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Back In Stock: Reggae

ホーム  Back In Stock  Reggae  

14 days

Umwelt (CD)
Cat: GRSCL 10. Rel: 12 Mar 19
  1. Distant
  2. Sanctuary Bay
  3. Snow Road
  4. Geometry Of Space
  5. Rain In July
  6. Racing Thoughts
  7. Distant II
  8. Evening At Vikshtelee
  9. Alexanderplatz Station
  10. Mars Odyssey
Review: Considering the hazy, spaced-out and immersive nature of grad_u's dub techno productions, we were rather surprised to discover that "Umwelt" is his first full-length collection of cuts for almost seven years. We're glad he's finally got round to making another album, though, because it's the extended format that offers the best chance to wallow in his becalmed and beguiling blend of fuzzy aural textures, deep dub rhythms, woozy ambient soundscapes, fluid electronics and deep space beats. While it would be easy to pick out highlights - the up-tempo beats and pulsating chords of "Racing Thoughts", say, or the Basic Channel-esque throb of "Mars Odyssey" - the genius of "Umwelt" is how it hangs together as one intoxicating, slowly shifting set of dubbed-out electronic movements.
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 in stock $16.58
Invasion Of The Mysteron Killer Sounds
Cat: SJRCD 236. Rel: 23 Jun 11
  1. Steely & Clevie - "Streetsweeper"
  2. Lenky & Sly - "Now Thing"
  3. Ricky Ranking - "Doogoo" (feat Roots Manuva - dub)
  4. Dave Kelly - "The Return"
  5. Annex Crew - "Summerbounce"
  6. Federation Sound - "Flatlands" (Brooklyn dub mix)
  7. Lenky - "Diwali"
  8. Team Shadatek - "Yoga Riddim"
  9. Stereotyp - "Modern Times" (feat Alley Cat)
  10. The Grynch - "Electro Agony In Dub" (feat Tippa Irie)
  11. Fira - "Hummer" (version)
  12. Diplo - "Diplo Rhythm"
  13. Harmonic 313 - "Bazooka Riddim"
  14. Ward 21 Productions - "Pit Bull"
  15. Redlight - "MDMA"
  16. The Bug - "Aktion" (dub)
  17. Fat Eyes - "Clothes Pin Rhythm"
  18. Steven Ventura 4 Kings Of Kings - "Throw Your Hands Up" (version)
  19. Sly Dunbar & Christopher Birch - "Corners Boy"
  20. David Jahson - "King Of Kings" (dub)
  21. Fat Eyes - "Steel Plate"
  22. South Rakkas Crew - "Red Alert"
  23. Parara & Mccoy - "Them Can't Hold Yuh Gal" (version)
  24. King Tubby - "Fat Thing" (version)
  25. World Beat - "Gold Mine"
  26. Andre Suku Gray (Jammys) - "Sign Rhythm"
  27. Henfield & Shadowman - "Babatunde"
  28. Firehouse Crew - "No False Hair"
  29. Computer Paul - "World Talk"
  30. Fat Eyes - "Overdose"
  31. Prince Jazzbo - "Great Stone" (version)
  32. Kickin Productions - "What You Gonna Do"
  33. Pliers - "I'm Your Man" (dub)
  34. Wiz Kidz Team - "In My Heart" (version)
  35. Jammy's Jam 2 James (Jammys) - "Peenie Peenie"
 in stock $15.72


Back In Stock: Reggae
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