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Doepfer A-152 Voltage Addressed Track & Hold, Analog Shift Register & Octal Switch Module
Cat: 745781 Rel: 09 Sep 19
Complex switch/multiplexer unit - 16HP
Notes: Module A152 is a very useful switching and T&H module. It combines a voltage addressed 1-to-8 multiplexer and 8 fold T&H that can be used as kind of an analogue shift register too. The active in/output is displayed by a LED. The digital output of the currently addressed step outputs "high". The remaining digital outputs are low.

Instead of voltage control even clock/reset controlled addressing of the active step is possible. The rising edge of each clock signal causes an advance to the next state. The rising edge of the reset signal resets to step 1.

The sum of the voltages coming from the manual Address control and the CV input define the currently addressed step of the 3 sub-devices. If the module is controlled by clock and reset the control voltage has to remain unchanged as the CV control has priority over the clock/reset control (e.g. simply turn the CV control fully counter-clockwise and do not touch the Address control knob).

Sub-device #1 is the bidirectional 8-fold multiplexer (kind of an electronical 8-fold rotary switch). Bidirectional means that it works into both directions like a mechanical rotary switch: the common socket may work as an output that is connected to one of the 8 inputs that are e.g. connected to modulation or audio sources. But the common socket may even function as input. In this case the signal applied to the common socket is output to the currently addressed single socket. The voltage range of the in/outputs to be switched is the full A-100 voltage range -12V....+12V. All A-100 signals can be switched without any restrictions.

Sub-device #2 is the addressed 8-fold T&H. The signal at the common T&H input is connected to the addressed T&H output. As soon as a new output is addressed the last voltage is stored at the output (Track&Hold function). The T&H section of the A-152 allows the emulation of the "toggling T&H" function of the Buchla module 266 "Source of Uncertainty". Only the first two T&H outputs of the A-152 are required for this application. This unit can be used also as kind of an analogue (shift) register. The difference to a "real" analogue shift register is that the sampled output voltages are not shifted to the next output but remain allocated to the same output. But in some cases (e.g. controlling the pitch of 3 VCOs by 3 output voltages of the A-152) the result is the same.

Sub-device #3 is the digital output section. The digital output of the currently addressed turns to "high". All other digital outputs are low. The digital outputs can be used to trigger e.g. envelope generators or to control the reset input in the clocked mode to reduce the number of addressed stages.
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Fostex PC1e Volume Controller (white)
Cat: 428991 Rel: 29 Jul 11
Volume controller
Notes: With a Fostex PC-1e(W), you can remotely control the volume of both left and right speakers which makes it a great addition for music and video playback on a PC. It is compact for desktop use.

The passive type PC-1e(W) volume controller features a robust metal chassis and machined aluminum knob. It does not need battery to power. It also comes with a stereo mini cable (80cm) and 2 RCA pin cable (100cm).
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Verbos Electronics Amp & Tone Module
Cat: 760208 Rel: 15 Jan 20
10HP amp & tone module
Notes: This is a new version of our old favorite.

Verbos has taken the functions of the Amp & Tone module into a smaller 10HP package and shortened the name to what we have always called it. For those who don't know, the module is a Sallen-Key lowpass filter followed by a VCA.

The signal path is still all discrete, but now the filter is also made from transistors. The sound shaping possibilities remain, including a balance of distortion from the input stage or the filter as well as simultaneous linear and exponential control of the VCA.
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