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Coming Soon: Rock (All)

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Rock (All)

Where Does A Body End? (deluxe)
Cat: 796975
2x Deluxe Blu-ray housed in a 6-panel digipak + 8-panel fold-out insert
Notes: Where Does a Body End? is an intimate portrait of the band SWANS, from their roots as a brutal, confrontational post-punk band that emerged from the same early 1980s era NYC that gave us Sonic Youth (and, somehow, Madonna) through their ill-fated bid at mainstream success in the 90s indie-rock gold rush, through breakups and chaos (on and offstage) to their odds-defying current status as one of the most accomplished and ambitious bands in the world, one whose concerts are more like ecstatic rituals than nostalgic trips back through their most popular songs. SWANS has always been a collection of singular performers, but there's been one constant since its formation in 1982--singer, songwriter Michael Gira. With unfettered access to hundreds of hours of Gira/SWANS archives of never-seen-before recordings, videos, and photographs, the film brings us along the path they needed to carve for themselves. The film is many things, a musical history, a time-capsule, a tour diary, a concert film, but mostly it's the story of a life in the arts, frequently difficult, spanning decades without a safety net, creating the work because Gira says What else am I going to do? As bandmate Thor Harris notes, Michael is not a fearless person, but he is a fearless artist.

All DVDs and Blu-rays will be Region 0

Deluxe Edition is a 2 Disk Blu-ray Deluxe Edition With 156 Minutes of Bonus Material housed in a 6 panel digipak with original artwork by Hrvoje Karalic and an 8 panel foldout insert.
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coming soon $24.23
Live In Concert: The 24 Karat Gold Tour
coming soon $14.82
Sex Pistols Embroidered Logo Cotton Patch
Cat: 795244
Black & red embroidered logo patch
Notes: Sex Pistols Embroidered Logo Cotton Patch
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coming soon $10.25
When Can I Fly? The Sleepers, Tuxedomoon & Beyond
coming soon $29.94
Manfred Mann's Earth Band DVD Collection
coming soon $29.64
Beyond Barricades: The Story Of Anti Flag
coming soon $16.82
A Visual Biography
Cat: 803079
Hardback 224 page A4 book
Notes: Millions of fans would attest that this is a band eminently deserving of a Visual Biography. From the single sleeves through the passes, posters and promo items and of course, most especially Dave, Ed, Mikey and Al themselves (and Sam, Gary and Wolfgang!), Van Halen was an explosion of colour and action, resulting in a feast for the eyes within the pages of this sumptuously appointed book you now hold in your hands

As one celebrates this legendary band in karate-kicking action, from the mid-'70s all the way up until the last tour in 2015 and many solo points and projects in-between, provided for your reading pleasure is one of Martin Popoff's celebrated detailed timelines, stuffed with trivia that swiftly moves us through forty years of massive rock history from one of the storied greats of the genre."Runnin' with the Devil," "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love," "Jamie's Cryin'," "Unchained," "Jump," "Panama," "Hot for Teacher," "Why Can't This Be Love," "Finish What Ya Started," "Right Now"... these are some of the biggest anthems of all time, and accompanying the tunes is the narrative of two opposing lead singers, Diamond David Lee Roth and Sammy "Red Rocker" Hagar, both of whom are also represented in detail vis-a-vis their solo careers amongst the celebration of the core band at hand.

The end result is a beach-balling an' sun-tanned symphony of words and pictures, indeed a book that differs from previous Van Halen photography projects through the inclusion of so much rare memorabilia, side ephemera and otherwise nifty pictures of paper goods perking up each page as one basks in what this band managed to accomplish over four decades of white-knuckle rock on the edge.
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coming soon $87.78
Felevszazad Erdely Rockszinpadan
coming soon $13.67
Jesus Christ The Exorcist
coming soon $22.79
A Long Day's Night
  1. Stairway To The Stars
  2. Burning For You
  3. Od'd On Life Itself
  4. Dance On Stilts
  5. Buck's Boogie
  6. Quicklime Girl
  7. Harvest Moon
  8. Astronomy
  9. Cities On Flame
  10. Perfect Water
  11. Lips In The Hills
  12. Godzilla
  13. Don't Fear The Reaper
coming soon $22.79
Live At Rock Of Ages Festival 2016
coming soon $22.79
Healey's Hideaway
coming soon $17.39
Shindig! Issue 111
Shindig! Issue 111 (magazine)
Cat: 810633
A4 magazine
Notes: Shindig! issue no. 111 contains features on Sly & The Family Stone, Serge Gainsbourg's 'Histoire De Melody Nelson', The First Class, Suzanne Ciani, Wizz Jones, Syd Barrett, United States Of Existence, Ian & Sylvia, Ghost Funk Orchestra, The Bangles etc. Of course you also get the usual sections such as Shindiggin', What's Hot On The Shindig! Turntable, Thoughts & Words, Letters And Emails, It's A Happening Thing, and so on.
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coming soon $10.84
Shindig! Issue 109
Shindig! Issue 109 (magazine)
Cat: 799149
A4 magazine
coming soon $5.69
Shindig! Issue 112
Shindig! Issue 112 (magazine)
Cat: SHINDIG 112. Rel: 07 Feb 21
Review: Shindig! issue no. 112 contains features on Nancy Sinatra, The Ventures, Steve Ellis, Serge Gainsbourg, Dave Cousins, Michael Chapman, Dana Gillespie, Cobalt Chapel, Cool Ghouls, private pressings etc. Of course you also get the usual sections such as Shindiggin', What's Hot On The Shindig! Turntable, Thoughts & Words, Letters And Emails, It's A Happening Thing, and so on.
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coming soon $10.84
I'm Not Holding Your Coat: My Bruises & All Memoir Of Punk Rock Rebellion
Review: From disenchanted Catholic schoolgirl and glam maniac to instigator on the 1980s hardcore punk scene, NANCY BARILE discovered freedom at a time when punk music was new and dangerous. She made her place behind the boards and right in the front row as insurgents such as SSD, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag wrote new rules and made history. She survived punk riots and urban decay, ran the streets with outcasts, and ultimately found true love as she fought for fairness and found her purpose. A unique insider perspective and life lessons from this national award-winning teacher on the dynamics of the DIY punk scene. Features over 50 live and candid photos of Bad Brains, Minor Threat, SSD, Andy Warhold and... Nils Lofgren. Includes an intro with IAN MACKAYE discussing the crucial role of women in early hardcore punk. 192 heavily illustrated pages. Softcover book.
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coming soon $17.39
Caught In The Whirlwind Time
Cat: UNCR 5130. Rel: 29 Jan 21
coming soon $17.09
Stompbox: 100 Pedals Of The World's Greatest Guitarists
Notes: Stompbox: 100 Pedals of the World's Greatest Guitarists, is a deluxe celebration of the unsung hero of guitar music-the effects pedal.

Stompbox showcases the actual effects pedals owned and used by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Zappa, Alex Lifeson, Andy Summers, Eric Johnson, Adrian Belew, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Ed O'Brien, J Mascis, Lita Ford, Joe Perry, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Vernon Reid, Kaki King, Nels Cline and 82 other iconic and celebrated guitarists.

These exquisitely textured fine-art photographs are matched with fresh, insightful commentary and colorful road stories from the artists themselves, who describe how these fascinating and often devilish devices shaped their sounds and songs.

A visual treat for obsessive collectors, guitar players, and music fans, Stompbox reveals the essential but lesser-known marvels behind some of rock 'n' roll's signature sounds.

Book features and structure:

100 Pedals. Featuring interview with the artist and a photos of the chosen pedal. The interview explores the artist's personal connection to their chosen pedal. The pedal photo receives a full page with the interview on the adjacent page.

5 Editorial Features:
* Fuzzed, Phased & Freaked Out: A Heavy History of the Guitar Pedal.
* Thinking Inside the Box: A Pedal Innovators Roundtable.
* Fuzzy Drums, Hairy Horns & Silky Keys: Why It's Okay to Love Guitar Pedals for Everything But Guitar
* Seeing Sound: The Art & Design of the Stompbox
* J's Big Muff Museum: Lee Ranaldo Talks Pedals With J Mascis.

Photographer and Art Director: Eilon Paz
Editorial Director: Dan Epstein
Editor At Large: James Rotondi
Foreword: Ed O'Brien (Radiohead)

Contributing Writers Tom Beaujour, Rich Bienstock, Matt Blackett, Anna Blumenthal, Elton Bradman, Rod Brakes, Chris Buono, Barry Cleveland, Matt Diehl, Dan Epstein, Tzvi Gluckin, Dave Hunter, Michael Molenda, Bill Murphy, Whitney Petty, Lee Ranaldo, Michael Ross, James Rotondi, Cynthia Schemmer, Josh Scott, Katherine Turman
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coming soon $109.44
Stompbox Vintage & Rarities: 333 Cool, Crazy & Hard To Find Guitar Pedals
Review: A companion book to Stompbox: 100 Pedals of the World's Greatest Guitarists

Originally created to expand the sound of the electric guitar, stompboxes have become collectible, highly-fetishized objets d'art, often prized as much for their looks, quirks and history as for their sonic properties.

Photographer Eilon Paz and writer/editor Dan Epstein, the team behind Stompbox: 100 Pedals of the World's Greatest Guitarists, have scoured the globe in search of some of the rarest, weirdest and most iconic stompboxes in existence. Vintage & Rarities: 333 Cool, Crazy and Hard to Find Guitar Pedals features lustrous, exquisitely-detailed photographs of primitive fuzzboxes, one-off prototypes, whimsical boutique creations and elaborate multi-effects unitsimany of which have never been seen before, even by hardcore collectors.

Vintage & Rarities also features profiles of 25 pedal collectors from around the worldiincluding legendary musicians Adrian Belew, Henry Kaiser and David Torn, Beastie Boys producer Mario Caldato Jr., and celebrated pedal builders Oliver Ackermann (Death By Audio), Mike Piera (Analog Man) and Josh Scott (JHS), all of whom share their personal tales of stompbox addiction, while offering additional insight into these fascinating devices.

Created by Eilon Paz & Dan Epstein

On the Cover: Stompbox City. Original Collage by Morgan Jesse Lappin

Book dimensions: 8×10.3 inches.
436 pages.
Hard cover.

Shipping starts November 15, 2020
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coming soon $100.33


Coming Soon: Rock (All)