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flash sale april 2024
ホーム  Labels  SUDD WAX
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Drama (12")
Cat: SWX 008. Rel: 04 May 23
Basic Bastard - "Drama" (7:44)
Basic Bastard - "Drama" (Orlando Voorn remix) (6:58)
Orlando Voorn - "Survival" (6:36)
Review: Eclectic technoizer Basic Bastard locks arms with Detroiter Orlando Voorn, their dual sonic output being the new 'Drama' EP. The three-tracker is nothing short of a sonic adventure, spanning acid, to dub, to uncategorisable entrainments. Bastard's original 'Drama' nails the art of the acid loop, a tricky tactic that is much less masterable than one might think. Voorn remixes the track my miring its elements in a cruddy ambience, while also greedily occupying the entire B-side with the urban-hellish jazz-noise-house cut 'Survival'.
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 in stock $14.80
State Of Mind
Cat: SWXLTD 003. Rel: 04 May 23
Stoned (8:00)
Stoned (Unique Reason remix) (7:08)
Transition (7:14)
Parallel Soul (Beatless mix) (6:21)
Review: Brazilian electro provocateurs STK have been carving out a distinctive niche with their stripped back machine funk on their own Sudd label, dropping two quality EPs last year. They're at it once again with this fresh crop of workouts from the Drexciyan school of electronics, offering three original tracks which aren't afraid to head into more experimental pastures. Meanwhile Unique Reason steps up for a remix of 'Stoned' which holds true to the title's vibe while offering a different slant on the STK sound.
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 in stock $14.52
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