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Moshi Moshi

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Moshi Moshi

Cat: MOSHICD 100.
  1. One Last Saturday Night
  2. The Curse
  3. James Asleep
  4. I'll Kill You, Motherfucker
  5. This Is War (& I'm So Bored)
  6. Werewolf Shadow
  7. The Lost Homework Of Isabella Perez
  8. The Fate Of The Hero Montage
  9. Skinhead Suit
  10. Skinhead Suit
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Cat: MOSHICD 89. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Coffee Machine
  2. Take Out Chicken
  3. Peach Meat
  4. Holiday Resort
  5. Baby Talk
  6. Angel
  7. Buddy
  8. Heaven Knows
  9. RBY
  10. Acetone
  11. Days Like These
  12. On The Radio
 in stock $9.76
Cat: MOSHICD 45. Rel: 23 Mar 13
  1. Parting Gesture
  2. Careful
  3. Museum
  4. Big Things
  5. Step Ahead
  6. See Me Walk
  7. Be Clear
  8. Mirror Box
  9. Vertigo In Bed
  10. To Stick To
  11. The Apple
 in stock $8.03
Cat: MOSHICD 91. Rel: 03 May 19
  1. Paradise Place
  2. Koray
  3. Marigold
  4. Astral Plane
  5. Peaches
  6. Moonshine On Water
  7. Olympia
  8. Club Coco
  9. Mantra East
  10. Nizwa
  11. Levitation
Review: Combining indie rock, psychedelic rock and Eastern influences, Flamingods certainly know how to mix things up. Levitation, their 5th album and the first since 2016's Majesty opens with a disco feel via "Paradise Place", before the laid-back grooves of "Koray" provide a leeway for more eclectic and dance-centric tracks to take hold later on in the album. The second half of the record takes us into more spacey territory best heard on "Moonshine On Water", before the band's trippy, psychedelic influences come strongly to the fore on "Mantra East" and Eastern melodies shine through on "Nizwa". An eclectic, psyched-out adventure of a record, Levitation is an album that will tempt you into Flamingods' esoteric world.
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Girl (CD)
Cat: MOSHICD 96. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Girl
  2. Show Me More
  3. Just Down The Hall
  4. Because
  5. Let It Go
  6. Takes Time
  7. Friend Like That
  8. Keep It Tight
  9. Go To The Top
  10. Beautiful
  11. Like The Stars
Review: Girl Ray's sophomore LP isn't simply pop songs about love. It's certainly their poppiest offering to date, switching guitar-first arrangements for synthy beats. "Girl" as a whole deals with themes around matters of the heart, but the concept is more concerned with the importance of other elements in your life when love is either navigating rocky seas, or beached on an uninhabitable island, walking away is the only route for both parties. Don't expect the record to carry the weight of it all though. Ash Workman's production helps the troupe leave the heaviness behind and achieve near-perfect pop aesthetics. The band have also cited Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" as a major influence in their change of tact, further indicating what the contents feel like. From breezy opener "Girl" to tearful closing track, "Like The Stars", it's a meditation on friends, support networks and seeing things as they really are.
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Appalling Human
Cat: MOSHICD 101.
coming soon $10.52
Write In (CD)
Cat: MOSHICD 74. Rel: 10 Apr 17
  1. Falling Down
  2. The Reel Starts Again (Man As Original)
  3. Anytime
  4. Through Windows
  5. Uptrend/Style Raids
  6. Bigger Glass Less Full
  7. Victor Lazarro's Heart
  8. Anna, Lisa Calls
  9. The C Is A B A G
  10. Tunnel Vision On Your Part
 in stock $8.24
Cat: MOSHICD 86. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Yo Mae Leh
  2. Jump Jet (feat Howard Hobbs)
  3. Blurtooth
  4. Charilla (feat Hayley Hutchinson)
  5. 905 Users!
  6. Autum
  7. The Cut Girl (feat Howard Hobbs)
  8. To The Same (Calm mix)
  9. Charged (feat Howard Hobbs)
  10. Light At Eventide
  11. Take Them All (feat The Slow Revolt)
 in stock $9.76
Bad Wiring (CD + stickers)
Cat: MOSHICD 97. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Exactly What Nobody Wanted
  2. Except For The Fact That It Isn't
  3. My Girlfriend Doesn't Worry
  4. Depression! Despair!
  5. Till Question Marks Are Told
  6. LPs
  7. Knucklehead/Happy Rain
  8. Take It For Granted
  9. In Certain Orders
  10. Where Is The Machine
  11. Dogs Of My Neighborhood
  12. Not Supposed To Be Wise
 in stock $9.25
Fibs (CD)
Cat: MOSHICD 95. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Sawbones
  2. Inhale Exhale
  3. Calion
  4. Killjoy
  5. Bump
  6. Moonmoons
  7. Divining
  8. Limpet
  9. Ribbons
  10. Paramour
  11. Unfurl
Review: Anna Meredith's previous outing on Moshi Moshi, 2018's "Anno: Four Seasons", was a stunning re-imagination of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" suite that mixed her bubbly electronics with lush orchestration courtesy of the strings-only Scottish Ensemble. "Fibs", her third solo album, is an altogether different beast, It's made up of a mixture of electronic songs and instrumentals that put colourful, ear-catching synthesizer motifs, lo-fi machine drums and mid-80s electronics front and centre. Yet for all the up-beat moments, it's the John Carpenter/Giallo-influenced tracks - throbbing pieces that sound like they could have been made for turn-of-the-80s horror films - that hit home hardest.
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 in stock $7.89
Time Slips Away
Cat: MOSHICD 103. Rel: 07 Aug 20
Deep House
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Cat: MOSHICD 93. Rel: 17 May 19
  1. Family Of Aliens (Ghost Culture remix)
  2. Cactus (Boxed In Desert mix)
  3. Song For A Seagull (Sir Was remix)
  4. Between The Rain (Seven Davis Jr remix)
  5. Always Dreaming (Uh remix)
  6. Submarine Life (Povoa remix)
  7. Twisted Heart (Get A Room! club edit)
  8. Somebody's Island (Ley DJ remix)
  9. Sea Of Wine (Teleman Night mix)
  10. Fun Destruction (Bas Jan Deconstruction mix)
  11. Starlight (CAR remix)
 in stock $8.67
Cat: MOSHICD 82. Rel: 18 May 18
  1. Voices Carry Through The Mist
  2. Now That I'm A River
  3. You've Got Your Way Of Leaving
  4. Love Is Blue
  5. Wildflower
  6. No Fanfare
  7. Abandoned Buick
  8. Run & Hide
  9. Tapestry
  10. Everything Goes Right
 in stock $9.76
Cat: MOSHICD 83. Rel: 22 Jun 18
  1. The Red Suitcase
  2. Rise Up
  3. Jim
  4. Laces
  5. The Little Window
  6. Crow Jane
  7. The Burnt Match
  8. Brushes With Happiness
  9. Volcano
 in stock $8.61
Cat: MOSHICD 84. Rel: 09 Nov 18
  1. Roosevelt Sykes
  2. House By The Beach
  3. Shelly
  4. Look Inside Your Heart
  5. Sugar
  6. I Came To You Once
  7. Dodge City Blues
  8. Hazey Moon
  9. Close Your Eyes Mike
  10. Brian
  11. Goodbye Spiderman
  12. Tell Me That You Weren't Alone
Review: Delivering their second album of 2018 is Leicestershire's own The Wave Pictures whose legacy dates back to 1998, a solid 20 licks. The album, the band say, is dedicated to friendship, happiness and drunken party times and it's no surprise to read Look Inside Your Heart was recorded liquored up somewhere in Stoke Newington, North London. With harmonicas, the odd guitar, chatter of backup vocals and racketty drums abound, the album's that perfect reminder that two's a party, three's a crowd, but more is always merrier.
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Moshi Moshi
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