino, whose "Mediterranean Version" of "A Tour In Italy" adorns the A side. It's all peppy brass, dreamy guitars and a kooky vocal line about the titular tour, guaranteed to break out some smiles on the dancefloor. On the B side you can indulge in Tony Carrasco's original vocal and dub versions, all of which equally exude summery vibes to keep you warm through the winter months.
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 in stock $15.51
I'm In Love (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BST X045. Rel: 12 Nov 18
  1. I'm In Love (Disco version) (11:01)
  2. I'm In Love (USA version) (8:22)
Review: Cela was a one-off Italo disco project from the late 70s helmed by Marty Celay, and of course you knew it wouldn't be long until unstoppable reissue maestros Best Italy got their mitts on such a gorgeous gem from the golden era of disco. Putting paid to the bootlegs that have been doing the rounds, this official reissue presents "I'm In Love" in all its glory, with the epic 11-minute mix on the A side complemented by the slightly shorter "USA version" on the flip. Fluid, funky-as-hell basslines, sumptuous vocals and an overall romantic mood make this a well-deserved reissue and a fine addition to the ever-swelling Best catalogue.
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 in stock $15.51
Cat: DH 017. Rel: 14 Nov 18
  1. Your Mulana (5:49)
  2. Your Mulana (Trikk Numero Fim dub) (6:24)
  3. Ventilator (feat Roei D) (6:23)
  4. Toriaz (feat Motum) (6:14)
Review: Israeli tech house hero Chaim is back, following up releases on top labels such as BPitch Control, Rumors, Visionquest and Cocoon with this riveting new EP for Disco Halal. In typical DH fashion, you can expect to venture deep into the exotic with the euphoric and folkloric groove "Your Mulana", which is followed by a terrific remix by Portugal's Trikk - his lo-slung Numero Fim dub going for that indie-dance kind of flavour we just love. On the flip, Chaim picks up the pace with the electrifying "Ventilator" (feat Roei D) and the tunneling psychedelia of "Toriaz" (feat Motum) that ventures down the same territory as homeboy Moscoman.
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 in stock $11.24
  1. Discotheque Fantastique - "Carnaval" (6:00)
  2. Herr 2003 - "Bourdonnement De L'Amour" (5:44)
  3. Club Bizarre - "Les Filles" (9:46)
 in stock $14.71
Cat: R 1871319. Rel: 15 Nov 18
  1. Don't Put My Heart Down (4:47)
  2. Don't Put My Heart Down (Dr Packer Disco mix) (5:01)
 in stock $15.79
  1. Matthieu Faubourg - "Wait" (6:57)
  2. Sweet Fruity Brunch - "Paisible Fleuve" (6:15)
  3. D-nite - "Love In The Morning" (7:02)
  4. Tryangle Man - "The Road" (8:01)
 in stock $9.62
  1. Standing Still Is An Illusion (Aroop Roy remix) (7:10)
  2. Standing Still Is An Illusion (Topher Horn remix) (6:49)
  3. Standing Still Is An Illusion (Bamboozle aka Eli Soul Clap remix) (7:36)
 in stock $11.76
  1. Barbara Hernandez - "All Nite Tonight" (Nomad's Reel To Realness mix) (7:09)
  2. Mansa Musa - "Beat The Drum" (Keshav's Jus Now rework) (4:05)
  3. Zodiac - "I Believe" (feat Denyse Plummer - Waxist edit) (6:41)
  4. Hamilton Brothers - "Music Makes The World Go 'Round" (Al Kent edit) (7:21)
 in stock $13.64
Star Child (12")
Cat: KALITA 12007. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Star Child (short version) (5:02)
  2. Star Child (long version) (8:34)
Review: Kalita Records are proud and honoured to announce the first ever and official reissue of Kallaloo's sought-after 1982 disco single 'Star Child', accompanied by interview-based liner notes. Originally released on Jeffrey Turpin's Trinidadian record label IDA, 'Star Child' has since become highly sought-after by both DJs and collectors alike as an invisible, yet astonishing piece of Caribbean disco. Unable at the time to gain the traction and success that it deserved, we hope that this re-release provides an opportunity to bring such a great record to a much wider audience.

Kallaloo consisted of various Trinidadian musicians including Keith Alexander and Peter Wayne Barkley. Keith had been well-respected as a member of the Trinidadian group Impact, and was later to become an in-demand producer and composer under the name of Keith Diamond, responsible for various hits by Billy Ocean, Donna Summer, Starpoint and Melba Moore. In contrast, Peter was a well-known recording session drummer, but after 'Star Child's' release he moved to North Carolina to pursue other interests and "was never heard from again".

'Star Child' was recorded at Right Track Recording, in mid-town Manhattan, New York. As Jeffrey recalls, the atmosphere in the studio was "great", with "everyone upbeat, the cream of the crop just looking for that break... everyone was talented and just wanted the chance to express their own ideas". Five hundred copies of the record were released on IDA with a white label design, and they were sold both in Brooklyn, New York and Port of Spain, Trinidad. It was also released on a red label, however this was not to Jeffrey's knowledge at the time.

Jeffrey explains that the reason why the record didn't fare well at the time was because of the difficulty in getting the song played on the radio. As he recalls, radio stations were much more likely to play 'radio versions' of songs which lasted for a couple of minutes, rather than five or seven minute 'extended' versions such as 'Star Child', which were more suitable to a club environment. In addition, as Jeffrey explains, radio airplay is a "political business", and also within a short while band members such as Keith got their own breaks, and the Kallaloo era was over as quickly as it had started.
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 in stock $12.57
Cat: CODIS 0181. Rel: 15 Nov 18
  1. This Is What U Get (10:00)
  2. Addicted To Ganja (12:02)
 in stock $10.69
Cat: RB 072RMX. Rel: 14 Nov 18
  1. Neutron Dance (Paul Woolford Jolly Roger rework) (7:45)
  2. Neutron Dance (Fango remix) (7:08)
  3. Neutron Dance (Mano Le Tough vocal mix) (6:55)
  4. Neutron Dance (Gerd Janson Birkenstock remix) (6:48)
Review: If you've danced at house-focused clubs and festivals this year, there's a strong chance that you've strut your stuff plenty of times to Krystal Klear's "Neutron Dance". The hooky, riff-heavy original version isn't included on this remix package, but happily the assembled reworks are all killers in their own right. We're particularly enjoying the squeezable synth bass, punchy machine drums and fluid piano solos that catch the ear on Paul Woolford's ace "Jolly Roger Version", not to mention the sweaty breakbeats, restless drum machine cowbells and thrusting New York freestyle bass underpinning Fango's fantastic take. Elsewhere, Gerd Janson straps on his "Birkies" and re-imagines the cut as a retro-futurist house treat while Mano Le Tough doffs a cap towards Italo-disco and throbbing big room house.
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 in stock $9.36
Cat: MEL 013. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. A Tribute To Muhammed Ali (We Crown A King) (long version) (9:08)
  2. A Tribute To Muhammed Ali (We Crown A King) (short version) (6:41)
Review: During the funk era, heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali proved a great source of inspiration for many musicians and bands. Dig hard enough and you'll find tons of singles recorded in tribute to the legendary fighter. Le Stim's 1980 disco-funk tribute to "the king of the fighters" is not one of the better-known examples, but it's certainly one of the most scintillating. Here, the sought-after gem - all rousing horns, Clavinet-heavy grooves, spacey synths and starry-eyed vocals - is given the reissue treatment by Melodies International. Like the hard-to-find original, it includes both "long" and "short" versions, with the former - a sweaty, nine-minute workout straight from the top shelf - standing out.
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 in stock $12.57
Edits (12" 再プレス)
Cat: DD 041. Rel: 17 Nov 18
  1. Paradise (Love Drop edit) (9:47)
  2. Party (Love Drop edit) (8:25)
 in stock $9.10
Fame (7")
Cat: BK 013. Rel: 15 Nov 18
  1. Fame (Got You On My Mind) (Sean P radio edit) (4:08)
  2. Fame (Hi remix - Sean P radio edit) (4:15)
 in stock $13.11
Dancin' (7")
Cat: UPKY 9015. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Dancin' (4:23)
  2. Sensual Night (3:25)
 in stock $20.60
  1. G - "Live In Japan" (PV edit) (5:33)
  2. SS - "My Man" (Da Silva edit) (6:18)
  3. OIA - "Somerset Hills" (Jimi Bazzouka edit) (5:57)
 in stock $13.11
Cat: SCHENKEL 009. Rel: 15 Nov 18
  1. STRONZ (8:27)
  2. LCBB (7:22)
  3. NSAW (7:07)
 in stock $8.55
Roller Rink Funk (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: 801. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Roller Rink Funk (4:42)
 in stock $9.36
Cat: BK 015. Rel: 15 Nov 18
  1. Find Your Love (Boyd Jarvis & Timmy Regisford remix) (4:00)
  2. Find Your Love (Sean P radio edit) (4:06)
Played by: Red Greg
 in stock $13.11
Showbizz (12")
Cat: CLUBSWE 004V. Rel: 14 Nov 18
  1. Showbizz (5:07)
  2. Showbizz (Purple Disco Machine edit) (7:12)
Review: Some serious cross-border collaboration going on here, as French producer (and Partyfine founder) Yuksek joins forces with Belgian twosome Villa. "Showbizz" more than lives up to its name, delivering a hot-to-trot, mirrorball-friendly fusion of rubbery slap bass, crunchy house beats, spiraling nu-disco electronics, delay-laden vocals (including, bizarrely, a section that sounds like it was provided by a toddler on helium) and cheery boogie synthesizers. Defected favourites Purple Disco Machine provide the obligatory flipside rub, beefing up the beats, emphasizing a funk-fuelled guitar riff and generally making "Showbizz" feel like a disco-house anthem in the making. We suspect we'll be hearing this quite a lot in the weeks and months ahead.
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Played by: AlexUnder Base
 in stock $10.17
Cat: WD 61. Rel: 14 Nov 18
  1. Trenitalia (9:00)
  2. Flying Objects (7:15)
  3. Soul Fire (6:52)
Review: Sleazy McQueen's always reliable Whiskey Disco is back with its 61st edition, featuring Ukrainian editor Alex Zuiev. The man from Mariupol first appeared on the label back in 2017 and he's become a staple of sorts - as this will be his fourth for the Florida based imprint, in addition to appearances on Editorial, FKR and Spare Change. The Flying Objects EP features the rowdy late night disco of "Trenitalia" which is sure to get the crowd dancing on the ceiling, while on the flip prepare to get deep down and dirty on the lo-slung oddity of "Soul Fire" - which is perfect for late hours.
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Played by: Sleazy McQueen
 in stock $10.43
Cat: ASE 11. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Track 1 (46:13)
  2. Track 2 (43:55)
 in stock $9.36
Cat: BM 1803. Rel: 13 Nov 18
  1. Frequences Vacances (4:46)
  2. Deshaies (9:00)
  3. We Shall Overcome (6:57)
  4. Mosaique (3:02)
  5. Therese (4:45)
Played by: Andrea passenger
 in stock $26.22
Cat: MJJ 392LP. Rel: 14 Nov 18
  1. (Do You Have) The Force (7:31)
  2. Interspace (0:51)
  3. Tchoung Fou (2:20)
  4. Be Happy (6:10)
  5. Shanti Dance (6:30)
  6. Renaissance De L'amour (8:30)
 in stock $19.80
Cat: SDBANLP 12. Rel: 14 Nov 18
  1. La Bush - "Disco Bush" (6:25)
  2. System Love - "System Love" (3:27)
  3. Cora Corona - "Jungle Love" (3:36)
  4. The Diskery - "Star" (3:34)
  5. The Rogers - "Cosmos 81" (5:08)
  6. Rendez-Vous - "My Blue Bird" (3:14)
  7. Raymond Joniaux - "All' A Bi Bi" (3:04)
  8. Manuel Ferrero - "Fela" (2:32)
  9. Rayon Laser - "Funky Meteor" (2:50)
  10. Autumn - "The Third Autumn" (4:44)
  11. Afro-Disiak - "Chant Vaudou" (5:21)
  12. Patrik - "The Joymaker" (2:48)
  13. Roland Delys - "Love" (3:05)
  14. DJ Bert & Eagle - "I Am Your Master" (2:40)
 in stock $24.60
Argentum Dreams (audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 8DI 01. Rel: 15 Nov 18
  1. Grasping Infinity (4:54)
  2. Where The Stars Are Scattered (4:13)
  3. Chromosphere (2:35)
  4. Argentum Dreams (3:36)
  5. Solar Emotions (4:25)
  6. Transmission From Cobby Base (4:04)
  7. You Draw Me Near (6:27)
  8. Illuminated (3:32)
  9. Celestial Beings (6:10)
 in stock $26.22
Ostatni Dzien Lata (LP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: TVPCLP 001. Rel: 13 Nov 18
  1. Baltyk (1:38)
  2. Miasta Mrok (2:23)
  3. Strugi Slonej Wody (3:24)
  4. Uwazaj Jak Tanczysz (4:42)
  5. Z Drugiej Strony Swiatla (2:52)
  6. Tyle Znaczen (3:45)
  7. Ucieczka (3:09)
  8. Najlatwiej Sie Zaszyc (3:51)
  9. Sny (1:30)
  10. Przyzwyczajamy Sie (2:57)
  11. Ostatni Dzien Lata (9:22)
  12. Wisla (4:10)
  13. Outro (0:40)
 in stock $20.60
Stretched: The 12 Inch Mixes 1979-1984 (gatefold clear vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: RPR 0238714. Rel: 12 Nov 18
  1. Tryouts For The Human Race (USA extended version) (7:58)
  2. Beat The Clock (UK extended version) (6:42)
  3. Young Girls (UK disco version) (6:12)
  4. I Predict (France extended version) (6:22)
  5. Modesty Plays (France extended version) (5:16)
  6. Cool Places (feat Jane Wiedlin - France extended version) (4:43)
  7. All You Ever Think About Is Sex (USA club version) (5:08)
  8. Dance Godammit (USA club version) (4:02)
  9. Pretending To Be Drunk (USA extended version) (5:37)
  10. Kiss Me Quick (USA extended version) (5:40)
  11. Progress (USA vocal/extended club mix) (6:14)
  12. Sparks In The Dark (USA instrumental/extended club mix) (3:57)
  13. With All My Might (USA vocal/extended club mix) (6:40)
 in stock $44.94
Next Door (LP + insert with obi-strip) (1 per customer)
Cat: HMJA 118. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Exotic Yokogao (4:32)
  2. Take Off Your Sunglass (3:48)
  3. Teardrops Romance (3:53)
  4. Good-Bye (4:07)
  5. Kiss The Yesterday (3:53)
  6. Love Is The Competition (3:46)
  7. High-Heel Dancer (3:39)
  8. Mystery Drive (4:24)
  9. Get My Love (4:09)
  10. Our Lovely Days (4:16)
 in stock $42.80
Sexy Robot (LP + booklet with obi-strip) (1 per customer)
Cat: HMJA 119. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Sexy Robot (3:59)
  2. Wanna Kiss (4:29)
  3. Tuxedo Connection (3:22)
  4. Let's Talk In Bed (3:48)
  5. We Are In The Dark (3:45)
  6. Behind You (3:24)
  7. Try To Say (3:44)
  8. Cathy (5:41)
  9. Slow Love (4:35)
  10. Be Mine (4:22)
 in stock $42.80
Cat: SDBANLP 11. Rel: 14 Nov 18
  1. R Roland - "Ethero-Disco" (2:46)
  2. Carl Watson - "King Kong" (2:59)
  3. Charles Vernon - "Baby Won't You Turn Me On" (3:53)
  4. Lovedream - "Sexy" (2:23)
  5. Fancy - "Tropicana Beach" (3:56)
  6. Marianne - "Queen To The Pharaoh" (2:47)
  7. Flame - "Groovin' To The Music" (3:49)
  8. Steve - "I'm Free" (2:45)
  9. CC Band - "Be My Love Tonight" (4:04)
  10. Quartz - "Cool & Get Up" (4:06)
  11. Dan Davis - "Feel So Glad" (3:20)
  12. Kevin Morane - "Ivre De Vie" (4:17)
  13. L2 - "La Gomme" (2:57)
  14. Venus - "Strange How You Move" (5:54)
  15. Bubble - "Bubblegum" (3:16)
  16. Carl Candy & The Candy-Chicks - "It's Magic" (4:11)
Review: Discophilia Belgica is a collection of 'next-door-disco and local spacemusic' from Belgium circa 1975-1987 - compiled by Loud E & The Wild. The compilation is not indicative of any actual 'scene', as most of the bands featured had probably never performed live. The 16 tracks featured here are the result of a decade of crate digging in flea markets, charity shops and vinyl trades - picking out what might appeal to a contemporary dancefloor or just to their own eccentric tastes. The first volume features R. Roland's French-pop inspired "Ethero-Disco" and Carl Watson's sleazy jazz-flute heavy "King Kong" to the C.C. Band's disco floor filler "Be My Love Tonight".
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 in stock $24.60
Cat: EVERLAND 016LP. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Le Payback (vocal) (8:06)
  2. Struttin' (3:23)
  3. Feelin' Good (2:57)
  4. Funky Feelin' (4:33)
  5. The Force (2:58)
  6. Disco Boogie (3:20)
  7. Le Payback (instrumental) (3:13)
  8. The Mad Mechanic (3:19)
 in stock $22.46


This Week: Disco/Nu-Disco
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