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6AM (12")
Cat: R 001. Rel: 28 Aug 15
  1. 6AM (5:21)
  2. Marauder (7:00)
Review: The undisputed godfather of Australian techno Cam Bianchetti aka DJ HMC has enjoyed a deserved second coming under his Late Nite Tuff Guy guise but this is where it all started with these two classics. First track "6AM" originally released in 1996 is a true mid-nineties zeitgeist that could have been spawned during an evening at the Packard plant in Detroit, but actually conceived in Adelaide. It's overdriven acid backed by the pounding kick and metallic hiss of a 909 just like Plus 8 Records were doing back in the day. What can be said about 'Marauder' that hasn't already? It's resurgence as a Berghain anthem in the last few years is well deserved. This rendition being a much more serious and restrained version than the 2001 version. Get your hands on this timeless piece of history.
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LSD (25th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: R 002. Rel: 01 Sep 21
  1. LSD (Steve Ward Acid Manipulation) (6:41)
  2. LSD (HMC original mix remastered) (7:48)
Review: HMC is the undisputed godfather of the Australian techno scene. A quarter of a century ago he dropped his brilliantly nasty 'LSD' track and it went on to soundtrack raves all over the world. Now, he returns with a special anniversary edition on bespoke label Reflector. The original has been remastered for the occasion and still kicks like a mule - the hurried drums, the slapping and crashing snares and the urgent bass are all run through with angsty stabs that make for an intense rave sound. Also included is a new remix from Steve Ward. His Acid Manipulation is a brain frying workout with haunting pads a wispy acid to freak you out further.
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