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ホーム  Labels  Before I Die
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Before I Die レコード& CD

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UFO (limited 12")
Cat: BID 004. Rel: 11 Apr 23
UFO (Andi Hanley rework) (7:32)
UFO (5:26)
Review: Reissued by Before I Die after being singled out as a choice cut from a recent Swedish library music compilation, 'UFO' is a cosmic funk jam by one lesser-cited duo known as Falk & Klou. This being their only collaboration, the fused efforts of Carl Johan Fogelklou and Fredrik Segerfalk make for an otherworldly experience, with lasery sound FX and a strange narration complementing this toothy electro-funk oddball. The remix by Andi Henley (Ruf Kutz) on the A-side cements the track's importance.
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 in stock $16.89
Swahili Lullaby
Cat: BID 008.
Post Rock/Experimental
Swahili Lullaby
Teekon Warriors
Daisy High
Swahili Lullaby (Synkro Balearic dub mix)
Swahili Lullaby (Talking Drums Redub)
Played by: Manu Archeo
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Dub Tapes Vol 1
Dub Tapes Vol 1 (limited double 12")
Cat: BID 007. Rel: 13 May 24
Garden Pond (4:54)
Lake Lounge (7:04)
Midnight Express (4:56)
Tabarca (4:37)
Evening Post (5:54)
Globulus (5:29)
Baund (7:41)
Review: Before I Die have been putting out some high-grade leftfield delights from respected operators like Bernardino Femminelli, Tungusku and most recently Sewell & The Gong. Now it's the turn of Klangkollektor, indulging a collection of hazy dub excursions which sit somewhere near Balearic splendour, piano-charged melancholy and isolation tank meditation. In the dub tradition the approach is consistent and evenly paced, but it's certainly not aiming for any kind of typical Jamaican sound. Instead, there's a gentle introspection to the melodic content which gels perfectly with the spacious approach to mixing, unfurling across four sides of wax for an album you can just melt into.
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 in stock $28.78
BID 006
BID 006 (12")
Cat: BID 006. Rel: 06 Sep 23
Tonight We Fly (4:16)
Passing Oort Clouds (4:22)
The Stars In The Sky & The Stones In The Earth (3:49)
Better Words (9:11)
Review: Matt Sewell is a number of things - author, artist, illustrator and curator of killer compilations - but until now 'Balearic producer' was not one of them. Sewell & The Gong is his new sunset-ready project, created in collaboration with fellow producer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Tate. The pair's debut EP is full of slow-burn, sun-kissed treats, with Sewell's acoustic guitar sounds providing a focal point throughout. They set the tone with gorgeous, pastoral-sounding opener 'Tonight We Fly' - a folksy, sun-soaked treat - before tiptoeing towards Balearic dancefloors with the throbbing and summery 'Passing oort Clouds'. 'The Stars In The Sky & The Stones In The Earth' is like a more acoustic take on Seahawks, while 'Better Words' is a hypnotic, slo-mo chugger.
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 in stock $17.69
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