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Back Catalogue: Minimal/Tech House

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  1. &Me - "Everless"
  2. Adam Port - "Drums On Parade"
  3. Rampa & Hollis P Monroe - "Look Out" (feat Overnite)
  4. David Mayer - "Jewels"
out of stock $10.53
Cat: NRS 001. Rel: 12 Apr 12
  1. Bloody Mary (David Labeij remix)
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. Bloody Mary (Leix remix)
  4. Wave Jerks
Played by: Marcus Raute
out of stock $8.42
  1. 102nd Century - "Up"
  2. Anke Redmer - "Deep In The Congo"
  3. Ben Konrad - "Sign"
  4. Microtronic - "Microskop"
Played by: Slok
out of stock $8.42
  1. 2000 & One - "Tropical Melons" (Paul Ritch remix)
  2. Argy - "Unreliable Virgin" (Tim Green remix)
out of stock $9.48
QP (12")
Cat: COMF 010. Rel: 17 Jun 09
  1. 76-79 - "QP"
  2. Nicolas Will - "I Want You"
  3. Andreas Jornvil - "Ur Soul"
  4. Brooks Mosher - "Empty Streets"
Played by: Stacey Pullen
out of stock $8.42
Cat: BF 023. Rel: 10 May 07
  1. Swimming With Sharks (original mix)
  2. Swimming With Sharks (Remo remix)
  3. Swimming With Sharks (Olivier Giacomotto remix)
  4. Swimming With Sharks (Eduardo Rossell remix)
out of stock $0.00
M.ission (12")
Cat: RSP 027. Rel: 09 Sep 05
  1. A.cid
  2. M.ission
out of stock $8.42
Cat: GLR 002. Rel: 26 Oct 07
  1. Set Up My Life
  2. Marbanant
  3. Cartridge
  4. I Come Back
Review: A Cluster Of Blue is the musical project of German scientist Dr. Robert Baerheimer. Primarily known for his work at the forefront of quantum mirage, Dr. Baerheimer finally lost his heart to electronic sound devices years ago. "Set Up My Life" is the new release on Green Light.
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out of stock $6.31
Cat: ITS 001. Rel: 25 Jun 08
  1. I Don't Know Why You Say
  2. 1753 Angelo
  3. My Hang
out of stock $9.48
Cat: DIAMONDS&PEARLS 02. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Generation Of Swine (original mix)
  2. Generation Of Swine (Inversion mix)
  3. Rise Of The TV Preachers
out of stock $8.42
  1. A Gang Of Crows - "Farewell Causality!"
  2. Henrik Schwarz - "Jimis"
out of stock $8.42
I Can Have (12")
Cat: UCA 090. Rel: 26 Jun 02
  1. I Can Have (club mix)
  2. Chances (club mix)
out of stock $8.42
out of stock $8.17
  1. Nuvo Alfa
  2. Flutter
  3. Wow Yheah
Review: Laboratory Instinct unveils the second of a quartet of wax releases that will make up the vinyl version of A Guy Called Gerald's recent album, Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions. On the A Side you are treated to the sinister orchestral acid wobble of "Nuovo Alfa" and the cleaner punchy techno of "Flutter". On the B Side the legendary producer drops "Wow Yheah", which flips a vocal snippet of a mid nineties hip-hop classic over growling bass patterns and a jacking metallic rhythm.
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out of stock $9.48
  1. Voltar (Bring Da Rain mix)
  2. Sweet You (Bitter mix)
out of stock $6.85
  1. Blow Your House Down (original mix)
  2. Blow Your House Down (Chris Finke mix)
  3. Blow Your House Down (Freaks mix)
  4. Blow Your House Down (Ben Sims " Soko" mix)
Review: A Guy Called Gerald is back and he is bigger than ever before!!! The Grandfather of early rave tunes is here with a very limited remix edition of the classic "Blow Your House Down". This EP contains remixes by Smith and Selway, Killa Productions (Ben Sims), Paul Mac and the British Murder Boys. A big anthem!!!
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out of stock $6.31
  1. Blow Your House Down (Smith & Selway mix)
  2. Blow Your House Down (Killa Productions mix)
  3. Blow Your House Down (British Murder Boys M6 mix)
  4. Blow Your House Down (Paul Mac mix)
Review: This is the 2nd in the limited edition 2 part pre-release remix package from the excellent Guy called Gerald - "Blow Your House Down". Here we have the pumping Smith and Selway remix on the A1 and a cut and paste remix from Killa Productions on the A2 whilst on the flip there is a supremely classy British Murder Boys remix. To finish, the ever reliable Paul Mac does what he does best.
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out of stock $6.31
  1. Iland
  2. Just Soul
  3. Round Eco
  4. The Dip
Review: Laboratory Instinct grace our shelves with the third in a quartet of 12 inch releases that act as the vinyl version for A Guy Called Gerald's recent and rather sleek ''Tronic Jazz'' album. Your attention on Side A will dominated by the spectral dalliance with vintage Detroit techno mechanics of ''Iland'', with expertly layered syncopation reverberating around to a backdrop of cavernous throbbing bass and dreamy synth lines. This contrasts nicely with the neo techno futurism of ''Just Soul'' with melancholic strings slipping between tense off-kilter drum programming and bubbling atmospherics. Proceedings shift up a gear on ''Round Eco,'' which pulsates with menacing KiNK-ish energy, with an odd vocal murmur forming the driving groove around which Simpson wraps glacial keys and deviant bass twinges. Closing track ''The Dip'' oscillates wildly with B movie sci fi synth lines and scratching metallic tones.
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out of stock $8.96
Flo-Ride (12")
Cat: SUGOL 01. Rel: 06 Aug 05
  1. Flo-Ride
  2. Under The Way
  3. Visitor
Review: Re-issue to tie into the release of A Guy Called Gerald's new album release "Proto Acid - The Berlin Sessions" (on Laboratory Instinct Records) Sugoi was the earlier of the two imprints that A Guy Called Gerald set up almost exactly a year ago. This particular label was set up to cater for more leftfield inclinations, with a house tempo and everything from dub to breaks to techno thrown into the mix, with Gerald's usual panache for stylistic innovation.
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out of stock $5.26
In Ya Head (12")
Cat: PERLON 71. Rel: 05 Aug 08
  1. In Ya Head (feat MIA)
  2. Moon Jelly
Played by: Mark Henning
out of stock $6.31
A Homage To Frankfurt: Farmacia (limited 1-sided 12")
Cat: SVEN 1. Rel: 17 Aug 18
  1. A Homage To Frankfurt: Farmacia (9:18)
out of stock $6.59
Jaguar (12")
Cat: WM 50131. Rel: 22 Nov 03
  1. Jaguar (main mix)
  2. Jaguar (Stringapella)
  3. Jaguar (Rhythm mix)
  4. So Eye On
out of stock $8.42
Iron EP (12")
Cat: MATERIAL 012. Rel: 08 Apr 09
  1. 2 Eyes (Dachshund & Landberg remix)
  2. 2 Eyes
  3. Folk
out of stock $8.42
Cat: JUNION 0086. Rel: 02 Oct 07
  1. Commodore Dub
  2. Rec & Stop
  3. Ticklish Beep
out of stock $8.42
Cat: SEPARE 17. Rel: 30 May 06
  1. 88 Phantasy
  2. Elves To The Dark Lord
Review: After a creative break, Séparé Recordings is back - "Back from Hell"! This time with a fresh artist named AJ Scent known from several other great productions. This brilliant 2 tracker delivers you what you need to smash the dancefloors this summer.
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out of stock $6.31
Cat: BR 037. Rel: 07 May 04
  1. Raw Jackin' (original mix)
  2. Show Me The Bass
  3. Raw Jackin' (Obsessive mix)
out of stock $8.42
  1. Take A Love Break
  2. Our Favourite Acid Loop 1
  3. Our Favourite Acid Loop 2
  4. Our Favourite Acid Loop 3
  5. Our Favourite Acid Loop 4
  6. Our Favourite Acid Loop 5
  7. Our Favourite Acid Loop 6
  8. Our Favourite Acid Loop 7
  9. Our Favourite Acid Loop 8
  10. Our Favourite Acid Loop 9
  11. Our Favourite Acid Loop 10
  12. Our Favourite Acid Loop 11
  13. Our Favourite Acid Loop 12
  14. Our Favourite Acid Loop 13
  15. Our Favourite Acid Loop 14
  16. Our Favourite Acid Loop 15
  17. Our Favourite Acid Loop 16
  18. Our Favourite Acid Loop 17
  19. Our Favourite Acid Loop 18
  20. Our Favourite Acid Loop 19
  21. Our Favourite Acid Loop 20
  22. Our Favourite Acid Loop 21
  23. Our Favourite Acid Loop 22
  24. Our Favourite Acid Loop 23
  25. Our Favourite Acid Loop 24
  26. Our Favourite Acid Loop 25
  27. Our Favourite Acid Loop 26
  28. Our Favourite Acid Loop 27
  29. Our Favourite Acid Loop 28
  30. Our Favourite Acid Loop 29
  31. Our Favourite Acid Loop 30
  32. Our Favourite Acid Loop 31
  33. Our Favourite Acid Loop 32
out of stock $8.42
Acid Sex (12")
Cat: RZ 06. Rel: 18 Jun 04
  1. Acid Sex (Gay Fornication mix)
  2. Acid Sex (88 Evil Baron mix)
  3. Come On (The Rework)
out of stock $8.42
  1. A ListeR - "Future" (6:34)
  2. Gianfranco Daprile - "Feels So Good" (6:18)
  3. Yvan Genkins - "Brouha" (6:30)
out of stock $9.48
Archive II (12")
Cat: CBS 013. Rel: 25 Jul 12
  1. Hang Up
  2. Sweetback
Review: ** Repress ** Dave Huismans swiftly follows on from that incendiary 50 Weapons 12" with an equally explosive return to the Clone Basement Series. One of the first names to contribute to the series back in 2009, both "Hang Up" and "Sweetback" find Huismans eschewing the jagged, garage flecked drill techno dynamism of last year's "Take The Plunge" for some of his "most banging, straight-forward club material to date". The lead track is bristling with uneasy liquid funk, heavily diced Hancock vibes cascading around the buccaneering drum patterns with glee. "Sweetback," meanwhile, creeps out from the murky depths, driven by dust battered kicks and gnarly, sinewy analogue twists - there's no greater philosophy at work here, it's simply dark techno for dark rooms.
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out of stock $8.96
Sleepwalk (12")
Cat: SUBSOLO 002. Rel: 20 Sep 07
  1. Sleepwalk
  2. 699
out of stock $8.42
Cat: MUSE 002. Rel: 01 Aug 02
  1. Simple Pleasures (vocal mix)
  2. Simple Pleasures (instrumental)
  3. Simple Pleasures (Malik's Play It Say It dub)
  4. Movement
out of stock $7.37
Tunnel (12")
Cat: KUMO 002. Rel: 01 May 08
  1. Tunnel
  2. Shell
out of stock $8.42
Orion EP (12")
Cat: WT 50197. Rel: 07 Jun 08
  1. Hane
  2. Io
  3. Orion
  4. Tsubasa
out of stock $8.42
Re Sound (12")
Cat: MOTE 005. Rel: 27 Feb 07
  1. Referrer
  2. Re:Sound
  3. Freedom
out of stock $6.31
Ping (12")
Cat: KUMO 01. Rel: 05 Mar 08
  1. Ping
  2. Cockeyed
out of stock $8.42
Bones (12" picture disc)
Cat: AMR 06. Rel: 06 Aug 09
  1. Bones (original version)
  2. Bones (Thomas' Way Of The Ancients mix)
  3. Bones (House Of House remix)
out of stock $8.42
Reverie(s) (hand-numbered clear mint vinyl 12" in spray-painted sleeve limited to 200 copies (comes in different coloured sleeve, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: KIMOCHI 28. Rel: 18 Dec 17
  1. Do Let Your Youth Go To Waste (5:36)
  2. Dancing On Soft Borders (reprise) (4:36)
  3. After A Short Illness (2:43)
  4. Dancing On Soft Borders (3:56)
  5. RIYL Failures (9:32)
Review: While the name may be new, A New Line (Related) is supposedly the work of an already established musician, although Kimochi was never a label that cared about hype. The music stands just fine on its own, digging into the kind of dusty and dusky house and techno formations that the label has forged its hand-sprayed identity on. There's plenty of ambient techno twirls to be enjoyed on the likes of "Dancing On Soft Borders", while the beats melt away entirely on "After A Short Illness" and grandiose EP closer "RIYL Failures". Once again Kimochi comes up with the kind of meaningful variations on the 4/4 framework that keep our record bags full and our souls enriched.
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 in stock $14.23
Cat: FT 09. Rel: 08 Apr 00
  1. Soda Walker
  2. Lunar Dive
  3. Pyramide Orange
  4. Slow Shot
out of stock $7.37
Override EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DRAGA 002. Rel: 14 Mar 19
  1. Insight (15:04)
  2. Ice Coffee (7:28)
  3. Override (7:33)
 in stock $11.07
Cat: ITALIC 021. Rel: 13 Dec 01
  1. Rocket No 3
  2. Rocket No 4
out of stock $8.42
Cat: ITALIC 014. Rel: 28 Mar 01
  1. Rocket No 1
  2. Rocket No 2
out of stock $8.42
Cat: ITALIC 31. Rel: 29 May 03
  1. Rocket No 7
  2. Rocket No 8
out of stock $8.42
Cat: ITALIC 028. Rel: 11 Dec 02
  1. Rocket No 5
  2. Rocket No 6
out of stock $8.42
Vanishing Point (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: HYPE 063. Rel: 19 Jul 17
  1. Vanishing Point (5:52)
  2. The Pathway (5:54)
  3. The Pathway (Matrixxman remix) (6:24)
out of stock $8.70
Black Horse EP (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: STP 166. Rel: 08 Aug 12
  1. Black Horse - Famine
  2. Red Horse - War
out of stock $8.42
Groovepressure 13 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: GROOVE 13. Rel: 21 Jan 19
  1. No Mistake (8:03)
  2. Rebirth (5:39)
  3. A Squared Groove (7:42)
  4. Real Thing (6:24)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Groovepressure is back by popular demand after a 13 year hiatus and kicking things off with re-releases and new productions from the original Groovepressure artists. Taking influence from original UK techouse and techbreaks, Detroit techno, Chicago House, electro, deep house and 90's electronica, Groovepressure is about keeping these influences fresh whilst looking towards the future. Releases will include new music plus re-masters and remixes of sought-after Groove Pressure classics. Groovepressure came from the underground and had support from legends like Laurent Garnier and Andrew Weatherall with recent support from the newer school including Onur Ozer and Raresh. A² (aka Andy Panayi and Alec Stone) are London bred artists who originally appeared on Groovepressure in 2001. Their tracks will form the first comeback release on Groovepressure. "No Mistake" and "Rebirth" are both re-mastered Groovepressure classics in their own unique tech-breaks style whilst "A² Groove" and "Real Thing" are new releases taken from the vaults and keeping the same vibe.
Read more
out of stock $8.42
Footsteps (12")
Cat: ST 04. Rel: 08 Jan 03
  1. Footsteps
  2. Spanish Eyes
  3. Beat
out of stock $8.42
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Back Catalogue: Minimal/Tech House
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