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ホーム  Labels  Sedsoulciety Recordings
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Sedsoulciety Recordings レコード& CD

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Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (yellow marbled vinyl 7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: SSCR 2024007 COLOUR. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (vocal) (4:36)
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (instrumental) (4:36)
Review: 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine' represented a pivotal moment for Roy Ayers and Ubiquity as it marked a shift towards a funkier, more relaxed sound in 1976. It is one of his best-loved tunes as a result and always comes out when the weather warms up. That means it also often gets reissued, as it does here, as the track captures the essence of summer through joyful lyrics and a hypnotic groove. Ayers' vibraphone melodies intertwine seamlessly with the band's instrumentation while on the flip us an instrumental that offers a slightly different vibe. It all comes on nice yellow marbled vinyl.
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Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Cat: SSCR 2024007. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (5:35)
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (instrumental) (5:31)
Review: 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine' represents a pivotal moment for Roy Ayers and Ubiquity, marking a departure towards a funkier and more laid-back sound in 1976. With its languid tempo and dreamy atmosphere, captures the essence of summer with its joyful lyrics and hypnotic groove. Ayers' vibraphone melodies intertwine seamlessly with the band's instrumentation, creating a mesmerizing sonic landscape that resonates with listeners. The song's universal appeal lies in its ability to evoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia, making it a timeless classic that continues to enchant audiences across generations.
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Never Get Enough
Cat: SSCR 2024001. Rel: 13 Mar 24
Never Get Enough (3:53)
Never Get Enough (instrumental) (4:33)
Review: Bobby Byrd comes strutting on posthumously through to Sedsoulsociety with 'Never Get Enough'. This ineluctable treat was first released on Brownstone Recordings sometime during the early 70s funk heyday, and was produced and arranged by none other than that ingenious titan, James Brown, together with the beautiful 'My Concerto'. We usually wouldn't forgive the removal of the latter track from any reissue, but we're making an exception here, for the fact that an even greater treat lines this B-side reissue: a formerly unreleased instrumental of said James Brown classic production. Funk completists hardly need to be told not to sleep on this one.
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 in stock $16.89
Stronger (7'')
Cat: SSCR 202 4003. Rel: 13 Mar 24
Stronger (main) (4:24)
Stronger (dub) (4:41)
Review: The soul, funk and disco 7" community is a strong one. Besides garage rock and psychedelic rock, there might not be another genre that is so beloved on the small but mighty 45rpm format. So, it completely makes sense if you are a newer producer releasing music in these genres then definitely know your fan base. Cool Million is a Danish and German duo doing just that. Their track 'Stronger' is the track and the title of their sixth full length album from 2019. The album has gained such strong reviews that they put it now as a single along with the Dub version on the reverse side. 'Stronger' is a positive and upbeat anthem that is sure reign in the innocent bystanders to party. The Dub is a super-cool alternative version that reminds of us classic roller-skating funk track from Midnight Star or Kool & The Gang. Need a party starter? Get this!
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 in stock $16.89
Tonight (white vinyl 7" limited to 75 copies)
Cat: SSCR 2024 004 WHITE. Rel: 12 Jun 24
Tonight (vocal) (4:53)
Tonight (dub) (5:54)
Review: Cool Million's 'Tonight' arrives here on a special limited edition white vinyl. Featuring the legendary Glenn Jones it's a lush blend of 80s soul and funk infused with a modern twist. Jones's soulful vocals glide effortlessly over sleek lyrics, harmonising perfectly with Cool Million's infectious groove. The track radiates nostalgic 80s smoothness but never sounds kitsch and that shows the duo's fusion of retro influences with modern production has stood the test of time. A slow-motion dub on the flip makes this a great little weapon.
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 in stock $16.64
Tonight (7")
Cat: SSCR 2024004. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Tonight (4:53)
Tonight (dub) (4:25)
Review: Cool Million's Tonight featuring the legendary Glenn Jones is a catchy fusion of 80s soul and funk with modern flair. Jones's soulful vocals effortlessly glide over smooth lyrics, perfectly complementing the infectious groove laid down by Cool Million and the track exudes a nostalgic vibe while still feeling fresh and contemporary, showcasing the duo's adeptness at blending retro influences with modern production. 'Tonight' has a timeless appeal of soul and funk, making it a entertaining listen for fans of both classic and contemporary music alike.
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 in stock $15.83
Without Your Love
Cat: SSCR 2024005. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Without Your Love (4:28)
Without Your Love (dub) (4:29)
Review: Cool Million featuring Kenny Thomas on vocals is a refreshing return to the soulful sounds of yesteryear. With Without Your Love, the duo, Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle, once again showcase their talent for crafting infectious grooves that harken back to a more musically satisfying era. Thomas's soulful delivery shines on this track, serving as the perfect complement to the funky rhythm and melody. The song exudes a timeless quality, reminiscent of classic soul and R&B from the 80s, with its boogie-inspired feel and soulful synths reminiscent of artists like Paul Laurence and Kashif. Originally released in 2012, this track now get's its own 7" for DJs and collectors to highlight the standout track.

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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $16.89
My Life
My Life (7")
Cat: SSCR 2024002. Rel: 13 Mar 24
My Life (3:46)
My Life (dub) (4:34)
Review: Danish-German production duo Cool Million (Frank Ryle, Robert 'Rob' Hardt) are specialists in nu-disco and neo-boogie. Until late, they've flaunted this expertise via their renditions of old funk standouts, be that from the likes of Donald Byrd or James Brown. Here, however, the pair team up with Tomas Thordarson for a front-and-centre G-funker of the squeeziest quality, 'My Life', whose lyrics match its form via mentions of 'cutting like a knife' rhymed, of course, with 'paradise'. The instrumental dub is just as glassy and arid, its standout element being the huge, zesty, quivering chords marking out the phrase transitions.
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Melodie (7")
Cat: SSCR 2024006. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Melodie (Rob Hardt mix) (4:30)
Melodie (Rob Hardt dub mix) (4:44)
Review: Mousse T.'s latest album, Melodie, is a testament to his enduring prowess in the realm of dance music. Following a string of successful remixes and collaborations, Mousse T. teams up with The Shapeshifters and Tensnake to deliver a sophisticated groover that exudes disco nostalgia. Featuring the enchanting vocals of Cleah, 'Melodie' captures the essence of classic disco while infusing it with modern flair. From start to finish, the album is a journey through infectious beats, funky basslines and irresistible melodies, showcasing Mousse T.'s impeccable production skills and his ability to create music that keeps the dance floor grooving. With its timeless sound and undeniable energy, 'Melodie' solidifies Mousse T.'s status as a master of the disco 3000 sound, ensuring that his music will continue to captivate audiences around the world.
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Push People
Push People (LP + 7")
Cat: SCV 0100104. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Stomp (LP) (4:15)
Take It Easy (2:59)
Push People (4:38)
Nu 1 2 (3:51)
Soul Talking (5:08)
Breakfast Toast (4:24)
Drum Salad (3:37)
Salvation (3:31)
Mad World (4:07)
MInd The Gap (4:54)
Benny's Blues (7") (3:01)
Herbalist (1:39)
North Side Shuffle (3:09)
Review: Original pioneers of rare groove PUSH made a welcome return with this exciting album back in 2004 when it first dropped. It remains a vibrant workout 20 years later and blends classic underground rare grooves with contemporary feel-good funk and soul, featuring heartfelt songs and incredible instrumental pieces along the way. Emerging from the London club scene in 1987, PUSH thrived on JB-inspired funk, blaxploitation soundtracks, and raw soul-jazz. They toured Europe and Japan, performing at Gilles Peterson's legendary Dingwalls sessions. Key members Crispin Taylor, Ernie McKone, and Mark Vandergucht also played with Galliano and supported US divas like Candi Staton and Marlena Shaw.
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