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Soichi Terada Presents Sounds From The Far East
Cat: RHRSS 12. Rel: 28 Feb 22
Deep House
Saturday Love Sunday (5:53)
Shinichiro Yokota - "Do it Again" (5:46)
Sun Showered (4:27)
Soichi Terada & Manabu Nagayama - "Low Tension" (alternative version) (5:11)
Hohai Beats (6:14)
Good Morning (4:40)
CPM (4:45)
Rising Sun Up (4:28)
We Came Together (5:03)
Voices From Beyond (4:42)
Purple Haze (edit) (3:59)
Binary Rondo (5:12)
Review: For deep house diggers, Soichi Terada has long been a source of inspiration. While he's still active, it's the early '90s material he released on the Far East Recordings label - an imprint he founded soon after his graduation in 1990 - that most excites. Following the 2014 re-release of his sublime hook-up with Nami Shimada, "Sunshower", Rush Hour has decided to put together this excellent retrospective. Compiled by self-confessed fan Hunee, Sounds From The Far East contains a mixture of hard-to-find Terada originals, collaborations, and tracks by fellow Far East Recordings artist Shinichiro Yokota, all in the label's trademark melody-rich, evocative deep house style.
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Tonic Edits Vol 6: The Japan reworks
Cat: TOYT 096. Rel: 19 Jun 19
Japanese Woman (5:40)
Matchbox (7:40)
Uber Man (5:36)
Tibetan Dance (5:02)
Review: The sixth volume in Toy Tonics occasional "Tonic Edits" series comes courtesy of label regulars COEO, a Munich-based duo who previously proved their edit credentials via a tasty 12" on Razor-N-Tape. This collection is arguably even better than its predecessor and sees them take their rusty scalpels to a quartet of Japanese disco-pop tracks from the 1980s. There's much to admire, from the sleazy electrofunk grooves, bold pianos and sparkling pianos of "Matchbox" (A2) and the slap-bass propelled boogie goodness of the Teena Marie-esque "Uber Man" (B1), to the freestyle influenced synth-pop bounce of cheery closing cut "Tibetan Dance". Arguably best of all, though, is lead cut "Japanese Woman", a bi-lingual disco song rich in rubbery bass, Chic style guitars and sparkling synthesizer flourishes.
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Played by: Saison, Coeo
 in stock $10.20
Enjoy Your Self EP 3
Cat: EESS 007. Rel: 21 Nov 22
Akio Nagase - "Mbira Dub" (6:47)
Akira Arasawa & Ground - "Multi Gud Z" (7:16)
Akira Arasawa - "Dolphin" (6:57)
Saeko Killy - "Dancing Pikapika" (6:06)
Review: Enjoy Your Self EP 3 is, as the title suggests, a third deep dive into the offerings of Osaka, Japan-based label Chillmountain Recordings. It has a wealth of different producers on its roster, all of whom twist up house, electronica, experimental, dub and Balearic sounds into fresh new grooves for cultured dance floors. It is tribal and percussive dub from Aki Nagase that immediately gets us locked in before Akira Arasawa & Ground combine for the sludgy and slow motion dub of 'Multi Gud Z.' Akira Arasawa's 'Dolphin' has underwater sonar sounds and watery rhythms then the EP closes on what might be the best of the lot - a percolating dub in the form of 'Dancing Pikapika.'
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Played by: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $13.08
Remix EP (feat Gene On Earth, Herbert mixes)
Cat: COS 006. Rel: 12 Sep 22
Ambient Squeeze (Gene On Earth Megamix) (7:48)
Go Up (5:55)
Flare's Grip - Prism Remix (Herbert's Make It Right dub) (6:39)
Vol 03 - 02 (6:16)
Review: Remastered rarities by the late Susumu Yokota under his 246 and Prism monikers. Go Up was originally a defective release which has since been corrected and remastered and Vol 3 - 02 was not released. It also features a megamix of Ambient Love and Squeeze Up (which feature on Cosmic Soup 005) by Gene On Earth and a remix of Flare's Grip - Prism Remix by Matthew Herbert titled "Herbert's Make It Right Dub". Three legends on this EP. Superbly remastered and cut by Mike Grinser at Manmade in Berlin. Artwork by John Williams.
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 in stock $16.73
Expansions EP
Expansions EP (12" limited to 300 copies 再プレス)
Cat: LSR 013. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Deep House
Expansions (Yoruba Soul mix) (9:56)
Expansions (Libation Remake) (5:33)
Expansions (Excursions Go Deep remix) (8:20)
Expansions (2021 Rare Groove mix) (8:22)
 in stock $20.39
Enjoy Your Self EP 2
Cat: EESS 006. Rel: 21 Nov 22
Ground - "Utau Narukoyuri" (5:28)
Akio Nagase - "Arauma" (Kobato dub) (5:00)
Jose Finagandara, Juan Diego Lllescas & Ground - "Something Sign" (5:39)
Akira Arasawa With KUN & FRANKY-CH - "Yunnan" (8:18)
Review: Especial Specials has joined forces with Osaka-based imprint Chillmountain Recordings to offer up another Enjoy Your Self EP. This one once again showcases the talents on its roster with label head Ground kicking off with a beatdown meets trance sound on "Utau Narukoyuri'. After that slow burner come tribal percussive sounds from 'Arauma' (Kobato Dub), sunny cumbia on 'Something Sign' and a meandering Balearic journey from Akira Arasawa With KUN & FRANKY-CH that is brought to life with new age flute sounds, bird calls, jungle drips and folkloric strings. A fantastic EP, then.
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 in stock $10.45
Folk Remedy Anthems 1 & 2
Cat: MYS 019. Rel: 14 Aug 23
Deep House
Aurora 2004 (Calm Present KF's Re-touch) (10:59)
Beast In Batuque (7:58)
Spirit In Tala (4:57)
Night Stream (5:24)
Kesarian (5:33)
In Dope Rhythms (5:54)
Calling Spirit (5:35)
Review: The sublime music of Kaoro Inoue is the subject of this essential new compilation on Mysticisms. Inoue describes himself as an "extreme music lover" and has been for more than 30 years. His Chari Chari alias is all about self-expression and the music here has previously only been available digitally. It fuses ambient, house and techno soundscapes across four sides of vinyl with a deeply spiritual outlook and soul-soothing sound. Organic percussion, traditional instruments and new age moods all colour the deeply enticing grooves.
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 in stock $26.14
Giro EP
Giro EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LPY 02. Rel: 10 Jan 22
ISWIS #3 (6:52)
ISWIS #2 (6:51)
Swim In The Universe (7:16)
Love Is In The Air (7:05)
Review: The second release on Lempuyang comes courtesy of Tomoki Tsukamoto. In the late 90s Tomoki put out releases on Gez Varley's G Records, i220, and of course ran his own Metrojuice Records imprint; putting out some of the most sought-after deep & dubby techno records under his alias W-Moon. After a hiatus of over 20 years he now returns with four new tracks under his own name, still retaining that deep signature sound.

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Sunshower (12")
Cat: SS 200. Rel: 09 Dec 19
Deep House
Sunshower (Larry Levan vocal mix) (5:41)
Sunshower (Mark Kamins dance mix) (5:19)
Sunshower (5:28)
Sunshower (instrumental) (4:37)
Played by: Red Greg
 in stock $14.12
Wishes & Memories Vol 3
Cat: THPVS 05. Rel: 19 Jul 21
Minimal/Tech House
Mark Hand - "Questions I Never Asked" (7:11)
Trinidadian Deep - "Personal DUB Expression" (6:19)
Shaka - "There We Go" (7:03)
Tominori Hosoya - "Cycling" (7:14)
Review: Tominori Hosoya's Wishes & Memories EP series is based on the concept that the label only releases "special musics that are made for precious persons, memories, things by each artists.' The revered composer himself appears with 'Cycling,' which is a superb house tune wash with star-gazing melody and expansive pad work. UK vet Mark Hand explores similarly celestial highs on his majestic 'Questions I Never Asked' while Trinidadian Deep, in his usual fashion, serves up a a meditation on deep drums, organic percussion and spiritual synths with his 'Personal DUB Expression.' Shaka serves up a more funky and playful vibe on his 'There We Go.'
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Message From A New Dawn
Message From A New Dawn (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: ZLCP 0414. Rel: 22 Dec 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Astral Ascension
Primal Echo
Get Up (feat Roy Ayers)
Get It Together
This Feeling
Visions Of Tomorrow
The Message
The Mask
Revolution Evolution
Eternal Tide
Review: Shuya Okino is a DJ, club owner, writer and producer as well as being a part of the Kyoto Jazz Massive, and has been a vital figure in the Japanese club scene for over three decades. He is involved in a wide range of projects from Cosmic Village to Root Soul to Mondo Grosso, but his work with brother Yoshihiro as Kyoto Jazz Massive might be his best. This new album is another standout fusion of synth, broken beat and nu-jazz styles. Some of the tunes are pure dance floor heaters such as the prickly vibes of 'Get Up' while others gaze off to a cosmic future such as the gorgeous synths of 'Visions Of Tomorrow'. Essential.
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 in stock $21.57
Tokyo Crossover Night 2023: Shuya Okino's Unreleased Tracks
Cat: ZLCP 429. Rel: 24 Jul 23
Kyoto Jazz Massive - "The Mask" (Aartek Jets remix)
Kyoto Jazz Massive - "Get It Together" (Shuya Okino & Root Soul remix)
Kyoto Jazz Sextet - "Still In Love" (feat Navasha Daya)
Kyoto Jazz Quartet - "Transend Me"
Echoes Of A New Dawn Ochestra - "Substream"
Kyoto Jazz Massive - "This Feeling" (Young Pulse & ATN Mochi Men remix)
Root Soul - "Feeling Good" (feat Leon King - Shuya Okino Re edit)
Miomatic - "Step Into Our Life" (Shuya Okino re-edit)
Shuya Okino - "Shine" (feat Diviniti - Root Soul Boogie remix with Soki Kimura)
Shuya Okino - "The Light" (feat Ruth Koleva)
Review: Complementing the fresh single 'Shine', released at the very same time, 'Tokyo Crossover Night 2023' is a compilation album by various artists selected by Shuya Okino, esteemed Japanese disco and broken beat DJ/producer. Kyoto Jazz Sextet, DJ Kawasaki, J.A.M and Shuya Okino himself all crop up on this veritable razzmatazzer, amounting to yet another worthy contribution to the label Village Again Japan, and the Tokyo crossover scene they occupy at large.
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 in stock $23.00
Remix Works
Cat: MULEMUSIQ 272. Rel: 08 Mar 22
Deep House
Mouse On The Keys - "Plateau" (Kuniyuki remix) (9:28)
Kathy Kosins & Paul Randolph - "Could You Be Me?" (Kuniyuki remix) (8:22)
Mr Raoul K - "Dounougnan Magni" (Kuniyuki remix) (13:03)
Kazumi Watanabe - "Garuda" (Kuniyuki remix) (7:13)
Erika Nishi - "Summer Party" (Kuniyuki remix) (6:34)
Jungle By Night - "Love Boat" (Kuniyuki remix) (8:14)
Sth NOTIONAL - "Song With No Words" (Kuniyuki remix) (9:48)
Nabowa - "Ries" (Kuniyuki remix) (8:59)
Review: Before delivering the self-explanatory Newwave Project album in 2017, Kuniyuki Takahashi had spent well over a decade delivering spiritual, life-affirming blends of deep house and future jazz. It's this side of his output that shines through on Remix Works, a collection of some of the producer's most sublime reworks of other people's work. Typically atmospheric, musically detailed and emotion-seeped, the set contains numerous headline-grabbing highlights, including a fluid, acid-flecked Latin deep house version of 'Plateau' by Mouse on the Keys, a sparkling and futuristic Afro-house re-wire of Mr Raoul K's extra-percussive 'Dounougnan Magni', a marimba-sporting drift through deep aural rainforests (his sublime revision of Kazumi Watanabe's 'Garuda') and a loved-up, life-affirming re-imaging of Jungle By Night's horn-sporting 'Love Boat'.

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 in stock $40.00
Remixed Vol 1
Cat: MULEMUSIQ 273. Rel: 21 Feb 22
Deep House
All These Things (Theo Parrish remix vocal version) (13:55)
All These Things (Theo Parrish remix dubstramental) (8:53)
Review: With its complex arrangements, attractive musical elements, ambient textures and jazz-flecked instrumentation, Kuniyuki Takahashi's music has long been a gift for remixers. Mule Musiq has taken advantage of this in the past, commissioning a slew of reworks of his tracks in the late noughties and early twenty-teens. These superb Theo Parrish versions of 'All These Things' date from 2008 and have been reissued as part of a new series of Kuniyuki reissues. Parrish's A-side remix is as wonderful as you'd expect: a 14-minute epic in which glassy-eyed vocal snippets, aquatic synth motifs and ultra-deep ambient pads rise above a deliciously jazzy deep house beat. The flipside 'Dubstrumental' is chunkier, jazzier and sparser, sound-wise, offering a marginally weightier alternative to the inspired A-side rub.
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 in stock $16.21
Deep One
Deep One (12")
Cat: PERLON 133. Rel: 02 Dec 22
Minimal/Tech House
Deep One (9:35)
I'm Standing Beside You (10:30)
Review: Fumiya Tanaka is about as revered as minimal producers come. The Japanese cult hero has had a busy year too - he dropped an album One More Thing on this, his home label, only back in January, and is now back with another of his superb 12's. The title cut 'Deep One' is just that - the drums are snappy but hit down low, while menacing organ chords Ida muffled vocals are layered up top to make for a moody, churchy vibe. 'I'm Standing Beside You' is a classic minimal piece with detuned synths, those super low drum and bass rumbles and shapeshifting chords that draw you inwards forever.
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Dance Tonight/If So Remember EP
Cat: SND 013. Rel: 30 Sep 20
Minimal/Tech House
Dance Tonight (dub) (8:02)
Dance Tonight (6:16)
If So Remember (7:45)
If So Remember (dub) (7:51)
Review: Since 1995, Fumiya Tanaka has been Japan's foremost producer of minimal techno and tech-house. In that time, he's built up a vast discography and continues to offer-up regular doses of crunchy, mind-altering goodness. He's predictably in fine form again on this Sundance double-header. The A-side boasts two versions of 'Dance Tonight': the organ-rich, gently warming tech-house snappiness of the original mix (A2), and an acid-fired 'Dub' that drags the track further towards late-night, heads-down territory. He repeats the trick on side B, pairing the rubbery, minor-key heavy tech-house shuffle of 'If So Remember' with a loose limbed and bass-heavy dub, rich in alien sounding chords, cascading melodies and drifting vocal snippets.
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 in stock $10.98
One More Thing
One More Thing (2xLP + insert)
Cat: SND 015. Rel: 20 Jan 22
Minimal/Tech House
Last Grooves (7:35)
Hahaha Voices (6:21)
Troope Cafe (8:02)
Singers (8:00)
22th (7:14)
KY (7:33)
Review: Cult minimalist Fumiya Tanaka last released an album on Perlon in 2019. He now returns with a new collection of precision tool tracks hat have been made by sampling his own sounds from his own DAT tape archive from the 90s. Reconstructing those sounds today in news ways makes for a faultless blend of the old and the new. There are silky, dubby tech house tunes, rich melodic minimal work outs and deep house grooves along the way. This release is the first part of 'One More Thing' with the second part dude later in 2022 as a separate double pack.
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 in stock $25.36
Newwave Project
Cat: MULEMUSIQ 215. Rel: 25 Jul 17
Cycle (7:12)
Steam (6:13)
Blue Neon (6:26)
Mind Madness (6:24)
Newwave Project #7 (6:49)
Newwave Project #11 (7:48)
Newwave Project #9 (7:08)
Body Signal (6:59)
Review: Japanese producer Kuniyuki Takahashi's Newwave project is a new interpretation of his musical roots. He was majorly influenced by SPK, Test Dept, D.A.F and various industrial and EBM acts. Then he formed an industrial music band with his brother in the late 80's called DRP. After 25 years, his new release is a unique mixture of his deep and emotional house sound with the aforementioned influences and now presenting the second volume once again on Mule Musiq. Takahashi is a stalwart of the label, having put out close a dozen LP and several EPs on the label over the years. From the broken beat and arpeggios of "Blue Neon" to the neon-lit '80s night deep house of "Newwave Project #11" there's an odd collection of grooves on here from a unique perspective.
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 in stock $30.59
Remix Works
Cat: MULEMUSIQ 271. Rel: 01 Mar 22
Deep House
Paul Randolph - "Shake House" (Kuniyuki remix) (7:49)
Marewrew - "Rera Suy" (Kuniyuki remix) (8:07)
Etv Girls Choir - "Sampo Tagumine (Forging The Sampo)" (Kuniyuki remix) (8:17)
Review: Mule Musiq presents more remix delights from veteran producer and label staple Kuniyuki. The new Remix Works EP features a suitably deep, dusty and low-slung rendition of 'Shake House' by Detroit musician Paul Randolph on the A side, followed by a sublime ambient house version of Hokkaido-based quartet Marewrew's 'Rera Suy' featuring a backdrop of ethereal pianos and subdued percussion that allows their amazing vocals to play centre stage. Over on the flip, there's another left field offering in the form of Etv Girls Choir's 'Sampo Tagumine (Forging The Sampo)' where Kuniyuki reworks the track by exploring a neo-classical style to mesmerising effect.
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 in stock $6.79
Japan Vibrations Vol 1
Japan Vibrations Vol 1 (2xLP + insert)
Cat: WF 007JPVDLP. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Haruomi Hosono - "Ambient Meditation #3" (3:54)
Silent Poets - "Meaning In The Tone" ('95 Space & Oriental) (6:33)
Mind Design - "Sun" (5:32)
Quadra - "Phantom" (6:35)
Yasuaki Shimizu - "Tamare-Tamare" (5:21)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Tibetan Dance" (version) (5:22)
TPO - "Hiroshi's Dub" (Tokyo club mix) (7:31)
Okihide - "Biskatta" (9:51)
Mondo Grosso - "Vibe PM" (Jazzy mixed Roots - mixed By Yoshihiro Okino) (4:38)
Prism - "Velvet Nymph" (6:36)
CT Scan - "Cold Sleep (The Door Into Summer)" (7:04)
Review: Japan will always be a source of great wonderment to us over the rest, as well as being a hugely inspirational land when it comes to all manner of cultures. Take electronic music, and specifically house and techno, which have always had their own distinctive take on the genre and that is now tapped into as Alex From Tokyo Presents Japan Vibrations Vol. 1, a tasteful compilation that transports you to the Far East and some of its finest moments from the 80s and 90s. Each tune comes from a trailblazer of the time and elements of ambient, downtempo, dub, world beats, deep house, new jazz and techno are all fused together into a faultless and tasteful collection.
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 in stock $27.46
Asakusa Light Remixes
Cat: RHM 046. Rel: 01 Mar 23
Deep House
Bamboo Fighter (Byron The Aquarius remix) (4:53)
Takusambient (Alex Attias remix) (7:42)
Review: Cult Japanese video game soundtrack designer and happy house hero Soichi Terada's last album Asakusa Light on Rush Hour gets picked apart from some top remixes here. First to go is a former hip-hop beatsmith turned deep house don Byron The Aquarius. He smooths out the grooves of 'Bamboo Fighter' and layers in dusty chords and diffuse melodies that are heartwarming and hypnotic. 'Takusambient' then gets a fine treatment from Alex Attias who brings bubbly chords and bass to a lively deep house cut that is full of subtle party vibes.
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 in stock $13.85
20 Years Sound Of Speed Records
Cat: SOSR 026. Rel: 17 Dec 20
Deep House
Project Pablo - "Acoustic Serenade" (4:52)
Benedek - "Ubatuba" (5:39)
Ogawa & Tokoro - "Updraft" (5:30)
Svetozar - "Interpretation DM" (4:52)
 in stock $16.99
20 Years Sound Of Speed Records 2
Cat: SOSR 027. Rel: 04 Aug 21
Deep House
K 15 - "Unconditional Positive Regard" (6:42)
Hidden Spheres - "Strangeways" (5:08)
Satoshi - "New Dawn" (feat Kuniyuki - Percussion mix) (4:29)
Kuniyuki - "Golden" (6:58)
Review: As part of their 20 year anniversary, Japanese label Soundofspeed has prepared a series of celebratory various artists EPs. The last one featured the likes of Project Pablo and Svetozar, and there are more scene all-stars here on volume two. British producer K 15 starts things off with some contemplative deep space jazz on 'Unconditional Positive Regard', while Manchester's Hidden Spheres goes down a late night route on the smooth mood music of 'Strangeways'. Over on the flip, Japanese twin duo Satoshi & Makoto deliver the glassy-eyed and bittersweet journey 'New Dawn' (Percussion mix) featuring veteran producer Kuniyuki - who flies solo next on the awe-inspiring epic 'Golden'.
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 in stock $16.48
Surreal (12")
Cat: LITH 5. Rel: 15 Dec 22
Minimal/Tech House
Pearl 2 (5:14)
Pearl 3 (5:40)
Chartreuse 8 (6:05)
Chartreuse 12 (3:51)
Crimson 6 (7:04)
Crimson 9 (5:25)
Review: The more discerning and concentrated electro head will be tuned into the work of Bot1500. It is an alias of Shinichi Kobayashi, a producer who since 2018 has landed on the likes of Analogical Force and Furthur Electronix with a unique mix of futurist sounds. This one is another brilliant EP featuring cuts like 'Chartreuse 8.' It's a propulsive rhythm built from silky breaks and overlaid with the sort of heart-aching and thought-provoking chords that will send you inward on the dance floor. The five other cuts are just as much a perfect mix of the physical and the cerebral.
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 in stock $20.65
Pulsor EP (feat Ken Ishii mix)
Pulsor EP (feat Ken Ishii mix) (translucent purple vinyl 12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: SUSLTD 021PURPLE. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Todd Terry - "Bounce To The Beat" (Orlando Voorn remix) (9:13)
Orlando Voorn - "Pulsor" (6:41)
Fix - "Flash" (5:43)
Fix - "Dope Computer" (Ken Ishii remix) (6:11)
Review: A special, limited edition purple vinyl version of the new Pulsor EP from Orlando Voorn, with the undipsuted classic 'Flash' - utilising his Fix alias - up front, big, bouncy techno with wigged-out synths and plenty of playful energy. There's also the brand new title track 'Pulsor' a heady deep cut and two remixes making their debuts on vinyl here, namely Orlando's chunky techno reworking of 'Boucle To The Beat', one of Toddy Terry's most recognisable early tracks, and then the colourful house sound of Ken Ishii's remix of 'Dope Computer'.
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 in stock $15.67
Sandpit EP
Cat: PG 08. Rel: 18 Mar 16
Deep House
Chase (6:13)
Throw Away (5:54)
Built On Sand (5:48)
Thirsty Dream (5:23)
 in stock $15.42
Pulsor EP (feat Ken Ishii mix)
Pulsor EP (feat Ken Ishii mix) (grey & black splattered vinyl 12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: SUSLTD 021GREY. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Todd Terry - "Bounce To The Beat" (Orlando Voorn remix) (9:13)
Orlando Voorn - "Pulsor" (6:42)
Fix - "Flash" (5:43)
Fix - "Dope Computer" (Ken Ishii remix) (6:11)
Review: This new EP grey and black splattered 12" from Orlando Voorn features a real glut of goodness - there is the stone-cold classic 'Flash' under his Fix alias which is big, bouncy techno with wigged-out synths and plenty of playful energy. There is also the brand new title track 'Pulsor' which is a nice heady and deep cut with silky synth ripples and rubbery drums intertwining with one another perfectly. The two remixes included have never been available on vinyl before. The first is Orlando's chunky and funky techno rework of 'Boucle To The Beat', one of Toddy Terry's most recognisable early tracks. Then last of all is the colourful house sound of Ken Ishii's remix of 'Dope Computer'. It's a filter-heavy and loopy jam with prickly acid that will pump any party.
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 in stock $20.90
The Floating Surface EP
Cat: PG 13. Rel: 12 Jan 23
Deep House
Old Curtain (6:21)
Too Early (5:46)
Floating Eyes (5:15)
Floating Eyes (Rick Wade remix) (6:13)
Review: It is now a decade since The Playground launched and in that time the US label has done things at its own pace. This is just a 13th EP but each and every time we hear from the label it is only the highest quality house with artists like Rick Wade, Tom Ellis and Alton Miller all making their mark in the past. This time it is longstanding Japanese maestro Kez YM at the controls and he brings effortlessly cool deep house, muffled crowd atmospheres, gorgeous chord work and a playful sense of soul across three fantastic cuts. Rick Wade closes the EP with one of his famously loopy and irresistible deep house rollers. A future classic for sure.
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 in stock $14.63
Moon Dance
Moon Dance (2xLP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: AMDS 005. Rel: 22 Mar 22
Deep House
Holly Spirit Dance (Tatsuro Amamia Spirit mix) (6:59)
Happiness (club Temple mix) (11:17)
Tsukino Oshie (Marks Tribal mix) (5:43)
Tibetan Ecstasy Moon (Tatsuro Amamias Trance dub Ecstasymoon mix) (6:09)
Building A Maitreia Land (Shiro Amamias Spiritual Jazz Trance mix) (6:14)
Nirvana Sexy (Amoras dub Disco Heruka mix) (5:57)
I Am Shaman (Shiro Amamias Spiritual Jazz Trance Ecstasy Satori & Heruka mix) (6:03)
Full Moon (Mitsuru Kotaki & Shiro Space For Child Ambient mix) (7:09)
Xtasyzm (Tatsuro Amamia Fantasy mix) (7:57)
Moon Dance (club Ecstasy Mayuri mix) (9:57)
 in stock $55.69
Mondo Grosso Official Best 2
Mondo Grosso Official Best 2 (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: HRLP 250/1. Rel: 20 May 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
BLZ (Mgob edit & remastered) (5:42)
Everything Needs Love (feat BoA - Re-new) (4:44)
Shinin' (feat Kj - MG & The Flying Bed remix) (5:29)
Light (feat UA - Mgob New mix) (5:52)
Labyrinth (feat Mitsushima Hikari - Mgob New mix) (5:09)
Time (feat Bird - Mgob remastered) (4:48)
Planet Tantra (feat Asuka Saito - Mgob New mix) (5:25)
Haruwa Towa Ni Mezameru (feat UA - version 1 - Mgob remastered) (6:21)
False Sympathy (feat Aina The End - Mgob remastered) (4:42)
One Temperature (feat Big-O - Big-O Extra Rises) (6:43)
Kemuri (feat Rhyme - Chillin' dub) (4:52)
Everything Needs Love (feat BoA - JP Re-new) (4:45)
Review: Japan's pioneering Mondo Grosso has assembled a collection of all this greatest hits for this special new two part collection. It takes in some new remixes, new mixes and re-edits and the whole thing has been newly remastered by Shinichi Osawa himself. Also included is a Japanese version of 'Everything Needs Love' with freshly record vocals. This is big room, soulful house music with plenty of Latin and jazz influences and some wild vocals. This tells the story of the last 30 years of this fine band and reminds us just what made them so popular.
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Animal Emotions
Cat: PRAH 042LP. Rel: 20 May 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Free Soul (7:11)
Autumn Colours (4:12)
Outside (3:34)
Wheat Fields (7:55)
In The Right Place (5:04)
From Joy To Sorrow (3:21)
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Waveforms EP
Cat: SKKB 020. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Deep House
If I'm There (7:32)
Passed Presages (6:14)
Shinuya Walking (8:19)
Way We Feel (5:59)
Review: Takecha is the alias for Japanese house producer Takeshi Fukushima, who established himself as a vital voice in the deeper-than-deep underground through his own GWM Records label. Following some choice drops on Holic Trax Fukushima has brought his undulating sound to Sakskobing for a four-deep excursion through blissful pads, warm and rounded basslines and steady ticking drums executed in the classic fashion. From the immensely satisfying Lately bass and joyful chords of 'If I'm There' to the smoky Sunday mood of 'Shinuya Walking' this is an EP to melt into, but there's a strong backbone to make sure it does the business on the floor too.
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10 Years: Part 2 Of 3
Cat: D3E 019LTD. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Deep House
Koizumi Yukiko - "526" (5:47)
Taelue - "Saturn Infinite 8" (5:46)
Nemanja Krstic - "Aquae Sulis" (4:31)
Gnork - "Reflection Of A Bird Flying" (6:51)
Review: The French deep house label D3 Elements is now a decade old and to mark the occasion it has assembled a superb three part EP series featuring plenty of talents both new and old. The second EP kick off with some Japanese stylings from Koizumi Yukiko and his piano laced bongo workout '526'. Taelue sets off on a deep and heavy bassline pulse that will make floors march and Nemanja Krstic's 'Aquae Sulis' brings some jazzy chord work and bubbling funk bass for a nice heartfelt vibe. Gnork shuts down with a skittish, stripped back broken beat that makes this another diverse offering.
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90 - 93
90 - 93 (12")
Cat: CJFD 36. Rel: 27 Apr 23
Deep House
90 (4:36)
91 (4:37)
92 (6:12)
93 (5:19)
Review: On-point Japanese producer Takuya Matsumoto returns to Clone's Jack For Daze label with a follow-up to his brilliantly executed 85-88 EP. He's not discovered a shoe-box of DATs under the bed, but rather is purposefully paying tribute to the early days of house and techno with specific explorations of particular eras and their attendant sounds. This time around we're taken to the early 90s, with some wonderful, varied results. There's lush, FM-embellished deep house on '01 90' and edgy, jackin' techno wormholes opening up on '02 91'. Meanwhile '03 92' retains a healthy bounce and some lush washes of synth, and '04 93' tips towards the kind of garage house you'd find on a Strictly Rhythm record 30 years ago. Crucially, it's all shot through with tonnes more personality than most 90s soundalike records, so full credit to Matsumoto for spelling his intentions out and delivering the goods.
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Green Tower (reissue)
Cat: SND 014. Rel: 15 Jul 21
Green Tower (original Paradise mix) (7:48)
Dream Punk (7:48)
Review: Last Front made these tunes for the Torema Records label in the 90s and they were only ever released in Japan in 1993. back then the country was leading the way when it came to indie labels manufacturing and pressing up their own material. Now the music made by Fumiya Tanaka, Tamotu Ide and Takehito Miyagi has been remastered for 2021. 'Green Tower' (original Paradise mix) is a dense and intense techno track with freewheeling synths and jacked up drums and 'Dream Punk' is another rattling and urgent banger that hurries onwards with a sense of tension and astral drama.
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Played by: Jane Fitz
 in stock $10.45
SFTM 001
SFTM 001 (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SFTM 001. Rel: 07 Dec 20
Deep House
The Quiet Boss (5:53)
Fish Shooter (6:07)
RRR #1 (5:16)
RRR #1 (Element remix) (4:08)
Review: Tokyo's Torei looks back over an interesting year during which he's launched and developed the super-hot Set Fire To Me imprint and returns with a reissue of 001; four tracks from himself running the full gamut we've come to known him for on Noods and NTS. 'The Quiet Boss' takes the lead in a militant dubby techno way before 'Fish Shooter' soothes the blow with a dreamy weave of pipes cascading in a way that's you could imagine Fabrice Lig rocking. Meanwhile on the B we have two versions: 'RRR#1' takes a shimmering, stripped-back, subtly euphoric beats and lashes it with an off-beat ragamuffin vocal while the Element remix adds a little more dub magic and harmony to the mix. Think Chicken Lips. Scorchio.
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Vacation EP
Cat: YOTSUME 007. Rel: 03 Jul 23
Minimal/Tech House
Tech Sea (7:34)
Snake Funk (SASAKI Hiroaki - Kurashi City mix) (7:19)
Tech Sea (Tom Ellis mix) (6:46)
Snake Funk (6:30)
Review: The seventh release of Sasaki Hiroaki's Yotsume-Music sees Hisashi Ito aka Hulot (Raum...musik, BELOW, FROGMAN/U.S.B.) welcomed to the fray, quite possible, given the EP's title, taking influences from Mr Hulot, the hero of Jacques Tati classic film 1953 'Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot'. Like said hero, there's a kooky, loveable eccentricity to his two productions - he counts Herbert and Moritz von Oswald among his main influences - with Tom Ellis Remix and Sasaki Hiroaki Remix adding a remix, one on either each side.
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Japan Vibrations Vol 1
Cat: WF 007JPVDCD. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Haruomi Hosono - "Ambient Meditation #3"
Silent Poets - "Meaning In The Tone ('95 Space & Oriental)"
Mind Design - "Sun"
Quadra - "Phantom"
Yasuaki Shimizu - "Tamare-Tamare"
Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Tibetan Dance" (version)
TPO - "Hiroshi's Dub" (Tokyo club mix)
Okihide - "Biskatta"
Mondo Grosso - "Vibe PM" (Yoshihiro Okino Jazzy mixed Roots)
Prism - "Velvet Nymph"
CT Scan - "Cold Sleep (The Door Into Summer)"
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Unity EP
Cat: LSRW 002. Rel: 11 May 23
Unity (feat Keyco & H Ikeuchi) (4:54)
Gonna Be Alright (feat Mbanja Ritchy aka B-Bandj) (4:21)
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Cosmic Sea
Cat: TSR 001. Rel: 28 Dec 22
Funky/Club House
Cosmic Sea (10:16)
Geronimo (6:12)
Review: New label alert! Takashimashuzo comes from Japan and opens with some blissed-out Balearic deep house from Kammoushiki on this hand-stamped white label. 'Cosmic Sea' has archetypal Balearic guitars noodling in amidst endless synth modulations and over breezy house beats. It's a beautiful cut that takes you to the Med in an instant. 'Geronimo' brings jazz-funk vibes, languid guitar work and tumbling drums over shuffling kicks. It's fresh, colourful, inviting stuff that kicks off this new label in enough style to mean we will be checking in again soon.
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L8 M8
L8 M8 (12")
Cat: LKDNV 02. Rel: 26 Jun 23
Minimal/Tech House
Noiro - "Viens Dormir" (6:29)
Riku Sugimoto - "City Sleep" (6:41)
Riku Sugimoto - "Semicircular" (6:53)
Noiro - "Hey Man" (5:50)
Review: Amsterdam's Locked-In label snaps up Noiro and Riku Sugimoto for a pair of tunes each on this second vinyl outing. It's as fresh and forward shrinking as tech house gets, too. Noiro kicks off with 'Viens Dormir', a fleshy sound with bulbous bass and skittish synth patterns. Sugimoto's 'City Sleep' is then a mysterious late night bucker with dry drums and hi hats marching at a quick pace through a future urban metropolis. He steps up again with 'Semicircular', a bumping cut with spraying synths and rubbing bass before Noiro offers more light and melodic tech in the form of the cheery 'Hey Man'.
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Dark Room
Dark Room (12")
Cat: STUDIOMULE 42. Rel: 09 Nov 22
Progressive House
Dark Room (7:18)
Moogroove (part 2) (6:46)
Out Of Control (6:42)
Out Of Time (5:59)
Review: Moogroove is the alias of Japanese house music producer Kenji Eto, who released this highly sought after gem originally back in 1994 on Mo Rhythm Records. Made famous by Motor City Drum Ensemble on his Fabric compilation where he used the track 'Dark Room', this is the EP's first reissue courtesy of Studio Mule featuring artwork from Lily Fei. Features the hypnotic back room dub of 'Moogroove' (part 2), the classic acid house sound of 'Out Of Control' and the deep, late-night mood music of 'Out Of Time'.
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Klubb Lonely
Klubb Lonely (limited numbered 2xLP)
Cat: MTDK 006. Rel: 04 May 22
Deep House
Ventura (3:34)
Less (feat Mr Ties) (5:46)
Night Clubbing (6:13)
Hometown (feat Keita Sano) (7:25)
Monk Episode 2 (7:25)
Sick Boy (6:33)
That's The Kind Of Love I’ve Got For You (feat Lisa Tomlins) (7:13)
Cold Days, Warm Heart (feat DJ Sammo Hung Kam Bo & Manami Kakudo) (5:12)
Call Me (feat Mirrror) (5:03)
Long Vacation (3:08)
Disko (Not Disko) (5:59)
Review: A limited release collaboration on Japanese disco dub outfit Monkey Timers' Disko Klubb, with Sound Of Vast, a record label run by fellow countrymen in Amsterdam. Klubb Lonely features collaborations with some of the scene's finest, including Berin by-way-of Italy's Mr Ties (Homopatik) on the slo-mo disco of 'Less', electronic experimentalist Ketia Sano with the deep and emotive 'Hometown', the tunneling ad psychedelic head music of 'Cold Days, Warm Heart' (feat DJ Sammo Hung Kam Bo & Manami Kakudo) and a cover of Dusty Springfield's 'That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You'.
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Cryptic Layers
Cryptic Layers (red vinyl 12")
Cat: LAXES 7. Rel: 26 Sep 23
Minimal/Tech House
Let It Go (6:48)
Just Do It (6:16)
Just Do It (Ken Ishii remix) (6:06)
Let It Go (Sean Deason remix) (6:51)
Review: Rennie Foster is a real old school head who has been turning out a wide range of club ready sounds for many years. Skylax is similar in that it has been consistently turning out timeless tunes from assured names for ages. 'Let It Go' opens up with a dark and nagging vocal sample of rickety drums that are moody and low slung. 'Just Do It' brings some trademark breakbeats and rattling metallic texture and then master Japanese minimalist Ken Ishii remixes into something more head twisting. Last of all is Sean Deason remixing 'Let It Go' with a thumping low end.
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Played by: Carlos Nilmmns
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Denshi Ongaku No Bigaku: The Aesthetics Of Japanese Electronic Music Vol 2
Cat: CMSR 011. Rel: 26 Jul 23
Minimal/Tech House
Seiji Ono - "Celebrate Your Life" (3:33)
Uyama Hiroto - "Compass" (5:44)
JAKAM - "Pray" (8:23)
Yuu Udagawa - "We Float" (5:13)
Jazztronik - "Neon Forest" (6:44)
BRISA - "State Of Mind" (7:31)
Ryoma Takemasa - "Deepin" (The Backwoods remix) (7:58)
The Backwoods - "Cloud Nine" (7:42)
909 State - "RaTaTaTam" (Hiroshi Watanabe instrumental remix) (7:51)
Tomi Chair - "Remorse" (Satoshi Fumi mix) (7:20)
Review: Cosmocities have held an enduring fascination with Japanese music which now manifests in two expansive compilations gathered under the title Denshi Ongaku No Bigaku. The French label has made a strong impression since first emerging around 2019, favouring a fertile crossover where organic instrumentation and electronic sensibilities meet, and that comes though on Volume 2 of this expertly curated series in no uncertain terms. There's a detectable jazziness to the music on offer from the likes of Seiji Ono, Uyama Hiroto and J.A.K.A.M, as house grooves and more lilting pulses flow from one track to the next, shining a light on some truly spectacular visionaries in the contemporary Japanese scene.
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S8100 Nervous Breaks & Galaaactique Beatstrumentals
Cat: OTS 178. Rel: 06 Aug 20
Deep House
Moonlight (intro Loop) (1:01)
Alien Attack (2:52)
Zero-G (bonus EFX) (0:14)
Warp (re-edit) (5:01)
Moonlight (bonus Beat) (1:05)
5D (re-edit) (3:12)
Resonance (bonus Beat) (1:09)
Dreamy Planet (re-edit) (4:16)
Departure (bonus Beat) (2:01)
 in stock $18.56
Super Deluxe
Cat: HOTHAUS 086. Rel: 13 Oct 22
Deep House
Pool Room (5:31)
Lemonade (5:31)
Weekend Starter (4:36)
Super Deluxe (5:01)
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Photon (remastered)
Photon (remastered) (limited 2xLP)
Cat: CAM 025. Rel: 25 Nov 22
Graviton (6:20)
Clear (5:22)
Figure 8 (5:22)
Fluorite (4:56)
Photon (2:02)
Clear Away (5:55)
The Vanishing Point (4:53)
Afterglow (3:08)
Wavy Flame (5:25)
Blue Devided By Blue (5:08)
 in stock $31.36
Magic Hour
Cat: TSR 002. Rel: 28 Dec 22
Magic Hour (6:21)
Nakanaide (8:32)
Review: To kick off new label Takashimashuzo, Kammoushiki - who is presumably the boss - is dropping two new 12"s in the same week. This is the second and like the first, it is inspired house music that takes its cues from the 80s Ibiza party landscape. 'Magic Hour' has gurgling basslines riding up and down the scale with innocent keys and lazy drums. It's heartwarming stuff from sundown. 'Nakanaide' then ups the Balearic quotient with even more prominent and arcing guitar licks over bongos and soulful chords.
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Love Is Emotion EP
Cat: DOG 94. Rel: 15 Oct 23
Deep House
Runner (5:55)
Violet (5:45)
I'm A Man (7:21)
Love Is Emotion (5:10)
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