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Dark Entries US レコード& CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Dark Entries US
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Driven To Fantasy (reissue)
Driven To Fantasy (reissue) (pink vinyl LP + poster)
Cat: DE 321. Rel: 03 May 24
Tangerine Rose
Sex Goddess
Dreamin About You
My List
Skin Tight
Sex Goddess (dance mix)
Dreamin About You (dance mix)
Review: Angelyne sophomore LP, Driven to Fantasy is the latest great album to get reissued as part of Dark Entries' 15th-anniversary celebration. Defined by her voluptuous, Barbie-esque allure and hot pink Corvette, Angelyne emerged as an enigmatic figure in 1984 who graced LA billboards with a provocative presence. The mystique and allure around her built to a peak and culminated in this second solo album released in 1986. Featuring eight tracks of bubblegum-hued new wave, Angelyne blends LA punk grit with flashy synth-pop on sassy titles like 'Sex Goddess' and 'Skin Tight.' This cult classic, now pressed on pink Corvette-coloured vinyl, includes a 2-sided poster with lyrics and commemorates the legacy of a true Hollywood legend.
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Dark Silence
Cat: DE 065. Rel: 02 Jul 14
Dark Silence (long version)
Dark Silence (Art Fine version)
Review: San Francisco's Dark Entries label does a good line in reissuing obscure, long forgotten, left-of-centre gems (their excellent collection of Patrick Cowley's little known soundtrack work for gay porn films, School Daze, was arguably one of the compilations of 2013). Here, they've unearthed another overlooked gem - Art Fine's previously rare-as-hen's-teeth dark Italo-disco gem "Dark Silence" (L200-plus for an original 1985 copy, should you be feeling flush). It's pretty much a straight copy of the New Wave-inclined original, with the sparser, looser "Long Version" (in which producer Fabrice Belli gives the synth melodies a little more room to express themselves) joining the dense "Art Fine Version".
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 in stock $12.98
Sound Of Danger
Sound Of Danger (LP + insert)
Cat: DE 147. Rel: 27 Feb 17
Sound Of Danger (7:39)
Pictures & Paintings (3:34)
Crystal Dream (3:44)
How Could We Simply Die (6:01)
Search (2:38)
So Many Things (5:28)
Doorway (4:19)
A Prisoner In A Silent Way (3:05)
Can't Go To Sleep (8:47)
 in stock $18.67
Primes (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 171. Rel: 27 Jul 17
Primes (7:17)
Stranger (feat Nicole Ginelli vocals & Doc Sleep) (4:37)
Imperial Tranz-Am (13:25)
Played by: Honey Soundsystem
 in stock $14.52
Valencia (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 290. Rel: 18 Feb 22
Resurrection (5:27)
Past The Marshes (2:57)
Valencia (4:54)
Reservoir (feat Len Leo) (6:39)
Scrupulous (2:08)
Ravel (4:31)
Review: Bezier returns to Dark Entries with Valencia, a six track rumination on memory, geography, and transmutation. Multi-instrumentalist Robert Yang's Bezier project has appeared on Dark Entries many times over the last decade, most recently with the 2018 LP Parler Musique. Says Yang, "What started as a project to investigate the love of the sound and scenery while living in San Francisco quickly developed into a passionate search for interlocking melodies and driving rhythms." On Valencia, Bezier invokes twinned places. The Valencia Street of San Francisco is channeled, which was the center of the city's vibrant new wave scene in the 1980s. But also echoed is Valencia, Spain, and La Ruta del Bakalao aka La Ruta Destroy, the Spanish clubbing scene throughout the 80s and 90s famed for its aggressive and synthetic sounds. Valencia is a darker record for Yang, exploring themes of submission and catharsis with nods to SF's gay leather bars of the 70s and 80s. The high BPM salvos of "Valencia" and "Scrupulous" capture the frantic energy of Bakalao and Valencian wave acts like Oltima Emocion. Elsewhere Yang mines the dreamy space disco and Hi-NRG sounds they're known for, like on the brooding "Past the Marshes" or the anthemic "Reservoir", which features their partner Len.Leo on vocals. Bezier deftly navigates past and present, light and dark, pain and pleasure, the stasis of memory and the flux of time. Valencia was mastered by Alex Michalski, with EQ for vinyl done by George Horn. Gwenael Rattke designed the sleeve, which features an 80's punk zine-esque geometric grid pattern mirroring San Francisco street maps. Also included is a 5x7 postcard with notes.
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Played by: Wes Baggaley
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 in stock $5.99
All In Good Time
All In Good Time (LP + insert)
Cat: DE 304. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Chance Encounters (2:49)
Salary (1:51)
Return Policy (2:12)
Crystal Ball (2:12)
Late Bloomer (1:33)
Someone Else (2:41)
Elusive Eden (2:21)
I Won't (1:41)
Nowhere To Go (1:52)
Make Up (2:02)
Wrong Time (2:23)
Understood (1:33)
Scenic Route (3:11)
Tangled Mess (2:57)
Review: Dark Entries have locked in Oakland band Blues Lawyer for a third full-length that offers plenty of big pop-roc moments. Like so much music out there right now, this record was put together during the pandemic and moves away from the handle pop of their earlier work towards a more 90s-infused alt-rock sound. It's an album built on breezy melodies and easy-going grooves that range from upbeat to laidback but are always smooth and enticing. The song craft is well-honed and the detail is tight as can be.

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 in stock $21.27
Sight Gags On The Radio
Cat: DE 311. Rel: 25 Sep 23
Have Nots (3:42)
True Love's Only Name (1:44)
Our Divide (2:23)
Every Once In A While (3:26)
Review: Blues Lawyer returns to Dark Entries with a fresh new 7" that revives some late summer sun with lovely alt-pop grooves. This new one comes hot on the heels of their debut on this label and expands the Blues Lawyer universe across four tunes that were recorded in the final days before Elyse Schrock - the band's singer, songwriter, drummer, and music video creator - left her Bay Area home of ten years to head for somewhere cheaper to live. There are new songwriting styles evident here on tunes like 'True Love's Only Name' which guitarist Ellen Matthews developed with lyrics by Miller and singing from Schrock. It is one of a great mix of tracks that show real musical development from Blues Lawyer.
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 in stock $11.41
Structure (reissue)
Structure (reissue) (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 303. Rel: 16 Jun 23
Behind The Mirror (Image mix) (5:43)
Behind The Mirror (Release Of Anguish mix) (2:57)
Fury (7:34)
Dead City (3:38)
Crimes Against The People (4:45)
Ail (3:47)
Review: Detroit-based Code Industry, for those who know, were a highly regarded and influential EBM-techno outfit. The always reliable Dark Entries has been digging in their vaults to serve up this vital reissue of their Structure EP. The quartet of Rob Myers, E.N. Sevy, Kyl Crys, and William Keith formed in 1989 having previously worked as Code Assault and were rare black artists working in the world of EBM and industrial. They were socially and politically minded so issues of racism, the media, and the hypocrisy of patriotism all comes up in their music which is denied by taught synths and dark vocal whispers that echo the work of acts like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb. Add in high tech grooves and you have s fantastic EP that was originally released in 1991 on the Antler-Subway label.

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 in stock $16.60
Closer (reissue)
Cat: DE 165. Rel: 27 Feb 18
Closer (4:57)
Tam Tam (3:55)
Review: Codek is the brainchild of Jean-Marie Salaun who grew up in Paris influenced by the folklore of the inner city. In 1978 he joined art rock group SpionS alongside Gregory Davidow and recorded two singles. Diving into the Paris post punk scene he met Claude Arto and designed the artwork for Claude's single on Celluloid "Kwai Systeme / Betty Boop." Robin Scott (M "Pop Music") had produced the SpionS first single and wanted to collaborate further. With Claude, Jean-Marie wrote "Me Me Me", intended for a choir, for M. Then SpionS split and Robin was off to Switzerland to record an album to follow-up his hit single. That left Jean-Marie alone in London, where he began working as Codek, a play on the brand name Kodak The "Me Me Me" single was released by MCA Records in 1980. Back in Paris, now with some studio experience, Celluloid Records hired Jean-Marie to produce records for Artefact and Les Orphelins. Over the next 2 years he began working on ideas for the next Codek single "Closer / "Tam Tam".
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 in stock $12.98
Take Parts
Cat: DE 291. Rel: 18 Oct 22
Stroke (7:21)
Take Apart (7:34)
What You Have (4:24)
The Last Time (6:40)
Measurement (Of What?) (6:40)
Part Fun (7:23)
Review: Much is made of the love that Bill Converse from Austin, Texas, has for classic music making hardware (as opposed to the computer-based solutions most find convenient these days), but at the end of the day it's the results he gets rather than the means that have cemented his reputation as one of the most interesting names operating in the US today. This six track selection is no exception, suitably freed-up from convention or restriction and executed with a radioactive excitement that shines directly out of the grooves. Check the rapid fire snares of 'The Last Time', the eerie, horn-like screeches of 'Measurement (Of What?)' or 'Take Apart', with its ascending Detroit-style bassline, for further proof, or just dive in and enjoy the whole lot.
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 in stock $10.62
Muscle Up
Cat: DE 106CD. Rel: 20 Nov 15
Cat's Eye
The Jungle Dream
Deep Inside You
Somebody To Love Tonight
5oz Of Funk
Don't Ask
Mockingbird Dream 2
Review: Having previously impressed with their reissue of Patrick Cowley's brilliant, all-synthesizer soundtrack to obscure '70s gay porn flick School Daze, Dark Entries and Honey Sound System once again join forces to shine a light on the high energy disco pioneer's work for San Francisco's Fox Studios. Unsurprisingly, it's another impressive collection, and features material recorded for a number of different pornographic films. There are naturally more up-tempo moments - see "Somebody To Love Tonight", which would later be re-recorded with Sylvester, and the synth-weirdness-meets-jazz-funk brilliance of "5oz of Funk" - but it's the impressively cosmic and exotic ambient moments, such as the stand-out "Timelink" and "Jungle Magic", that really stand out.
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Tags: Hi-NRG | Cosmic Disco
 in stock $12.72
Cat: DE 185CD. Rel: 17 Oct 17
Big Shot
Surfside Sex
Hot Beach
The Runner
One Hot Afternoon
Leather Bound
Bore & Stroke
Cycle Tuff
Jungle Orchids
Take A Little Trip
Love Come Set Me Free
Review: The final part of Dark Entries' long-running series of archival Patrick Cowley releases showcases tracks originally recorded for Afternooners, a late '70s gay porn film by director John Coletti. As with previous Cowley releases on Dark Entries, the double album also contains previously unheard material rediscovered from the Fox Studio archives. It's another essential collection of atmospheric synthesizer music in the producer's distinctive style, all told, with tracks ranging from the whistling cheeriness of "Hot Beach" and the sparkling, cowbell-laden throb of "One Hot Afternoon" to the dubbed-out, semi-ambient dreaminess of "Bore & Stroke" and the humid, upbeat "Jungle Orchid".
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Played by: I Love Disco!, Snuffo
Tags: Hi-NRG
 in stock $12.44
Afternooners (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: DE 185. Rel: 01 Aug 22
Big Shot (4:27)
Surfside Sex (6:14)
Hot Beach (5:44)
The Runner (6:52)
Furlough (4:42)
One Hot Afternoon (5:05)
Leather Bound (4:45)
Bore & Stroke (8:24)
Cycle Tuff (4:10)
Jungle Orchids (5:16)
Take A Little Trip (8:31)
Love Come Set Me Free (4:57)
Review: The final part of Dark Entries' long-running series of archival Patrick Cowley releases showcases tracks originally recorded for Afternooners, a late '70s gay porn film by director John Coletti. As with previous Cowley releases on Dark Entries, the double album also contains previously unheard material rediscovered from the Fox Studio archives. It's another essential collection of atmospheric synthesizer music in the producer's distinctive style, all told, with tracks ranging from the whistling cheeriness of "Hot Beach" and the sparkling, cowbell-laden throb of "One Hot Afternoon" to the dubbed-out, semi-ambient dreaminess of "Bore & Stroke" and the humid, upbeat "Jungle Orchid".
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 in stock $26.46
Near Marineland
Near Marineland (LP + insert)
Cat: DE 328. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Near Marineland (2:27)
Second Glance (3:29)
It Cost's To Be Austere (4:05)
No More Hollow Doors (3:36)
Force The Habit (3:17)
Someone Reads (2:32)
Jump Over Barrels (3:36)
Pompeii Spared (2:57)
Fun Hair (3:45)
In Your Own Backyard (3:12)
Wishbone (3:56)
Sputnik In Orbit (2:57)
Review: The cult favourite Dark Entries hits 15 in style here and celebrates in the only way it knows how - with more great music. This time it is the legendary synth-punk yahoos Crash Course in Science aka Dale Feliciello, Mallory Yago, and Michael Zodorozny who are in the spotlight. The group formed back in 1979 and set out to make music using toy instruments and kitchen appliances. Their punk-y, aggressive, angular sound soon found a hardcore fan base and gave rise to big tunes like 'Cardboard Lamb' and 'Flying Turns.' In 1981 they recorded Near Marineland, a full-length that never actually saw the light of day but does now and shows the band moving into more diverse and polished territory.
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Played by: Wes Baggaley
 in stock $22.06
Panoramic Colorsound
Panoramic Colorsound (3xLP + postcard)
Cat: DE 300. Rel: 14 Apr 23
A Retro Vice (6:27)
Addiction (Vicki's Revenge) (5:44)
Babalorichas (2:36)
Beautifully Polluted Sunset (4:05)
Better Living Through Circuitry (6:10)
Catastrophe (4:50)
Complicity In The City (5:05)
Confrontation (3:02)
Down The Hall - What We Make Happen (5:48)
Far From Amateur (4:14)
Follow Our Kode (7:01)
High Altitude Meditation (3:32)
Initiative (3:09)
Know Your System (5:16)
Looming Shadows (2:46)
Nyte Sequence (7:38)
On The Edge Of Confrontation (4:59)
Out Where The Transit Buses Don't Run (3:58)
Palm Tree Inferno (2:44)
Rapido (3:21)
Sympathetic Ear (3:06)
The Descent (5:07)
The Monaco Falcon (2:35)
Triangle (Cue Take) (8:33)
Undercover Heist (5:15)
Review: Dark Entries makes the rather impressive milestone of 300 releases with a superb triple album from the Creative Technology Consortium. These tunes were written during the worst of the Covid pandemic lockdowns and find Traxx, Andrew Bisenius, and Jason Letkiewicz all combine to explore film and television music of the 80s and 90's through their vast array of vintage analog and digital synthesizers. The 25 resulting tracks are not just retro homages to those times but bring plenty of EBM, funky bass and cosmic chord patterns to the dancefloor.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $43.85
Veneno Pa Tu Piel
Veneno Pa Tu Piel (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 308. Rel: 04 Jul 23
Funky/Club House
Veneno Pa Tu Piel (Xtended version) (4:31)
Veneno Pa Tu Piel (single version) (4:01)
Rap De La Veneno (House mix) (5:15)
Rap De La Veneno (Digo dub mix) (3:43)
Review: Veneno is the most beloved transgender TV star in Spain and now she arrives on the equally revered Dark Entries label as part of Madrid Pride on June 30th. Cristina Ortiz was a sex worker when she was discovered by the TV program "Este Noche Cruzamos el Mississippi." She became a regular on it with a great sense of wit and a unique way of relaying stories about her work on the streets. Her career in music started in 1996 and has seen her serve up big Eurobeat tunes like 'Veneno Pa Tu Piel' and house cuts such as 'El Rap De La Veneno'. Two mixes of both of those hit tunes are presented here and are enduring gay anthems that will light up any party.
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 in stock $15.04
Card Short Of A Full Deck
Cat: DE 301. Rel: 15 May 23
Card Short Of A Full Deck (4:30)
Le Rale Du Male Alpha (3:22)
Accidental Surgeries (4:07)
Puddle Points (3:25)
Scene Serpents (3:36)
Une Fuite Chaussee Mais Sans Lacets (3:09)
Review: Dark Entries label regulars De-Bons-en-Pierre are back with more of their scuzzy delights in the form of their Card Short of a Full Deck EP. It's drenched in textbook sludginess as is often the way with Beau Wanzer and Maoupa Mazzochetti ever since they came together in 2016. These tunes were all originally written back in 2019 for live performances and really find the pair pushing at the boundaries of accepted social norms. The absurd sounds pair skipping rhythms with dark and freaky basslines and plenty of eerie rave chords to make for an all-new kind of dance floor energy.
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 in stock $16.60
Cloud Sight Fade
Cat: DE 298. Rel: 11 Mar 24
Professor Eucalyptus (5:15)
Lemon Zest (4:59)
Palm Reader (5:41)
C Echo Azure (5:10)
Water Sign (6:44)
Cloud Sight Fade (5:43)
Enchanted Static (6:26)
Review: Dark Entries welcome back the inimitable Doc Sleep aka Melissa Maristuen for a superb new album of ghostly and ethereal house and techno. This is a welcome follow-up to last year's ambient and IDM exploration, Birds, and shows another side that draws on Maristuen's years of queer clubbing. It fuses aspects of New York house, Berlin techno and West-coast breakbeats and is "a love letter to the West Coast's magnificent natural landscape, the light of the Pacific sunrise." That is reflected in the sublime synths and silky rhythms which manage to both move your body but also captivate your mind. It's another cracking album from the Doc.

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 in stock $22.06
Good Night (reissue)
Good Night (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: DE 299. Rel: 03 Aug 23
The Street Enters The House (2:38)
Overthere Comes Overhere (2:36)
A Tunnel With Curves (2:28)
Surrounded By Trees (2:13)
A Light Moves Across Curtains (3:22)
Weightless (2:34)
No Longer (2:17)
Running In The Dark (4:12)
Moving In The Rain (2:23)
On A Beach Lost At Sea (2:01)
The End Of The Road (1:06)
And Fall Alseep (1:44)
An Entry Corridor (2:24)
Outwards & Across (3:14)
Goodnight (2:43)
Review: Ian Elms dropped his now cult classic Good Night album back in 1992. It is widely regarded as a synth masterpiece that drew on the minimal thinking of the Berlin scene, the occult charm of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and a DIY vibe from the early electronic punk world. Across 15 tracks constructed largely from voice and synthesizer, he captured fragments of emotion and embellished them with live drums, samples and a Polymoog Keyboard 280a. It has a haunting and noir charm that has made original copies impossible to find and super expensive if you do. Thankfully, Dark Entries now reissue this special record with a postcard featuring photos and notes from Elms.
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 in stock $22.58
Seams Ruff
Seams Ruff (LP + 7" flexidisc + insert)
Cat: DE 128. Rel: 11 Aug 16
I Don't Know What To Do (2:33)
Radiation Baby (1:40)
Boring (3:01)
Semi-Boring (2:23)
30 Years (6:27)
Inside/Out (2:42)
Filet Mignon (3:21)
Join The Army, Johnny (2:54)
Who Am I? (3:27)
I Bang My Head (Against The Wall) (2:59)
They Read (2:12)
I'm Coming (Bedroom version) (4:04)
I'm Coming (7" flexidisc - live WXPN 1980) (6:13)
$20.50 SAVE 20%
 in stock $16.40
Lesson One
Lesson One (7" + insert with lyrics)
Cat: DE 049. Rel: 16 Oct 13
Lesson One
 in stock $7.52
Figure Study
Figure Study (LP + insert)
Cat: DE 053. Rel: 25 Nov 13
Bad Side
 in stock $22.06
Heartbeat (reissue)
Heartbeat (reissue) (limited pink vinyl 12" + postcard)
Cat: DE 289. Rel: 09 Mar 23
Heartbeat (song version) (5:27)
Heartbeat (dance version) (6:55)
Review: Dark Entries are masters of Italo reissues and they have a number of them dropping at the moment. This one is of Garland's 'Heartbeat' which comes original from 1986. It is a true dancefloor gem that bares all the hallmarks of the era that still remain so loved today. Claudio Corradini produced it with Massimo Filippi and Art Deco singer and songwriter Claudio Valenti used this project for his more club ready sounds. 'Heartbeat' (song version) is a mid tempo tune with sleek staccato bass and a sing-along-worthy chorus that echoes Bronski Beat. The Dance Version is extended for DJs. A postcard with lyrics and liner notes is also included.
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 in stock $15.04
Atfalouna (reissue)
Atfalouna (reissue) (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 287. Rel: 23 May 22
Atfalouna (5:43)
Atfalouna (instrumental) (3:56)
Ibini (4:48)
Ydouchababe (5:16)
Review: Hassan Ideddir's 1989 single "Atfalouna" sees an expanded repress courtesy of Dark Entries. Born to Berber parents in Morocco, Ideddir began making music at the age of 10 after being discovered singing in the stairwell by his school's headmaster. Encouraged by his peers, he began playing concerts, and his status grew. In 1987, he played a string of sold-out concerts in Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakesh, in support of a children's charity. The success of these concerts secured him a record deal, and he went to Paris to record his debut single "Atfalouna" in 1988.
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 in stock $13.24
1982 (LP)
Cat: DE 312. Rel: 01 Mar 24
Facile (3:34)
Dancing + Slaving (3:47)
War=Strong (1:48)
Agua (Diablo) (6:13)
SI (I Couldn't See) (4:53)
A Dull Life (5:10)
We Are One (2:20)
I Killed Picasso (6:05)
Freighter (3:51)
Wolfen (3:33)
Review: Dark Entries takes it back to New York City in around 1982 for this previously unreleased record from Ike Yard. This cult crew was made up of Stuart Argabright, Michael Diekmann, Kenneth Compton, and Fred Szymanski and they worked in their own realm somewhere between proto-body music and No Wave peers in New York. They disbanded just a year after forming having dropped an EP on Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1981 and then a self-titled album for Factory in 1982. Using the Korg MS-20 and the Roland TR-808 they cook up plenty of hybrid electro-acoustic sounds and ramshackle rhythms that are underpinned by moody baselines and perfect to get bodies moving in the club. Whether you're a post-punk fan or lover of weird electronics, this is well worth checking out.
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 in stock $22.06
Instant Music (reissue)
Cat: DE 201. Rel: 16 Apr 18
My Boy (3:55)
Do Not (2:18)
Joyboy (1:43)
Everybody's Gotta Mutate (3:36)
Charade (5:42)
Optimate Minimum (5:13)
Review: The members of Munich's Instant Music have all done their fair share of wonderful things throughout the 80s post-wave scene, but their one-off LP as Instant Music is the one that still gets all the praise, both from listeners and second-hand sharks, so it's only natural that the mythical Dark Entries have gone on to reissue it in all its glory. The 1981 album is a stand-out piece of work, managing to merge the very best of post-punk, synth-wave and, yes, even a little bit of proto-techno. The latter is heard mainly through its arrangements and bass tones, perfectly formed for dancefloor action...and domination. All of it is, of course, guided by the wonderfully subtle and minimalistic vocals of Marion Siekmann, who then went on to do great things with Ski Und Der Rest. Recommended!
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 in stock $13.53
Everyone Is My Age (reissue)
Cat: DE 231. Rel: 06 Nov 18
Overture (1:57)
Think It's You (3:47)
Big Generation (4:23)
Do I (3:18)
Selfish Heart (4:57)
Whats Going On (2:59)
Everyone Is (1:33)
Clear Eyes (2:57)
Emotion 2 (4:56)
Night (4:29)
My Age (4:37)
Chantilly Lace (3:49)
Review: Baby Buddha is the experimental new wave duo of Charles Hornaday (vocals, guitar, electronics, drums) and David Javelosa (vocals, electronics, clarinet). Born from late night improvisations of San Francisco synth-punks Los Microwaves with a rotating cast of musicians. Live shows would include music, projections, dance and performance art in both clubs and gallery spaces. In 1980, Howie Klein's 415 Records released their first single of Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man". In 1981, 'Music For Teenage Sex' was their first full length album released via Poshboy Records. It featured Los Microwaves' Meg Brazill, Poshboy boss Robbie Fields, and Kathy Peck as "Tammy Why-not", who later went on to found H.E.A.R (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers). In January 1983 Kathy, Charles and David went into the studio with a couple of Kathy's original "country" songs and began working on a sophomore album. They also incorporated songs from a live multi-track recording of a concert at the Graffiti Club on June 6th 1984. The album titled 'Everyone Is My Age' sat unreleased until 1987 due to relocation to Los Angeles and eventually found a home on David's Hyperspace Communications, the original label for the first Los Microwaves singles. For this first time reissue we've added a previously unreleased bonus song "What's Going On," a Kathy Peck original. All songs have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The vinyl comes housed in the original jacket featuring a collage by David Javelosa and includes an insert with lyrics, photos and liner notes.
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Played by: In Flagranti
 in stock $17.39
Endangered Species Vol 1
Cat: DE 262. Rel: 18 Sep 20
John King - "Munich" (4:18)
The Actor - "Picture 210" (demo) (3:31)
Brazil - "Tvoj Svijet" (3:41)
Jamal Khe - "L'Etranger (Ana Gharib)" (4:38)
Nightless - "Abemus Mind" (6:01)
Review: In eleven years of deep digging, Dark Entries has uncovered many curiosities, lone exemplars of the scarsest breeds. They are lurking in Croatia, on the streets of New York, maybe in the back of your own dusty closet - these odd-ball Italo and synth-wave monsters are too rare to live, too divine to die. Once-lost creatures now have a home with Dark Entries' new Endangered Species series. The inaugural edition features five specimens previously deemed extinct, only mentioned passingly in lore and speculation, but now safely preserved on vinyl.
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 in stock $14.80
Linea Aspera (10th Anniversary Edition)
Linea Aspera (10th Anniversary Edition) (limited clear vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: DE 031C. Rel: 31 Aug 22
Review: Linea Aspera is the London duo of Ryan Ambridge (Synths/Programming) and Alison Lewis (Vocals/Synths). They began the project in November 2011, technically drawing inspiration from electronic music from the early 1980s. Within the duo, Alison writes and performs all vocal elements, while Ryan is responsible for the writing and performing of the electronics, as well as recording and mixing of the final recordings. For their debut album they utilized small, simple analog synthesizer set up: Roland SH-09, Roland Juno 6, Vermona DRM MKiii, Korg Poly 800 and Analogue Solutions Semblance. Linea Aspera's sound includes clear influences from early electronic body music, classic synth-pop and, in some instances, industrial and noise. Lyrically the band incorporates the sciences of osteology, neuroscience, and anthropology weaving a new medical language around themes of desire, despair and renewal. Linea Aspera serve up an icebox of dark doom riding on Alison's powerful vocals with a soft but sharp touch.
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Elevator To Eden
Cat: DE 032LP. Rel: 29 Oct 12
Imperial Motors
Golden Age
The Rock Drill
Cold Expression
Red Suit
In The Image Of Youth
Played by: Ekoplekz
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Flamingo Boots (reissue)
Cat: DE 168. Rel: 28 Jun 17
I'll Just Be A Minute (6:10)
Nurse Coven Rides Again (6:35)
Crotch Rocket (5:16)
The Handoff (6:37)
Played by: Luv*Jam, ROTCIV
Tags: Nu Disco
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II (limited LP + insert)
Cat: DE 318. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Last Room (4:55)
Undone (4:34)
Earthen Track (5:23)
Another Dream (5:34)
Winter's Door (5:27)
Mirage (4:41)
Power Melts Away (6:51)
Review: Bay Area DIY pop duo Loveshadow join up with Dark Entries to release II, their sophomore LP. Anya Prisk and Izaak Schlossman met in Oakland in 2016, bonded over their love of '80s sounds and immediately began building their musical world with lush synths, funky basslines, and irresistible hooks. The past is always in their palette, but Loveshadow's nostalgia doesn't trace to any single locus; it's more like a cloud, and it's through this haze that they breathe new life into the music they love. Their debut album was released in 2021 on Music from Memory to acclaim. II presents a more subtle and refined statement from the band - laser-focused on the vaporous expanse. Album opener 'Last Room' saunters with the confidence of Sade, while 'Earthen Track' feels like Kate Bush covering a forgotten city pop anthem. The album is largely focused on club-friendly material, but mellower pieces like 'Winter's Door' and 'Mirage' are sophisticated standouts that would make Ryuchi Sakamoto proud. Italo-funk groover 'Power Melts Away' closes out the album by upping the energy into fist-pumping territory. Anya's lyrics on II use the unreality of dreams as a lens to examine the realities of change and personal growth; illusions made material. Loveshadow elegantly smear the lines between past and present, pop and avant, immanent and transcendent.
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Stand Scatter
Cat: DE 309. Rel: 15 Dec 23
Forming Lines (6:31)
Choreography (9:06)
It's Right There In Front Of You (7:03)
No Floor (2:54)
Review: The ever-popular and always innovative Dark Entries welcomes Lust Pattern for more deviant electro explorations here and i isn't the first time the artists has graced the label in such fashion: Ryan Armbridge has previously done so as Linea Aspera many times before, exploring coldwave revivalist sounds alongside Zoe Zanias. With this alias, though, he looks to post-punk and electro-funk for inspiration. Opener 'Forming Lines' is redolent of Drexciyan squelch with plenty of live drumming powering it on. 'Choreography' has a similarly aquatic feel but with faster drums and more urgent funk and 'It's Right There In Front Of You' then slows to a predatory and menacing crawl. 'No Floor' is a motorik workout with the squelchiest of mutant synth sounds and rickety rhythms.
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Next World Sound Series Vol 2
Next World Sound Series Vol 2 (gatefold silver vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: HYPSPLP 010. Rel: 06 Feb 24
LX Rudis - "Soma" (intro) (5:33)
Obercyclone 10-17 (4:37)
Oberenginen 01b (4:04)
Xpander 0930 (3:38)
Soma Beats (1) (5:39)
Soma (outro) (5:33)
Jack Curtis Dubowsky - "Bolsa Chica Surf" (30:00)
GataTech - "John Gore" (2:58)
Destruct (part 2) (5:44)
Orbit (6:50)
Raindrops Falling From The Sky (4:37)
Revelation (2:49)
Lixsm (2:01)
Krispy Kat Whack - "Live At The Lube Room" (26:32)
Review: "The Next World Sound Series is a collection of work by contemporary sound artists working in long form instrumental composition and translated to the tangible medium of vinyl. These modern day offerings capture the analog quality and experience of last century electronic recordings, presented to you with today's technological advances in home playback, for your environmental listening pleasure." Or so say heads at the iconic and truly enigmatic label Dark Entries of this latest addition to their catalogue. A collection of work that spans the strangely frantic sci-fi tones of 'Oberenginen 0930' to the almost monastic drone of 'Soma', dubbed and muffled drums and vocals on 'Lixsm', club-ready broken beats of 'Destruct', and the evocative futurist refrains and samples of 'John Gore'. As expansive as it is exploratory and adventurous, you'll need to set aside some serious listening time for your first play here.
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Maxx Mann
Maxx Mann (LP + booklet)
Cat: DE 270. Rel: 27 Mar 20
Leather Man (7:08)
Like A Killer (True Love Is Always True) (4:25)
Bloody & Blue (instrumental) (5:39)
Our Love Won't Last The Night (instrumental) (4:15)
Our Love Won't Last The Night (5:57)
Bloody & Blue (7:10)
Leather Man (instrumental) (4:30)
Like A Killer (True Love Is Always True) (instrumental) (4:23)
Review: New York cold wave pair Mixx Mann formed in 1981 and was made up of songwriter and vocalist Frank Oldham Jr and producer Paul Hamman. This is their debut album form the same year and it provides a real insight into the life of gay people at the times. Musically it is a slick and adventurous album with urgent beats, cold wave synths and neat guitar riffs all finished off with the involving vocals of Oldham Jr. For this first reissue, Dark Entries have added two bonus instrumental cuts alongside the original which makes it an essential addition to the ranks of any new wave lover's shelves.

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Lost Tracks Vol 1
Cat: DE 098. Rel: 30 Jul 15
Leather Forever (5:26)
Nightlife (3:41)
Miss Crazy Bullshit (4:47)
Loving The Alien (4:19)
Review: It's been some six years since Caroline "Miss Kittin" Herve and Michel "The Hacker" Amato last delivered fresh material together. While we await further news of their long-mooted comeback, there's this tasty EP of previously unheard archive material to enjoy. Made up of tracks recorded between 1997 and '99 - when their production partnership was in its' infancy - The Lost Tracks Volume 1 contains a number of fuzzy, stylish, floor-friendly bangers, from the S&M-themed madness of opener "Leather Forever" and stripped-back electro gem "Nightlife" (a tribute to Berlin clubs of the period, apparently), to the high-tempo acid-loaded freakishness of "Loving The Alien". Top-notch sleaze.
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Music From Hell (reissue)
Cat: DE 295CD. Rel: 31 Oct 23
Alien Point Of View
Cardinal Newman
Fat Cow
Nothing To Hide
People Like You
Regress For You
Christian Lovers
Bathroom Sluts
Pie On A Ledge
Push, Push, Push
Alice's Song
Praise The Lord
My Mommy's Chest
Poets (Early version)
Pretty Vacant
Scandinavian Dilemma
She Works For Safeway
Bible Stories
Baby Face
Berlin Red Head
Green Tile Floor
Bathroom Sluts
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Opera Multisteel
Cat: DE 067. Rel: 14 Aug 14
Fetes Komite
Jardin Botanique
Review: Just the one reissue this month from Dark Entries, but it's a real synthpop gem with Opera Multisteel's self titled debut from 1984 is granted a new edition. Aside from a cassette release in 1987, this is the first proper reissue and it presents the chance to get your hands on a truly rare, weird and wonderful piece of music. The vocals might be a tad conspicuous on first listen, but if you give them a chance to sink in you'll realise how quirky and special they really are. Each track stems form the same seed, a fast-paced, drum machine-led chant about life, love and loss.
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Sun Masks Remixes
Sun Masks Remixes (12" + postcard)
Cat: DE 163. Rel: 10 Jul 17
Lego (Avalon Emerson version) (7:32)
Lego (Lena Willikens remix) (5:20)
Hoping By Shopping (Kim Ann Foxman remix) (6:01)
Wrong Love (Borusiade remix) (6:47)
 in stock $13.49
Senza Respiro (reissue)
Senza Respiro (reissue) (LP + postcard)
Cat: DE 219. Rel: 13 Aug 18
Dietro Ai Vetri (4:45)
Occidente (3:34)
Alibi (4:16)
Charme (3:14)
Altri Giorni (5:11)
Vita Immaginaria (3:45)
Tutto Cio Che Ami (4:38)
Jezz-Ah (4:44)
L'uomo Del Sogno (4:35)
Un'estate Inclemente I (4:08)
Review: Polaroid were an Italian post-punk/new wave band, formed in Turin in 1981. The original lineup of the band consisted of Marcello Zavatto (voice, guitar), Massimo Vagnarelli (bass, drum-machine), Evandro Fornasier (guitar), Claudio Vagnarelli (synthersizer) and Marco Farano (Drums). Polaroid made their debut with the cassette 6-track EP 'Senza Respiro', self-released in 1984. Influenced by Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Cure, Pere Ubu as well as Chic and Talking Heads. The music was dark and cold, but also melodic especially with regards to guitars and voices. At the end of 1984 the band added vocalist Michele Cantoblundo while drummer Marco left and was replaced by a Roland TR-909. With Michele began a period of very dark and poetic music, influenced also by bands like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and The Sisters of Mercy. The band peacefully broke-up in 1987. This vinyl re-issue of 'Senza Respiro' contains all 6 original songs with 4 bonus tracks from the band's later period. All songs have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The record is housed in custom jacket designed by Eloise Leigh and includes 4 polaroid sized postcards with photos notes and lyrics.
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No Jack Swing
No Jack Swing (LP + insert)
Cat: DE 310. Rel: 21 Jul 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Blues Of Every Night (feat Bergo Husky) (3:35)
Girl From Ghost Town (3:27)
The New Depression (3:33)
I Got Joy (feat Briana Fletcher & The New Zion Missionary Baptist Church Chior Of Belle Mina, Alabama) (4:03)
Mama Don't Fuck For Beats - The Beats They Fuck For Mother (Does Your Mother Know?)
The Reason I Can't Fucking Stand You (No Cigarettes) (feat Summer Troupe & Briana Flecther)
Rudolph Valentino
Review: Dark Entries joins forces with Papi Juice Records for No Jack Swing, a new and fantastic solo electronic debut from Oakland-based Brontez Purnell. The Southern-raised musician centres his queerness and Blackness in his work, most notably his Gravy Train and Younger Lovers projects as well as with award-winning books 100 Boyfriends and Since I Laid My Burden Down. Here he focuses on the amen-break of the 808 and on that foundation uses a collage of found sound materials to build a vibe. Bedroom instrumentals, poems from boys in France and childhood gospel tapes are all drawn upon to make for a lived-up, autobiographical sound produced by Nightfeelings.
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A Boy Alone
A Boy Alone (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DE 220. Rel: 07 Sep 18
Subliminal (4:41)
23 Skidoo (3:17)
Dow Chemical Comapany (4:24)
Skin Deep (4:46)
In Serious Dub (3:52)
Meets The Bedlamites In Cassette Conference (3:45)
Slaves & Pyramids (live) (6:29)
6:55 (5:22)
Pure Power (demo) (5:45)
Subliminal Seduction (5:23)
Bedlam A Go-Go (4:54)
Liquid Metal (6:46)
Mad As Mankind (6:43)
Dream Web Of Maya (5:44)
Pure Power (4:00)
Review: We are honored to release 'A Boy Alone', a double LP set from Manchester electronic music pioneer Eric Random. Best known for his early recordings for New Hormones and Les Disques du Crepuscule and collaborations with Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks), Cabaret Voltaire and Nico. As an original member of The Tiller Boys with Shelley, Random injected a healthy dose of Krautrock into the dour Manchester post-punk scene in 1978/79 before going solo the following year. Random's first 7" "Subliminal"/"23 Skidoo" was released in 1981 via Les Disques du Crepuscule and explored ominous sonic surrounds. That same year also saw the release of a second 7" single on New Hormones, "Dow Chemical Company"/ "Skin Deep". Both tracks offered bubbling, rhythmic sound patterns, and were the first to feature other musicians that would become know as The Bedlamites. Consisting of Lynn Walton on vocals, Ian Runacres and Andy Diagram of Dislocation Dance, and bassist Wayne Worm, aka Wayne Sedgeman. Their debut 12" single "Subliminal Seduction"/"Bedlam-a-Go-Go" was released in 1982 through Plurex, mixing arid funk textures and sparse melodies. That same year the group contributed proto chill-out track "6.55" to Plurex compilation 'Hours' and the highly filmic track "In Cassette Conference" to the Touch cassette package 'Feature Mist'. In 1983, Random spent several months in the Himalayas with a group of musicians from the Kulu Valley and studied non-Western instruments such as tabla. On returning to Manchester, Random convened a new group of Belamites including Walton, Sedgeman and drummer Graham Dowdall aka Dids of Ludus. They released the 12" single "Mad As Mankind"/"Dream Web Of Maya" in 1984 on Cabaret Voltaire's Doublevision, embracing electronic, industrial and dub styles. In 1985 they contributed the soothing "Pure Power" to Food Records' "Imminent Episode One" compilation. Our reissue also includes 4 unreleased bonus tracks from Eric's archives recorded between 1981-1984. The whole set adds up to 115 minutes of sinister, somnambulant Random music. All songs have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. Each copy is housed in a gatefold jacket designed by Eloise Leigh featuring a spread of ephemera, photos with liner notes by James Nice of LTM.
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Fragments (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 221. Rel: 10 Oct 18
Dreams Of Leaving (7:45)
Server (2:59)
A Strange Traveller (4:09)
Sand Drip (7:41)
Sisyphus (7:28)
Review: Raw formed during the summer of 1990 in Athens, Greece when keyboardist Giannis Papaioannou and percussionist Makis Faros started composing music for imaginary waiting rooms. They combined the traditional cut-up technique of tape-loops, the industrial timbres of musique concrete with the harmonics of world music, all filtered through digital sampling and computer programming. Their first recordings generated an 8 track demo, which was freely distributed among friends and the local underground press. After 6 months of work and several sessions with guest musicians on acoustic and electric instruments, Raw self-released their first album 'Land' in December 1991 on Elfish Records. In 1992 they recruited the band's sound engineer, Coti K., as a third member, both on stage and studio sessions. 'City' was their second album fully inspired by the mechanisms of their home town. Presenting a different electronic face of Raw, manipulating rhythms with analogue synthesizers and harsh sampling to evoke the atmosphere of Athens.
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Paralysis (12" + booklet)
Cat: DE 274. Rel: 31 Jul 20
Paralysis (4:31)
ACC (2:15)
GBD (5:00)
Track 4 (4:04)
Ugly Talk (7:11)
Review: Robert Rental is an artist as influential as he is overlooked. An anchor of the early British DIY and post-punk scene, his name is most frequently uttered alongside illustrious collaborators such as Thomas Leer and Daniel Miller. Dark Entries and Optimo ally to illuminate some of Rental's early solo works with an expanded reissue of his debut 7" Paralysis /A.C.C.. Both labels have previously excavated Rental's catalog; we reissued the collaborative LP with Glenn Wallis in 2017, and Optimo released a collection of demos in 2018.
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Lost In A Sea Full Of Sighs (remastered)
Cat: DE 115. Rel: 12 May 21
Imagination (5:30)
When I See You (3:13)
Landslide (2:58)
50:50 (3:39)
There Was No Time (2:51)
Colourless Dream (4:41)
Things We Never Did (4:05)
Lost In A Moment (4:17)
The Tightrope Touch (5:16)
Review: Sad Lovers & Giants are a post-punk band from Watford, England who formed in 1980. The original lineup included vocalist Garce (Simon) Allard, guitarist Tristan Garel-Funk, bassist Cliff Silver, drummer Nigel Pollard and keyboardist/saxophonist David Wood. They released their first 3-song 7" EP "Cle" followed by the "Colourless Dream" single both in 1981 and "Lost In A Moment" 7" single in 1982. They released two studio albums, Epic Garden Music (1982) and Feeding the Flame (1983), before temporarily disbanding. In 2016, Dark Entries released Lost In A Sea Full of Sighs, a collection of the band's early work, but the record incorrectly included 1988 versions of the two songs from the "Lost In A Moment". For this repress, the tracklist has been corrected to include the original 1982 recordings of "Lost In A Moment" and "The Tightrope Touch".
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 in stock $20.24
I Need A Freak (reissue)
I Need A Freak (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DE 264. Rel: 15 Jan 21
I Need A Freak (5:48)
If I Gave You A Party (5:36)
You Are My Sexual Connection (4:46)
Exercise Your Ass Off (5:38)
KISSING (6:16)
We Didn't Say It (6:17)
We Want Prince (6:05)
These Are The Things That I Like (6:29)
Review: Dark Entries is pleased to announce a deluxe reissue of Sexual Harrassment's 1983 opus I Need A Freak. Lynn Tolliver, DJ/Program Director at Cleveland's WZAK, adopted the pseudonym David Payton in order to keep his musical endeavors separate from his public persona. Sexual Harrassment (misspelled deliberately) was formed as a concept band, with members selected based on appearance and choreographic skill rather than musical ability. Tolliver's explicit lyrics focused on the central themes of desire and sexual relations. Working at a studio in Akron, he recorded an album of quirky-yet-lurid electro funk, which was released on Heat Records. Tolliver remarks, "I learned as a youngster, sex sells! The things that are rated the worst - violence, horror and sex - are the things people want to see or hear about." I Need a Freak was a surprise hit, selling over 100,000 copies.
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A Blind Sign (reissue)
A Blind Sign (reissue) (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 164. Rel: 10 Jul 17
A Blind Sign (6:19)
Sargasso Sea (7:24)
On Reflexion (6:10)
Sargasso Sea (1981 demo) (7:58)
Review: Amongst minimal wave and alternative synth-pop enthusiasts, short-lived London band Shoc Corridor has an excellent reputation. Although they released a pair of albums and a gaggle of singles in 1983 and '84, it is '82 debut single A Blind Sign that gets collectors drooling. On this Dark Entries reissue, it's easy to see why. Flipside cut "Sargasso Sea", a fantastically spaced-out combination of heavily dub influenced post-punk bass, minimalist drum machine hits and liquid electronics, is particularly special, while "On Reflection" is a fine slab of swooning, near Balearic electronica. The title track, a Gary Numan-esque chunk of mutant synth-pop that bizarrely includes some jangly acoustic guitars amongst the arpeggio bass and twittering synthesizer melodies, is also inspired.
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Selected Deep House Anthems
Cat: DE 141. Rel: 21 Nov 16
Rhythm Crash (7:31)
The Home Circus (4:19)
Motor Hum (4:02)
Hard Wired (7:42)
Review: By the time they released the cheekily titled Deep House Anthems in 1991, Chris Shepard and Mike Mangino had been releasing thrillingly odd cassettes as Smersh for eight years. Despite the title, it's typical of their work, focusing as it does on a bombastic fusion of industrial attitude, EBM style vocals, ragged acid lines and obvious electro influences. Here, four tracks from that cassette appear on vinyl for the first time, thanks to the efforts of San Fran crate diggers Dark Entries. The quartet of cuts is as bombastic and full throttle as you'd expect, with acid-fuelled opener "Rhythm Crash" and techno slammer "Hard Wired" being our pick of the bunch.
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Octopus (LP + insert)
Cat: DE 293. Rel: 12 Aug 22
Post Rock/Experimental
Dokun (5:43)
Down By The Down (2:47)
Wake Up Song (3:39)
I Don't Know Why I'm Crying Now (2:49)
Believers (2:54)
Fuck You (3:12)
The Time (2:56)
Lilly & I (3:30)
Octopus (4:04)
Goodbye (6:05)
Review: Exploring electroacoustic techniques via piano, guitar, voice, and synthesizer, Istanbul-based composer, performer, and DJ Eylul Deniz makes her debut for the Dark Entries label under the Sunfear project name. The results fall somewhere between ambient, jazz, and experimental music with the addition of het haunting voice adding to the feeling of traditional songwriting being subverted and abstracted. Always taking unexpected turns, the title track even dipping into slow motion hip-hop beats, this Is a sometimes dark, sometimes uplifting exploration into totally original and highly memorable new territory.
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Interior Spring (B-STOCK)
Cat: DE 319. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Review: ***B-STOCK: Creasing to corner of outer sleeve but otherwise in excellent condition***

Dark Entries are back with more of that sweet, sweet goth sauce in the shape of Topographies. The San Francisco band have been building up a following for their faithful tribute to sad-eyed synth-pop and new wave from the early 80s, releasing an album in 2020 on Funeral Party as well as a single for Sonic Cathedral. It's not hard to pick out the influences, and it all makes sense when you learn Gray Tolhurst is the son of The Cure's Laurence Tolhurst. They're not simply aping another band's sound though and if you can't get enough of that quintessential goth rock sound, you're going to love this record.
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