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ホーム  Labels  Tone Dropout
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Tone Dropout レコード& CD

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Total Annihilation
Cat: TD 001. Rel: 07 Dec 22
Total Annihilation (6:33)
Infiltrator (6:12)
Kaotik (6:55)
Interception (6:11)
Review: Dawl's music is nostalgic by design, with the producer frequently serving up singles, EPs and mini-albums that mine his love of turn-of-the-90s bleep & bass, body-popping electro, acid and breakbeat hardcore. On his latest Tone Dropout four tracker, he continues in this vein, with predictably entertaining results. He first peppers a TR-808 driven electro groove with gnarled synth syabs and intergalactic electronics on 'Total Annihilation', before opting for a more breathless, action packed and squelch-sporting electro flex on 'Infiltrator'. Over on side B, 'Kaotic' is a punchy acid-electro number with bonus bleeps, while 'Interception' pairs shuffling B-boy beats with all manner of mind-mangling motifs and hallucinatory acid tweaks.
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Tone Dropout Vol 11
Cat: TD 11. Rel: 21 Mar 23
Minimal/Tech House
Sween & Alphonse - "Downfall" (Epic mix) (7:28)
XOTR - "Odyssey T3D" (5:52)
Sam Padden - "Teslas Still Alive" (6:07)
Kostas G - "Spectrum" (7:24)
Review: When it comes to excitable club fodder rooted in club sounds of the late 80s and 90s, the Tone Dropout crew consistently delivers the goods. They're at it again on their 11th multi-artist extravaganza, which giddily sprints between acid-fired breakbeat house with glassy-eyed melodic motifs and spacey bleeps (Sween and Alphonse hook-up 'Downfall'), trancey early progressive house revivalism ('Odyssey T3D' by XOTR), intergalactic electro-bleep fusion (the punchy, Kraftwerk-on-pills excellence of Samuel Padden's 'Teslas Still Alive') and classy bleep and breaks nostalgia (Kostas G's pleasingly sub-heavy, funk break-driven 'Spectrum').
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