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Young For Eternity
Young For Eternity (red vinyl LP + poster)
Cat: 405053 8441567.
coming soon $19.72
Cat: EXLPM 66. Rel: 04 Mar 20
  1. Ladies Of The Eighties (4:51)
  2. Tell Him (7:06)
  3. He Is Mine Forever (4:24)
  4. Ladies Of The Eighties (instrumental) (2:57)
  5. I Knew That Love (4:53)
  6. It's Easy To Move (4:35)
  7. Sing Me (4:16)
  8. Turned On To You (5:27)
Review: Back in 1980, Roy Ayers assembled the Eighties Ladies - a soulful vocal quintet whose members included sometime Aquarian Dream vocalist Sylvia Striplin. Sadly the group didn't last long, but their vibrant "Ladies Of The Eighties" single - a fine disco-tinged slab of boogie/jazz-funk fusion - became a big club hit. Their debut album, which is here reissued for the first time, is equally as impressive, with highlights including the rushing, part-rapped, attitude-laden "Tell Him" - later covered in the bruk era by West London outfit BB Boogie - cheery "I Knew That Love" and the liquid slap bass-propelled intergalactic space funk jam "It's Easy To Move" standing out. Throughout, Roy Ayers' production and arrangements are as tidy as you'd expect.
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Suddenly (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SLANG 50247LP. Rel: 28 Feb 20
  1. Sister (2:12)
  2. You & I (4:04)
  3. Sunny's Time (2:47)
  4. New Jade (3:37)
  5. Home (2:37)
  6. Lime (2:56)
  7. Never Come Back (5:00)
  8. Filtered Grand Piano (0:53)
  9. Like I Loved You (4:04)
  10. Magpie (3:56)
  11. Ravi (4:30)
  12. Cloud Song (6:49)
Review: It's quite shocking it's been six years since the last Caribou album, 2014's knockout "Our Love". Dan Snaith has never felt the need to rush his music out, and there was an interim Daphni album in 2017 to be fair to the guy, but here we are with a new set that sees Snaith returning to a little of the delicate songwriting and winsome electronica he forged his reputation on in the early days. There's a lot going on in here, from smooth as silk yacht rock-isms to deliriously modernist cut ups and more than a few wild pitch shifts to keep listeners on their toes. It's playful and heartfelt, and rarely lingers in one place for too long while still retaining a sense of calm. It may be not at all what you expected from Caribou's return, but we'd wager it's even better than you hoped.
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 in stock $17.39
Cat: AOTNLP 032. Rel: 27 Feb 20
Deep House
  1. Es Vedra (6:20)
  2. Marina (5:38)
  3. Pressure (6:51)
  4. Bentley 101 (2:18)
  5. Sa Talaia (5:08)
  6. Neutrino (6:27)
  7. Push It (5:22)
  8. Mysterious Richie (4:42)
Review: Jazzman Greg Foat is a born collaborator. In fact, in the last three years alone he's recorded and released four albums alongside regular studio partner Warren Hampshire. Here he adds another musical accomplice to his bow via a first joint full-length with Firecracker Recordings regular Linkwood (real name Nick Moore). It's a remarkable album, not least because it cleverly combines Moore's intergalactic electronics, deep house-influenced grooves, Balearic dub basslines and wide-eyed ambient motifs with Foat's jazz, jazz-funk and library music inspirations. It's undoubtedly more akin to Moore's output than Foat's, but that's no bad thing. Crucially, it's a superb album and one we'd heartily recommend.
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 in stock $19.98
Cat: MRBLP 218. Rel: 19 Mar 20
  1. We Did It (6:59)
  2. Disco Stomp (9:58)
  3. Barney's Moaning (8:34)
  4. GG Is Talking (7:49)
Review: Tireless diggers and world class reissue merchants Mr Bongo have done it again with this one. They discovered The Star Beams when one of their tracks was on a Disco Calypso compilation, then went on a mission to track down the original anymore material from the band, who turned out to be based in South Africa instead of the Carribean. The resulting record is a real gem - disco, funk and jazz all get chewed up and spat out across four fantastically timeless cuts of dance floor dynamite. "Disco Stomp" in particular you might already know as Theo Parrish has been dropping in his sets for time.
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 in stock $16.35
Vernal Equinox (reissue) (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: NDEYA 2LP. Rel: 20 Mar 20
  1. Toucan Ocean (3:50)
  2. Viva Shona (7:05)
  3. Hex (6:22)
  4. Blues Nile (9:52)
  5. Vernal Equinox (21:54)
  6. Caracas Night September 11, 1975 (1:55)
Review: Reissues don't come more significant than this. Jon Hassell's work new and old has been enjoying plentiful appraisal in recent years, with his outlook on Fourth World music finding fresh relevance with a modern crop of artists. While much of his catalogue has been given a fresh lease of life, they've been saving one of his most seminal works. Vernal Equinox was originally released in 1978, one of Hassell's first albums alongside Earthquake Island. It's essentially the blueprint for outernational music - a heady brew of global signifiers stewing together in one unclassifiable pot marked out only by Hassell's inimitable trumpet style. From ambient heads to sonic explorers, you won't want to miss the chance to own this most precious of albums.
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 in stock $16.86
Periplo (reissue) (12" 再プレス)
Cat: EAS 011. Rel: 18 Mar 20
  1. At The Mercy Of Inertia (3:50)
  2. In Deriva (5:17)
  3. Sinergie (4:45)
  4. Ad Libitum (5:23)
  5. Southwind (4:57)
  6. Notturno Distopico (2:11)
Review: Periplo marks the solo debut of Early Sounds Recordings co-founder Pellegrino S. Snichelotto, following occasional contributions to other material from the label's extended family of artists. Interestingly, the six-track set shares some stylistic similarities with friends' Nu Guinea's Tony Allen Experiments mini-album, chiefly the producer's delay and reverb-laden fusion of live instruments and vintage analogue hardware. Stylistically, most of the tracks sit somewhere between jazz-funk, cosmic funk, and the kind of melodious Afro-Cosmic fare that was once a staple of Northern Italy's eccentric club scene. There's plenty of hazy musical humidity to enoy, too, with the impeccable "Ad Libitum" standing out.
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 in stock $16.35
Spirits In The Forest
Cat: 194397 27692.
  1. Intro
  2. Going Backwards
  3. It's No Good
  4. A Pain That I'm Used To
  5. Useless
  6. Precious
  7. World In My Eyes
  8. Cover Me
  9. The Things You Said
  10. Insight
  11. Poison Heart
  12. Where's The Revolution
  13. Everything Counts
  14. Stripped
  15. Enjoy The Silence
  16. Never Let Me Down Again
  17. I Want You Now
  18. Heroes
  19. Walking In My Shoes
  20. Personal Jesus
  21. Just Can't Get Enough
coming soon $16.09
Calm (LP)
Cat: 877998.
coming soon $18.94
Calm (blue vinyl LP)
Cat: 883129.
coming soon $18.94
Behringer SL 84C Dynamic Cardioid Microphone Behringer SL 84C Dynamic Cardioid Microphone Behringer SL 84C Dynamic Cardioid Microphone Behringer SL 84C Dynamic Cardioid Microphone
Behringer SL 84C Dynamic Cardioid Microphone (dynamic cardioid microphone)
cardoid microphone
Notes: Few things are more essential to recording or live performance than dynamic microphones. Ask any sound engineer and they will tell you to keep as many as possible on hand. Behringer brings you great-sounding SL 84C dynamic microphone with impact-resistant case, with stand adapters and mic clips so you'll be ready to capture your sound in brilliant resolution.

Dynamic mics have several advantages that make them ideal for live applications or recording amplified instruments. They're robust, resistant to moisture and can achieve high gain before feedback. These microphones' cardioid pickup pattern is designed to capture the source signal, such as a guitar amplifier or vocalist, while shunning off-axis sound.

If you take a look at the stage in any club, you'll probably see many dynamic mics for the vocalists, with even more for the drums and amplifiers. This convenient great-sounding mic is at your immediate disposal. SL 84C mics provides super-clean sound with minimal distortion, a slight presence lift in the critical mid-range.
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coming soon $17.64
The Devonns
Cat: RKX 073LP.
  1. Come Back
  2. Green Light
  3. Tell Me
  4. Think I'm Falling In Love
  5. Blood Red Blues (How Long?)
  6. More
  7. Ain't That A Man For You
  8. I Know
  9. So In Love With You
  10. Long Goodbye
coming soon $15.83
Exile On Coldharbour Lane
Cat: TPLP 1559CDBO.
coming soon $19.98
Allegiance & Conviction
Cat: KRANK 226LP.
  1. The Stranger
  2. Recon
  3. Moth To The Flame
  4. Alone
  5. Will I See The Dawn
  6. Crossing Over
coming soon $19.21
Snapshot Of A Beginner
Cat: JAG 361LP.
  1. So Tired
  2. Primordial Soup
  3. Even Though I Can't Read Your Mind
  4. Mark Zuckerberg
  5. Mystery Calling
  6. Fool Thinking Ways
  7. If You Were In Prison
  8. Real Thoughts
  9. Dark Link
  10. When I Struck Out On My Own
  11. Though I Wish I Could
Review: Going fast, slowly, could describe Nap Eyes. The Nova Scotian troupe are geographically removed from the ferocious and insatiable global music hubs, and therefore the idea of them refusing to stay still but also rejecting anything like the pace of big city scenes seems to make perfect sense. You can almost picture the log cabin they work in, and the shadows dancing off beams by way of gas lamps as they plot their own unique course. In reality, that's probably not how it happens, but the band fronted by Nigel Chapman doesn't adhere to normal rules. In the past they have called upon icy forms of psych and rougher adventures in alternative rock. Their tracks are often epic in length, running up to 20-minutes, but their own view on this is that they could actually be far longer. 'Snapshot Of A Beginner' is both familiar and new - the guitars are here again, but sound wiser and, quieter and more patient.
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coming soon $19.21
Meet The Fauna
Cat: FIREC 029LP.
  1. Scrolls
  2. Erasing River
  3. Natives
  4. A Sense Of Meaning
  5. Access
  6. Union Shift
  7. Alteration
coming soon $18.16
Big Vicious
Cat: 086063 0.
coming soon $17.13
Ariwa Lovers Rock 1
Cat: ARILP 298.
Roots/Lovers Rock
Review: Here's something to warm the heart and soothe the ears: a collection of crucial Lovers Rock cuts from Neil "Mad Professor" Fraser's Ariwa Sounds label, the majority of which were produced and released in the 1980s. During the period, the Ariwa Studio was one of the focal points (though not the only one) in London of the soulful, synthesizer-driven reggae sound, and as a result the compilation is full to bursting with treats. Our highlights include the colourful sweetness of Sandra Cross' "It's You", the slow motion bliss of Aisha's "Dancing Time", the weighty and up-beat "The Other Side of Love" by Carroll Thompson, Sgt Pepper/Aquizm's bass guitar-heavy "True True Loving" and the sunshine goodness of "I Just Want To Love You" by Leroy Simmons.
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coming soon $17.91
Overtone Widow
Cat: NE 70.
  1. Barrier Miner
  2. Gait Cycle (Mormal version)
  3. Lure Protrusion
  4. Stop Mixing Tracks Like This
  5. Zugzwang
  6. Overtone Widow
coming soon $15.56
Press On
  1. Alive
  2. Innermost
  3. Gone (Remnants)
  4. Spark
  5. Mid 90s
  6. There (I Wish I Could Be)
coming soon $15.56
The Caretaker
Cat: 277381.
coming soon $19.72
Dance 50 Vol 1
Cat: ZYX 830032.
Funky/Club House
coming soon $16.09
Lords Of Sin
Cat: GCR 201291.
coming soon $16.09
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits (red vinyl LP)
coming soon $19.98
Coriky (LP)
Cat: DIS 190V.
coming soon $16.09
Wall Of Sound: Drones Patterns Noises
Cat: SR 478.
  1. James Tenney - "Saxony"
  2. John Cage - "Four5"
  3. Alvin Lucier - "In Memoriam Jon Higgins"
  4. Phill Niblock - "Didjeridoos & Don'ts"
  5. Philip Glass - "Music In Fifths"
  6. Steve Reich - "Pendulum Music"
  7. Terry Riley - "Dorian Reed"
  8. Philip Glass - "1+1"
  9. Steve Reich - "Reed Phase"
  10. Lee Ranaldo - "Elegy For WTC"
  11. Boris Hegenbart - "U-getriebe"
  12. Zbigniew Karkowski - "Execution Of Intelligence"
  13. Ulrich Krieger - "Give Me Some Feedback"
  14. John Duncan - "Channel Zone"
coming soon $18.67
Walking Proof
Cat: NW 5369LP.
  1. Rae
  2. P-Town
  3. Little Believer
  4. Some Kind Of Drug
  5. Candy Lunch
  6. Walking Proof
  7. Drawl
  8. Brightest Star
  9. Never Play Guitar
  10. Move
  11. Scream
coming soon $16.09
Tyyni (numbered limited LP)
Cat: LSSN 067.
  1. Salvia Salvatrix
  2. Anarkian Kuvajainen
  3. Teerenpeli
  4. Varjokuvatanssi
  5. Polyton Nurkka
  6. Haaksirikkoutunut
  7. Saniaiset
  8. Jolkottelureitti
coming soon $17.64
She Luv It (remastered)
  1. Candy
  2. Self Discipline
  3. Wartime
  4. Argument
  5. ICE
coming soon $15.31
Superposition (orange vinyl LP)
  1. Antiplace
  2. Bilawal
  3. Ballad No 3
  4. Miimo
  5. Choral
  6. Wasteland
  7. For The Fallen
  8. March
coming soon $19.98
The Allegory
Cat: 783672.
Hip Hop/R&B
coming soon $16.35
Eurydike (12")
Cat: NON 50.
  1. Burnt Friedman & Joao Pais - "Out Of Ape "
  2. Burnt Friedman & Joao Pais - "Fibres Of P"
  3. Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman - "Eurydike"
  4. Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman - "Star Wars"
coming soon $15.05
Yesterday Is Gone
Cat: BING 157.
coming soon $19.98
Time So Hard
Cat: BB 98.
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Time So Hard
  2. Version
  3. Seek & Find
coming soon $15.31
Enter The Mirage
Cat: HPS 125LP.
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Young Love, Old Hate
  2. Hits Of Acid
  3. Loose Ends
  4. Children Of The Night
  5. Shape Shifter
  6. Enter The Mirage
  7. Soul Sacrifice
  8. Join The Dead
  9. Sun Drifter
  10. UFO
coming soon $16.09
The Black Spider
Cat: HPS 126LP.
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Birds Fall
  2. The Black Spider
  3. Weight Of The World
  4. Step Into The Universe
  5. Life Upside Down
  6. At Se Ud Over Sig Selv
  7. I Krystalkuglens Saer
  8. Det Kollektive Selvmord
  9. Bundlos
  10. Undergangen
  11. Spirer
coming soon $16.09
Frohnau (LP)
Cat: LPSR 029LP.
coming soon $18.67
Cat: 253961 1906.
coming soon $16.60
Shades Of Red
Cat: UTR 4924.
coming soon $15.31
Two Sounds
Cat: UTR 4920.
coming soon $15.31
A Live
A Live (CD)
Cat: UTR 4910.
coming soon $17.39
Cat: CD 201999US1.
coming soon $15.31
Smashed Full Of Wonder
Cat: OPT 4031.
Psych/Garage Rock
coming soon $17.91
Amateur (CD)
Cat: UTR 4930.
coming soon $15.31
Wurzeln (CD)
Cat: UTR 4929.
coming soon $15.31
How About Life On Mars
Cat: UTR 4927.
coming soon $15.31
Tarana (CD)
Cat: UTR 4925.
coming soon $15.31
Here's The Mick Trouble
coming soon $16.09
Have You Met Elliot
coming soon $16.09
coming soon $15.83
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