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ホーム  Labels  Lapsus Spain
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Lapsus Spain レコード& CD

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Links Berge Rechts Seen
Links Berge Rechts Seen (silver vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: LPSPS 05. Rel: 29 May 20
Bumperstufe2 (3:22)
Sonic Surface (4:45)
The Light (5:01)
Planquadrat (3:49)
Tech10 (3:49)
Triology (4:11)
Tech8 (4:10)
Links Oben (3:40)
Phase4 (2:55)
Tech7 (3:57)
Syntax Data (3:30)
Radiowellen (3:26)
Untitled (2:46)
 in stock $31.67
Reflections (30th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: LPSPS 15. Rel: 05 Mar 24
Mihara (6:49)
Meridian (10:24)
Orchilla (4:53)
Shambala (5:30)
Dance Of The Uighurs (6:10)
Star Gaze (7:37)
Majik Jar (9:38)
Forgotten Memory (1:26)
The Priestess (6:06)
Soleil Levant (3:36)
Lunate (5:59)
Asa Nisi Masa (6:39)
Moon Over The Moab (6:35)
Review: Kirk Degiorgio has made countless great records - including a number of fine full-length excursions - under the As One alias, but few remain as timeless and future-proof as Reflections, his 1994 debut album. Rooted in a mixture of stargazing Detroit techno, futurist electro and UK techno trends of the period (think ambient techno, bleep and what Mixmaster Morris dubbed 'intelligent techno', much to irritation of artists whose music didn't fit that descriptor), the album offers an enticing mix of slow-motion headphone music, intergalactic-sounding experiments, after-hours gems and full-throttle dancefloor workouts. This 30th anniversary edition naturally sparkles sonically thanks to some superb remastering, making it an essential purchase for all those who love emotive, grown-up electronic music.
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 in stock $27.73
Cat: LPS 36. Rel: 07 Jun 23
Biredom (2:55)
Opi (album version) (4:17)
Overtimetainted (3:38)
Tainted (4:50)
Backup (4:47)
Attention (3:17)
Presence (3:05)
Morning Chatter (4:30)
Last Escape (3:44)
FF31 Warning (3:01)
Terror (4:07)
Echoes Of Silence (3:07)
Review: Gacha Bakradze and Lapsus go together like hot sun and cool beer. This is a third full-length outing from the producer and one that finds the Georgian artist channeling what he finds to be the healing parental activity of making pancakes into "a metaphor for alteration, metamorphosis, and change." Musically that plays out across an album that finds Bakradze going deep into a world of lush melody and pastoral and astral soundscapes. There are hyper-pop workouts full of infectious drums and hooks, vibrant pads and a heavier fusion of electro, IDM and techno to make for a thoroughly contemporary album.
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 in stock $24.28
Figura (LP)
Cat: LPS 38. Rel: 26 Mar 24
Invisible Orchestra (4:23)
Veo Un Ciervo A Oscuras (3:56)
Ros Elavy (5:30)
Mirada Interior (4:57)
Eyes Form You (5:36)
Al Bosc, Cega I Visionaria (7:24)
Mise En Abyme (6:27)
 in stock $20.59
Genus (white marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: LPS 28. Rel: 12 Oct 21
Origin (5:38)
I'd Like To See You Try (6:00)
Itch (5:10)
Are We There Yet (6:18)
Soft Detach (5:39)
 in stock $17.42
When Can
When Can (limited orange marbled vinyl double 12" + 10")
Cat: LPS PS16. Rel: 05 Jun 24
A New Factory (3:21)
Kirsten (4:03)
Admittance (3:04)
Pentimento (2:19)
Ringvanes (5:50)
Missing Time (2:35)
Jahe (5:12)
Deliria Noon (5:40)
Fullmoon (6:11)
Grandcan (2:42)
Canned Forever (9:06)
Zipvanes (10") (9:40)
Spoonful (3:55)
Review: Reimer Eising, aka Kettel, and Lennard van der Last, aka Secede, had already been lifelong friends by the time they began working on When Can. The Dutch producers wanted to create a seamless listening experience that would unfold and develop as a film does, using cinematic-leaning sounds to achieve their big idea. The whole thing feels like a narrative, a beginning-middle-end, which is doubly impressive when you learn there was no grand plan to begin with. Just two pals exploring what might come next. Originally released in 2012 - hark!, those heady, innocent days - what's perhaps even more astounding than the picturesque, immersive soundscapes here, is the fact this is the first time When Can has made it onto vinyl. Having said that, 12 years ago was another time and place, not least in terms of music sales, so let's not dwell on what everyone was thinking by not bringing this out on wax sooner. Instead, savour every moment of the rich, dreamy electronica.
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 in stock $36.17
Sa Casa Des Carbo
Sa Casa Des Carbo (LP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: LPS 30. Rel: 15 Jul 22
Punt De Partida (2:58)
Translacio (1:47)
Turquesa (5:04)
Tempesta (0:48)
Cala Vedella (4:57)
Sa Casa Des Carbo (3:09)
Corb Mari (3:10)
Cinquanta Passes (6:00)
Es Bosc (7:51)
 in stock $21.11
Where Things Are Hollow 2
Where Things Are Hollow 2 (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: LPS 23. Rel: 22 Jul 20
Self Synchronise (5:11)
Weather The Storm (4:32)
Resist (John Talabot remix) (8:28)
Phase B (5:01)
Review: Three years after the original landed in stores, Martin Jenkins AKA Pye Corner Audio has finally delivered a sequel to his acclaimed "Where Things Are Hollow"EP on Lapsus. Predictably it's rather good too, with Jenkins drifting between drowsy, gently warming dancefloor melancholia (the wonderfully bittersweet opener "Self Synchronise"), blissful and colourful IDM/4-4 techno fusion (the even better "Weather The Storm") and meandering, slow-burn ambient ("Phase B"). There's a thrilling bonus in the shape of John Talabot's remix of "Resist" from the EP's predecessor, which he re-imagines as a stuttering chunk of intergalactic, left-field electro.
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 in stock $19.27
Zeru Freq
Cat: LPS 37. Rel: 13 Sep 23
Sarrera: Afinacion De Color
Arquitectura Capilar
Pure Air Contortion
Eco-noise Hunting
Wind Pose
Zeru Freq
Pausa: Basque Rain Dances
Draw Us Before We Fade (feat Violeta Azevedo)
1 Tsp Breeze
Igandea (feat A Txabarria)
Punto Final?
Review: RRUCCULLA finds fresh new ground to explore here on his new Zero Freq album for Lapsus. It is a wide-ranging one with vastly cinematic tracks taking you on a trip through magnificently realised compositions that pair electronic sound design with an almost orchestral architecture. The tracks sound both synthetic and abstract but organic and real world. Rhythms range from dubby and persuasive to barely there at all. In combining such grand ideas with relatable structures the Spanish composer, percussionist and multidisciplinary artist once again shows why he is in a class of one.
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 in stock $17.42
Septimo Sentido
Septimo Sentido (coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: LPS 39. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Skyway Shuriken
Biker Bot Di4
Septimo Sentido
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