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Tags: Ambient House

Products tagged as Ambient House
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Drippin' For A Tripp
Cat: HJP 074. Rel: 18 Aug 15
Deep House
DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi - "Ibiza" (with Thomas Paleo's Buddy Mende - dub) (5:24)
DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi - "Main Bar" (mix) (7:30)
DJ Sotofett & Phillip Lauer - "Space" (feat Jeks - dub) (4:52)
DJ Sotofett & Phillip Lauer - "Nimbus" (feat Jeks - mix) (8:58)
DJ Sotofett & Phillip Lauer - "Spaced" (feat Jeks - outro) (1:49)
DJ Sotofett & Karolin Tampere - "Nondo" (feat Maimouna Haugen) (6:09)
DJ Sotofett & Karolin Tampere - "Nondo" (feat Maimouna Haugen - riddimix) (4:01)
DJ Sotofett & Gilb'R - "Drippin for 97" (mix) (5:41)
DJ Sotofett & Gilb'R - "97" (riddim run) (3:50)
DJ Sotofett & Gilb'R - "97" (outro) (1:55)
Review: Serial collaborator DJ Sotofett pops up on Honest Jon's with a typically excellent doublepack built around a quartet of studio hook-ups. Aside from Versatile boss Gilb'r (here lending a helping hand on some African-influenced ambient house), most of the collaborators are new additions to the eccentric Norwegian's out-there audio universe. The two tracks with Phillip Lauer and JKS - an intergalactic ambient affair and a chunk of early Fila Brazillia style deep house - are particularly potent, while there's something deliciously warm and evocative about the Norwegian's explorations with Finn Jaakko Eino Kalevi. Best of all, though, are the two tracks with African vocalists Karlolin Tampere and Maimouna Haugen; "Nondo Riddimix", which boasts deliciously dense drums and sparse, exotic melodies, is arguably the highlight.
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In Love Again
Cat: WOLFW 001. Rel: 08 Dec 20
Deep House
In Love Again (10:04)
Latin Techno (6:51)
Review: With his release schedule operating at a gentle pace to allow for each of his twelves to sit and be considered on their own merit, Daniel 'Red Rack'Em' Berman makes just his second outing of 2013 with this pair of cuts for the ever strengthening Wolf Music. It's a record that shows off Berman's idiosyncratic approach to deep house on two very different levels. The first track, "In Love Again", is as blissed-out and heartfelt a take as you could wish for, from the sumptuous pad lines to the plastic strings that positively ooze contentment and passion. "Latin Techno" meanwhile is perhaps less predictable based on its title, opting for a jagged cut up of drum machine patterns and contorted brass sounds but rubbing them up in a non-direct way that makes for a delirious and utterly singular end result.
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The Lower End Theory EP
Cat: NDATL 034. Rel: 06 Feb 23
Deep House
Mortise & Tenon (7:24)
The Lower End Theory (6:10)
Atlanta Deep (10:07)
Review: NDATL welcomes Abacus back to the US label's roster after notable appearances on Prescription and Guidance, with title track 'The Lower End Theory' proving to be a smooth, effortless and downright classy deep house calling card with the subtlest hint of acid. 'Atlanta Deep' follows next with a gloriously gloopy bassline a little reminiscent of Mayday's 'Nude Photo', and then 'Mortise & Tenon' closes the 12" with the lightest and most soulful of touches in both the rhythm and melody departments. Gorgeous stuff - dive in and wallow in the depths.
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Fever Ray
Cat: RABIDT 039. Rel: 02 Apr 09
If I Had A Heart
When I Grow Up
Dry & Dusty
Triangle Walks
Concrete Walls
Now's The Only Time I Know
I'm Not Done
Keep The Streets Empty For Me
 in stock $25.64
Cat: OAS 13. Rel: 22 Feb 07
Deep House
Review: The main track here shows a slightly different facette of Omar S. Thirteen/Two/Eight, released on FXHE, has a handclapping, twitching beat with a quirky lively synth melody, classic italo disco and early 80 boogie sounds from a Detroit point of view. A vivid techno track and a darker ambient outing keep the quality high.

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# 2
# 2 (12")
Cat: MPITTMAN 2. Rel: 15 Feb 06
Deep House
Obsession (Datsallivdatsalliv~'^**!!)
Skylark (Late Morning mix Foool!!)
 in stock $14.24
Brand New Day (reissue)
Cat: AMB 1703. Rel: 09 Mar 17
Deep House
Morning (5:51)
Reve (7:43)
Souvenir (2:38)
Afternoon (6:25)
Pacific Jazz (9:32)
Evening (6:34)
Nite (9:21)
Ocean In Heaven (8:36)
Regard (8:22)
Review: During the late 1990s, Japanese producer Yuji Takanouchi produced a trio of sublime EPs, most of which went largely overlooked at the time. He surprisingly returned to action a few years ago with a handful of similarly dreamy, loved-up productions, prompting R&S offshoot Apollo Records - who famously released his peerless ambient house 12", Southern Paradise, in 1997 - to put together this superb compilation. The genius of his productions, whether dancefloor leaning or more horizontal in ethos, always lay in the hazy colourfulness of his synthesizer melodies and life-affirming chord progressions. It's those traits, coupled with his firm grasp of deep house and intelligent techno aesthetics, which shine through on Brand New Day. "Pacific Jazz", "Nite" and "Ocean In Heaven", in particular, are stunning.
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Tusk Wax Twenty Four
Tusk Wax Twenty Four (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TW 24. Rel: 26 Mar 18
Deep House
Synth Run
Haku Ten-O
Telemachus (Whatever/Whatever remix)
Ronin Love (dub)
Review: John Wilcox has been slowly disseminating crusty hardware jams for some six years now, in which time he's appeared as Cyclonix on Horn Wax, and now he nips over to Tusk Wax for more robo-charged antics in the curious corner of grubby, electro tinged house music the label orbits. "Telemachus" is a dreamy opening number that keeps the spook level up to maximum and the reverb voluminous throughout. "Synth Run" has a bit more bite, but not at the expense of atmosphere. Whatever/Whatever get hold of "Telemachus" and strip it down to a sparse skeleton of a track, and then Wilcox rounds the record off with the steppy ambient excursion "Ronin Love (dub)".
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Yellow Jackets Vol 2
Cat: YJ 002. Rel: 23 Feb 22
Deep House
Ron Trent - "The Medi" (9:53)
Other Lands - "Matter" (Reshaped) (6:19)
Review: This second Yellow Jackets double A sider feautures Chicago's royalty Ron Trent and the extra talented multi instrumentalist Other Lands. Again one track per side and full powerful cutting to maximize the sound impact in pure YJ philosophy. Ron Trent 'The Medi' was actully constructed while riding trains and in hotel rooms through Italy, used as a secret weapon in special occasions...and we can hear why: a mind expanding suite that keeps evolving and going in places and spaces while constantly beating you hard! On the Flipside Other Lands brings things down to more abstract realms with the floating almost Kraut inspired jam 'Matter'.A very special release and a hint of what Yellow Jackets has in store for us in the near future...
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Nobody Is Not Loved
Nobody Is Not Loved (gatefold white vinyl 2xLP + poster in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: 405053 8654479. Rel: 28 May 21
Minimal/Tech House
Ocean (feat Jamie Foxx) (3:39)
Home (3:39)
Your Love Gives Me Gravity (feat Planningtorock) (4:40)
The Center Will Not Hold (3:50)
Out Of Focus (feat Zoot Woman) (3:55)
Tuk Tuk (feat ATNA) (4:17)
Never Sleep Again (3:18)
Take Control (feat Anne Clark) (3:57)
Kreatur Der Nacht (feat Isolation Berlin) (4:00)
Wadim (4:43)
Prospect (feat ATNA) (4:26)
Night Travel (feat Tom Smith) (4:38)
Review: It has been 11 years since Solomun's last album, and few could have predicted the career arc he has enjoyed since. The big man started out as an underground favourite. His Diynamic label was famous for bringing colour back to dance music after the bleak minimal years. He made 'fairground tech house' as it was called. He then became a huge draw at Ibiza's premium VIP clubs and appeared in Grand Theft Auto. This album takes him to major label Sony and features Hollywood names like Jamie Foxx. It is melodic, accessible house from one of electronic music's most famous names.
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Stalheim Mix
Cat: DENT 008. Rel: 22 Apr 21
Skatebard - "Stalheim-Mix" (10:27)
Skatebard - "Tristulf" (0:57)
DJ Sotofett - "Digitalo-Mix" (16:20)
Review: Skatebard's Digitalo Enterprises has been keeping it real since the mid 00s, never failing to come through with what we like to call 'the truth'. Whether it's disco, house or even techno on the menu, the quirky Norwegian producer-DJ has got a touch of class across everything he does, and inviting fellow Norwegian DJ Sotofett to the catalogue is pure evidence of that. The head honcho is up first, rolling across the wax plate with 2 cuts: the first, "Stalheim-Mix" is a pacey, bass-heavy techno roller with a supremely progressive tone of voice, whereas "Tristulf" is made for pure meditation thanks to its slow, warm flow of Balearics. On the flip, DJ SO-PHAT adds to the ambient glow thanks to the placid waters of "Digitalo-Mix", a sparkling slice of synth experimentation that'll have the new age retroists gleaming with joy. Bloody lovely, we might say!
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 in stock $10.10
EP Part I
EP Part I (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HHATRI 004. Rel: 12 Dec 16
Deep House
Drifting (6:49)
Hanging Over A River (8:07)
You Know I Can Hide (7:36)
Uyokuthola (5:05)
Review: Newcastle-based producer Traela makes his first appearance on wax with this on-point work out for Hhatri, a London based label who have previously been happily working with the likes of Soichi Terada. There is definitely a sense of feel-good optimism and kinked drum programming hovering over this EP, especially on "Hanging Over A River". "You Know I Can Hide" also stands out with its strafing bass lick and space-scraping synth rolls, but the script gets flipped for EP closer "Uyokuthola" as tribal percussion meets with an ambient atmosphere for a most engrossing end result.
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Shortwave Memories
Cat: BIO 36LP. Rel: 20 Jan 22
Tanss (6:43)
Interval Signal (5:25)
Night Shift (6:04)
Formanta (4:16)
Shortwave Memories (5:52)
Infinium (10:50)
Shruthi-12 (8:51)
Transfigured Express (9:10)
Review: After a run of reissues and a boundary-blurring fusion of classical music and electronica (January 2021's Angel's Flight), Norwegian ambient veteran Geir Jennsen AKA Biosphere has gone back to basics on Shortwave Memories. Ditching software and computers for analogue synths, drum machines and effects units, Jennsen has delivered album that he claims was inspired by the post-punk era electronics of Daniel Miller and Matin Hannett, but instead sounds like a new, less dancefloor-conscious take on the hybrid ambient/techno sound he was famous for in the early 1990s. The results are uniformly brilliant, making this one of the Norwegian trailblazer's most alluring and sonically comforting albums for decades.
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Love's Arrival (reissue)
Cat: ML 9013. Rel: 22 Sep 23
Deep House
Praise (7:25)
Riverside Drive (5:51)
Deja Vu (7:04)
Dew Drops (6:22)
Another Night (5:18)
When I Think Of You (6:10)
To Try (5:26)
Loves Arrival (dub) (6:44)
Missing You (Jazz Cafe mix) (6:41)
Havana (6:18)
Until The Last Goodbye (6:34)
Direct Drive (7:12)
Luminous Energy (6:36)
Review: Larry Heard's strain of deep house absolutely lends itself to the album format, and he demonstrated this flawlessly on the 2001 album Love's Arrival. Decades on from his first forays into production at the dawn of house music, Heard's sound slipped into a dreamlike lounge-state which spoke to continued development of his melodic sensibilities. Just stick on 'Praise' and let the sound unfurl around you, full of the aching melancholy which gives his music such power. Like machine jazz funk beaming from another dimension, this is deep house at its very best, as made by one of the true architects of the sound.
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Rubicon (mini LP)
Cat: LWKMUS 012. Rel: 23 May 22
Deep House
Rendezvous (4:14)
Lake Effect (4:41)
Store (1:01)
Got A DWB (3:33)
Industrial Valley (2:21)
Wash (3:21)
Cassie Kitty (6:58)
Review: Rubicon marks the first physical edition of Galcher Lustwerk's driving-themed alias, Road Hog. Collecting tracks from seven releases spanning from 2014 to 2021, Rubicon serves as the project's Greatest Hits (for now). Including tracks from the Cleveland-dedicated album 'Tour De Hog' as well as the sharp toothed 'Spares' and 'More Spares' the pithy 'Haul Ass' plus some cinematic favorites from 'DWB' and 'On The Lam'. Originally meant to be digital only and listened to while driving, demand for certain tunes to be pressed to vinyl has risen with each release. From the Road to the Club, Lustwerk's got you covered.
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Let's Call It A Day
Let's Call It A Day (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SMALLVILLELP 13. Rel: 19 Feb 20
Minimal/Tech House
On The Magic Bus (12:09)
Grains (7:57)
A (6:55)
Let's Call It A Day (12:43)
Omega (11:22)
C-Sick (7:16)
Magnetically Levitated Train (17:13)
Review: Second time around for David "Move D" Moufang and Benjamin Brunn's first full-length collaboration, a set of unsurprisingly deep, minimalistic house, techno and ambient workouts that first appeared in record stores way back in 2006. It's one of those albums that's arguably best listened to while flat on your back in an intoxicated state, despite the presence of such hypnotic, early morning club workouts as "On The Magic Bus" and the dreamy and delightful "O". You see, the majority of the album's eight tracks are spaced-out in the extreme and all the more alluring for it, as Moufang and Brunn expertly showcase their ability to create impeccable slices of hushed, otherworldly electronic minimalism.
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Inside Part 2
Cat: NERO 055. Rel: 24 Sep 21
Deep House
Domu - "Point Of Entry" (3:48)
Hieroglyphic Being - "Black Hands Sound 63" (6:19)
Patrick Gibin & Kaidi Tatham - "Don't Read" (5:46)
EDB - "You Bring Me Joy" (feat Marsha & Alberto Lincetto) (6:03)
Review: Second chapter of the 'Inside' series of various artists eps selected by Neroli's very own Volcov. This time with a more eclectic approach than the previous volume, exploring more electronic landscapes with Domu's downtempo ambience song aptly titled 'Point Of Entry' and Jamal Moss's unmistakable sound on his opus 'Black Hands Sound 63' on the first side. On the flipside Mother Tongue's own Patrick Gibin returns with another bouncing collaboration with Kaidi Tatham entitled 'Don't Read' and new upcoming wonder producer EDB serves 'You Bring Me Joy' with the help of Alberto Lincetto on keys and NTS resident Marshmello on vocals!
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Conceptual Practice EP
Cat: WTMC 002. Rel: 19 Jun 23
Deep House
Opportunity (7:37)
Tangible Steps (feat Jesus Gonsev) (6:44)
Golden Wisdom (7:37)
Foward Motion Dub (7:27)
Review: When The Morning Comes has done a quick job of turning heads by setting out a nice atmospheric deep house sound with its first EP, and now a second effort does the same. This one comes from Grant who lays out an elegant vision across four cuts. 'Opportunity' kicks off with analogue grooves laid down beneath warming pads and loose piano chords. 'Tangible Steps' picks up the pace with a more bristling mix of drums, perc and raw Chicago claps and onto the flip, things get deep once more with the horizontal vibes of 'Golden Wisdom' and more wispy cosmic pads of 'Foward Motion Dub.' Co-produced with the help of Dan Piu.
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Sun Masks Remixes
Sun Masks Remixes (12" + postcard)
Cat: DE 163. Rel: 10 Jul 17
Lego (Avalon Emerson version) (7:32)
Lego (Lena Willikens remix) (5:20)
Hoping By Shopping (Kim Ann Foxman remix) (6:01)
Wrong Love (Borusiade remix) (6:47)
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Piano For The People (remixes) (Aikhi, Calm, Double Geography mixes)
Cat: IIB 065. Rel: 23 Jan 23
Piano For The People (6:49)
Piano For The People (Aikhi remix) (7:45)
Piano For The People (Calm Mellow Acid dub remix) (6:05)
Piano For The People (Double Geography remix) (5:21)
Review: Always fun house craftsman Ali Renault secured another big tune with his 'Piano For The People' which is a chuggy groover that locks you in with its rich atmospheres. Now it gets offered up with remixes from, firstly, Aikhi, who flip it with laidback downtempo drums and some classic and well known chords. Calm then brings his Mellow Acid Dub to sink you in even further and last of all Double Geography bring some more crunchy drum textures and psyched-out synth sounds with echoing vocals and dark, late night sense of mischief.
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Various 1
Various 1 (heavyweight vinyl mini LP)
Cat: FS 001. Rel: 20 Mar 23
Deep House
A Vision Of Panorama - "From The South" (5:13)
Eternal Love - "Sunset Shampoo" (5:21)
Pool Boy - "Icy Dub" (3:31)
Wolfey - "Soma" (4:10)
Laseech - "Forbidden Estuary" (6:12)
Larry Quest - "Room 4 More" (5:29)
Jay Sound - "Reflections Of Love" (feat Josefine) (6:33)
Review: Fusion Sequence is a new offshoot from the Mellophonia label that kicks off with a heavyweight release both literally - its 180g vinyl - and metaphorically. It features seven different artists offering up one track each on what is a widescreen exploration of fresh deep house. They are A Vision of Panorama, Eternal Love, Pool Boy, Wolfey, Laseech, Larry Quest and Jay Sound and between them everything from cuddly depths to more moody late-night deepness is covered on an EP that brings plenty of new perspectives. A fine inaugural 12", then.
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 in stock $14.49
Fabric presents Chaos In The CBD
Fabric presents Chaos In The CBD (double 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: FABRIC 215LP. Rel: 30 Mar 23
Deep House
Chaos In The CBD - "Higher Elevation" (6:08)
Ronin - "Romantic Yearnings" (5:22)
JD Hall - "Into You" (Johnathan Morning mix) (8:28)
Raymond Castoldi - "The Jungle" (6:44)
Hanna - "You & Me" (7:02)
Miquifaye - "Never Let You Go" (feat Javairia Ali - Cosmic Vision vocal Pass) (10:46)
Psychedelic Research Lab - "Tarenah" (Chill mix) (6:23)
Z-Formation - "Secret Departure" (5:52)
Review: Lo-fi house lovers Chaos In The CBD make their Fabric debut with a new mix CD and LP, contributing their wares to the latter's fresh mix Presents series, which came about after the end of the FABRICLIVE series and has seen to the likes of Sherelle, Octo Octa and Marbou State also feature. This 22-track extravaganza is noted to have been Fabric's most challenging licensing ordeal to date, having to polish a variety of sonic gemstones including by The Logic Box, Box Clever and Psychedelic Research Lab. Clearly, the relative obscurity of the names on the CD make this the duo's ode to 'hidden' house. Their original track 'Higher Elavation', meanwhile, cements this mysterious mood with surreptitious basses and smoggy pads.
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Another Bugged In Selection & Bugged Out Mix
Cat: K7 294LP. Rel: 31 Aug 12
Electro House
Amin Peck - "Girl On Me" (instrumental edit)
Ron Hardy - "Sensation" (Obi Blanche edit)
Model 500 - "No Ufo's" (D-mix)
Unovidual & Tara Cross - "Like I Am/Comme Je Suis" (Based On The Sling & Samo edit)
Spandex - "The Bull" (Erol Alkan rework)
Children Of The Night - "It's A Trip" (Mike Hitman Wilson's Psychedelic remix)
Jan Hammer Group - "Don't You Know"
Adjagas - "Mun Ja Mun" (instrumental)
Buffalo Springfield - "Expecting To Fly"
The Space Lady - "Major Tom (Coming Home)"
Review: Erol Alkan's 2005 Bugged Out mix was a gateway release for many, soundtracking the entrance into club land, yet also introducing these virgin ears to more esoteric strains of music via the accompanying Bugged In Selection. Some seven years on, Alkan and the evergreen club brand have revisited the concept with a second edition, and like the inaugural release, the Phantasy Sound boss's ever lasting love for the vinyl format has seen a selection of tracks make the translation to this double vinyl release. Six tracks from the Bugged Out mix appear, with the Italo disco of Amin Peck brushing shoulders with Model 500 and an Obi Blanche edit of the Ron Hardy classic "Sensation", while the Bugged In Selection sees some psyche-folk fare from Buffalo Springfield and Space Lady among other gems.
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 in stock $16.83
Call A Wave Remixes
Call A Wave Remixes (gatefold double 12")
Cat: BEWITH 020TWELVE. Rel: 01 Aug 23
Deep House
Call A Wave (DFC dance mix) (7:46)
Call A Wave (Breakdown mix) (6:13)
Call A Wave (Orbital mix) (6:03)
Call A Wave (Return To The Deep Ambient mix) (4:40)
Call A Wave (New Age mix) (3:41)
Review: Here comes a fresh 12" containing four remixes of the song 'Call A Wave' by Malcolm McLaren and The Bootzilla Orchestra. The original was released in 1989 as part of McLaren's album Waltz Darling, which was an early example of the 'collaborative studio album' popular at the time, and fused classical music with elements of then-contemporary dance music styles, such as his brand of downtempo-ish post-punk / industrial - a true McLaren mode. The newer remixes that feature here come from the likes of DFC and Mark Moore and William Orbit (responsible for the Orbital mix rather than the Hartnoll brothers) and are no less sludgey, Balearic and chuggy as the original loom-bird-laden track. Two new stripped-back versions also appear.
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 in stock $30.55
Night Of The Endless Beyond
Cat: ESP 108. Rel: 14 Nov 22
Deep House
Endless Beyond (7:32)
Isolarian (4:59)
Strato (7:52)
Together (8:42)
Light Nights (2:31)
Quadralogue (9:14)
Otherness (5:20)
Truth (6:05)
Wonder (5:27)
Postdrome (5:57)
Review: You wait ages for a Lord of the Isles album, and two come along at once! 'Night of the Endless Beyond', the Scottish producer's second full-length excursion for ESP Institute, follows hot on the heels of the inspired (if shorter) 'Subtle Thoughts' on Lapsus. While that was almost entirely made up of typically atmospheric ambient sketches, this epic goes further, complimenting his usual beat-free brilliance with forays into dubbed-out, deep space ambient techno ('Endless Beyond'), analogue-rich emotive techno (the star-fall brilliance of 'Strato'), ambient house ('Together' and the wonderfully trippy 'Quadralogue'), crackly IDM ('Truth') and picturesque, soft-focus dancefloor hypnotism ('Wonder').
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 in stock $25.12
5 (CD)
Cat: MMCD 48. Rel: 25 Jun 15
Deep House
In The Mist Of Sunrise
Manifestations Taking Place
The Art Of Regeneration
The Law Of Correspondence
The Relm Of Possibilty
The Otherness Dub
Platinum Soul
Visions Of You
Infinite Love
Cycles Of Life
Sleepless In Shibuya
Review: Here's something guaranteed to ensure a rush of excitement in deep house heads everywhere: a brand new album from much-loved U.S producer Fred P. It's the first under the previously unused F.P-Oner alias, and his first studio outing since 2013's Black Jazz Chronicles set, Codes & Metaphors. Unsurprisingly, the simply titled 5 is as inspired, sumptuous and melodious as you'd expect, with gentle dub house, jazz and - in the case of the wonderful "Infinite Love" - Detroit techno influences. While much of the album is slinky, sensual and ultra-deep (see the fabulous "Visions of You" and "Sleepless in Shibuku"), there are a couple of thrillingly percussive moments to get the pulse racing, including the African-influenced tribal workout "The Realm of Possibility".
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 in stock $17.87
Papua Nu Guinea (Re Booted)
Cat: 12 BOOT 17R. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Papua Nu Guinea (L Major remix) (6:31)
Papua Nu Guinea (Nishiesque remix) (3:50)
Papua Nu Guinea (Soul Central remix) (6:41)
Papua Nu Guinea (Dee Montero remix) (5:34)
Review: It's testament to the enduring quality and far-sighted nature of Future Sound of London's iconic 1991 single 'Papua New Guinea' that it keeps being 'rediscovered' by new generations of DJs. It has been a while, though, since any new reworks dropped - hence this 'Rebooted' edition. L Major kicks things off with a suitably cosmic, psychedelic and slow-building proto-jungle style offering, before Nishiesque flits between passages of hot-stepping, synth-laden d&b and slo-mo 4/4 chug. House heroes Soul Central reach for vintage hip-house breakbeats, ambient electronics and the original version's most life-affirming elements (the bassline, twinkling synth melodies and heady vocal samples), while Dee Montero re-casts the cut as a proggy, tribal-tinged tech-house roller.
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 in stock $18.63
Gravity EP
Cat: PLZ 004S1. Rel: 01 Dec 17
Minimal/Tech House
Back To The Future (8:50)
Kin 182 (8:01)
Review: When it comes to producing undulating, club-friendly tech-house and micro-house shufflers, Silat Beksi has a pretty good track record. We can confirm that this 12" - his first for Pleasure Zone following appearances on a string of like-minded labels - is similarly rock solid. On the A-side you'll find the deep and rolling "Back to the Future", where fluttering, outer-space ambient synths drift around a crunchy tech-house rhythm track rich in fizzing electronics and solid snares. Flipside "Kin 182" is, if anything, even deeper. Featuring a bolder bassline, dreamier chords and a breakbeat-driven house beat, it's arguably the more satisfying of the two tunes (though we wouldn't be surprised if more DJs champion the similarly impressive A-side).
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 in stock $12.95
The Beauty Of A Polaroid
Cat: ADIDA 004. Rel: 27 Jan 21
The Beauty Of A Polaroid (5:03)
Duct Tape & Soldered Wires (5:16)
Would You Stay (6:10)
A River That Flows Around In Circles (6:22)
Weida (5:09)
One Grain Of Sand (6:23)
A Saturday In October (3:29)
Sunrise Over Melmac (6:33)
Das Lied Vom Stillschweigen (6:53)
Regendunkel (5:30)
The Garage Behind The Railway Tracks (4:40)
Crucially not to be confused with the other Powell (note the double L), Berlin-based producer and DJ Powel steps up for Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream label, itself an offshoot of the party series known for epic atmospherics at long, sun-kissed parties where subtleties, sexiness and melodies are often more appreciated than driving beats and bass.

Intros done, The Beauty of a Polaroid is likely exactly what fans of the artist and producer were hoping for. Downtempo tunes defined by the kind of sonics you'd expect to hear while watching sunset at whatever White Island spot you use for those essential evening pre-pre-party hangouts. And Powel certainly delivers a crop that's notably above the usual standard, the highlight of which could well be rave comedown overture Sunrise of Melmac - as emotional a thing as you'll hear all year.
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 in stock $22.27
Restless EP
Cat: ANJDEE 353. Rel: 27 Jun 18
Deep House
Restless (5:04)
Image (5:51)
Contactless (7:16)
Image (Earth Trax remix) (5:59)
Image (Earth Trax Ambient mix) (4:45)
Played by: Jane FItz
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Swells (LP)
Cat: WSDMLP 005. Rel: 06 Jul 23
Deep House
Saws (2:50)
Love Me A Little (4:21)
Oddball (5:04)
Strings (3:33)
Shimmer (5:47)
With U (feat Eliza Rose) (4:19)
Gel (5:35)
Love Is (3:33)
Volcane (6:53)
Multiply (3:56)
Review: K Lone has been turning out super sweet club sounds for years now, mixing up deep house, garage, a love of r&b samples and generally a good time groove on a range of labels but mostly Wisdom Teeth which he co-runs with Facta. Now he follows up his 2020 debut with Swells, an expansive record that also takes in synthpop, leftfield R&B and beyond. It showcases a rich array of melodies, chords and undulating arps and is defined by the lo-fi aesthetic of his CR78 drum machine. British singer-songwriter Eliza Rose features throughout the record in various forms but the highlight is the dubbed-out and diffuse 'With U'.
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Played by: Ennio Styles
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Dance Planet
Cat: TARTALB 016. Rel: 13 Jan 22
Deep House
Emotional Healer (4:32)
Be Yourself (5:41)
Deep (Vibes mix) (3:52)
UFO (3:58)
Afterglow (2:12)
Back To The Source (4:32)
Emotional Healer (Back Room mix) (4:54)
Soul Shower (4:09)
Dream Weaver (3:57)
Be Yourself (Motivational mix) (4:06)
Review: There's plenty to tingle the senses and move the feet on Dance Planet, Sudi Wachspress's third album as Space Ghost. In keeping with the Oakland native's career to date, much of the material showcases a colourful, retro-futurist sound that variously doffs a cap to Alton Miller, Larry Heard and Blaze. He begins in confident mood with 'Emotional Healer', a sun-soaked, piano-sporting treat, before giddily skipping between street soul influenced grooves (the gorgeous 'Deep (Vibes Mix)'), pitched-down ambient house ('UFO' and the beatless wonder that is 'After Glow'), heady downtempo numbers ('Dream Weaver') and Burrell Brothers style dancefloor lusciousness ('Back To The Source', Soul Shower'). Throughout, the album is atmospheric, warming and melodically rich. In other words, it's a triumph.

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Stereo (LP)
Cat: AOTNLP 061. Rel: 01 Dec 22
Deep House
I'm Ready (1:51)
RunStop (4:18)
Joystick (3:10)
Love (3:20)
S-Mode (3:53)
DipDab (3:38)
Clusters (4:58)
Ping (2:15)
Flightpath (4:21)
Glow (4:51)
Lookup (4:24)
Review: Linkwood clearly enjoyed the process of recording his 2021 album Mono, which was created in a week in the Athens of the North Studio in Edinburgh, as he's repeated the exercise on Stereo. It's an impressive sequel all told, with the long-serving producer delivering an even deeper, warmer and more evocative excursion informed by his love of analogue deep house, classic sci-fi techno, the 80s compositions of Jan Hammer, intergalactic electro, drum machine-driven synth-funk and star-gazing ambient music. It sounds like it was primarily made with vintage synthesisers and drum machines, which when combined with his impeccable sound design and judicious use of outboard effects results in an enveloping, immersive and highly atmospheric sound that rewards repeat listens. In other words, it's another fine album to get lost in.
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Coles Ridge
Cat: AAR 022. Rel: 03 Apr 23
The Blacksmith (6:32)
Coles Ridge (5:53)
Cicada's Shanty (4:48)
Floral Remnant (7:51)
Behind The Break (5:27)
Salt Tolerance (4:20)
Review: The Analogue Attic microverse is defined by a unified commitment to the deepest ideas of where house music can head, and no one embodies that spirit better than Alex Albrecht. On this latest 12" he's heading into the velvet folds of low tempo chugger 'The Blacksmith' and downtempo dream state 'Coles Ridge' with elegiac piano sparkling atop fathoms-deep pads and the softest of percussion. This is house music as a vessel for pure relaxation and sentimental meditation, and across six tracks Albrecht offers up balm after balm to soundtrack oceanic realms of calm - a much needed tonic for the frenetic pace of modern life.
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Cat: AAR 024. Rel: 15 Jan 24
Rail Bridge (5:23)
Green Shade (5:13)
Minak Reserve (5:14)
Could It Be You (4:43)
Drysdale Road (6:05)
Paddy Track Dub (6:25)
Allambie (4:45)
Review: Alex Albrecht returns to Analogue Attic Recordings for the label's inaugural release of 2024. An immersive exploration spanning house, downtempo, and ambient genres, Albrecht guides listeners through a ephemeral sonic journey. Characterised by trademark field recordings and enchanting piano motifs, Allambie also integrates new hardware and synth sounds to Alex's palette. Featuring electro-acoustic ventures such as 'Railbridge', warm pads breathing in and out, setting a dynamic tone, and then transitioning to the deeper sounds of 'Green Shade'. Sub-bass breaks and a more minor feel that adds complexity to the sonic landscape, Allambie takes you on a journey from the boundary of the forest to its more mysterious, overgrown centre, a sonic narrative that captivates and intrigues.
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7th Heaven
7th Heaven (limited 1-sided silver vinyl 12")
Cat: EB 004S. Rel: 18 Dec 23
Deep House
7th Heaven (11:20)
Review: Ron Trent will forever be a behemoth of the deep house world having pioneered the second wave sound alongside his pal Chez Damier and their labels Prescription and Balance back in the 90s. His sound remains impossibly humid, spiritual and timeless as he brings ambient and jazz elements into his deep and dusty drums. This latest outing comes on silver vinyl 12" via Electric Blue and is subtitled 'Tribute To The Energy Of Frankie Knuckles', It first came out almost a decade ago and remains a classic of the genre with an extra special emotional impact because of who it was written for.
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Triade (12")
Cat: TAR 003. Rel: 30 Apr 14
Deep House
Take It
Triade Tardis
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Hidden Gems Lost Memories EP (w/ Niko Marks, Brawther)
Hidden Gems Lost Memories EP (w/ Niko Marks, Brawther) (hand-numbered hand-stamped 12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: HPTY 015. Rel: 07 Oct 22
Deep House
Culpa (6:42)
Come Alive (feat Niko Marks) (6:14)
Broken Dreams (5:05)
Come Alive (feat Niko Marks - Brawther dub) (6:30)
Gyanjah (5:40)
Murky (feat Mierka) (4:56)
Review: Finnish house kingpin Trevor Deep Jnr always lives up to his name when crafting beats. He does so on a range of crucial labels and here it is an EP of tunes taken from his latest full-length that we're treated to on HPTY. There is a serenity and beauty to opener 'Culpa' that soon casts a spell. 'Come Alive' (feat Niko Marks) then breaks out on prickly broken beats that are brilliant raw as a soulful vocal rings out up top. There is more classy broken beat dub deepness on 'Broken Dreams' which is again defined by a great vocal sample and then Brawther offers one of his textbook stripped-back but bouncy dubs to open the flip side. Two further jams explore misty-eyed house depths in style.

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Eastbound Silhouette
Cat: ADID 090. Rel: 17 Feb 23
Deep House
Water Steers (8:04)
Sequoia (4:47)
Tears (8:49)
Lune (9:32)
Water Steers (9:20)
Tears (11:27)
Review: London's All Day I Dream label is instantly recognisable for its use of clouds as its EP covers, a trend it has kept up since since its first release in 2011. This latest wispy six-track EP from Tim Green is a beautiful floater, very much unafraid of plunging its head into the deepest and most rapturous of clouds. Opener 'Water Steers' very much sounds like we're floating up to the pearly gates, with its stretched-out choir samples and voxy one-shots opening to a tricky single-key house track. From there, it's all blissful yet rave-worthy, with tech-trancers like 'Tears' and 'We've Been Here Before' not letting up from the crossrhythmic formula, but still laying down a slowly-revealed emotion.
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Malletts Creek
Cat: SS 082. Rel: 07 Jun 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Daydreamer & A Clown (4:07)
Favorite Coffee Mug (2:04)
Do This Proper (4:20)
Blue Blessed Rider (5:28)
For My Solids (3:08)
Kitchen Hype (1:18)
Review: Detroit native Jason Hogans will not be a familiar name to many, despite the fact he has been putting out music - albeit sporadically - for 20 odd years. A release on Theo Parrish's hero-worshipped Sound Signature will always put you in the spotlight, though, especially when it's as good as this. The artist explores deep Motor City house, percussive broken beats and that shamanistic, off-grid sound that label head Theo Parrish is such a master of. Standouts include the airy, spacious beat work of 'Favorite Coffee Mug' and steamy post-jungle concoction that is 'For My Solids.'
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Codename Jina
Codename Jina (hand-stamped 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: GORKY 2. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Jina (6:33)
Mahsa (5:32)
The Code (7:49)
Review: There sure is an appropriate sense of futurism in these new breakbeats from Ahu. Opener 'Jina' is run through with far-sighted chords that bring to mind the glowing metropolis of Ridley Scott's 'Bladerunner' - it even feels like there's rain falling in the tune as well as subtle celestial vocals and deep, driving bass. and spoken word samples to add that cinematic ambiance. 'Jina (Mahsa)' is soulful machine music - fans of the glorious 69 project of Carl Craig will doubtless dig it - and then 'Nika' rides on a much more rubbery and lovely, lumpy Herbert-esque beat with molten synth melodies and a darker energy. A stylish EP, no doubt.
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Played by: M50
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Beings Of Light
Beings Of Light (limited silver & black marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: GI 387LPC1. Rel: 11 Feb 22
Deep House
Untitled IV (4:46)
The Truth (6:42)
Power Of Grace (6:21)
(In The) Rain (3:41)
Spotlights (5:08)
Ramona (7:05)
Porta Coeli (2:22)
Beings Of Light (6:10)
Review: Some seven years after his last full-length excursion, Fort Romeau has finally got around to delivering a new album. Beings of Light is every bit as gorgeous and picturesque affair, with the Chester-born producer adding waves of attractive synthesizer sounds, colourful electronics, cascading guitars, dusty samples and loved-up riffs to sturdy deep house beats. The album's multitude of highlights include bluesy, post jazz-house number 'The Truth', the tech-tinged late-night wonkiness of 'Power of Grace', the sturdy and druggy after-hours chug of 'Ramona' and the dreamy lusciousness of title track 'Beings of Light'.
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Polyverse (2xLP)
Cat: PRTR 21. Rel: 23 Jan 23
Prelude (3:26)
Oscillating Grids (8:13)
Orion (9:03)
Cycle I (interlude) (6:04)
New Ground Galactica (6:03)
Cycle II (interlude) (3:06)
Astronomicon (6:10)
Derelict Satellites (6:02)
Postlude (6:11)
Review: Kosmogonik offers up a top debut album here packed with fresh ambient, techno, house and electronic deepness. Polyverse has nine exploratory cuts that take you on a real trip through the cosmos, right from the suspensory opening chords of the prelude. After that come the lean and elegant Detroit techno lines of 'Oscillating Grids' and the far-sighted cosmic bliss of 'Orion'. 'New Ground Galactica' is about as delightful and wondrous as electro gets and lovers of breakbeats will find plenty to get excited about on 'Astronomicon' with its smeared chords and colour alien details. A gorgeous album of well-crafted electronic escapism.
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Alpha Transmissions (feat Brad P/Man-Drake edit/Rai Scott remix)
Cat: ISM 015. Rel: 17 Jul 23
Deep House
Transmission #1 (with Brad P) (6:42)
In The Space (Song For Joey) (5:29)
Transmission #2 (Man-Drake edit) (5:51)
Transmission #2 (Rai Scott remix) (7:35)
Review: The Alpha Transmissions EP is a new project from Dubbyman that has been long in the making. The always classy producer brings his trademark deep house sound to Inner Shift Music with label owners Brad P and Rai Scott getting in on the action. 'Transmission #1' is smooth, serene and dubbed out deep house with cosmic energy, while 'In The Space (Song For Joey)' is a more loose-limbed groove peppered with gentle percussion.'Transmission #2' first comes as a Man-Drake edit that is widescreen and drenched in prog rock guitar licks and as a Rai Scott remix that is more rolling and heady. A typically versatile package from Dubbyman.

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RV Trax
RV Trax (12")
Cat: RSRV 01. Rel: 17 Jan 18
Deep House
Bird Of Paradise - "Alone Again" (Steve Legget dub) (8:56)
G-Prod - "D-Light" (9:45)
Hermetics - "Collider" (5:37)
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Airdrawndagger (reissue)
Airdrawndagger (reissue) (limited numbered trifold 180 gram audiophile silver & black marbled vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: MOVLP 2585S. Rel: 28 Jun 23
Progressive House
Wavy Gravy (7:59)
Immortal (4:55)
Mr Tiddles (4:54)
Bloodlock (10:16)
Fundamental (11:15)
Boileroom (10:46)
Drempels (1:27)
Magnetic North (5:45)
Cloud Cuckoo (8:30)
Requiem (6:05)
Golden Arm (6:00)
Review: While he is still thought of as a God of a DJ to many, Welsh wizard Sasha is a dab hand in the studio too. Airdrawndagger, his second studio long player, is proof of that and a real masterpiece with co-productions by Charlie May, Junkie XL and James Holden. It is a hugely complex world of sound with progressive melodies, wavy electronic drums and immersive synths capes that all add up to one smooth and serene trip. This luxury reissue comes on limited, numbered trifold 180 gram audiophile silver & black marbled vinyl. A vital collector's piece.
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WORKSHOP 28 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: WORKSHOP 28. Rel: 03 Sep 20
Deep House
Yone-Ko - "Strip Down To E" (9:54)
Kiki Kudo - "Grand Street Piano" (5:27)
Iku Sakan - "Cerebral Repertoire" (7:59)
Ypy - "Zero" (7:33)
Review: German label Workshop is surpassing itself with two excellent new EPs in the same month. As well as a solo effort from DJ Slyngshot, here they offer up a four track VA packed with gold. It kicks off with the lush and ambient-laced deep house of "Strip Down to E" before taking off with the wonky chord hits, off balance drums and withering sci-fi effects of "Grand Street Piano", which is rave re-imagined. Things get as deep as you'd expect of a track called "Cerebral Repertoire" with its crystal clear and reflective pads, then "Zero" catches you off guard with its skittish rhythms and unusual arrangement. As always here, Workshop have cooked up some truly beguiling brilliance.
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Tau Ceti
Tau Ceti (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: SRM 231. Rel: 12 Dec 22
Deep House
Ogman (7:51)
Mientra Duermes (Reimagined) (8:01)
Monopole (8:29)
Modus Operandi (6:31)
Review: You can always be sure of a hugely affecting trip when you tune into something from Sacred Rhythms. And so it proves with this new one from Slam Mode. These are four hugely involving and atmospheric tracks steeped in ambiance. 'Ogman' is humid, dusty and spiritual with its late-night bass subtleties and sustained chords. 'Mientra Duermes' (Reimagined) has a celestial melodic feel over ramshackle house drums and 'Monopole' gets heavy on cancerous and dubbed-out drums with more cosmic chord work serve ing to expand your mind. 'Modus Operandi' is a lush and jazzy deep jungle workout to close.
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Various Vol 5
Cat: CHUB 005. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Deep House
Al Smith - "Drama Room" (2:07)
Al Smith - "Full Of Music" (6:05)
Al Smith - "Full Of Music" (Specter remix) (7:03)
Dan Piu - "Days Gone" (1:49)
Dan Piu - "Snows Of Solaris" (6:55)
Dan Piu - "Days Gone" (Rai Scott remix) (7:40)
Review: Aaron Andrew's Chubby label doesn't rush things. Since launching in 2018 and now only just hitting its sixth release though the music sure is worth the wait and is proof that quality will always win over quantity. Leonid's twin brother, Al Smith opens up with the cuddly and cosmic depths of 'Drama Room' before getting more dark and unsettling with his twisted synth modulations on 'Full Of Music', which then becomes a gorgeous downtempo cut with star-gazing pads and splashy hits within the Specter remix. Dan Piu picks up the pace for some delightfully warm deep house dynamics on 'Days Gone' and 'Snows Of Solaris'. Last of all is the more scuffed up, heads down deep house murk of Rai Scott's remix of Dan's intro tune, 'Day's Gone'.
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