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Eight Weeks: Roots/Lovers Rock

ホーム  Eight Weeks  

Roots / Lovers Rock

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Downtown Blues
Downtown Blues (limited 7")
Cat: DTWS 006. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. Abeng Meets Rootikal Horns - "Downtown Blues" (2:24)
  2. Eeyun Purkins - "Dubtown Blues" (At Waggle dance Studio) (2:24)
 in stock $14.53
Lalibela (12")
Cat: AR 12005. Rel: 01 Sep 20
  1. Lalibela (4:16)
  2. Lalibela (dub) (4:16)
  3. Lalibela (Dub Plate) (4:19)
  4. Addis Ababa (4:09)
  5. Addis Dub (4:08)
  6. Addis Dub Plate (4:10)
Hardcore steppers crew unite: King Alpha and Fikir Amlak come together for a big one here that features the rib-rattling "Lalibela" on the A-side. It's got steel plated drums and deadly bass, as well as plenty of swagger and brightly lit synths. The vocal toasts add further weight and a touch of exotica, while two dub versions pare things back to the core and crucial elements. "Addis Ababa" is a more freaky cut with modern effects and twisted synths adding elements of industrialism. Two more dubs take the tune in more summery, airy directions, and both are utterly essential.
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 in stock $13.99
White Light
Cat: BCR 094. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. White Light (3:18)
  2. Cold & Clear (3:16)
 in stock $9.32
Wood For Me Fire
Cat: RJUD 022. Rel: 10 Sep 20
  1. Wood For Me Fire (2:59)
  2. Wood For Me Fire (Style) (3:12)
  3. Wood For Me Fire (dub Wise) (3:29)
 in stock $14.53
Rock & Rock
  1. Mickey Brooks - "Rock & Rock" (4:19)
  2. Keety Roots - "Mickey Nation Inspiration Dub" (4:19)
  3. Robert Dallas - "Children Of Creation 2" (4:19)
  4. Keety Roots - "Children Of Dub" (4:21)
 in stock $14.53
Revelation Time
Cat: PHR 1201. Rel: 26 Aug 20
  1. Revelation Time (feat Hornsman Coyote) (4:57)
  2. Horns Of Revelation (feat Hornsman Coyote) (4:59)
  3. Kette Revelation (feat Hornsman Coyote) (4:59)
  4. Fire Burn (3:46)
  5. Fire Dub (3:45)
  6. Kette Burn (3:47)
Review: Prophecy make their first foray into the vinyl world with Bunnington Judah & Hornsman Coyote bright together by production by B.Judah and the I Trol Tower crew straight outta Leeds. First up is "Revelation Time", a clean, simple, but effective reggae roller with deep rooted bass way down low. A more horn lead, experimental and late night version follows, as does a prickly dub with hypnotic effects. Various dubs make up the three tracks on the flip, and all offer something essential. Together they all add up to a great first release from Prophecy.
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 in stock $9.60
Never Gonna Give Up
Cat: HRV 122. Rel: 08 Sep 20
  1. Cornell Campbell - "Never Gonna Give Up" (2:56)
  2. Threee Dot - "Gonna Dub Up" (3:41)
Review: This pearler from Cornell Campbell has never before been released. It features heavy production from Charles Reid AKA the UK Duke Reid in Jamaica but somehow never made it to the pressing factory and now gets a proper treatment from Horus Records who have restored it direct from the original master tapes. 'Never Gonna Give Up' is a super sweet and soulful tune with soaring vocals from Campbell. They're pained and impassioned and heartfelt, and the flip side 'Gonna Dub Up' is clean and crisp, with upbeat kicks and noodling keys.
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 in stock $12.35
Children Of Creation
  1. Robert Dallas - "Children Of Creation" (3:48)
  2. Bag-E - "Children Of Creation" (dub) (3:02)
 in stock $5.77
Moving On
Moving On (7")
Cat: HMR 7003. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Moving On (4:36)
  2. Moving On (version) (3:35)
 in stock $9.60
Oh Me Oh My
Cat: PSS 158. Rel: 29 Sep 20
  1. Bree Daniels - "Oh Me Oh My" (4:50)
  2. The Upsetters - "Oh Me Oh Dub" (4:50)
 in stock $9.60
Prince Pharaoh
Cat: CGI 7009. Rel: 08 Oct 20
  1. Prince Pharaoh (3:13)
  2. Prince Pharaoh (version) (3:33)
 in stock $14.26
Why Shall It Be So (Times Are Getting Dread)
Cat: DH 705. Rel: 15 Oct 20
  1. Why Shall It Be So (Times Are Getting Dread) (4:01)
  2. Dub Shall Be So (4:00)
 in stock $10.70
My Love For You
Cat: LL 706. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. My Love For You (3:18)
  2. My Love For You (dub) (3:22)
 in stock $7.67
Born To Be Free
  1. Earl Sixteen & The Inn House Crew - "Born To Be Free" (3:46)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "The Uproar Riddim" (3:50)
Review: Room in the Key hits cat number 150 with Earl Sixteen & The Inn House Crew coming together on this big new rhythm. Earl "Sixteen" Daley has been doing his do since way back when, and has worked with masters like Lee Scratch Perry. Here he serves up a tale of lockdown and cries to be free, with digital effects and clean, pristine synths lifting spirits next to an upbeat groove. Of course, a dub is include don the flip with extra guitar riffs and natty chords all helping to colour the airwaves.
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 in stock $8.50
Bad Boy
Bad Boy (7")
Cat: TRS MF1. Rel: 30 Sep 20
  1. Bad Boy (2:46)
  2. Bad Boy (version) (2:46)
 in stock $10.96
Untrue Lover
Cat: TRS EG2. Rel: 30 Sep 20
  1. Untrue Lover (3:44)
  2. Untrue Lover (version) (3:45)
Review: Edmond Gladston recorded only two tunes, and they both came back in the eighties. Both are early era dancehall jams that are earthy and organic like lovers rock but with some nice studio effects that give them that subtle sleek and futuristic edge. Both tunes are presumably about his love interests - for the first one in 1984 things were going well, but by the second one a year later in you feel things had maybe soured. Either way this is another crucial dub that pairs a fluttering lead melody and nice crisp hits with some storytelling vocals that tug at the heart strings.
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 in stock $10.96
Extended Mix
Extended Mix (limited hand-numbered 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: VCLREU 006. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Rock It Ina Dance (extended version) (7:13)
  2. No Retreat (extended version) (7:36)
 in stock $16.73
Public Prosecution
  1. Icees - "Public Prosecution" (3:34)
  2. Ring Craft Posse - "Public Prosecution" (version) (3:35)
! low stock $11.79
Please Tell Me
Cat: LO 09. Rel: 26 Aug 20
  1. Junior Roy - "Please Tell Me" (3:33)
  2. King Kong - "Time Is Changing" (4:04)
  3. Claire Angel - "Watch Your Company" (3:44)
  4. Brick Wall Dub (Mellow Vibes mix) (4:00)
Review: I Love Sound prove it again with this four track 12" of goodness. Junior Roy's "Please Tell Me" offers a digital dub down low, with fresh, bright chords over the top and some complex vocal work that is diynamic and direct yet stuffed with realness. The version from King Kong - "Time Is Changing" - is laden with more effects but still brings plenty of crisp contemporary vibes. Claire Angel then takes the same production but serve sup her own vocal, with crystal clear soul and impassioned delivery making it an even more modern sounding gem, then a subtly tweaked mellow vibes mix focusses purely on the dub.
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 in stock $13.99
Who Can Be Against Us
Cat: SLI 026. Rel: 30 Sep 20
  1. Who Can Be Against Us (4:05)
  2. Dub Against Us (4:05)
  3. Soul Of Dub (4:04)
  4. Dub Soul (4:03)
 in stock $12.61
A Place Called Home
  1. Eva Keyes - "A Place Called Home" (3:40)
  2. Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds - "Place In Dub" (3:39)
  3. Chazbo - "Zion Is Home" (3:40)
  4. Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds - "Dub In Zion" (3:38)
Review: There's much to set the pulse racing on Indica Sounds' latest ten-inch, not least a first label appearance for rising star Eva Keyes, whose previous releases on Partial Records were all nigh on essential. 'A Place Called Home' is another brilliant soul-fired digital reggae excursion from the singer, with her trademark vocal lilt sounding more haunting than ever. Indica Dubs and Conscious Sounds make the most of selected vocal snippets on their accompanying dub mix, which naturally boasts tougher production and even weighty bass. Melodica maestro Chazbo gets to chance to do his thing over the same riddim on the flip ('Zion Is Home'), before Indica Dubs and Conscious Sounds successfully turn his take into a heavy steppers style workout ('Dub in Zion').
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 in stock $7.67
Universal Love
Cat: VCR 12004. Rel: 01 Oct 20
  1. Universal Love (3:59)
  2. Dub Love (Stepper One & Petah Sunday mix) (3:57)
  3. Never Let Me Down (4:04)
  4. Trumpet A Blow (3:22)
  5. Up For Dub (4:03)
 in stock $13.44
Dem Too Bad Mind
Cat: ME 007. Rel: 20 Oct 20
  1. Dem Too Bad Mind (3:51)
  2. Lion From Brixton Riddim (3:52)
 in stock $11.52
Alien (remastered)
Alien (remastered) (limited 1-sided 12")
Cat: MISSYOU 012. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Alien (6:44)
Review: J.C Lodge's 1984 debut album Revealed has become one of the most sought-after lovers rock sets of recent times, in part because it's super-soulful blend of boogie synths, sweet vocals and electronic reggae rhythms borders on sun-kissed perfection. Perhaps the most potent track on the album is opener 'Alien', which here is given the single-sided, re-mastered reissue treatment courtesy of German crate diggers MISS YOU. It's well worth picking up, with Lodge's impassioned, emotive lead vocal rising above a killer lovers rock groove, jangling electric piano sounds, kaleidoscopic synth sounds, chiming lead lines and sharp, summery disco guitars.
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 in stock $14.81
Mr Brown
Mr Brown (7")
Cat: CLP 1120D2. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Mr Brown (3:31)
  2. Dracula (2:54)
 in stock $17.28
Kaya (7")
Cat: CLP 1120D4. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Kaya (2:41)
  2. Kaya (version) (2:39)
 in stock $17.28
Kailen (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: OBO 009. Rel: 10 Sep 20
  1. Missal - "Kailen" (From Valmeria Roots Vol 2) (3:40)
  2. Baay Selectah - "Kailen" (version - From Valmeria Roots Vol 2) (3:32)
Review: More from One By One Records' founder Baay Selectah's celebrated Valencia Roots Volume 2 mix-tape, a 2016 set entirely made up of new cuts based on classic roots reggae riddims. The riddim being bitten/paid tribute to this time round is Coxsone Dodd's killer groove for Burning Spear's 'Rocking Time', which has been repurposed by countless reggae producers since. A-side 'Kailen' boasts a rasping, heavily accented lead vocal from toaster-and-singer Missal, whose lilt suits the tweaked Coxsone riddim like a glove. Baay Selectah delivers his own dub style 'Version' on the flip, stripping the track back to the drums and bass before adding jazzy guitar licks and heady Hammond organ-style licks.
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 in stock $13.44
It Shall Come To Pass
Cat: DUBUP 006. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Moonshine Horns - "It Shall Come To Pass" (3:51)
  2. Unlisted Fanatic - "It Shall Come To Dub" (3:52)
 in stock $8.23
Ital (12")
Cat: HANDCART 002. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Muma Carol - "Ital" (feat dubjuggler) (5:33)
  2. Pato Ranking - "Serious" (feat dubjuggler) (5:31)
 in stock $12.61
When I Found U
When I Found U (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: OBO 006. Rel: 10 Sep 20
  1. Payoh Soulrebel - "When I Found U" (From Valmeria Roots Vol 2) (3:28)
  2. Yeyo Perez - "Me Nah Trust Dem" (From Valmeria Roots Vol 2) (3:26)
Review: Four years ago, One By One Records founder Baay Selectah offered up Valmeria Roots Volume 2, a digital mixtape based on his interpretations of classic roots reggae riddims from the past. It included two new songs based on Coxsone Dodd's legendary 'Breaking Up' riddim, which was first heard on an Alton Ellis single in 1969 and has been repurposed by producers ever since. This limited-edition 7" single features both of Bay Selectah's 2016 tributes: 'When I Found You', featuring toaster style rap vocals from Payoh SoulRebel, and 'Me Nah Trust Dem', which boasts a wonderfully soulful lead vocal from fellow Valmeria Roots crewmember Yeyoh Perez's more soulful and impassioned 'Me Nah Trust Dem'.
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 in stock $13.44
Live & Learn
Cat: CGI 7010. Rel: 08 Oct 20
  1. Live & Learn (3:17)
  2. Live & Learn (version) (3:16)
 in stock $14.26
Message In The Music
  1. Ras Ranger & The Inn House Crew - "Message In The Music" (3:41)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "The Uproar Riddim" (3:49)
Review: Roll up, roll up, because here comes a fantastic new roots steppers from The Inn House Crew. The acclaimed instrumentalists and dub connoisseurs here link up with Japanese saxophonist Megumi Mesaku, as well as MC Was Ranger. "Message In The Music" is a happy dub with neon chords and a bright, sunny disposition that is accompanied by Ranger's complex delivery. On the flip, some prog guitars are layered into "The Uproar Riddim" dub. Both tunes are classy bits of lovers rock with a nice futuristic edge that makes them all the more fresh.
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 in stock $8.50
My Dream Is Yours
Cat: CR 12. Rel: 26 Aug 20
  1. My Dream Is Yours (3:42)
  2. Come Back To Sorrento (3:21)
Review: This is a super rare record that has often fetched over 300 quid on second hand markets. It was recorded in 1975 and all the crackle and static of the original recording is captured in this reissue, as is the emotion of Jamaican reggae singer Winston Lara, who is better known by his stage name Gene Rondo. He as a fairly busy artist both solo and as part of The Undivided but this one marked his highpoint. "My Dream Is Yours" is super sweet lovers dub, with lazy beats and pained vocals soaring to great heights, while "Come Back To Sorrento" is a more laidback and romantic summery jam that invites you to sink back into the sofa.
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 in stock $10.70
Moving High
Cat: ASM 009. Rel: 29 Sep 20
  1. Moving High (5:10)
  2. Marchando A Zion (dub) (4:51)
  3. 'Tabhann Do Africa (feat Tom Spirals - extended mix) (8:51)
 in stock $17.28
I Rise
I Rise (7")
Cat: CM 001. Rel: 10 Sep 20
  1. I Rise (3:43)
  2. I Rise (version) (3:37)
 in stock $10.70
On A Stand
On A Stand (12")
Cat: CO 12009. Rel: 20 Oct 20
  1. On A Stand (3:51)
  2. Stand Dub (3:51)
  3. Raw Dub (3:48)
  4. Channel One Riddim Section (3:49)
 in stock $12.89
Coptic Serenade
  1. Sista Sarah meets Megumi Mesaku - "Coptic Serenade" (3:52)
  2. Sista Sarah meets Megumi Mesaku - "Coptic Dub" (3:53)
  3. Fikir Amlak - "African Rain" (3:46)
  4. Ital Horns - "African Horns" (3:45)
  5. Ital Horns - "African Dub" (3:46)
 in stock $12.61
Roots The Jewels
Roots The Jewels (hand-numbered 7")
Cat: ULR 002. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Smile Davis - "Roots The Jewels" (3:08)
  2. Dj Maars - "Rocksteady Business" (3:39)
 in stock $15.35
Thinking Of The Future
  1. Stranger Cole - "Thinking Of The Future" (2:27)
  2. Duke Reid & His Group - "Use Your Head" (2:31)
 in stock $9.60
Oh Jah Come
  1. Ta-Teasha Love & The Wailers - "Oh Jah Come" (2:25)
  2. Family Man & Wailers Band - "Oh Jah Dub" (2:29)
 in stock $11.52
Ghetto Living
Cat: MRS 7001. Rel: 10 Sep 20
  1. Ghetto Living (3:54)
  2. Ghetto Dub (3:55)
 in stock $5.77
Struggle Is Real
Cat: TRU 12. Rel: 26 Aug 20
  1. Struggle Is Real (Cool Down Riddim) (feat Jah Mirikle & Lutan Fyah) (3:33)
  2. Cool Down Riddim (3:34)
Review: Truesounds is of course a fine collective of artists and producers creating music rooted in reggae but that draws on a wider sphere of influence to cook up some real freshness. Their 12th such offering is "Struggle Is Real (Cool Down Riddim)" (feat Jah Mirikle & Lutan Fyah), a gloriously upbeat gem with plenty of musical vibes, warm dub production and the sort of rousing vocal delivers that swell your soul. "Cool Down Riddim" on the flip strips tings back to just the music, acoustic chords and wandering bass. Great stuff.
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 in stock $7.67
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro (limited hand-numbered 12")
Cat: OHB 1214. Rel: 29 Sep 20
  1. Fidel Castro (feat Aba Ariginals - Twinkle Rootz Sound dubplate) (3:42)
  2. Fidel Castro (version - #_Covid-19_Mix) (3:41)
 in stock $17.28
Hard Work
Hard Work (12")
Cat: OHB 1213. Rel: 26 Aug 20
  1. Hard Work (feat Tony Tuff) (3:48)
  2. Bad Man Wagon (feat Aba Ariginal) (3:49)
 in stock $16.44
Jah Say Love
Cat: JFR 713. Rel: 08 Oct 20
  1. Jah Say Love (3:13)
  2. Jah Say Love (version) (3:05)
Review: Two Plus One was an obscure mid 1970s project from twins Keith and Kenneth Thompson, who also recorded - perhaps more famously - as The Twin Roots. 'Jah Say Love' was recorded and released in limited numbers in Jamaica during that period, though this is the first time that the superb roots reggae cut has been made available to a wider audience. Languid, Hammond-heavy and soulful with the pair singing a message of love over a Lee 'Scratch' Perry style riddim, it's well worth your attention. As you'd expect, it comes backed by a heavy dub 'Version' mix. Its' skeletal, groove focused sections are impressively weighty and as spaced-out as they come.
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 in stock $13.44
Trouble Is On The Road Again (warehouse find, slight sleeve wear)
  1. Trouble Is On The Road Again (3:22)
  2. Trouble Is On The Road Again (version) (3:15)
 in stock $7.67
Better Future
Cat: PSS 139. Rel: 15 Sep 20
  1. Errol Walker - "Better Future" (3:27)
  2. The Upsetter - "Future Dub" (3:25)
 in stock $9.60
Say So
Say So (7")
Cat: OR 119. Rel: 30 Sep 20
  1. Paul Whiteman - "Say So" (2:56)
  2. Pablo All Stars - "Say So" (version) (2:54)
 in stock $11.52
Scars Of War
Cat: OR 117. Rel: 03 Sep 20
  1. Delroy Williams - "Scars Of War" (3:47)
  2. High Times All Star - "Scars Of War" (version) (3:29)
 in stock $9.86
All The Time
Cat: ORD 24. Rel: 03 Sep 20
  1. Delroy Williams - "All The Time" (4:55)
  2. Jah Bull/Pablo & Rockers All Stars - "We Know Where We Are Going/Jah Time Dub" (5:02)
 in stock $13.72
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Eight Weeks: Roots/Lovers Rock