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Thirty Three Thirty Three

Oglon Day
Oglon Day (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: TTTT 002. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Oglon Day (part 1) (18:06)
  2. Oglon Day (part 2) (13:57)
 in stock $22.91
One For The Fossa Two For The Wolverine
  1. Don't Hang From My Ceiling (20:24)
  2. Thank You Mr Jackpots (6:37)
  3. (So Long) Harry Dean (5:18)
  4. One For The Fossa, Two For The Wolverine (5:03)
  5. Wrong Church (3:09)
 in stock $23.77
Garden Of Shadows & Light
Garden Of Shadows & Light (180 gram clear vinyl LP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: TTTT 007. Rel: 09 Jul 21
  1. Garden Of Shadows & Light (part 1) (23:32)
  2. Garden Of Shadows & Light (part 2) (22:43)
Review: It's eerie, deeply atmospheric, littered with what feel like found noises and strange abstract tones, but then rooted in impressive levels of musicality, possessing just enough form and structure to move beyond sound installation into full blown movements.

Or at least that's the case with the first part of this double release, Garden of Shadows & Light (Part 1), which sees melody used in almost abstract ways to bring emotional responses out of the listener. Meanwhile, Part 2 takes us into submerged realms that may or may not have something to do with whales. If all this sounds pretty out there then it should, after all this is Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Toop's live performance from The Silver Building in London in 2018, where the former performed sat at and inside a piano, while the latter used bone conduction and vibration motors among other things. Eccentric and innovative.
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 in stock $22.34


Thirty Three Thirty Three
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