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Audiophile Circuits League

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Audiophile Circuits League

ACL Discrete Core Ladder Filter VCF Module
Cat: 665165 Rel: 18 Oct 17
Transistor ladder VCF with advanced low-pass design - 18HP
Notes: The Discrete Core Ladder VCF shines with crisp sound, a very low noise-floor and a multitude of technical gimmicks. The module features a three-channel input mixer with saturation capabilities. Four outputs provide audio material filtered with -6 dB, -12 dB, -18 dB and -24 dB edge steepness. Each connector is phase-shifted by 90 degrees compared to the prior socket. Cutoff and resonance are voltage controllable. While self-oscillating, the filter can be played chromatically. This means, that the Discrete Core Ladder VCF is usable as a quadrature VCO as well. Thanks to a boost knob, the bass fundament can be kept intact at high resonance settings. A high-pass filter in the feedback path allows users to alter the resonance behaviour. Compared to Moog's classic Ladder design, the sound of the ACL circuit is considerably rougher. Saturation effects lead to roaring results. Tip: Be sure to try out filter FM patches!
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ACL Dual State Variable VCF Filter Module
Cat: 665158 Rel: 18 Oct 17
State variable filter with 12dB slope, individual outputs & variable filter routing - 26HP
Notes: The Dual State Variable VCF consists of two multimode filters with high-pass, band-pass, notch and low-pass outputs. The circuits feature an edge steepness of -12 dB per octave. Routing options allow serial or parallel connection. Thanks to normalizations and a total of three cutoff potentiometers, stereo material can be processed as comfortably as mono signals.

Furthermore, a well-known feature from the Oberheim SEM synthesizer was implemented in the Dual State Variable VCF: The notch characteristic can be weighted more to the high-pass or low-pass side.

The resonance sounds extraordinarily rich and wet, even high values never sound all too harsh. While self-oscillating, the filters can be played like sine oscillators. By modulating both circuits in opposite direction, users are able to achieve interesting stereo effects.
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ACL Envelope X3 Triple Envelope Generator Module
Cat: 655470 Rel: 03 Jul 17
Envelope generator module - 21 HP
Notes: The ADSR envelope from the Japanese 100m system is well-known for its percussivity and the enormous punch. ACL gives us three of them in one single Eurorack module, the Envelope X3.

Sometimes an envelope generator doesn't have to be function-ladden, but just reliable, solid and good. This is what ACL achieves with the Envelope X3 module. The technical quality originates in precision components, as used in measuring instruments for instance, in order to keep the parameters exact, always the same and to keep you happy.

Three identical, classic Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release envelopes are integrated; function-wise rather simple with a gate input and one positive and one inverted envelope output each. The gate inputs are normalized (1 -> 2 -and 1 -> 3; with input 1 as master) which minimizes the amount of patch cords. Normalizations can be disrupted by patching a cable.

Each envelope generator has a time range switch with two positions to select between short and long envelope times.

The LEDs for visualisation were omitted to keep the power consumption low.
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ACL Kazu To EVE1 Connection Cable
ACL Kazu To EVE1 Connection Cable (module connection cable)
Cat: 698460 Rel: 08 Aug 18
Module connection cable
Notes: This cable is needed to connect the ACL KAZU PSU module to the EVE busboard. The cable is equipped with two five-pin connectors, which are compatible to KAZU and EVE-1.

Module and bus board are not included.
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ACL Mini MIDI USB MIDI To CV Converter Module
Cat: 776679 Rel: 06 Aug 20
MIDI to CV converter module
Notes: Compact solution for converting MIDI signals to Eurorack-friendly CV. USB in from hardware devices or a host DAW. Pitch, gate, clock, start/stop and CC outputs. Simple but effective.

Supplier notes:
The ACL MINI MIDI is a USB MIDI to CV convertor module in a small module.

It uses MIDI CLOCK, START/STOP, one selectable MIDI Controller and a monophonic MIDI Note to be converted to Eurorack compatible CV, GATE and clock signals.

It can be used as USB MIDI to CV interface by connecting to your computer via the USB B port. A Class Compliant USB MIDI device can be connected to the USB A port.
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ACL Multi Function Discrete VCO Module
Cat: 690905 Rel: 17 Dec 18
Flagship oscillator featuring ten individual waveform outputs - 26HP
Notes: We are proud to present our newest workpiece: The ACL Multifunction Discrete VCO combines a massive single saw tooth core with a strong sub oscillator - each of them with its individual wave shaper. As usual, we didn't spare any effort to bring you the best quality - from the inside right to the outside.

The module comes with saw, inverted saw, PW rectangle, triangle and sine - all important waveforms of a proper modular unit are featured. We constructed all signal paths in fully discrete design up to the outputs - but it is much more to it than just a clone of a classical VCO:

If you play with the linear detune, it is possible to create awesome "beating effects" between two or more VCOs. The direct relation between the linear detune and VCO response makes it possible to use the same frequency at every pitch - for an atmospheric, rich and alive sound.

If you play the VCO in LFO mode, the module enables to control the speed in the same way as in VCO mode. If you leave V/Oct CV, you can generate very long lasting sweeps.

Another strong feature are the big syncing capabilities: Adjust the sync amount manually or via CV between the range of sync and no sync - and surf through variable degrees from soft to hard sync.

The core should sync to all repeatable waveforms - approximately exceeding 1 V pp - but in case sync wave is important for some applications, it is possible to choose between falling and rising edge sync in order to hold the proper phase relation between the syncing and the synced wave.

The Gate Input gives you the option to reset the VCO core at the beginning of every note. This feature is highly recommended for the creation of bass and percussion patches if every attack should sound equal and systematic at each time the notes are played. The Gate Input can be used as hard-sync input as well, even in the same time with the Sync input.

You are free to modulate both the oscillator and sub oscillator rectangle wave pulse widths through their separate PWM Ins and PW pots.

On top of this, you also have the possibility to choose between different PWM "carrier" waves to change the PWM-behaviour: Rising and Falling Sawtooth will create an unsymmetrical PWM, while Triangle will create a very musical sounding symmetrical PWM.
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ACL Multi II Buffered & Unbuffered Multiple Module
Cat: 673535 Rel: 22 Dec 17
Multiple module consisting of an active & passive signal distributor
Notes: The ACL Multi II is a Multiple module providing both non-buffered and buffered outputs. The non-buffered section has one input and six outputs, freely interchangeable and the buffered section consists of one inverting and one non-inverting high-impedance input and five low-impedance outputs. Due to the use of precision low-tolerance resistors and low-noise/low DC-drift/Offset Operational Amplifiers, the module reliably delivers minimal error copies of the incoming signals. The inverting and non-inverting buffered inputs can also function as a mixer, giving at the outputs the difference between the respective signals fed to them.
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ACL Pan Mix Mixer Module
ACL Pan Mix Mixer Module (synth module)
Cat: 776671 Rel: 30 Jun 20
mixer module
Notes: The ACL Pan Mix module mixes up to four different mono sources into a stereo output with panorama and gain control. It also includes an stereo aux input, which will be added unity gain to the sum for cascading purposes.
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ACL Sum Sum Mixer Module
ACL Sum Sum Mixer Module (synth module)
Cat: 776668 Rel: 30 Jun 20
mixer module
Notes: The ACL SUM SUM consists of two rows of six inputs that are summed into one output each.

It can be used as a stereo signal summer or two mono signal summers, either audio or CV.

The internal gain of each row can be switched between Unity gain, a gain of 0.5 (-6dB) or 0.33 (-9.5dB) using convenient dip switches on the back of the module.
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ACL System 2 Desktop Modular Synthesiser
ACL System 2 Desktop Modular Synthesiser (desktop modular synthesiser)
Cat: 765867 Rel: 17 Jul 20
Desktop modular synthesiser
Notes: Beautiful complete modular system from Berlin-based Audiophile Circuits League. Based around two contrasting VCOs and a ladder filter, but with massive depth beyond the basics.

Supplier notes:
With System II Audiophile Circuits League presents a powerful modular Synthesizer with two full-featured Oscillators and an extremely musical Lowpass filter. Based on the Multifunction Discrete VCO and the Variable Sync VCO, System II serves with an unbelievably vast sound spectrum, from thick basses to aggressive Leads. The new VC Dual Amp provides a crystal clear sound, which can be perfectly integrated in the studio thanks to the high quality Audio Interface.

System II is a beautiful compact system, suitable for all situations.

System 2 is a modular instrument built entirely from ACL components. The search for a microcomputer in this system would be in vain because all modules are analog and for the most part discrete.

The whole thing comes in a metal case with oak side panels. A KAZU power supply is also included. - However, not as a module, but discreetly installed inside. This leaves four partial units for personal additions. The KAZU power supply is characterized by minimal interference and voltage peaks. The same applies to the built-in EVE 1 bus board. The result: extremely clear high-end sound.

Included modules:
Multifunction Discrete VCO
2 x Oktave
Variable Sync VCO
Discrete Core Ladder VCF
Gate Mix
2 x Multi II
Envelope X3
2 x QLFO
2 x VC Dual Amp
Audio Interface
EVZ1-Gehause 6U 84TE (incl. Kazu PSU, EVE1 Busboard, AC Adapter 15V - 3.34 A)
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Audiophile Circuits League
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