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Back Catalogue: Reggae

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Horace Andy Meets Naggo Morris/Mini showcase
  1. You & I
  2. Dubwise Version
  3. Live It Up
  4. Praise Jah Jah
  5. Truly
  6. Dubwise
  7. Live & Love
  8. Dubwise (version)
  9. Prophesy
  10. Dubwise
  11. My Heart Is Gone
  12. Dubwise
  13. Come On & Tell Me
  14. Dubwise
  15. You Rest On My Mind
  16. Dubwise (version)
 in stock $15.68
Resuming The Dub
Resuming The Dub (CD limited to 100 copies)
Cat: SV 36. Rel: 19 Dec 19
  1. Abstract Dub
  2. Dub Elements
  3. Hypnotizing Rain
  4. Without Definition II
  5. Coffee & Dub
  6. Another World
  7. Flying
  8. Several
  9. Eywa
  10. Dub 01
  11. Dub 02
Review: Ricardo Rodriguez has been on Space of Variants' radar for some time. He first featured on the label's recent "Dub Addicts" compilation and here is offered a chance to showcase his style over the length of a quietly impressive debut album. His trademark sound is certainly alluring, offering an attractive blend of hushed, hypnotic dub techno rhythms, gently pulsing ambient chords, echoing electronics and languid, slow burn melodies. Highlights come thick and fast throughout, from the outer-space shuffle of "Dub Elements" and Basic Channel-esque "Coffee and Dub", to the wonderfully enveloping ambient dub goodness of "Flying".
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 in stock $16.25
The Living Stream Chapter One
Cat: RUMCD 001. Rel: 26 Aug 20
  1. The Living Stream
  2. Great Honor
  3. Jah Alone
  4. Hear The Call
  5. Zion Place
  6. Frantic Mess
  7. Holy
  8. Live Life Love
  9. Covering
  10. Nazarene
 in stock $13.39
King Size Dub Special
Cat: EB 139. Rel: 25 Feb 20
  1. We Rock It
  2. Evil E
  3. Dunk
  4. Good Enough (part 1)
  5. We Love Reggae
  6. The Only Redeemer
  7. Rough Out There
  8. All A Dem A Do
  9. Walls Of Silence
  10. Got It Bad
  11. Satellite City
  12. You Take Control
  13. Prelaunch Sequence
  14. The Only Redeemer (Groove Corporation remix)
  15. The Only Redeemer (Andrian Sherwood dub)
 in stock $9.11
Heart Of The Matter Volume 3
Cat: PMPCD 002. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Inna Ya Area
  2. Feel The Groove
  3. Fari People
  4. Lie Dem A Tell
  5. Anything You Want
  6. Shoulders To The Wheel
  7. Educate To Emancipate
  8. Bow Down
  9. Together Again
  10. Holocaust
  11. Love Was A Thing
  12. Sleep & Slumber
  13. Behold
  14. I Want To Be Free
  15. Rockers Delight
 in stock $13.11
Universal Love Volume 2
Cat: PMPCD 001. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Sunrise
  2. Marcus
  3. Life
  4. Jah Know
  5. Let There Be Light
  6. Long Road
  7. My King
  8. Babylon Show
  9. Fuss & Fight
  10. Deams
  11. Rocky Road
  12. Irie Meditation
  13. Jah Rule
  14. Dreada
  15. Politicians
  16. Universal Love
  17. Genesis
  18. Ephraim
 in stock $13.39
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Back Catalogue: Reggae
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