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Domestica Spain

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Domestica Spain

Where Muses Dwell
Where Muses Dwell (limited LP + insert)
Cat: DOM 33-L. Rel: 09 Oct 17
  1. World History Trilogy: Into The Arena/The Temple Crumbles/Orphans Of The Empire (9:51)
  2. Narcissus At The Pool (3:20)
  3. Where Muses Dwell (5:57)
  4. Sequencer's Song (2:18)
  5. Ad Infinatum (5:31)
  6. Semi-Divergence (2:27)
  7. Theoretical Plane (3:38)
  8. Predetermination (3:02)
  9. Combustion (2:51)
Review: Back in the 80s and 90s, Andrew Szava-Kovats used to go by the name of Dominion, an alias which was bourn out of the rise of electro across the USA and mainland Europe. Through a series of cassettes and slabs of vinyl, the artist manages to remain largely in the shadows while still receiving the praise and respect of the diggers. Spain's excellent Domestica imprint comes through with a much-needed reissue of the man's opening piece of work from 1985, a tape by the name of Where Muses Dwell. Originally out through K.O. City Studio, this is the very first time that this music resides on vinyl, which is a marvel in itself considering just how uber-pioneering it really is. We've tagged this particular LP as cold wave because, in fact, there is a lack of structure to many of these tracks, and that's exactly what makes them alluring to the trained or untrained ear. You can do yourself a favour by forgetting about all that new-school synth-tronica, and getting your vibes here this week. These won't stick around long, so be sure to cop a copy...
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 in stock $21.74
Maquinismo Operatorio 1984-1986
Maquinismo Operatorio 1984-1986 (limited LP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: DOM 21L. Rel: 27 Jan 15
  1. Almuerzo Desnudo
  2. Di Hola Zapato
  3. Gerardo
  4. Maquinismo Operatorio
  5. Espana Y Cuba
  6. Santiago
Review: Barcelona's Domestica are specialists in unearthing some of the rawest and most cutting-edge material from the past and they've once again stepped onto something truly special. Fernando Gallego were a Spanish post-punk outfit whose music didn't quite get the attention in deserved way back when in the eighties, but all that doesn't seem to matter when you take into account just how forward-thinking their attitude and style were. Each track is a fine blend of the kind of crusty EBM that Nitzer Ebb has made, Throbbing Gristle's noise-fuelled guitar riffs, and even a touch of proto-techno a-la Liaisons Dangereuses. All in all, it's a heavy-duty package for all you collectors, and a fine introspective into Spain's hidden alternative scene of the twentieth century. Another winner from the Domestica camp!
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Played by: Marsman
 in stock $21.18
That's The Body
That's The Body (limited 12")
Cat: DOM 29L. Rel: 08 Mar 17
  1. That's The Body (5:35)
  2. On & Off (5:09)
  3. Mort Automatique (3:42)
  4. Frutta (7:32)
Review: Domestica continues its on-going trawl through the archives of S.M Nurse, an Amsterdam-based synth-wave trio who recorded a serious amount of material between 1980 and '83 before all but vanishing. That's The Body gathers together a quartet of dancefloor-friendly excursions. On the A you'll find the stylized minimal wave/electrofunk fusion of "That's The Body" and wavy, high-tempo thrust of "Off & On", both of which originally appeared on the band's earliest release. On the flip you'll find two previously unreleased versions of similarly vintage tracks: the alien synths, woozy B-52s vocals and tough machine drums of "Mort Automatique", and the hazy melancholy of "Frutta", which boasts a particularly druggy arpeggio bassline.
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Played by: Leo James, Eric Duncan
 in stock $21.18
Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987 (2020 Pressing)
Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987 (2020 Pressing) (limited LP + booklet + numbered postcard + MP3 download code in hand-stamped sleeve limited to 200 copies)
Cat: DOM 03-L. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. UHP - "Quien Lo Ve" (2:37)
  2. Vam Cyborg - "Actos De Maldad" (7:21)
  3. TodoTodo - "Megaciclos De Verano" (2:43)
  4. MAD - "Transmigracion" (3:27)
  5. Fernando Gallego - "Almuerzo Desnudo" (3:23)
  6. Kalashnikov - "Ultraviolencia" (4:37)
  7. Aviador Dro - "Ballet Parking 1er Acto" (3:51)
  8. Linea Vienesa - "La Isla De Las Sirenas" (4:14)
  9. Autoplex - "Clockwork Mirror" (5:12)
  10. La Caida De La Casa Usher - "Insecticidios" (4:40)
Played by: Ali Renault
 in stock $25.46
X-mas Card From Outer Space: Oscar's X-mas Carols 1984-1987
X-mas Card From Outer Space: Oscar's X-mas Carols 1984-1987 (limited LP + hand-printed x-mas card + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: DOM 34L. Rel: 04 Dec 17
  1. Grandmaster O - "Santa Cut" (1:26)
  2. Ende Shneafliet - "X-mas Card From Outer Space" (3:52)
  3. Mark Lane - "When The Candle Burns Tonight" (3:20)
  4. Atom Cristal - "Cristalissages" (2:51)
  5. Ptose - "What Will You Bring (To Me)?" (2:29)
  6. Atrox & FP & The Doubling Riders - "The Little Match Girl" (5:25)
  7. Bene Gesserit - "Joyeux Poeme!!" (1:50)
  8. Geluidshouwerij - "Snow Blow" (3:07)
  9. The Legendary Pink Dots - "Governement Health Warning" (1:30)
  10. Jacques Van Erven - "Longfellow's Christmas Bells" (3:30)
  11. Pascal Comelade - "Creche Musicale Et Plastique" (2:22)
  12. Doxa Sinistra - "Sade Claus Is Coming To Town (Chapter I-VII)" (4:46)
  13. Van Kaye & Ignit - "Happy Holiday" (3:58)
  14. Edward Ka-Spel - "Jesus Wept" (2:13)
  15. Genetic Factor - "Vigila Di Natale" (5:57)
Review: Domestica presents a vinyl version of Oscar's X-mas Carols. For this album's tracklist, Jordi Serrano and Oscar Smit made a personal selection from the three previous cassettes which were originally released on Christmas Day 1984, 1985 and 1987 respectively by Smit's imprint Noel Tapes in Holland. The 15 tracks here are a selection of the best tracks of these three cassettes, mastered from the originals by Ruud '66' Lekx. It also features a cover painting by Max Kisman, laminated translucent sleeve and is hand stamped. Complete with dossier including liner notes by Smit, band bios, photos and download code, it's allegedly the only experimental Christmas compilation ever published.
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Played by: Dj soFa
 in stock $22.60


Domestica Spain
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