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Psy X

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Inorganic Demons
Inorganic Demons (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PSY 004. Rel: 04 Oct 21
  1. Dark Pearl (4:40)
  2. Big D Acid (6:03)
  3. Goatic Cut (feat Yana Pavlova) (4:47)
  4. Underwater (4:25)
  5. Inorganic Demon V (4:48)
  6. The Great Acids (6:11)
Review: Pavel Milyakov has many irons in the fire these days, and he's adding to it once again with the PSY X label. Previously working closely with labels like Gost Zvuk, the Moscow-based artist best known as Buttechno has rightly positioned himself as one of the more prominent artists operating in the Russian techno scene. His sound on this new release is wayward and punky, revelling in knotty acid lines and submerged rhythm sections to arrive at something which feels delightfully deviant. Given the six tracks across this record, there's plenty of space for Milyakov to roam, touching on sparser moments of tension as well as more forthright dance pieces. But experimentation is the glue holding the record together - the singular driving force behind the Buttechno sound, promising much with the launch of this new label.

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 in stock $11.75
Spectres (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PSY 007. Rel: 31 Jan 22
  1. Buttechno - "Spectres"
  2. Buttechno - "909 Steroids"
  3. Buttechno - "Russian Trance Open Airs"
  4. DJ Speedsick - "You Do This To Yourself"
  5. DJ Speedsick - "Motion Sickness"
  6. DJ Speedsick - "Devil Times Seven"
Review: For "Spectres", a 6-track split release, Buttechno teams up with DJ SPEEDSICK, a Chicago-based artist, famous for his raw and uncompromising approach to sound. Together they explore sonic and textural possibilities of the extreme forms of dancefloor music employing distinct ways of sound manipulation. Buttechno's side features highly saturated textures being torn out, dissected and sewed back together with a wicked use of spectral processing. On the other side, Dj Speedsick, known for reamping his material with guitar amplifiers and cabinets, puts out tracks that bear unique sonic qualities and transform the usual sense of space and distance. The underwordly sounds and high-speed beats presented on this split go beyond the common bounds of dancefloor music, exposing the spectres that dwell between the genres.

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Psy X
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