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Wonder (double 12")
Cat: SICPACK. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Minimal/Tech House
Wonder (7:29)
Wonder (Markus Nicolai remix) (7:31)
Wonder (Rhadoo remix) (14:28)
Ada Kaleh, Nathan Oye - "The Weirding Module" (9:06)
Wareika, Nathan Oye - "The Weirding Module" (7:35)
Ada Kaleh, Wareika - "Evocations" (14:18)
Review: Berlin's Sleep Is Commerical release their latest sononeiric commodity to the world: 'Wonder' by producer Boss, and its two remixes by Markus Nikolai and Rhadoo, tied up with three collaborative cuts between Wareika, Ada Kaleh and Nathan Oye. An unusual release format, cementing the maverick status of the label; following up a more limited initial digital release, this vinyl version bucks the usual minimal tech EPs trend, with a whopping four sides of vinyl. Boss' original mix of 'Wonder' is indeed wonderful, fidgeting and fussing away in a spurious space of viny aridity; Rhadoo's and Nicolai's versions are subtler still, operating in spaces of upfront drama-jank and labyrinthine looseness respectively. The team-ups on the B, meanwhile, move more acetic: 'Evocations' sounds like a well-managed petri dish of what would be otherwise ooze in the form of unruly emotions, and 'The Weirding Module' comes as not one, but two tracks, taken up by two collaborative dyads each.
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The Weirding Module
Cat: SIC 026. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Minimal/Tech House
Ada Kaleh, & Nathan Oye - "The Weirding Module" (9:06)
Wareika & Nathan Oye - "The Weirding Module" (7:36)
Ada Kaleh & Wareika - "Evocations" (14:17)
Review: If you like your tech dark and twisted then lock into this one from Sleep is Commercial. It is a collaborative affair which opens with Ada Kaleh & Nathan Oye layering up dark basslines and grading pads with all manner of ghoulish voices and alien effects. Wareika & Nathan Oye then offer up 'The Weirding Module' which is a deep and bubbly blend of liquid bass, deft snares dancing over the kicks and heady, soft focus pads. It's pure late night dancing material then last of all Ada Kaleh & Wareika combine for 'Evocations', a silky and seductive minimal sound with delicate tones and the most subtle vocal touches.
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