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Koma Elektronik Kommander CV & Gate Motion Controller


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Want to create the perfect filter sweep, manually trigger a gate or step through a sequencer? No more need to turn knobs or to patch up a lot of modules, the Kommander makes it simple: just plug it into a CV input on your (modular) synthesizer, move your hand over the device and you are able to control it with your hands, feet or nose, yes: just like a theremin: Kommand and Konquer!

The Kommander is a handheld dual infrared X-Y motion controller that makes controlling your electronic instruments intuitive and fun. The device measures the distance to your hand or any other surface and sends out corresponding CV signals between 0 and 8V. The closer you have your hand to the Kommander, the higher the output voltage. This will allow you to create complex synth sounds, trigger a drum machine, control your Koma effect pedals or any other instrument that is capable of receiving CV signals.

Koma know that some equipment can only accept CV signals up to 3V or 5V, that's why they fitted the Kommander with attenuators, which are accessible in the back of the unit. The attenuators connected to the CV outputs allow you to attenuate the maximum voltage output, so you can e.g. set the range from 0V to 5V instead of 0V to 8V.

Because of the innovative circuit design there is no interference from sunlight or stage light, so the musician can use it wherever she or he wants. Just plug the Kommander into your Eurorack Modular System, Buchla, Moog, Roland or any other synthesizer and create.

  • Strong die cast aluminium box with great black metal design
  • 2 x IR sensors with optical crosstalk
  • 4 x mini jack outputs (2 x gate/2 x CV (one of each per sensor)
  • 4 x sensing range trimmers on the back
  • Between 0 - 8V CV output (but you can set the output to 0 - 3V or 0 - 5V as well)
  • 9V DC input

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