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ホーム  Labels  All Good Music US
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All Good Music US レコード& CD

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Ten Days Of Blue (Live At Dekmantel)
Cat: AGM 004. Rel: 06 Mar 23
Intro (1:25)
Collage Of Dreams (7:29)
December's Tragedy (7:11)
Deluge (7:15)
Guitaris Breeze (6:15)
Flex (6:53)
Ten Days Of Blue (5:52)
Venom & Wonder (6:53)
Soft Summer (8:41)
Outro (0:47)
Review: After his superlative and rather unexpected foray into Afro and Latin fusion with his Sol Set project, John Beltran returns to more familiar territory with a rendition of his classic mid-90s album 'Ten Days of Blue' recorded at this year's Dekmantel in Amsterdam. We get a real feel for the whole gig experience, from the sound of murmured anticipation and intro tape to the resolution at the outro and the main meat of the music itself - lively, optimistic, groovy but understated and chilled at the same time - sits somewhere between his ambient and harder techno work. Among Beltran's very finest output.
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 in stock $23.23
Ola De Novo (The Remixes) (feat Kiko Navarro/Kaidi Tatham/Blair French/Ezel/Cee El Assaad/Chris Coco/John Beltran & John Arnold mixes)
AZTEC 2022 (Kiko Navarro Jazz Suite) (9:31)
Bliss Mode (Kaidi Tatham remix) (4:53)
Pour Le Moment (Blair French Revision) (4:39)
Rythm Of The Sun (Ezel remix) (7:11)
Get Away (Cee ElAssaad remix) (7:25)
Linda Sau Paulo (Chris Coco dub) (4:12)
Rhythm Of Sao Paolo (Beltran & Arnold Brazilian Blend) (5:27)
Review: Having thrown somewhat of a creative curveball with the launch of Latin and soul-centered project Sol Set, John Beltran hands over the Detroit collective's debut album Ola De Novo to a list of impressive global talent for the remix treatment. Kiko Navarro, Kaidi Tatham, Blair Frech, Ezel, Cee ElAssaad, Chris Coco and John Beltram with John Arnold all line up to do their duty, incorporating the sun kissed, percussion-heavy and exotically instrumented vibes into their more house and techno productions. Highlights include Cee ElAssaad's remix of 'Get Away', its gloriously optimistic vocal retained and re-purposed over light and nimble beats, and Chris Coco's dubby slow motion samba take on 'Linda Sau Paulo', but like the label says, it's All Good
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 in stock $19.54
Incandescent EP
Cat: AGM 003. Rel: 09 Jan 23
Deep House
Through My Eyes (5:27)
Mesmerizing Blue (6:25)
Sticks (5:32)
Review: Chad Pulley makes his first solo appearance on John Beltran's All Good Music label, although keener eyed spotters will know that Pulley and Beltran previously collaborated on a track under the Bel-Pull Productions moniker. He steps up to the task ably, slipping into All Good style comfortably with the calm and melodic, gracefully coasting techno of 'Through My Eyes', before the flip side reveals the wistful 'Mesmerizing Blue', where pianos and synths call and respond over exotic rhythms. 'Sticks' completes the set, slightly harder and funkier than its two predecessors but again with an emphasis on musicality, off kilter danceability and originality. On this showing, a name to watch.
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 in stock $10.04
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