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Galaktika Spain

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Galaktika Spain

Between Stars Remixes Vol I
Cat: GLK 048. Rel: 31 Mar 14
Minimal/Tech House
  1. 1994 (Sasse Deep Ocean remix)
  2. Dead Feat Colorado (Miguel Puente remix)
  3. 1994 (Roberto Rodriguez remix)
  4. Different Channels (feat Andrea Olarte - Jonas Saalbach remix)
Review: Taken from the highly praised debut from Maurice Aymard album Between Stars we present the first remix EP featuring new as well as more seasoned remixers such as Roberto Rodriguez, Sasse, Miguel Puente and Jonas Saalbach. On The A-side Sasse takes a dark Detroit path on his remix of 1994, adding throbbing sub bass and soaring strings for a 5 AM dancefloor workout. Miguel Puente houses up Dead feat Colorado and the result is a very emotional house ride. Roberto Rodriguez drops a beautiful slow jam of 1994, full of nuances of deep house, acid and soulful vibes, perfect for the warm club night in the middle of the winter. Jonas Saalbach from Einmusika transforms Different Channels into a hypnotic and dark journey for the modern dancefloor, making a perfect closing for this fine EP
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Between Stars
Cat: GLKLP 06. Rel: 28 Oct 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Maurice Aymard - "Between Stars"
  2. Maurice Aymard & Gui Boratto - "Home"
  3. Maurice Aymard - "Colours & Drops"
  4. Maurice Aymard - "1994"
  5. Maurice Aymard - "Dead" (feat Colorado)
  6. Maurice Aymard - "Blue Moon"
  7. Maurice Aymard - "Different Channels" (feat Andrea Olarte)
  8. Maurice Aymard - "Asunto De Amor" (feat Paulo Olarte)
Review: After time spent whipping up singles for Moodmusic and My Best Friend amongst others, Maurice Aymard makes the leap to the long-player with a selection of jams that reflect his propensity for live instrumentation and thoroughly musical constructs within the disco-inflected realms of house music. As if Metro Area were played out by hand, tracks such as "Home" groove hard on plush live bass lines, poignant Rhodes chords and romantic lead synths. Gui Boratto turns up to chip in to "Colours & Drops" with its more prominent techy backbone, but that's offset by the non-dancefloor roll of "1994". It's a diverse album that provides the perfect platform for a skilled craftsman to explore, er, his craft.
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Galaktika Spain
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