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Underground Quality US

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Underground Quality US

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Dourada (remixes)
Cat: UQ 049. Rel: 04 May 13
Deep House
  1. Dourada (Henrique Casanova original)
  2. Dourada (Esteban Adame remix)
  3. Dourada (DJ Jus Ed remix)
  4. Dourada (DJ Jus Ed Sweet Spot)
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Apoena (CD)
Cat: APOENA. Rel: 12 Jul 11
Deep House
  1. Let's Face It
  2. Afternoon Wisky
  3. Cavala
  4. Dourada
  5. Misterioso
  6. Movimento
  7. O Mergulho
  8. Paradigma
  9. Peso
  10. Sentimentos
  11. Swingado
Review: There's not much information to be found about this mysterious album from Underground Quality. Here's the basics: it's a first full-length from little-known Brazilian house producer Apoena. That's pretty much it in terms of details. Musically, it largely focuses on a sunshine-soaked brand of deep house that simply bristles with warming pads, darting melodies and beach-friendly electronics - all underpinned by rock-solid grooves that are crying out to be tested over a soundsystem. There are brief sojourns into techier territory and occasional moments of murky late night darkness, but for the most part Apoena is effortlessly summery. That is never descends into 'beach house by numbers' is testament to the quality of Apoena's production.
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Underworld EP
out of stock $9.41
Roll 'Em EP
out of stock $9.11
Diggin U EP
Diggin U EP (heavyweight vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: UQ 076. Rel: 06 Jan 20
Deep House
  1. Come Into My Life (feat Rose Lonergan) (5:34)
  2. Desire (6:23)
  3. Get It Right (HW Jam) (5:39)
  4. Recieving Mode (5:51)
  5. You Got Me Going (2:04)
Review: For the first release of 2020 on his much admired Underground Quality imprint, Jus-Ed has decided to champion a previously unheard talent: Berlin-based graphic designer turned DJ/producer Nathalie Capello. There's much to admire across the five-track EP, which sees Capello deliver a quintet of dope and dusty deep house cuts shot through with sparkling references to classic house and US garage styles of old. Piano-sporting vocal opener "Come Into My Life (featuring Rose Lonergan)" is particularly special - sun-kissed, gently breezy brilliance - but then so are broken garage number "Get It Right (HW Jam)" and the stab-happy, turn-of-the-90s rave revivalism of "Receiving Mode". Superb stuff!
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Big Room EP
Cat: UQ 48. Rel: 14 Dec 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. I Dare You
  2. The Ride Too
  3. Change Of Season (Jack Track)
Review: Initially available only through Underground Quality's website, big poppa Jus Ed has now issued copies of the Big Room EP to a select few record outlets, including Juno! The Big Room EP sees Ed once again at the cross section between house and techno, with subtle techy influences at play. Lead track "I Dare You" packs a real emotional punch thanks to those chiming pads and chords, whilst "The Ride Too" is Ed in a more rugged, almost jacking mood. Flip it over and "Change Of Season (Jack Track)" sees Jus Ed go full jack mode for a track that could feasibly destroy the terrace at Space - Big Room it is then!
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Father Feelings
Cat: UQ 058CD. Rel: 29 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Intro
  2. The Belief
  3. How It Began
  4. Beginning Process
  5. Feel Feelings
  6. Father Feelings
  7. Feeling Frustrated
  8. Frustrating Situation
  9. Gathering My Asperations
  10. Emotional Drive
  11. Celebration of Sound
  12. Feeling Love?
  13. Love Pressure
  14. Gathering My Thoughts
  15. Being Pushed
  16. Pused Beyond
  17. Communicate!
  18. I Gonna Make It
  19. Feeling Harmony
  20. Harmony
  21. Closing
Review: Jus Ed is in introspective mood on his latest full-length excursion into atmospheric deep house pastures. As the title suggests, it finds him musing - quite literally, given that he speaks over many of the tracks - on his role as a father and whether he's a good role model to his offspring. It's heartfelt stuff, without being overbearing or sickly-sweet, and sits nicely with the warm, rich, melodic and occasionally off-kilter deep house grooves that provide the headline attraction. While Father Feelings should perhaps be considered one CD-length concept piece, there are still notable highlights, with the Latin-tinged, string-laden rush of "Celebration of Sound" and late night, sub-heavy pulse of "Love Pressure" standing out.
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Explicit Message
Cat: UQ 050. Rel: 04 May 13
Deep House
  1. Happy Pussy
  2. I Need Some Pussy
  3. Jack (Glenn Thornton vocals)
  4. Mutual Consent
Review: Clearly feeling the need to indulge his dirty side, Jus Ed is making some ghetto house moves with the track titles on this new EP. "Happy Pussy" is a held down groover with some tongue in cheek vocal samples and a steady beat that can't fail to work. "I Need Some Pussy" is a more curious affair, with a weird range of vocal turns from Ed and others over a more fractured beat with plastic string stabs that call to mind grime in their naivety. "Jack" is a more malevolent cut that works on serious amounts of tension through rapid fire samples and layering of speech and much more, all the while sounding pared down and simple. Ending one of Ed's more curious EPs of late, "Mutual Consent" throws down more unsettling vocal licks over an electro beat while a string hook creates even more nerve-jangling vibes for the dirty minds out there.
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Thank You EP
Thank You EP (brown marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: UQ-055. Rel: 25 Nov 13
Deep House
  1. Thank You For Being A Friend (feat Alison Crockett)
  2. Thank You For Being A Friend (feat Jaymz Nylon)
  3. Thank You For Being My Friend (Glen thronton Slaag mix)
  4. Gratitude (DJ Jus Ed remix)
Review: You can always count on Jus Ed to bring the no-nonsense approach to house music to its logical conclusion, and so it is on his latest release, which extends some love to an undisclosed acquaintance. The first version features Alison Crockett crooning over the whimsical piano chords and direct drum programming you would expect from the Underground Quality label boss, while the second version switches the feminine delivery for Jaymz Nylon's baritone interpretation. On the flip, Glen Thornton turns out a remix that embellishes the original with moodier keys and a more forthright groove. Rounding out the EP Ed drops a dubbed out "Gratitude" mix that draws on his greatest deep house strengths for a more developed trip through both vocal contributions.
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Dum Jams
Dum Jams (coloured marbled vinyl 10")
Cat: UQ 053. Rel: 15 Feb 13
Deep House
  1. Dum Jams (Dum Jams Detox mix)
  2. Dum Jams (Dum Jam techno Fuck)
Review: The latest transmission from Underground Quality HQ sees label boss Jus Ed at the helm on a swiftly delivered riposte to Dope Jams, having been included in the latest end of year diss list from the New York record store. That the Dum Jams 12" should arrive so soon after Dope Jams announced plans to close their store after seven years of selling records (and pissing people off) is ironic, but makes us wonder who really won here. There's a certain degree of cultural novelty inherent in the lead "Detox mix" which is thankfully balanced out by the tougher B Side "Techno Fuck" version.
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Minimal Soul
Cat: UQ 016. Rel: 12 Jan 08
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Minimal Pain
  2. Teckno Minimal Pcatsss
  3. Teckno Minimal (Part 2)
  4. Teckno Minimal
Played by: Dyed Soundorom, Sameed
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I'm Comin
out of stock $7.98
Some Shit EP
Some Shit EP (1-sided 12")
Cat: UQ 012. Rel: 21 Feb 07
Deep House
  1. Don't Stop Da Dah Da!
  2. Fuck It
Review: As usual, this is a highly limited 12" from the Underground Quality crew, entitled "Some Shit", by DJ Jus Ed. More killer low def Detroit house grooves for those who know. Fans of Omar S will not be disappointed.
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out of stock $9.41
R U Feelin Me
Cat: UQ 006. Rel: 11 Mar 06
Deep House
  1. 43 Ambeant March
  2. Rock On
  3. Project 36
  4. 7-27-62
out of stock $9.69
Turn Of The Century
Cat: UQ 010. Rel: 28 Dec 06
Deep House
  1. Turn Of The Century
  2. Let's Groove
out of stock $9.69
Next Level Album
Cat: UQ 037. Rel: 14 Apr 11
Deep House
  1. Marco's Love
  2. Stimulate
  3. Dub Projects
  4. 20 Below
  5. Shit
  6. Listening In
  7. Strings From The Hood
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Fly Away
Fly Away (pink marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: UQ 003. Rel: 14 Oct 14
Deep House
  1. Fly Away (Jus Ed vocal)
  2. 33 Ambeant House
  3. Nutz Groove
out of stock $7.42
GV 255 Step Up
GV 255 Step Up (purple transparent marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: UQ 022. Rel: 29 Jul 09
Deep House
  1. Step Up 1
  2. Step Up 2
  3. Step Up 3
  4. Step Up 4
out of stock $8.84
50ty & Lookin Good!
Cat: UQ 047CD. Rel: 04 Sep 12
Deep House
  1. Marylandjam DTP
  2. Project 45
  3. The Favor
  4. All I Want To Do (part 2)
  5. PJ-255
  6. Becky's Jam
  7. OHMY
  8. Techno Dance
  9. All I Want To Do
  10. PJT-GV255 Lazy Boy
  11. Project #14 WMC
Review: Given his ultra-prolific work rate, there was only ever going to be one way for Jus' Ed to celebrate his fiftieth birthday - by recording and releasing his seventh full-length proper (his second this year). For those who've followed his career to date, 50ty and Looking Good will hold few surprises, but that's not to say that it's not worth a listen. His particular brand of deep house is never less than beguiling, while there are enough forays into other areas to keep it interesting. Check, for example, the sax-laden "Man With The Red Face" style wig-out "Becky's Jam", or the raw, analogue acid of "OHMY"; clearly, there's life in the old dog yet.
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UQ Exclusive 2012 Mix
Cat: UQ EXCLUSIVE. Rel: 04 Sep 12
Deep House
  1. UQ Exclusive 2012 Mix
out of stock $9.41
Blaze EP
Blaze EP (purple marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: UQ 046. Rel: 26 Oct 12
Deep House
  1. Blaze (Transition mix)
  2. Blaze (Dab mix)
  3. Blaze (Sqeeze mix)
  4. Blaze (Fix mix)
Review: Coming correct with more no-nonsense house music from his New Jersey hub, Jus Ed explores four different versions of "Blaze" to suit the smoother end of the dance. The "Transition mix" moves through refined Rhodes and other tones in a searching manner while the beats are crisp but delicate. The "Squeeze mix" takes a more stripped approach, ditching the lavish keys and working around one core motif instead. The "Doe Do Dab mix", previously featured on Levon Vincent's Fabric mix, is an understated affair that keeps things minimal and haunting, with a healthy amount of texture spread over proceedings. The "Fix mix" presents a quirky diversion with some oddball vocoder stylings and a garage shuffle in the drums, but it's still as lean and un-fussy as you would expect from Ed.
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out of stock $9.41
Vision Dance
Vision Dance (marbled vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: UQ 041. Rel: 10 Dec 11
Deep House
  1. A Little Deeper
  2. This Shit Is Hot
  3. Train Ride To Offenbach
  4. Stuck In A Train To Berlin
  5. The Truth
  6. Acid Techno
  7. Ice 592 From Heidelburg
  8. Protect 1 London
Review: Having graced the Mule imprint with the Vision Dance album in CD only format earlier this year, it was only a matter of time before Underground Quality's pappa bear Jus-Ed persuaded the label to let him release it on vinyl. Released on clear blue vinyl via his own UQ label, the accomplished nature of Vision Dance is not really compromised by the fact two tracks have been shorn. The raw DIY feel of "I'm Coming" is replaced with sumptuous, rich, fully formed grooves like "A Little Deeper", "Ice 592", and, most impressively, "Acid Techno", suggesting the Connecticut based producer has been spending a lot of time locked away with his drum machines. Vision Dance is also clearly influenced by Ed's travels through Europe - track titles like "Project 1 London" and "Stuck In A Train To Berlin" reveal that he has broken modern DJ protocol by spending the down time between gigs being productive instead of lurking on Twitter.
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Deeply I Feel
Cat: UQ 035. Rel: 15 Feb 11
Deep House
  1. Deeply I Feel (Alison Crockett vocals)
  2. Deeply I Feel (Marcus Nega's J's Luv dub)
  3. Get In Gear (feat Big Brother Don Q)
  4. Deeply I Feel (Joey Anderson Airport remix)
Review: Underground Quality impresario Jus-Ed calls on the vocal talents of Alison Crockett for the latest 12 inch release on his own beloved imprint. Marcus Nega leaves the vocals on the desktop for his sultry Luv Dub of title track "Deeply I Feel", which focuses on bringing Ed's emotive chord movements to the fore. Flip over for a second remix of "Deeply I Feel" - this time from Joey Anderson - and some more DIY house from Ed, this time featuring Big Brother Don Q on the vocals.
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out of stock $9.41
House Goodies Vol 2
Cat: UQ 007. Rel: 15 May 06
Deep House
  1. Winter - "Drums Give Life"
  2. DJ Snothurger & Jus Ed - "Detroit Kinship"
  3. Rick Eelix - "Insane"
  4. Jus Ed - "Bridgeport Chant"
  5. Joseph - "GODS Grace"
  6. Jus Ed - "Luv Is The Dub"
  7. Jus Ed - "Project 36"
  8. Kevin James & Jus Ed - "Baltimore Love"
  9. Jus Ed - "Old School"
  10. Jus Ed - "2 Step"
out of stock $11.40
Getting Ready
Cat: UQ 004. Rel: 08 Nov 05
Deep House
  1. Getting Ready
  2. 33 Ambient House Step
  3. I'm From Connecticut... Bridgeport
Played by: Lerosa, DJ QU, Alex Font
out of stock $9.41
Some More Shit
out of stock $9.11
DJ Jus Ed Presents Nina Kraviz Voices Remix Project
  1. Voices (original mix)
  2. Voices (DJ Jus Ed remix)
  3. Voices (Jenifa Mayanja remix)
  4. Voices (Levon Vincent remix)
  5. Voices (Fred P remix)
  6. Voices (DJ Qu remix)
out of stock $17.96
Hexigon EP
Hexigon EP (double 12")
Cat: UQ 013. Rel: 09 May 07
Deep House
  1. Come On & Dance
  2. Sunday Morning Blue
  3. No Mufukin High Hat
  4. Jazz House
  5. Oh My
  6. Warm
Played by: Meschi
out of stock $17.09
I Still Get No Love! EP
Cat: UQ 014. Rel: 25 Aug 07
Deep House
  1. Little Joe
  2. Sumthin Fresh
  3. Kick It Up (part 4)
  4. Tundra
Played by: AntonZap
out of stock $7.70
Jus Nomaly EP
Cat: UQ 060. Rel: 01 Jun 15
  1. Acid Fro (6:02)
  2. Ice 597 To Frankfurt (6:11)
  3. Katzbach Gruv (6:27)
  4. Train Ride To Berlin (6:43)
Review: The East Coast's house don DJ Jus-Ed is, as always, on an unstoppable run of form. His latest bundle of club-friendly tunes comes on his own Underground Quality, of course, and it's four tracks from the man himself - preaching the gospel like only he knows how! Starting with "Acid Fro", the mood is darker and more hypnotic than his usual approach - this is a proper belter in every sense of the word - while "Ice 597 To Frankfurt" is more minimal, wavey and utterly pouncing. Flip the record and you got the melancholic melodica of "Katzback Gruv", another stomping club affair for the earlier set times, and "Train Ride To Berlin", a jittery, percussion-driven bit of neo-tribalism. Hot, as always. Don't miss this!
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out of stock $11.12
I'm Comin (reissue)
Cat: UQ 033R. Rel: 26 Nov 15
Deep House
  1. I'm Comin (9:29)
  2. I'm Com'in (Levon Vincent mix) (6:20)
  3. I'm Com'in (Aybee remix) (5:40)
 in stock $9.11
Jus Nomaly 2
Jus Nomaly 2 (double 12")
Cat: UQ 066. Rel: 01 Mar 17
  1. Benny's Dump Run (6:43)
  2. MDA Dance (6:58)
  3. Adams Street 78 (7:00)
  4. Sci-Fi Funknektic (6:42)
  5. The Phone Call (7:01)
  6. Step In The Right Direction (8:07)
Review: Ed's back: Jus Ed that is! The Underground Quality boss and Connecticut's finest serves up some deep and emotive house done good and proper on his new opus Jus Nomaly 2. It's a collection of all things soulful. lo-fi and above all: deep! Starting off with the tough dark house of "Benny's Dump Run" which would definitely make his buddy DJ Qu proud, it gets more ethereal and spiritual on the entrancing "Adams Street 78", but things take a turn for the acid techno variety on the gutsy and intense soul searcher "The Phone Call". "Step In The Right Direction" gives its nod to the blueprint sounds of Detroit on this sublime serving of hi-tech soul circa 1988. Following up some great releases by Howie B, Terry Tester and B from E, the label head honcho himself shows us how its done on this great full length exploring a variety of moods and grooves.
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out of stock $1.14
Transition (3xLP)
Cat: UQ 067. Rel: 27 Jan 17
  1. Transition (7:36)
  2. The Loop 222 Bodin Strasse (6:50)
  3. The Day Prince Died (8:51)
  4. Settling In (6:48)
  5. Medellin Grooveland (6:13)
  6. The Day Before (8:49)
  7. Spring Is Near (10:06)
  8. Sci-Fi Connection (7:13)
  9. On The Grind (6:47)
Review: Underground Quality boss Jus Ed is beginning 2017 in fine fettle, with Transition - his first album since 2014 - heading up a spate of vinyl releases. The triple-vinyl set is full of evocative, immaculately produced deep house treats, from the Alton Miller style intricacy of "The Loop 222 Bodin Strasse" and shuffling, yearning "The Day Prince Died", to the rich bass and dancing drum machine hits of "Medellin My New Grooveland" (inspired, apparently, by a recent trip to Colombia), and the low-slung, Motor City grooves of "Sci-Fi Connection". Best of all, though, is the rushing positivity of "Spring is Near", where intertwining synth lines bubble away over a fizzing, techno-influenced rhythm track.
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 in stock $25.94
Emotional EP
Emotional EP (double 12")
Cat: UQ 064. Rel: 22 Apr 16
Deep House
  1. Vision Ride Of Reality (6:27)
  2. Minimal Groove Up Vibe (6:54)
  3. Strange Bad Connection (9:05)
  4. Space Rythum (6:42)
  5. Were Am I Now (6:51)
  6. Rythum Shit (9:44)
Review: Yes! New York's big friendly giant and cream of the crop when it comes to house music, DJ Jus Ed, lands back on his own excellent Underground Quality stable with an extended Ep-come-mini LP. You know you can always count on the man to deliver pure magic, and each of these six tracks are a total joy on the ear, a marvellous journey into the smoothest depths of true deep house. "Vision Ride Of Reality" sets the scene with a gentle, cinematic bundle of melodies, and "Minimal Groove Up Vibe" slots in a little extra spice with the help of some bleepy sonic twists. "Strange Bad Connection" is more of a classic NY house stomper, while "Space Rhythm" rattles its leftfield percussion amid bleak shards of keys, "Where Am I Now" enters a long and enchanted wormhole, while "Rhythum Shit" lays down a heavy groove and ties this release off with an extra dose of grit and fiery energy.
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 in stock $19.10
Staying In My Lane EP
Cat: UQ 077. Rel: 05 May 20
Minimal/Tech House
  1. No Effection (6:44)
  2. Cyber Head (7:12)
  3. I Can't Get No Sleep (6:29)
  4. Bang This (7:13)
Played by: Wes Baggaley
 in stock $11.40
Feels Right
Cat: UQ 068. Rel: 22 Sep 17
Deep House
  1. Feels Right (Deeper Groove) (6:44)
  2. Feels Right (tech house mix) (6:44)
  3. Feels Right (Energy mix) (6:10)
  4. Feels Right (Real Right mix) (7:15)
Played by: Owen Jay
out of stock $9.11
The Cape Verdean EP
The Cape Verdean EP (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: UQ 070. Rel: 20 Sep 18
Deep House
  1. The Center (9:46)
  2. Apifinez (6:12)
  3. Rechung (5:58)
Review: This project was inspired by my trip to home to my root land. Cape Verde Island, after 54 years of being on this earth, music and fans of my music actually brought me home. - Jus Ed
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out of stock $12.53
Jus Me EP
Jus Me EP (12")
Cat: UQ 073. Rel: 13 Feb 19
Deep House
  1. A Moment In Time (Stripe Mode) (7:42)
  2. Country Meets House (7:25)
  3. Melting Cultures (7:36)
  4. Tribal Stew (7:42)
Review: Straight out of Bridgeport CT, the always dependable Underground Quality are back following up some great releases last year by Melchior Sultana, Son Of Sound (Henry Maldonado) and label chief Edward McKeithen - Jus-Ed that is! The man himself serves up the next release with the fittingly titled Jus Me EP. We're loving the deep, mesmerising and evocative tones of "A Moment In Time", the quirky hoedown "Country Meets House" (curious, this one!) and the moody and hypnotic rain dance of "Tribal Stew" which is sure to work up a sweat - and exists in the same territory similarly explored by like-minded comrades such as Fred P and DJ Qu.
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And Still EP
Cat: UQ 074. Rel: 11 Sep 19
Deep House
  1. Favignana Sunset (5:47)
  2. I AM (7:29)
  3. I AM (Heavenly remix) (7:50)
  4. Impulsive Curves (5:23)
Review: The man himself would probably say "it's Ed - Jus Ed that is!". To directly quote the Underground Quality chief himself, the man says he is back as Bridgeport Connecticut's all time champion of house and techno, undefeated since 2001 - and still! The guy sure ain't modest, but we couldn't have said it better. From the smooth and meditative vibe of "Favignana Sunset", to the fierce acid banger "I AM" as well as the brooding and doom-laden dancefloor drama of closer "Impulsive Curves", this is unlike anything we have ever heard from the UQ boss before.
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 in stock $11.68
Endurance (CD)
Cat: UQ CD044. Rel: 25 Jan 12
Deep House
  1. Ed & Fred P Project
  2. Joey & Jus Ed
  3. Confussed Passion
  4. Trip To Hamburg
  5. Lost In Berlin
  6. Mr Pete's Crib
  7. Immortal Tape
  8. TBK - "Ed In Da House"
  9. DJ Qu - "Movements"
Review: Is Jus-Ed the hardest-working man in house? Certainly, he seems to be making a strong case. Following numerous mix CDs, singles and doublepack vinyl EPs in 2011, he begins 2012 with a typically impressive collection of soft-focus deep house with a rugged, floor-friendly edge. As ever, there's a high musical content (see the haunting acid bass and twinkling pianos of "Confused Passion"), alongside rougher cuts that explore the darker recesses of early morning deep house. Take, for example, the dreamy synths and ice-cold acid of "Trip To Hamburg" or liquid atmospherics of "Mr Pete's Cribby". Like the rest of Endurance, they're inspirationally melodic without losing dancefloor focus.
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out of stock $10.84
No More Pain
No More Pain (splattered coloured vinyl 10")
Cat: UQ 028. Rel: 02 Jul 10
Deep House
  1. No More Pain (feat June April)
  2. Pain (Anton Zap Love & Distance mix)
out of stock $9.69
Unbelievabely Beautiful
Cat: UQ 008. Rel: 29 Jun 06
Deep House
  1. Unbelievablely Beautiful (feat Madifi Pierre)
  2. Unbelievablely Beautiful (feat Madifi Pierre - Kevin James remix)
  3. Unbelievablely Beautiful (feat Madifi Pierre - Moelicious remix)
Played by: Fede Lng
out of stock $9.69
Unity Kolabo EP
Cat: UQ 005. Rel: 11 Mar 06
Deep House
  1. Baltimore Love
  2. Detroit Kinship
  3. Insane Rick Felix
  4. Gods Grace
out of stock $9.11
First Time EP
Cat: UQ 023. Rel: 25 Sep 09
Deep House
  1. Your Gonna Be Mine
  2. Free (feat Raphael M aka Ray-7)
  3. I Don't Know Why...
  4. CPT Time (feat Jus-Ed)
out of stock $8.84
DJ JUS ED presents UQ 020
Sweetness (12")
Cat: UQ 020. Rel: 26 Feb 09
Deep House
  1. Sweetness
  2. For Give Me Son
out of stock $8.84
Real House Music
Cat: UQ 015. Rel: 12 Jan 08
Deep House
  1. Anton Zap - "Captain Rush"
  2. Jus Ed - "Project"
  3. Anton Zap - "On The Road"
  4. Jus Ed - "CT Beat Down"
out of stock $9.69
Project 49
Project 49 (marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: UQ 017. Rel: 14 Aug 08
Deep House
  1. Jus-Ed - "Project 49" (7:11)
  2. Fred P - "Project 02" (6:03)
  3. Fred P - "Theropy" (7:23)
  4. Jus-Ed - "Reunion" (6:15)
out of stock $8.84
Endurance Part 2
Endurance Part 2 (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: UQ 044-2. Rel: 23 Jul 12
Deep House
  1. Jus Ed & 2400 Operator - "Edindahouse"
  2. Jus Ed - "Mr Pete's Crib"
  3. Joey & Jus Ed - "Joey & Jus Ed"
Review: The second of three 12" accompaniments to Endurance, the sixth studio LP from Underground Quality's Jus Ed arrives, with the Joey Anderson and 2400 Operator collaborations featuring on this marbled green wax. For those who didn't check Endurance, it found the hardest working man in house music deftly combine moments of inspirational melody with a true sense of dancefloor focus, and all three cuts here demonstrate that balance perfectly. Not least opening track "Edindahouse" with the sporadic key stabs shooting through the dream like yet rugged groove with needle like precision. Alongside this, the liquid atmospherics of "Mr Pete's Crib" and the excellent Joey Anderson collaboration "Joey & Jus Ed" show the UQ boss is as inspirational as ever as his 50th birthday approaches.
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out of stock $10.25
Endurance Part 3
Endurance Part 3 (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: UQ 044-3. Rel: 24 Jul 12
Deep House
  1. DJ Qu - "Movements"
  2. Jus Ed - "Trip To Hamburg"
  3. Jus Ed - "Lost In Berlin"
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Underground Quality US
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