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The Seduction Of Silence (remastered)
 in stock $21.20
Cat: ECHOSPACE 313-6. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Montego Bay
  2. Angel Version (with Paul St Hilaire)
  3. Tswana Dub
  4. Intrusion Dub
  5. Seduction
  6. Reflection I
  7. Twilight
  8. A Night To Remember
  9. Little Angel (with Paul St Hilaire)
  10. Under The Ocean
  11. Ocean View
  12. Lo Fi Soundsystem (De Lion Den live mix)
  13. Kingston's Burning Dub (live mix)
  14. Tswana Dub (Phase90 restructure)
  15. Love In Lofi (remastered)
  16. Kingston's Burning Dub
  17. Velocity In A Major (live in Japan)
  18. Never Forget
  19. Intrusion (Phase90 reshape)
Amongst The Stars: Reshapes
 in stock $27.81
Cat: ECHOSPACE 3138. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Amongst The Stars (Intrusion extended dub)
  2. Amongst The Stars (CV313 Submersion)
  3. Amongst The Stars (CV313 Immersion dub)
  4. Amongst The Stars (CV313 Disintegration dub)
  5. Amongst The Stars (Variant Etherscape)
Review: With Rod Modell putting the finishing touches to his next Deepchord album (due for release later in the year on Soma), Echospace partner Stephen Hitchell took the opportunity to record a new solo set of his own under the lesser-known Intrusion alias. "Amongst The Stars", a beguiling, 21-minute chunk of soft-focus dub techno smothered in spacey analogue electronics and the distant sound of traffic, is taken from that forthcoming album. Here, Hitchell's fine "Extended Dub" comes accompanied by a trio of varied but typically atmospheric translations from CV313 (AKA Hitchell and Modell), of which the astonishingly deep "Distintegration Dub" is probably our pick. On the second CD, Hitchell dons his ambient alias, Variant, and delivers an absorbing, CD-length "re-shape" that's as entrancing as it is quietly picturesque.
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