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ホーム  Labels  Blueprint
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Raw Regimen
Cat: BP 063. Rel: 11 Mar 22
  1. Raw Regimen
  2. Native Intelligence
  3. Polly Tension
  4. Turning Point
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est. release 11 Mar 22 $10.60
Basement Jams 2
Cat: BP 060. Rel: 04 Aug 21
  1. Latch (3:37)
  2. Twister (4:24)
  3. Zone (3:57)
  4. Drive (3:56)
  5. Arc (4:27)
Review: In the lengthy history of UK techno, few producers have a stronger (or for that matter, longer) track record than old friends James Ruskin and Mark Broom. These days, their collaborative releases are relatively rare, but they're always worth picking up. As you'd expect, this second volume in their Basement Jams series is suitably frenetic and forthright, delivering a quintet of heavyweight tracks aimed squarely at peak-time techno dancefloors. They start as they mean to go on with thunderous, acid-fired stomper 'Latch', before cycling through thumping lo-fi jack tracks ('Twister'), intense bouncy techno (the breathless beats, fizzing electronics and raw riffs of 'Zone'), fuzzy late-night insanity (the deliciously warped 'Drive') and stripped-back drum tracks ('Arc', with its wayward acid riffs and slowly intensifying percussion).
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 in stock $10.32
Shortcut (12")
Cat: BP 058. Rel: 25 Jun 21
  1. Shortcut (5:56)
  2. Hang Up (4:32)
  3. Drums Eyes (5:01)
 in stock $7.80
Chapter One
Cat: BP 062. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Page 1 (6:17)
  2. Page 2 (5:41)
  3. Page 3 (6:06)
  4. Page 4 (5:59)
Review: A maddening new collab EP between James Ruskin and DVS1, 'Chapter One' hears the two famous faces flick through of a lost, prophetic techno tome, each track conveying the various omens and forbidden knowledge found on each page. 'Page 1' blends pitch-shifted, helicoptring stabs with pulsating beats; 'Page 2' sounds off-key alarms and awakens parasympathetic responses; 'Page 3' stims and satiates sax samples into something ever-more sinister; while the arpeggiating relief of 'Page 4' bloops away into the foreground like an electronic rainmaker. A thoroughly impressive 25th birthday celebration for the Blueprint Records heads.
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 in stock $10.60


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