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Tramp Germany

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Tramp Germany

Superbad! The Best Of Tyree Glenn Jr
Superbad! The Best Of Tyree Glenn Jr (LP + 7" + postcard + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: TRLP 9091BONUS7. Rel: 23 Jul 20
  1. Kool & The Gang (4:54)
  2. Ain't Gonna Bump No More (5:19)
  3. The Cisco Kid (6:23)
  4. Vehicle (3:16)
  5. Marler Eintopf (Deutsch) (3:31)
  6. Superbad (3:49)
  7. Ma(R)l Sehen (3:16)
  8. SOS (3:28)
  9. Jealous Love (2:53)
  10. Beautiful Woman (3:01)
  11. Hold My Hand (2:24)
  12. Yesterday (2:21)
Review: Over the last couple of years, TRAMP Records has done much to raise awareness of the work of Tyree Glenn Jr, an American rhythm & blues, soul, funk and jazz musician/band leader who has resided in Germany for well over 35 years. Here they continue to pay tribute to him via a first ever retrospective compilation. It begins with a quartet of killer live recordings from his 1978 set with Brain Damage (including fiery covers of tracks by Kool & The Gang and War), then offers up such gems as "Marler Eintopf (Deutsch)", "S.O.S" - previously reissued by TRAMP on a "45" - and his heavyweight James Brown cover that gives the compilation its title, "Superbad". This edition also contains a bonus seven-inch reissue of Glenn's 1964 debut single with the Emotions.
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Soul Dance No 3
Cat: TR 285. Rel: 13 Aug 20
  1. Crossin' Over (3:03)
  2. Soul Dance No 3 (2:40)
Review: This tight 45rpm was recorded a few years before Carl Holmes's Investigation No1 album, which went on to become rather legendary. It features the lung busting vocals of Pervis Herder on vocals on both the A and the B-side. An OG will cost you a pretty penny - if you can find one at all - and to get one in good condition will be even harder. But worry not as this legitimate reissue gives you a mint copy, with the hard hitting Philly strings and breaks busting out the speakers and diving deep into your soul. Pure dance floor dynamite if ever we heard it.
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Raggedy Bag
Raggedy Bag (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: TR 261. Rel: 30 May 19
  1. Raggedy Bag (feat Ritchie Shade) (2:50)
  2. Love Is Just Like A Baseball Game (2:30)
Review: Tramp Records' latest vital reissue delves into the back catalogue of the Reggie Saddler Revue, a largely little known funk combo that released a handful of 45s at the start of the 1970s. This double A-side brings together two killer cuts that originally appeared on different 7" singles, both of which are now near impossible to find. A-side "Raggedy Bag" is raw, weighty and impassioned - a scorching slab of deep funk that more than lives up to its high reputation amongst collectors. Over on the flip you'll find "Love Is Just Like A Baseball Game", a sweeter and more loved-up affair blessed with superb vocal harmonies that's nevertheless impressively fuzzy.
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Praise Poems Volume 4: A Journey Into Deep Soulful Jazz & Funk From The 1970s
Cat: TRLP 9058. Rel: 01 Sep 16
  1. Michael Dues - "Goodbye Rainbow" (3:01)
  2. John Wesley Dickson Band - "High & Dry" (2:22)
  3. Scott Williams - "He Is Gone" (3:44)
  4. The PTS - "You Need Love" (3:21)
  5. Scott Cunningham Band - "Moon Child" (2:11)
  6. Joe Isaac Henderson - "Out Side Loving" (3:38)
  7. Morris Dow & Eastern Sound - "Black Child" (3:30)
  8. Carmelita - "Under The Trees" (3:02)
  9. Joe Lee Wilson - "Sittin' High" (2:41)
  10. Tommy Palmer Trio - "Swingin' The Down Home Blues" (4:25)
  11. Ruth Martin - "How Come You Do Me" (2:06)
  12. The Three Souls - "Herby's Tune" (3:21)
  13. Arrie Mae Morton Trio - "Muddy Water" (3:25)
  14. Michael Merchant - "Figs Grow In The Winter Time" (3:04)
  15. Tim Angenend - "Fun City" (4:26)
  16. Nicodemus - "Iceland Land Of The Micemen" (4:26)
  17. Bill Osborn - "Bamboo & Rice" (4:47)
Review: The unstoppable Tramp label from Germany is back with our favourite of their series, the wonderfully executed Praise Poems. This here is the fourth chapter and, much like its previous siblings, there is an extensive collection of excellent - and much sought-after - funk and spiritual jazz from the 70s. With seventeen sublime cuts to go through, you won't be left without choices, especially when the compilation opens with the instantly seductive exotica excursion called "Goodbye Rainbow" by Michael Dues. We're not really sure where to begin and where to end in terms of our favourite picks here, but if you had to squeeze it out of us, we'd be buying this album the John Wesley Dickson Band's "High & Dry", "Under The Trees" by Carmelita", and the singular soul experiment called "Black Child" by Morris Dow & Eastern Sound. This cannot be missed - a sure bet!
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 in stock $17.09
Praise Poems Volume 3: A Journey Into Deep Soulful Jazz & Funk From The 1970s
Cat: TRLP 9052. Rel: 11 Feb 16
  1. Feather - "Be Real" (2:41)
  2. Scott Cunningham Band - "Morning Madness" (2:32)
  3. Project IV - "Just A Little More Time" (feat Robin) (2:46)
  4. Lexington - "The Loving Side Of Me" (3:05)
  5. Lewell Williams - "The Lonely Hunter" (3:59)
  6. Geoff Tyus - "Mt Vernon Ave" (4:39)
  7. The Rosewood Trio - "West 15th Street Strut" (4:58)
  8. Plas Johnson - "Lift Off" (4:34)
  9. Toby Cooper - "The Guru" (3:42)
  10. The Lime - "Soul Kitchen" (3:53)
  11. Rock Formation - "Listen Girl" (1:52)
  12. The New Lucky Seven - "Buddha On The Road" (3:43)
  13. Three Js - "Chalito" (6:00)
  14. Wanda Stafford - "Happy Sunday" (3:13)
  15. Jennie Misty - "Nature Boy" (2:42)
  16. Nina Bundy - "Bye Bye Blackbird" (2:09)
  17. Shebbi Smart - "Love Is Like The First Day Of Spring" (2:20)
  18. Cal Andrews Trio - "O Sing To Me" (2:03)
  19. Abraham Battat - "Listen Baby" (2:29)
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Praise Poems Vol 7: A Journey Into Deep Soulful Jazz & Funk From The 70s
Cat: TRCD 9089. Rel: 07 May 20
  1. Marva Josie - "He Does It Better"
  2. Scott & Dee Stevens - "Brazilica"
  3. Bill Comstock - "An Icicle Touched By The Sun"
  4. Diane Taber - "I Don't Want To Need You Anymore"
  5. Promotion Soul Concern - "Summertime"
  6. Jerry Sandler - "Low Down Soul"
  7. The Kats - "Wear Me Out"
  8. The Eminent Stars - "Mrs Phillips"
  9. James Kelly Duhon - "So Far Down"
  10. Blackdog - "An Empty Wind"
  11. The M + M - "She Shut Me Down"
  12. Shalynn - "Flower Song"
  13. Penn Central - "Sometimes"
  14. The New Hope Project - "Love In Disguise (Space Love)"
  15. Water Brother - "Oh Brother"
  16. Daybreak - "Que Lavanja"
  17. Edmund Sullivan - "A Blind Man Who Can See"
Review: TRAMP Records' compilations are invariably excellent, with the German imprint often choosing to ignore tried-and-tested tunes in favour of a mixture of sought-after rarities, slept-on gems and unusual, off-kilter recordings. Their latest collection, which focuses on "deep, soulful jazz and funk" from the '70s, keeps up this entertaining and ear-pleasing trend. Highlights are plentiful throughout, from the sun-soaked samba-jazz brilliance of Stevens, Scott & Dee's "Brazilica", and the low-slung rhythm and blues shuffle of Jerry Sandifer's "Low Down Soul", to the folksy, Rotary Connection style folk-jazz goodness of "An Empty Wind" by Blackdog and the righteous release of the Kats' Hammond-heavy "Wear Me Out".
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 in stock $13.39
Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party Vol 3
Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party Vol 3 (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRLP 9050. Rel: 19 Nov 15
  1. Joe Shinall - "Sock It To 'Em Santa" (2:17)
  2. Sam Sweetsinger Bell - "Happy Birthday Jesus" (3:01)
  3. Carol Ford - "Christmas Letters" (2:38)
  4. Syng McGowan & The Fanettes - "Dear Santa" (2:15)
  5. Velle Scott - "Merry Christmas" (2:04)
  6. Excaliburs - "Peace On Earth (Goodwill To All Mankind)" (2:13)
  7. The Individuals - "Holiday For Drums" (2:23)
  8. Rudi & The Rain Dearz - "Santa's New Bag" (2:42)
  9. Cleveland Robinson - "Xmas Time Is Here Again" (3:06)
  10. Funk Machine - "Soul Santa" (part 1) (3:17)
  11. Rocki Lane & The Gross Group - "Santa Soul" (2:44)
  12. Timi Terrific & The Redheads - "Black (Soul) Christmas" (3:47)
  13. The Bionic I - "Disco Claus" (3:45)
  14. White Chimney - "Funky Santa Claus" (2:51)
 in stock $42.18


Tramp Germany
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