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Breakin (12")
Cat: FP 002. Rel: 15 Jul 13
  1. 2
  2. DMT
  3. Estonia
Review: ** REPRESS ** Forbidden Planet launched in fine fashion last month, securing some original material from Nation and Creme artist D'Marc Cantu that was complemented well by an accompanying remix from DVS-1. The Montreal label demonstrate they are equally capable of uncovering unheralded talent with this second release from the rather search engine unfriendly Breaker 1 2. Allegedly hailing from Florida, Breaker 1 2 seems inspired to use the same lo fi house template of his fellow North American contemporaries but take it to a much weirder place. Lead track "2" is the straightest production here, despite the unpredictable hi hats that skitter throughout and it doesn't quite prepare for where Breaker 1 2 goes on the flip. The synth tone that roars into action on "DMT" is an unexpected delight whilst "Estonia" mutates swiftly from hazy insouciance into full on dark room techno.
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Codigo De Accion
Cat: FP 012. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Another Empty Path
  2. I Wish I Was A Robot
  3. Codigo De Accion
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FP 011
FP 011 (12")
Cat: FP 011. Rel: 17 Apr 17
  1. Samphire (8:08)
  2. Yogi (6:25)
  3. Pegasus (7:13)
Review: Jurg Haller's Forbidden Planet returns with the elusive Patrick Conway who recently surfaced with a release on Matt Edwards' Rekids. Starting off with the raw acid jack of "Samphire" which doesn't exactly use a 303 but gets some kind of mutant squelch happening (which we went mad for) over its rusty breakbeat action. On the flip "Yogi" is where a more frenetic and disjointed beat action returns on the tripped out IDM of "Yogi" which is a real wacky one indeed. "Pegasus" closes out the impressive EP in style, this track being the most straight ahead; an adrenalised late night groove with a dirty throbbing arpeggio bassline and tight drum section powering away beneath all that gritty tape hiss.
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FP 010
FP 010 (12")
Cat: FP 010. Rel: 20 Mar 17
  1. Metro (4:59)
  2. The Purge (4:43)
  3. Heretic Chant (5:23)
  4. Noc (4:49)
Review: Jurg Haller's Montreal-based label Forbidden Planet has consistently provided us with nothing but the absolute truth since its inception back in 2013. Where so many 'outsider' house labels fall short in repetition and monotony, Forbidden Planet never fails to deliver the goods, and house and techno aren't used just for the sake of it here. Instead, Haller's selection of artists always manage to craft a singular niche out of their arrangements. This time it's newcomer Lumpex who enters the catalogue, and these four belters are as cerebral as you can get without steering completely away from the dance. "Metro" should have been the theme track to the opening sequence of Akira, full of dread and dystopian beauty, while "The Purge" drops a raw, hollow baseline that would have made the likes of Ed Rush and Optical proud back in the Metalheadz days. "Heretic Chant" opens the B-side with a bubbling stream of sinister low frequencies amid an ocean of metallic percussion elements, and "Noc" goes for the jugular thanks to its gnarly, relentless fusion of warehouse beats and apocalyptic bass tones. An eye-opening affair.
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Vamos A Entrar Desde Afuera
Cat: FP 013. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Raza
  2. STGO
  3. Martillo
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Shotokai (stereo)
Cat: FP 004. Rel: 16 Jun 14
  1. Shotokai
  2. Bleep Number 9
  3. With You
  4. Kime
Review: Launched last year as an extension of the successful Montreal radio show and loft party of the same name, Jurg Haller's Forbidden Planet has eased itself into the affections of record buyers everywhere. Inaugurated by D'Marc Cantu's Some Fantasies Are Good, Forbidden Planet has since introduced unheralded names like Breaker 1 2 and Boreal & Lnrdcroy, artists you can spend hours wandering down blind alleys on the internet trying to identify. The label's fourth release sees Forbidden Planet call on a more established name again in the shape of Mono Junk, aka Finnish producer Kimmo Rapatti. Much like the Finn's recent turn out for Skudge White, this untitled four track 12" really slams home how criminally underrated Rapatti is as a producer. There's hints of Psyche era Carl Craig to opening track "Shotokai" and from here Mono Junk showcases his production versatility taking in woozy mind benders ("Bleep Number 9"), nimble melodic electro ("With You") and subaqueous techno filled with deft rhythmic touches ("Kime").
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Prince Of The Night
Cat: FP 008. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Prince Of The Night (6:12)
  2. Suomen Moroderit Theme (7:14)
  3. Channel B (remix) (7:25)
  4. Maaliskuu (6:21)
Review: Given their obsession with the analogue-rich, stargazing sound of early '90s intelligent techno, it seems fitting that the latest Forbidden Planet release sees the return of Mono Junk, a producer whose career began with a series of impressive 12" singles 20-odd years ago. Predictably, the veteran producer is on fine form, delivering cuts bristling with yearning, sci-fi tinged melodies, restless arpeggios, far-sighted electronics and raw, stripped-back drum machine rhythms. While much of the EP is bold, melodious and intoxicating (see "Prince of the Night", for starters), Mono Junk also indulges his rarely seen dub techno influences on "Channel B (Remix)", before reaching for the stars with the Legowelt-esque synth beauty of "Maalisku".
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