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ホーム  Labels  Token Belgium
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Token Belgium レコード& CD

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Tides (2xLP)
Cat: TOKEN 122LP. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Enchant (4:01)
Bliss (4:59)
Veiled Dreams (5:55)
Euphoria (6:36)
Oceanid (6:08)
Drama (5:58)
Scene (6:09)
Delusional Bond (4:13)
Awakening (5:48)
Immersive Mind (4:26)
Review: Tides is the much anticipated new album from Ignez on Belgian label Token Records. As far as debuts go, it is a superb one with meanderings through diverse soundscapes from highly emotional ambient cuts to more pumping and club-ready techno. The sound design throughout is deft, often underexposed and moody, with opener 'Enchant' welcoming us into a future world with smeared pads and bright lights. 'Veiled Dreams' is a nice dusty, dubby techno pulser and 'Drama' brings writing bass and minimalism. There is optimism in the cosmic twinkles of 'Delusional Bond' and a dystopian vision of the future in 'Immersive Mind'.
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 in stock $29.26
The Calling
Cat: TOKEN 126. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Magnitude Seven (7:48)
The Calling (5:35)
Out Of The Woods (5:45)
Review: Inigo Kennedy returns to Token for its 126th release with The Calling, a three-track EP that exemplifies his unique production style, blending hypnotic and stomping club elements. Inigo has been making techno for a better part of 25 plus years now with over 50 plus releases to his name. Side-1 features 'Magnitude Seven,' a track marked by melodic dissonance and a stripped-down acid line supporting a saturated groove and noisy synths. Waves of unsettling intensity, driven by a powerful double kick sequence, make this an epic opener. The title track, 'The Calling,' on Side-2, elevates the intensity with a frantic four-to-the-floor rhythm and sustained notes that create a sense of pressure. Harmonic sections breathe life into this nail-biting record, showcasing Kennedy's ability to distance himself from the typical loop-based templates prevalent in techno. This track underscores the ongoing relevance of his long-standing career in club music. The EP concludes with 'Out of the Woods,' a fitting electronica closer that shifts focus to introspection. Drifting notes and shuffled percussion lines evoke Kennedy's UK roots, providing an ethereal epilogue to the preceding techno tracks. The Calling is another masterclass from Inigo Kennedy, highlighting his innovative production techniques and soulful approach to electronic music.
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 in stock $13.45
The Stranger
Cat: TOKEN 125. Rel: 15 May 24
The Sweat & The Salt (5:08)
The Reddish Glow (5:20)
Why Are You Holding A Gun? (5:08)
The Sunlight Blinded His Eyes (5:33)
Review: Oscar Mulero's The Stranger EP on Token marks a powerful return to the label, showcasing his signature style of intense techno compositions. The opening track, 'The Sweat and the Salt,' sets the tone with its moody atmosphere and gritty textures, while 'The Reddish Glow' introduces melodic interplay amidst hypnotic rhythms. 'Why Are You Holding a Gun' experiments with distorted synths and two-dimensional ambiance, creating a disorienting yet danceable experience. Finally, 'The Sunlight Blinded His Eyes' closes the EP with a meditative yet rhythmic journey, blending atmospheric pads with infectious basslines. Throughout the release, Mulero demonstrates his love of layering soundscapes and impactful percussion. The Stranger is a strong example to Mulero's ability to craft immersive club music that pushes boundaries while maintaining a relentless energy.
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 in stock $13.45
Devotion (Truncate, Barker mixes)
Cat: TOKEN 108. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Devotion (6:00)
Devotion (Truncate remix) (5:11)
Eden Tide (6:36)
Eden Tide (Barker remix) (6:35)
Review: Hot on the heels of his full-length LP 'Sky Scraping', Luke Slater is back as Planetary Assault Systems with one of the albums key tracks 'Devotion', which wasn't included on the 2LP. Truncate steps in for a hard hitting remix on A2, while Slater provides a new exclusive hypnotic track 'Eden Tide' as B1. Barker then closes out the record with a meditative eye closer to smooth the edges of a rougher record.
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! low stock $14.23
Say It Loud
Cat: TOKEN 100. Rel: 23 Jul 21
Bang Wap (5:09)
Bolt (6:35)
Say It Loud (6:18)
Shine (5:37)
Review: Everything about this release looks massive: the legend Luke Slater, on Token no less, with an EP titled Say It Loud. Indeed from the first beat of 'Bang Wap' you know you are in for a wild ride with one of techno's expert technicians, on this powerful and functional DJ tool in typically futurist aesthetic. The restrained fury of 'Bolt' is similarly looped and stripped down but still capable of taking you into cerebral realms on the warehouse dancefloor. Over on the flip, the title track is a jacking old school jam centred around its thunderous 909 rhythm patterns and ending with the cyclical and hypnotic energy of 'Shine'.
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! low stock $14.23
From The Ashes
Cat: TOKEN 116. Rel: 14 May 23
From The Ashes 1 (4:13)
From The Ashes 2 (4:21)
From The Ashes 3 (6:53)
Review: Back in 2014 James Ruskin graced the mighty Token with a track for the Aphelion compilation, and now seven years later the UK techno legend is back with a fully-fledged EP. Ruskin's sound takes no prisoners and that's instantly apparent on 'From The Ashes 1', which fires off a nightmarish lead synth loop which will send your brain into disarray with one flick of the fader. 'From The Ashes 2' is a more submerged, funky affair with some growling, dubby impulses and the kind of sound design flair Ruskin weaves so expertly into his tracks. 'From The Ashes 3' is a different beast altogether, keeping the drums stripped back and letting some bombastic synth lines shape out a sound big enough to fill a cathedral.
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 in stock $14.23
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