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Clavinet Discourse
Clavinet Discourse (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: UZURI 029.
Deep House
  1. Clavinet Discourse
  2. Talking Song
  3. Talking Song (dub version)
  4. Thousands Of Chimes Together
Review: Uzuri is happy to welcome the talents of the berlin based ,Sardinian Venetian to the fold with a 4 track stunner of an ep taking quality deep house , broken beat and some esoteric meanderings .

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coming soon $9.12
Vol 2
Vol 2 (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: JC 12.
  1. Miwako Saito - "12 No Garnet"
  2. Yoshio Suzuki - "Touch Of Rain"
  3. Ayuo Takahashi - "Mizu Iro No Kagami"
  4. Toru Hatano - "Kanki"
  5. Akira - "Essence Of Beauty"
  6. Osamu Mizukami - "Flower Moon"
  7. Tomoko Yasuno - "Sur La Terra"
  8. Masanori Sasaji - "Rune"
  9. Shi-Shonen - "Harvest (Long Size)"
  10. Flat Face - "Hibi No Awa"
  11. Hiroko Kokubu - "Barcarolle"
  12. Mio Fou - "Picasso No Ao"
Review: Jazzy Couscous founder Alixkun comes back with a 2nd volume of "Kumo No Muko", 12 Japanese music gems from the 80s exploring Ambient & Synth-Pop atmospheres. It opens with Miwako Saito's "12 No Garnet", a soft, slow paced and dreamy piece of synth-pop. Following are Yoshio Suzuki's "Touch Of Rain" and Ayuo Takahashi's "Mizu Iro No Kagami", both flirting with Jazz, Ambient & New Age influences. Traces of YMO members can be found with Hosono produced Tomoko Yasuno's "Sur La Terra" & Flat Face's "Hibi No Awa", released on Sakamoto's related label. While going through more exotic vibes with Shi-Shonen's "Harvest (Long Size)", Alixkun doesn't forget more chill out ambiances: Toru Hatano's "Kanki" is a singular mind trip led by a guitar solo a la Pink Floyd. The project closes with Mio Fou's "Picasso No Ao", a moody track illustrated by a combination of acoustic guitar and solo piano.

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Played by: Manu•Archeo, BALEARIC
coming soon $28.92
The Metamorphosis of Plants
The Metamorphosis of Plants (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SSV 16.
  1. The Metamorphosis Of Plants
  2. Ambrosia
  3. Wilting Leaf
  4. Roses
coming soon $8.86
Blues For You Reworks (Danny J Lewis/Marc Cotterell mix)
  1. Blues For You (Danny J Lewis rework)
  2. Blues For You (Marc Cotterell rework)
Review: A rework on the classic "Blues For You" from Danny J Lewis & label boss Marc Cotterell

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coming soon $8.86
Father Of Asahd
Cat: 190758 43971.
Hip Hop/R&B
coming soon $31.00
Funk Is On (remastered) (reissue)
Cat: BST X065.
  1. Funk Is On (vocal)
  2. Funk Is On (instrumental)
Review: Limited edition remastered reissue of Funky Family, the italo disco studio project from 1984. This production features Nicola Nicolosi from Nicolosi Family (we can remember him on Amnesie by Turas) and represents a real example of proto-house that became a Chicago classic regularly played by Ron Hardy at Muzic Box and during WBMX radio shows. This edition has the full instrumental cut on the side two instead of the short radio edit available on the original one.
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coming soon $15.11
Music Colours
Music Colours (limited 12")
Cat: BST X066.
  1. Music Colours (part 1, 2, Break, reprise)
  2. Music Colours (part 3)
Review: Official remastered limited edition of Cellophane project from 1984 produced by Alessandro Novaga, one of THE major influences on Chicago House Music with his trio of releases -Drums-, -Electronic Drums- and -Faces Drums-, all essentially EPs of tough electronic bonus beats, creating the blueprint for many early Windy City productions. He was also behind other such hugely influential cuts as Stopps -Im Hungry- and -Ali Shuffle- by Camaros Gang. Here on his Cellophane album, which came after the huge -Gimme Love- single, we get what I guess you could describe as his magnum opus. The album consists of just two long tracks (or suites perhaps?) that take the listener of on an epic psychedelic italo /space disco trip like no other. Heavy use of synths and drum machines expecially on the part 3 !
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Played by: ROTCIV, Faze Action
coming soon $15.11
East Coast Super Sound  Punk Of Today!
coming soon $28.40
Good Luck
Good Luck (12")
Cat: IMX 004.
Deep Dubstep
coming soon TBA
Disco Highlife Reedit Series
  1. Ebo Taylor - "Peace On Earth"
  2. Peace On Earth (Monsieur Scott remix)
  3. Pat Thomas - "We Are Coming Home"
  4. We Are Coming Home (2 Paris Septembre remix)
coming soon TBA
DMC Essential Hits 174 (Strictly DJ Only)
Cat: DMCHITS 174.
Funky/Club House
coming soon TBA
DMC Dance Mixes 239 (Strictly DJ Only)
Cat: DJODM 239.
Funky/Club House
coming soon TBA
Disco Monsterjam 4 (Strictly DJ Only)
coming soon TBA
Magma 45 7" Vinyl Record Bag 50 (Dusty Donuts version) Magma 45 7" Vinyl Record Bag 50 (Dusty Donuts version) Magma 45 7" Vinyl Record Bag 50 (Dusty Donuts version) Magma 45 7" Vinyl Record Bag 50 (Dusty Donuts version) Magma 45 7" Vinyl Record Bag 50 (Dusty Donuts version) Magma 45 7" Vinyl Record Bag 50 (Dusty Donuts version)
coming soon $41.68
Magma CTRL Case For 45 RPM 7" Record Adapter
coming soon $10.41
Magma CTRL Case For Denon Prime 4 DJ Controller
coming soon $104.21
Poisoned Words (Ricardo Villalobos remixes)
Cat: OSC 16.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Poisoned Words (Ricardo Villalobos remix 1)
  2. Poisoned Words (Ricardo Villalobos remix 2)
Review: Minimal house supergroup Mandar have been on a roll since they launched Oscillat back in 2014, but this release ranks among their highlights to date. The dream team of Lazare Hoche, Malin Genie and S.A.M originally released "Poisoned Words" as the B side to their String Theory 12" in May 2018, and now they revisit the track with a double dose of remixes from none other than Ricardo Villalobos. The minimal overlord lives up to expectations on both flips of the original track, finding a singular voice within the context of minimal techno, needling into the tiniest sonic details and holding down an insistent groove that will sit beautifully in the mix. The A side features a simmering version that revels in wriggling sound design with ample space to flex and mutate, while the B side stretches out into a quintessential Villalobos wormhole of a remix. Unmissable sonics from one of the scene's true legends.

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Played by: Malin Genie
coming soon $10.41
Fusion EP
Fusion EP (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: RWXEWAX 001.
  1. YSC - "Fusion"
  2. YSC - "Rythmic"
  3. SY - "Schon"
  4. SY - "Yours"
coming soon $9.90
Palais (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: CDALP 003.
  1. Palais
  2. Living Nothingness
  3. Brink Reality (part 2)
  4. Stel Sand
  5. You Told Yourself This Would Get Worse
  6. Defied
  7. Take Away My Greed
  8. Repenting
  9. Safeword
  10. Non For The Sane
  11. Dead To Romance
  12. Life, Lust + Death
Review: 'Palais' is a 12 track multi-faceted exploration of Kris Baha's musical sensitivity. The one man band's namesake LP title, 'Palais' is based around the concepts of alienation, detachment, melancholia and lust. All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Kris between 2015 - 2018 in Berlin, laced in his signature industrial sound. 'Palais' encompasses a range of shades from dance-floor works ' Living Nothingness', 'Brink Reality (Part 2)' & 'Non For The Sane' to experimental cinematic undertones 'You Told Yourself This Would Get Worse'. Also embodied are modern classics like the machine funk metallics of 'Steel Sands' and 'Defied', a year 2042 cyber punk hit. There's even a dark room inspired theme for the black leather lovers. From his own batch of psychedelia to post-punk and electronic romanticism this album is full of surprises and we at Cocktail d'Amore Music are absolutely proud to present this outstanding work.

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Played by: ROTCIV
coming soon $20.32
Scrolls (LP)
Cat: NMBRS 58.
Deep House
  1. Rn Atm Icymi
  2. Lean In
  3. Honey Moon
  4. Leavin' Church Early
  5. Believe I Can Do This
  6. Getting Ridiculous
  7. NYC
  8. Just Like We Like It
  9. Family By '22
  10. Cardio
  11. Linking Book
coming soon $18.24
UDG Creator Universal Audio OX AMP Top Box Hardcase (black)
coming soon $83.36
UDG Creator Denon DJ Prime 4 Hardcase (black)
coming soon $104.21
UDG Creator NI Kontrol S4 MK3 & S2 MK3 Hardcase (black) UDG Creator NI Kontrol S4 MK3 & S2 MK3 Hardcase (black) UDG Creator NI Kontrol S4 MK3 & S2 MK3 Hardcase (black) UDG Creator NI Kontrol S4 MK3 & S2 MK3 Hardcase (black) UDG Creator NI Kontrol S4 MK3 & S2 MK3 Hardcase (black) UDG Creator NI Kontrol S4 MK3 & S2 MK3 Hardcase (black)
coming soon $62.52
Axum EP
Axum EP (7")
Cat: 22A 018.
coming soon $7.56
Maze Dream EP
  1. Maze Dream
  2. Maze Dream (Sapphire Slows remix)
  3. Forest Floor
  4. The Skaters
coming soon $10.68
Cloud Over Maroma
Cat: STRLP 030.
  1. Breathe
  2. Cloud Over Maroma
  3. Lost Time
  4. Embers
  5. Flute Dance
  6. Kazimierz
  7. Cast Reflections
  8. Star Chamber
  9. Endless Road
  10. Mezquita (part 2)
  11. Birdsong For The Birds
  12. Want Of Anger
  13. Ritual
coming soon $25.00
Believe EP
Believe EP (12")
Cat: MS 084.
  1. Chuuch
  2. No Enemy No Table
  3. Here To There
Review: Hot on the heels of the release of their first album in 17 years, Underground Resistance affiliates Scan 7 return with one of their funkiest and most accessible EPs to date. Opener "Chuuch" is a riotous and righteous affair that sees main men TrackMasta Lou and Mr Hooper peppering a funky techno beat with killer samples from a wild and celebratory gospel disco classic. It's one of those tracks that will have even the most miserable clubber throwing their hands skywards in celebratory release. The pair continues on a similar vein on the organ-driven gospel techno stomp of "No Enemy No Table", before moving in a deeper and more relaxed direction on the equally as impressive "Here To There".
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Played by: G-Prod
coming soon $9.90
Dimensional EP
Cat: MS 085.
  1. Dimension Seven
  2. Return
  3. Onward
coming soon $10.16
Set Me Free EP
Cat: MS 086.
  1. Set Me Free
  2. Don't Stop
  3. Autumn Blues
Review: Since first emerging in the late 1980s, Peter Elmaloglou has been one of the mainstays of the Australian techno scene. Derrick May is a fan and has decided to offer Elmaloglou the opportunity to showcase his wares on Transmat. A-side "Set Me Free" offers up an impressive fusion of soft-touch European tech-house tropes (fluid, delay-laden synthesizer motifs, tactile beats etc.), Chicago style psychedelic acid lines and the kind of rumbling, elongated bass tones that were once a feature of Kevin Saunderson's late '80s/early '90s work as Reese. Over on side B, "Don't Stop" is undulating, hypnotic and minimalist in tone, with percussion that both hisses and clicks, while "Autumn Blues" sees him pepper a squeezable techno groove with heady ambient chords and glassy-eyed electronic lead lines.
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coming soon $10.16
Breaking Up Is Hard
Breaking Up Is Hard (mini LP limited to 150 copies in hand-spray painted and stamped sleeve by Eliphino + printed coloured inner sleeve)
Cat: SECRET 024.
Deep House
  1. Studio Time
  2. Old Lemons
  3. Second Sunday
  4. Breaking Up Is Hard
  5. I Don't Want To Wait For You
  6. IG Messenger
  7. Dusty
Review: Secretsundaze welcomes Eliphino to the gala relaunch of their imprint for a thoroughly satisfying mini album of contemplative jacking and dulcet breakbeats.

Eliphino's most recent 'Realistic Sex EP' on the hotly tipped Meda Fury label boasts thunderous breaks, 303s and serious sub-bass pressure which has gained praise from tastemakers such as Jon K, Carista, Josey Rebelle, Moxie and Gilles Peterson.Having flexed with this darker edged EP after a long lay-off from releasing, while sharpening his skills and reconnecting with his musical inspiration, Eliphino is now ready to really cut loose with 'Breaking Up Is Hard' - a statement longplayer that dreamily investigates the dusty spaces between house, breakbeat, ambient, hardcore and acid. Tom This album came about as way of focussing my energy in the wake of a significant break up. I tried to experiment with melody and texture to convey some of the range of emotions that come with such a testing time. That being said, the B-side bangers are more dedicated to abandon and forgetting your worries.

Hailing originally from the Leeds, but with time spent in both London and Berlin, 'Breaking Up Is Hard' lands somewhere between the Hessle Audio crew, Joy O and Selected Ambient Works era Aphex.

Having previously released heaters for Brownswood and Hoya Hoya over the years, Eliphino stepping up for the debut artist LP on the reactivated Secretsundaze label feels like a natural fit as James Priestley explains:

""We've collectively had a connection and friendship with Tom that goes back several years and in fact it was receiving this work as demos that really spurred and inspired us into getting the label rolling again. It feels totally right to be working with him on this and for this mini-LP to herald the relaunch of the label as it moves towards a more artist led as opposed to EP driven approach.
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coming soon $14.58
Centrifuge (12")
Cat: MOS 027.
  1. Centrifuge
  2. Relic Reworked
Played by: Placid
coming soon $9.37
Platform (reissue)
Cat: FOM 013.
Deep House
  1. Silent Drum
  2. Central Line
  3. Outward Journey
  4. Knit 2
  5. Jenny Loves Her Dog
  6. Groovin Hi Groovin Lo
  7. Ribbon
  8. Dustydat
  9. Walker
coming soon $19.02
Credit Jive
  1. Credit Jive
  2. Linn Dreams
coming soon TBA
Kaleidoscope (double 12")
Cat: NQ 011.
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. PYE
  2. Textures (feat HMD)
  3. What You See (feat HMD)
  4. Coming Home
  5. Lean
  6. Live & Learn (feat DRS)
  7. Norf Freestyle
  8. Say You Don't
  9. No Love (feat Fox)
  10. Girls
  11. Origami
  12. Like I Do (Excursions)
  13. Gino
  14. L8 Nights In Barbados
  15. All I Need (feat Misha B)
coming soon $23.19
Izipho Zam (My Gifts)
Izipho Zam (My Gifts) (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: SES 19733.
  1. Prince Of Peace
  2. Balance
  3. Izipho Zam
coming soon $27.88
  1. Mindset:Reset
  2. Succubi Island
  3. Dream Journal (Excerpt 57)
  4. An Eye For AI
  5. Margiela Face Mask
  6. Reflection Of A Language
  7. Digitone X005
  8. Mecal Druid
Played by: Billy Nasty
coming soon $23.19
Black bones 6
Black bones 6 (limited hand-stamped 12")
  1. Learning To Fly
  2. Eejit Safari
  3. Painting By Rumors
  4. For Pete's Sake
coming soon $10.16
Trust (12")
Cat: MAXI 103012.
Deep House
  1. Trust (Pink mix)
  2. Trust (Rezzzmix)
  3. Trust (Acid Tribal mix)
coming soon $15.89
The Hot City EP
Cat: RK 15.
  1. Hot City
  2. Nothing To Lose
  3. Hot City (Ruf Dug Metrolink In The Area dub)
  4. Hot City (Metrodome remix)
coming soon $10.16
Mandinka Dong
Mandinka Dong (gatefold LP)
Cat: HTML 003SEC007.
  1. Ntinkerint
  2. Lemene Kuru
  3. Kalo Kalo
  4. N'Yo
  5. M'Ma
  6. Utammada
  7. Afrika
  8. Labrador
coming soon $25.00
Montpelier/Rumex (100 gram vinyl 10")
Cat: TIO S3.
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Montpelier
  2. Rumex
Review: Leif presents the third instalment of his 10" vinyl series exploring off-kilter, shimmering rhythmic and melodic abstractions

Read more
coming soon $10.41
DRBAGAIN07 (10")
UK Garage
coming soon $11.45
Liquid Sunlight
Cat: BAR 020.
  1. Quicksilver Sunrise
  2. Behold The Spirit
  3. Crystals In Your Mind
  4. Liqued Soul
coming soon $11.72
Long Low Edmund
Long Low Edmund (double 12")
Cat: NOUS 014.
  1. Rope Missed The Ram
  2. Long Rice
  3. Four Times Left
  4. Flood Defence
  5. Leos Shuttle
  6. Long Low Edmund
  7. Erk
  8. Jeer
coming soon TBA
Serpentines & Valleys
Cat: INRE 095.
  1. Sky Cottage
  2. Morning Star
  3. Shadow
  4. Spring Harbour
  5. Serpentines & Valleys
  6. Liguria
  7. Coastline
  8. Viamala (Forward edit)
  9. Suggestive
  10. Above The Alps
  11. Descending Delays
  12. Closer To
coming soon TBA
The Blaq Bunch Vol 3
Deep House
coming soon TBA
Greatest Hits
Cat: 19075958941.
coming soon $24.23
5 Years Anniversary Series 03
Cat: SOV 5YEARS03.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. San Proper - "Your Call"
  2. Triad - "Room N"
  3. Iori Wakasa - "Rave In A Village"
coming soon $8.33
Dance Lover (remixes)
Cat: MS 476.
  1. Dance Lover (Joey Negro re-edit)
  2. Dance Lover (original dub mix)
  3. Dance Lover (original version)
  4. Dance Lover (Faze Action re-edit)
coming soon TBA
Dance Lover
Dance Lover (white vinyl 12" limited to 50 copies)
Cat: MS 476C.
  1. Dance Lover (Joey Negro re-edit)
  2. Dance Lover (original dub mix)
  3. Dance Lover (original version)
  4. Dance Lover (Faze Action re-edit)
Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon $15.11
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