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Night Shift Spain

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In Your Stride EP
In Your Stride EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NSR 003. Rel: 04 Jun 18
  1. Pilot (5:29)
  2. Dig Him (6:25)
  3. Oh Franck (5:30)
  4. In Your Stride (6:14)
Review: Spanish label Night Shift welcome Belgian duo Chasse to drop some seriously classy dancefloor jams for those who really know how to move. "Pilot" is an effervescent cut that places musicality at the front of the mix, all nimble keys and live drum funk of the highest order. "Dig Him" is an uplifting disco workout that loops it up in all the right places, and "Oh Franck" pumps the rhythm section a little more to head towards the house heads. "In Your Stride" is an unabashed reworking of "Boogie Nights" that takes on a dreamy quality as it chops the original into a fresh configuration.
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 in stock $9.16
Just Give It Up
Just Give It Up (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NSR 004. Rel: 17 Dec 18
  1. Just Give It Up (8:25)
  2. Come On & Take Me (13:52)
Review: The fourth installment on Madrid based Night Shift Records is served by label boss Javi Frias, offering a couple of top notch disco edits. 'Just Give It Up' is the A side track, a obscure late 80s boogie track with a house feel that has been retouched and extended to get the maximun pleasure on the dance floor. On the B side you can find 'Come On And Take Me', a disco funk mover with a killer groove, nice vocals and tight synths that surely will make you scream for more.

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 in stock $9.16
Sunset Disco EP
Sunset Disco EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SHIFT 009. Rel: 11 Oct 21
  1. Give Love (7:33)
  2. Noche Tropical (7:22)
  3. Are You Ready Fellas? (5:38)
  4. Dance With Me (6:38)
  5. Musical Connection (5:13)
Review: Javi Frias has earned a solid reputation as a producer on the international disco scene since he began releasing his edits and reworks back in 2015. However, this year, during confinement, he decided to put editing aside to unleash his creativity and start recording his own productions, playing with synthesizers, electric pianos, syncopated basses and tribal percussion, and the result is this 'Sunset Disco EP'. A collection of songs that take us to a summer sunset on a beach in paradise that represent a huge leap in the career of this artist. The A side begins with 'Give Love', a hedonistic and melancholic disco song, followed by 'Noche Tropical', with Balearic overtones and reminiscences of a Caribbean party. Side B opens with 'Are You Really Fellas?', a funky little number featuring jazzy guitars and smashing bass. 'Dance With Me' brings us back to the field of the emotional and evocative disco. And finally 'Musical Connection', with touches of reggae downtempo perfect to say goodbye to this eternal and warm sunset.
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 in stock $11.46
Highlife Disco
Highlife Disco (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SHIFT 010. Rel: 08 Nov 21
  1. Work It Out
  2. Time's Running
  3. Roller Skate INC
  4. Highlife Music
Review: 2021 is being a very prolific year for Spanish label Night Shift Records with all their releases reaching the top of the sales charts. After the success of the past references by the owner of the label Javi Frias and the San Diego superstar Never Dull, now it is the turn of Solazz, founding member of the Supa Disco project born five years ago in Ibiza, which debuts at the label with an amazing four track EP titled 'Highlife Disco'. Side A includes 'Work It Out', a great rework that includes a great bass line added to the original that makes it irresistible to dance, and 'Time's Running' a groovy summer vibe track that contains high-pitch voice side-walking with a top synth bass. On the B side, 'Roller Skate INC' strikes your body with conga rhythms and a funky bass, and last but not least 'Highlife Music', a killer track of afro-disco with piano house touches, evolving synths and great sax solo that will make you dance again!
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Night Shift Spain
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