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Back Catalogue: Classics/Ska

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Classics / Ska

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Get Wise
Get Wise (CD)
Cat: PSCD 83. Rel: 21 Jun 14
  1. 80% Badness
  2. I Don't Want To Be Outside
  3. Feel Good
  4. Youths Of Today
  5. Today Youth
  6. Get Wise
  7. Wise (version)
  8. Holy Mount Zion
  9. Let Your Teardrops Fall
  10. Sexy Jean
  11. Roots Of All Evil
  12. Jah Stich - "Evilest Thing"
  13. Evilest Thing (version)
  14. I Will Forgive You
  15. Tag Along
  16. I May Never See My Baby
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Message Music: Digital Productions 1986-1994
  1. A Java (instrumental version)
  2. Butter Pon Dem Mouth (version)
  3. Ammagiddeon (dub)
  4. Missing Link
  5. Missing Link (dub)
  6. Credential (instrumental)
  7. Rockers International Band - "Culture Rule" (dub)
  8. Pablo All Stars - "War" (dub)
  9. Run Come Yah (version)
  10. Benbow - "Kidd Lane Specially"
  11. Anzania - Blacka Black
  12. Pablo All Stars - "Blacka Black" (dub)
  13. Pablo All Stars - "Revolution" (dub)
  14. Seven Winds From Zion
  15. Rockers All Stars - "Isis - Addis Rock" (dub)
  16. Rockers All Stars - "Poor Mans Cry" (dub)
out of stock $10.62
Respect: Original Songs By Dennis Brown
  1. Love Has Found It's Way
  2. No Man Is An Island
  3. Baby Don't Do It
  4. No More Will I Roam
  5. What About The Half
  6. Changing Times
  7. Concentration
  8. Revolution
  9. Satisfaction
  10. Oh Girl, You're My Inspiration
  11. Africa
  12. Sitting & Watching
  13. Cheater
out of stock $13.80
Disco Devil: The Jamaican Discomixes
Cat: UMC 9802. Rel: 13 Sep 12
  1. Max Romeo & The Upsetters - "Norman"
  2. Junior Murvin - "Bad Weed"
  3. George Faith - "I Forgot To Be Your Lover (aka To Be A Lover)"
  4. Twin Roots - "Know Love"
  5. Watty Burnett - "Rainy Night In Portland"
  6. Lee Perry & The Full Experience - "Disco Devil"
  7. Lee Perry - "City Too Hot"
  8. Sangie Davis & Lee Perry - "Words"
  9. Junior Murvin & Dillinger - "Roots Train"
  10. Watty Burnett - "Open The Gate"
  11. The Congos - "Neckodeemus"
  12. Raphael Green & Doctor Alimantado - "Rasta Train"
  13. Devon Irons & Doctor Alimantado - "(Ketch) Vampire"
  14. Carlton Jackson - "History (Of Civilisation)"
  15. Junior Delgado - "Sons Of Slaves"
  16. The Heptones - "Party Time"
  17. Lee Perry - "Free Up The Prisoners"
  18. Leroy Sibbles - "Garden Of Life"
Played by: Jeremiah
out of stock $10.57
The Return Of Sound System Scratch: More Dub Plate Mixes & Rarities 1973 To 1979
  1. Aleas Jube - "Righteous Land" (previously unreleased)
  2. The Upsetters - "Righteous Rocking" (previously unreleased)
  3. Junior Murvin & The Upsetters - "Get Ready" (bongo mix - exclusive dub plate mix)
  4. The Upsetters - "Natural Dub" (exclusive dub plate mix)
  5. Candy Mackenzie & The Upsetters - "Long Enough" (unreleased track)
  6. The Upsetters - "Kiss Me Mix" (exclusive dub plate mix)
  7. The Upsetters - "Strong Drink" (melodica version - exclusive dub plate mix)
  8. The Unforgettable's - "Time"
  9. The Upsetters - "Longer Dub" (exclusive dub plate mix)
  10. Leo Graham & The Upsetters - "Revelation Time"
  11. George Faith & The Upsetters - "I've Got The Dub" (exclusive dub plate mix)
  12. The Upsetters - "Deep & Deadly" (exclusive dub plate mix)
  13. Lee Perry & The Upsetters - "Jah Jah Ah Natty Dread" (exclusive dub plate mix)
  14. The Upsetters - "Mr Dubz" (exclusive dub plate mix)
  15. Lee Perry & The Upsetters - "Enter The Upsetter"
  16. Jimmy Riley & The Upsetters - "Darkness In The City"
  17. Jack Lord & The Upsetters - "Economic Crisis" (exclusive dub plate mix)
  18. The Silvertones - "Rejoice Jah Jah Children" (exclusive dub plate mix)
out of stock $10.57
The Sound Doctor
The Sound Doctor (unmixed CD)
Cat: PSCD 76. Rel: 26 Oct 12
  1. Delroy Butler - "Oppression"
  2. Junior Byles - "Army Of Love"
  3. Dillinger - "Wam Pam Pa Do"
  4. Bobby Floyd - "Sound Doctor"
  5. Young Dellinger - "Doctor Skank"
  6. The Upsetters - "Horny Train" (exclusive dub plate mix)
  7. Al Maytone - "Do Good"
  8. Brother Roy - "Different Experience"
  9. Trigga Stewart - "Smiling Faces"
  10. Hux Brown Group - "Smiling" (version)
  11. Keith Poppin - "Be Prepared"
  12. U Roy - "006" (original Jamaican mix)
  13. Lee & Jimmy - "Key Card"
  14. The Upsetters - "Domino Game"
  15. Tony Fearon - "Message To The Nation"
  16. Upsetters - "Dub Message"
  17. The Flames - "Water Your Garden"
  18. Chenley Duffus - "Standing On The Hill"
  19. The Gatherers - "Start Over"
  20. The Ethiopians - "It's Impossible"
  21. Jah T - "Grandfather Land"
  22. Pat Francis - "King Of Kings"
  23. The Upsetters - "King Of Kings" (version)
  24. Count Stocky & The Upsetters - "To Hell & Back"
out of stock $11.15
The Trojan Albums Collection
Cat: DBCDD 059. Rel: 09 Jun 20
  1. Free From Sin
  2. When Jah Ready You Got To Move
  3. Call On I In Trouble
  4. Don't Deal With Folly
  5. Light Of Fire
  6. Reggae Music
  7. Go Home On The Morning Train
  8. Siren
  9. I & I Are The Chosen One
  10. Deck Of Life
  11. The Vision
  12. Natty Champion
  13. Read A Chapter
  14. Golden Throne
  15. Jamaican Heroes
  16. Prison Discipline
  17. Musical History
  18. Jah Will Provide
  19. David (bonus track)
  20. Ten Commandments
  21. Tribute To Bob Marley
  22. Hold The Fort
  23. Every Time I Hear The Word
  24. Head Of The Buccaneer
  25. Shall Not Dwell In Wickedness
  26. Give I Strength
  27. Kingdom Of God
  28. Coming In From The Rock
  29. Skinhead
  30. Everytime I Talk About Jah
  31. Prince Far I Come Again
  32. Tell Them About Jah Love
  33. More We Are Together
  34. At The Cross
  35. Working For My Saviour
  36. I Don't Know Why I Love Jah So
  37. What You Gonna Do On Judgement Day
  38. Take Heed Frontline
Review: On their latest essential retrospective, Doctor Bird has gathered together the quartet of albums released by legendary Jamaican toaster Prince Far I on Trojan Records between 1979 and '83 (the year of his premature death) - three of which have never previously appeared on CD. On disc one you'll find "Free From Sin", a formidably dubbed-out affair partially recorded at Treasure Isle Studios, and the slightly more roots-reggae focused 1980 follow-up, "Jamaican Heroes". Disc two begins with the ten tracks first featured on 1981's "Voice of Thunder" - a loose, languid and laidback set recorded at Channel 1 studios - before moving on to his final Trojan album, "Musical Heroes". If you've yet to explore Prince Far I's vast catalogue, this is a great place to start.
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out of stock $12.48
Versus The Drunken Gambler
Cat: MRBCD 097. Rel: 06 Sep 12
  1. Kung-Fu Battle Inna Brixton
  2. Ali Baba
  3. For Me You Are
  4. The Flasher
  5. And The Beat Goes On
  6. Got Your Money
  7. Go Find Yourself A Fool
  8. Say What You're Saying
  9. Babariba
  10. Wet Dream
out of stock $12.73
Return Of Gringo!
Cat: MRBCD 086. Rel: 17 Nov 11
  1. Transistor Cowboy
  2. Black Powder
  3. Plague Of Locusts
  4. Wear The Black Hat (If The Black Hat Fits)
  5. Way Back To Town
  6. Across The Border
  7. Up The Creek
  8. Moscow Mule
  9. Son Of A Thousand Fathers
  10. The Good The Vlad & The Ugly
  11. Blondes Have More Guns
  12. Hava Nagila
Review: Hats off to Prince Fatty producer Mike Pelancoli and Mutant Hifi man Nick Coplowe for the odd-but-brilliant concept behind this brilliantly eccentric album. Designed as a score to an imaginary film, it sees them gleefully fusing Ska, dub reggae, surf rock and the spaghetti western works of Ennio Morricone. It's undoubtedly a strange proposition, but remarkably it works. There's something particularly gratifying about "Black Powder", a track that somehow manages to pull off the zany combination of "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" style whistling, Tijuana brass, Just Brothers-ish surf guitars and heavyweight dub bottom end. The rest of the album isn't quite as inspired, but there are enough great moments to suggest further listening. Utterly bonkers.
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Back Catalogue: Classics/Ska
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