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best vinyl albums of 2024
ホーム  Labels  Ish Germany
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Ish Germany レコード& CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Ish Germany
Beats Vol 1
Beats Vol 1 (LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ISH 055LP 13. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Hip Hop/R&B
L Nite (2:29)
Urji (1:56)
Orbital Improv (3:17)
Break Boogie (1:36)
Asteroids Inn (1:54)
Dintraw (2:29)
May Hay (4:48)
Toto Cole (3:46)
Meltraw (1:42)
Pabilinho (2:15)
D'anger Dude (2:35)
Played by: Lexx
 in stock $33.02
Solaris (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ISH 0574508. Rel: 08 May 24
Solaris (3:36)
Madera (3:38)
Review: Pablo COLOR and BERLIN LAMA's 'Solaris' is a limited 7" release that captures the essence of Balearic and downtempo vibes with a sunset backdrop. This gem, released from Ish Germany, is a breezy ride through twilight landscapes and nostalgic memories. In essence, 'Solaris' is pure magic - a captivating fusion of Balearic warmth and downtempo allure that leaves a lasting imprint on the soul. 'Madera' unfolds like cinematic scenes, radiating gleaming beauty as the music takes flight into celestial realms. Djembe drums invoke tribal rhythms, while heavy distortion guitars add depth to the rich depth. It's a splendid blend of primal instincts and introspective contemplation, perfect for the closing moments of the day. Check this out for one classy mix of Balearic, ambience and Latin vibes.
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 in stock $16.51
Junk Body
Cat: ISH 053LP12. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Junk Body (6:04)
Jail (7:56)
Pentagram (5:09)
Smuggler (4:25)
Hands On The Floor (9:37)
Mel's Hole (5:53)
$34.10 SAVE 30%
 in stock $23.87
Death Roads & Spirit Ways
Cat: ISH 045LP09. Rel: 03 Dec 21
Dub 317 (5:26)
Dub 321 (5:46)
Dub 318 (4:19)
Dub 320 (5:17)
Dub 319 (5:18)
Dub 322 (5:38)
Dub 313 (5:32)
Dub 316 (5:11)
 in stock $31.93
Blood Moon
Cat: ISH 047LP. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Tongues (2:09)
Waiting Room (3:51)
Blood Moon (3:18)
Night Walking (1:22)
In The Darkness (2:28)
Kitchen Table (0:42)
Deep In The Night (2:59)
Lying In Tall Grasses (0:51)
Smitten (1:59)
Death & Money (3:51)
Empty Vessel (2:38)
Rain (0:26)
Fermi (3:01)
Sun (3:11)
The Picture Is A Model Of Reality (1:27)
$34.10 SAVE 30%
 in stock $23.87
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