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Young Adults US

Cat: YA 009. Rel: 28 Aug 15
  1. Mission Hill Morning (3:20)
  2. Tetrachromat (5:39)
  3. Planetesimal (6:33)
  4. Laced (3:09)
  5. Akoussah (5:54)
  6. The Sun & The Sky (4:12)
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Near Me (12")
Cat: YA 010. Rel: 08 Mar 16
  1. Openwork Socks (7:37)
  2. Tortous Thoughts (7:17)
  3. Near Me (12:15)
  4. Pralina (5:39)
Review: Polish dreamweaver Das Komplex continues his sublime run of deep disco consistency with another vinyl-only escapade. Covering his widescreen style, the EP takes us on a whirlwind trip from chugging filtered house ("Near Me") to twisted slap bass boogie ("Pralina") via lush, languid sandy-toed Balearica ("Openwork Socks") and percussive loopy disco house ("Tortous Thoughts"). Each cut a sparkler, Young Adults tell us this is limited to 300 on the first run..
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Horoscope (12")
Cat: YA 002. Rel: 24 Sep 12
  1. Horoscope
  2. No Worries
  3. Ritmo
  4. Feel
Review: Since donning the Suzanne Kraft moniker last year, LA-based producer Diego Herrera has proved more than adept at turning out the sort of atmospheric, analogue-heavy electronic music that's darn tricky to pigeonhole. Having previously dabbled in revivalist proto-house and starlight disco-influenced deepness, Horoscope sees him impressively shifting between melancholic analogue deepness (the title track), sprawling proto-house funk ("No Worries"), spiraling analogue electronica ("Ritmo"), Dream 2 Science-ish deep house ("Feel") and touchy-feely nu-Balearica ("Crest"). As if to ram the point home, Secret Circuit and Max D also deliver tasty remixes that defy easy categorization, with the former's subdued analogue disco take particularly impressing. Highly recommended!
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  1. Suzzanne Kraft - "Jus U"
  2. The Dead Rose Music Company - "Soothe My Mind"
  3. Urulu - "Missing You"
  4. Grown Folk & Lol Boys - "Ghostpath"
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Cat: YA 005. Rel: 14 Jan 14
Deep House
  1. Afrodesia
  2. Your Love
  3. We Are
  4. Why Don't You (Josie Akers vocals)
Review: Having made a name for himself releasing on Dirt Crew, Outernational and the like, Ben La Desh now brings his ranging take on house music to Young Adults with a veritable spread of tones and styles up his sleeve. The EP kicks off with "Afrodesia", which piles the synth pop notes on heavy over a driving rhythm section in a wistful mixture caught somewhere between boogie and techno. "Your Love" follows up with a lounge-friendly diversion that gleefully loops up samples and hooks in a laid back re-edit style, while "We Are" takes that easy-going approach and works into a more searching piece of low slung house music. "Why Don't You" wraps the EP up with a sassy Chicago-esque jam that benefits from the soulful injection Josie Akers vocals bring to the table.
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Cat: YA 008. Rel: 16 Feb 15
  1. Dance Ability (The Journey) (10:07)
  2. Dancity (feat Athena) (7:04)
  3. Dancenergy (7:10)
Review: Marvin & Guy launch Young Adults' 2015 with a fresh, thrilling three-tracker in the familiarly disco-infected take on house music. The dupo's own M&G edits have now solidified their sound and we can only expect total dancefloor quality from the pair. As expected, Dance Ability certainly doesn't disappoint and their trademark blend of tight loops and acoustic instrument is more prominent than ever! "Dance Ability (The Journey)" is an ultra-deep, psychedelic synth journey accompanied by a relentless 4/4 swagger; "Dancecity" features Athena and goes into a funked-out jazz mode thanks to those cool horns and seductive vocals, while "Dancenergy" picks up the tempo and heads back to the floor...where Marvin & Guy always rule with an iron fist.
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Cat: YA 006. Rel: 20 May 14
  1. Cherry Cola
  2. Signal
  3. Chateau Mermont
  4. Everything But You
Review: Glasgow duo Mermaids make their Young Adults debut with a quartet of glistening, velvety house cuts that will resonate well with the nu-disco set, too. "Cherry Cola" is as sweet as its namesake but without the sickliness... All loopy and pensive, there's a very subtle sense of gradual dramatics to it dynamic. "Signal" is a much more heads down affair with nuances of the mid noughties Julien Jabre style house to it. With its insistent arpeggio and lush wafting pads "Chateau Mermont" recalls the Renaissance heyday two decades ago while "Everything But You" concludes this pristine emotive show on a deep, filtered breakbeat affair. Progressive.
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Cat: YA 011. Rel: 29 Aug 17
  1. Round (5:15)
  2. Donor Goes To Hawaii (6:45)
  3. Aquarian Mummies (5:46)
  4. Pistaccio (5:43)
  5. Melting Dolphins (5:51)
  6. Landskates (4:40)
Review: Polski-in-Rotterdam Richu M lays down his biggest, broadest and most vibrant collection since Most Blunted collection in 2015. A sweet selection of rough warm grooves that all sport ace sample craft and refreshingly ludicrous titles, highlights include the turbo b-boy soul of "Melting Dolphins", the dreamy Jean Jacques Perry textures of "Aquarian Mummies" and the Hammond-slapping fusion and lolloping jacks of "Donor Goes To Hawaii". Get packing.
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Mixed Use (12")
Cat: YA 012. Rel: 26 Sep 17
Deep House
  1. Four Sided Pebble (5:52)
  2. Shoreline (dub) (6:06)
  3. Country Side (Fallow Field mix) (6:48)
  4. The Juggler (5:50)
  5. Proteus 216 (5:53)
Played by: Young Adults, Khotin
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Cat: YA 003. Rel: 30 Apr 13
  1. The Socialites - "Only This Moment" (feat Tesla Boy - Sasha Anastasov remix)
  2. Closed Paradise - "The Daulphin"
  3. Suzanne Kraft - "Maybe Snakes" (Permanent Vacation remix)
  4. Chamboche - "Into The Murk"
  5. Mark E - "Fake Bitches"
  6. Nycpartyinfo - "Mr Everything"
  7. Ben La Desh - "Let Us Down"
  8. Grown Folk - "Just Wear It"
Review: Fledgling Los Angeles label Young Adults might only have come into fruition last year but they demonstrate some ambition with the arrival of their first compilation. Launched as a house centric offshoot of beat heads Friends of Friends, home to Shlohmo and Salva, Young Adults have called on trans-Atlantic talent such as Suzanne Kraft, Dead Rose Music Company, Grown Folk, Max D and Secret Circuit thus far. The House Slippers compilation extends this cross continental approach on an eight track compilation described "an exploration of the night" that "soundtracks the progression from dusk till dawn". Kraft and Grown Folk both feature whilst the UK is represented with cuts from Chamboche and Mark E, whilst Permanent Vacation remix Kraft. The mass media might make you think there's no appreciation of electronic music beyond the mind numbing EDM in the US, this compilation deftly proves that's not the case!

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Young Adults US