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Raindance (12")
Cat: HSREC 009. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Deep House
Raindance (7:14)
Nyika Nyika (7:12)
Raindance (Manuel Darquart remix) (6:22)
River Ride (7:41)
Review: Heels & Souls Recordings proudly hit release number nine, revisiting mid-90s Toronto to reissue two blissfully Balearic house gems from 100th Monkey. The story of 100th Monkey is intertwined with The Boomtang Boys, a production trio and record label that delivered many iconic Canadian productions. In the early 90s, brothers Tony and Paul Grace, after releasing a 12" as Fun Wow, teamed up with classically trained pianist Rob DeBoer, creating the perfect synergy of inspiration and musical knowledge. This collaboration birthed The Boomtang Boys and their unique sound.Toronto's vibrant scene at the time, filled with producers, raves, and top-tier labels like Stickmen, Hi-Bias, and DNH, influenced their style. Paul, a record store buyer and DJ, drew inspiration from the UK, leading to a variety of sounds produced under different monikers. Their sole release as 100th Monkey, a cherished 12" from 1994, stands out as a Canadian gem. 'Raindance' is a hit of summertime heat, a mid-tempo Balearic deep house track with shuffling hats, a spine-tingling bassline, African vocal samples, dreamy strings, and goose-bumping chords. 'Nyika Nyika' picks up the pace, shimmering with arps and looped African vocal samples, making it perfect for sunsets and dancefloors alike. On the B-side, Manuel Darquart's remix of 'Raindance' injects new energy, adding steamy synth lines and a salacious sax. Finally, the unreleased 'River Ride' from 1996, with its floating pads, trickling arps, laidback breakbeat, and grooving bassline, sees the light of day, offering perfect warm-up or warm-down material. A top reissue.
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Chasin' The Rain
Cat: HSREC 006. Rel: 25 Jul 23
Chasin' The Rain (5:50)
Chasin' The Rain (dub) (6:24)
Review: On their latest deep dig into dance music culture's forgotten fringes, Heels & Souls has unearthed a suitably saucer-eyed chunk of late-80s soul from short-lived outfit Flair. It's a glassy-eyed number that joins the dots between Loose Ends style 80s soul, UK street soul and the sonics of sunrise-ready European deep house from the period (the latter aspect is unsurprising, given that all bar singer Janet Rose, now a Brit-Soul legend as JB Rose, were German). The vocal version is particularly potent and as sweet as they come, though the more stripped-back, experimental and groove-based Dub mix on the flip is also superb. Another essential reissue from one of the most consistent archival labels in the business.
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Over You
Over You (12")
Cat: HSREC 004. Rel: 31 May 23
Over You (5:07)
Over You (mix 2) (4:48)
Shining Through (5:38)
Shining Through (dance mix) (5:39)
Review: This naive street soul gem is so rare, that - prior to its repress here by Heels & Souls - it was barely accessible anywhere save for a potential L500 re-flogging on eBay. Luckily, those with their best interests at heart do the glorious work of repressing the tracks 'Over You' and 'Shining Through' - as well as their slightly different dance mixes - to EP-length wax. You're lucky to be in the presence of some quintessential street soul here, featuring detuned vocals, crude plodding drums and digital strings that evoke shafts of evening light on city concrete. And if you're ever suffering a bad breakup, 'Over You' is the harsh remedy.
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A Boy & A Dream EP
Cat: HSREC 007. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Tell Him I Became Your Lover (4:49)
Somebody's Got My Love (4:33)
Who's That Boy (5:01)
I Like The Way You Love Me (5:08)
Review: The fledgling Heels & Souls label has already won our hearts with its first few reissues releases and this latest one is another gorgeous fusion of disco, and UK street soul with hints of funk, boogie and r&b. Opener 'Tell Him I Became Your Lover' has a killer bumping drum machine rhythm with nice wet hits and an aloof but soulful male vocal backed by diffuse organ chords. 'Somebody's Got My Love' is an 80s-channeling delight with fat bass and cold drum snap and another sublime vocal full of r&b appeal. ''Who's That Boy' on the flip is a super slow jam full of love struck charm and vocal heart ache and 'I Like The Way You Love Me' is another heart melting lament that is full of synth richness.
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Never Give Up
Cat: HSREC 008. Rel: 27 Feb 24
Never Give Up (5:44)
Never Give Up (Chill Zone mix) (6:03)
You Stole My Heart (vinyl mix) (5:05)
You Stole My Heart (remix) (5:06)
Review: Fans of UK street soul from the mid-80s you need this one in your life as Heels & Souls Recordings returns with its eighth reissue and unveils some treasures by Elaine Vassell and 3rd Zone. In 1993, amidst the rise of house music, UK soul thrived, accompanied by its DIY street soul sibling as perfectly exemplified here by 'Never Give Up' which boasts a raw, breakbeat-driven groove, blending soulful house, hip-hop, and r&b, while 3rd Zone's 'You Stole My Heart' from 1991, later featured on their 1993 EP No Real Reason, offers a tender yet tough underground vibe. Both tracks showcase the era's spirit, proving that creativity trumps big budgets. Each side includes an alternate version for added depth and diversity.
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